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SEPTEMSER 6, 1993 OFFICIAL GAZETTE 5085 BSPUBLIC OF THR PHUAFPINEE SUPREME COURT MANTA August 8, 1998 Gentlemen . . Quoted hereunder, for your information, és a resolution of the Court En Bane duted Jaly 27,. 1998 . "Re: Application of Adriano M. ‘Her- nandez to take the 1998 Bar Examination— On June 80, 1998, Adriano M. Hernandez filed o petition to take the 1993 Bar Exa- mination, In the petition, he alleged that: 1. He ix 4 Filipino citizen, of good motel character, and a resident of the Phillppines against whom no charges involving moral turph tade or otherwise hove been filed in any conrt jn the Philippines or elsewhere; 8. He holds a degree of Juris Doctor granted in May, 1901 by the Columbia Law School, New York, where he finished with second honove as Harlan Fiske Stone Seholsr, and alec holds 2 Bachelor of Arts Degree. in Eenmomics granted - in May, 1988 by Duke University, Durham, North Caroling, where he finished Magna Cum Lande, 8, He has taken and passed the ber examina fons of New York State, where he has keen admlited to the practices of law; and has pree- ticed law under supervision in the same state from May to Jume, 1990 with the firm of Haight, Gardues, Poor & Hevens a5 an associate as: steed to maritinie litigation and finance matters; 4. Ho has taken the fourth year review course and other bar subjects at the Ateneo Lew Sehool fn preperation for the examinations, and that bo 4a currently taking the fivemonth Pre-Bar Review Course in the same lav achoal, oesTig—s-A Considering the petition and its sup- porting documents and the fact that in several instances in the past, it had exempted Filipino citizens who have studied lew in foreign law schools from the strict requirements of Sections 5 and 6 of Rule 138-and allowed them to take the bar examinations, the Court votes to allow Mr. Hernandez to take the 1998 Bar Examination. However, beginning next year, the Court: WILi NOT ALLOW GRADUATES oF FORBIGN LAW SCHOOLS TO TAKE THE RAR EXAMINATIONS. An applicant who desires to take the bar examinations must not only have studied law in a local school but has to present the certifications required under Sections 5 and 6 of Rule 188 in order to take the bar examinations. Since grad- uates of foreign law schools’ cannot submit said certifications, they shall. henceforth not be allowed to take the bar examinations. The Clerk of Court is hereby DIRECTED to have this resolution published in the Official Gazette, the Supreme Court Reports Aunotated, and in several newspapers of national circulation. etieiano, Padilla, Grifio-Aqnino, and Regalado, J#, dissent. Very truly yours, (Sed) Dann T. Marrivaz Clark of Court . By: (Sgd.) Luzymanpa D. Puno Assistant Clerk of Court