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PHYSICS 12 ELECTROMAGNETISM: WORKSHEET #1 Magnetic ‘Fields 1, Aaduck flying due north at 15 m/s passes over Atlanta, Georgia, where the magnetic field ‘ofthe Earth is 5.0.x 10-ST in a ditection 60" below a horizontal line running north and south, The duck has a positive charge of 40 x10%C. Whatis the magnetic force acting ‘onthe duck?” 2. A proton travels witha speed of 3.0x 10° mis at an angle of 37" with the direction of a ‘magnetic field of 0-30 Tin the +y direction. Waat are the 2,” magnitude ofthe magnetic force on the proton and b. theproton'saeceleration? 3. Find the direction ofthe force on a proton moving through the magnetic field in the following figure. What would be the direction ifthe proton were replaced with an electron? el 1S — OTT 4, Fine direction ofthe magnetic ld on the positively charged panicle moving the ‘arouse stuntions shown m the fllowing figure ite rection the magnet force on ‘the particle is indicated by F. CL om » ‘Ac what speed woulda proton need to cirle the earth 1000 km above the magnetic equator, ‘where the Earth’s magnetic field is directed ona line between magnetic north and south and hasan intensity of 400 x 108? ‘A proton moves perpendicularly toa uniform magnetic field, B, at 1.0 x 107 mis and experiences an acceleration of 20x 1013 mis? in the +x direction when it's velocity isin the +y direction. Determine the magnitude and direction ofthe magnetic field “Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor lazing avery long usiform wir with linear mas density of 0010 kp that ences the Earth at its magnetic equator. What are the magnitude and direction of the eurent inthe ire that will keep it levitated above the ground? Use the figures for “Magnetic Fields” question #3, but replace the velocity vector with a current carrying wire (where current lows inthe direction a the velocity vector). In each, ‘ase find the direction ofthe magnetic force acting onthe wie. Use the figures for "Magnetic Fields” question #4, but replace the velocity vector with a current carrying wire (where current flows inthe direction ofthe velocity vector). In each ‘case, find the direction of the magnetic field that will produce the magnetic force shown, Motion of a Charged Particle in a Magnetic Field 1 A singly charged positive ion with a mass of 6.68 x 10-27 kg moves clockwise ina circular path of radius 3.00 em, and with a speed of 1.00 x 104 mvs. Find the direction and Strength ofthe magnetic field ‘A proton moves ina circular orbit perpendicularly toa uniform magnetic field of 0.758 T. Find the time it takes the proton to make one pass around the obi. ‘A +2.0uC charged particle with a kinetic energy of 0.09 Js placed ina uniform magnetic Feld of magnitude 0.10. Ifthe particle moves ina cireula path of radius 3.0m, determine its mass {A proton moves ina circular path perpendicularly toa constant magnetic field so that it thes 1100 us to complete one revolution. Determine the strength ofthe magnetic field