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1987 Constitution: Art. III, Section 6.

The liberty of abode and of P300 per month or whose income even in excess of P300 is
changing the same within the limits prescribed by law shall not be insufficient for the subsistence of his family, which fact shall be
impaired except upon lawful order of the court. Neither shall the determined by the Judge in whose court the case is pending,
right to travel be impaired except in the interest of national security, taking into account the number of the members of his family
public safety, or public health, as may be provided by law. dependent upon him for subsistence.

1987 Constitution: Art. VIII, Section 6. The Supreme Court shall Section 2. Repealing Clause. All laws and decrees inconsistent
have administrative supervision over all courts and the personnel with this Decree are hereby repealed.
Section 3. Effectivity. This Decree shall take effect immediately.
PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 543 August 21, 1974
DONE in the City of Manila, this 21st day of August, in the year of
AUTHORIZING THE DESIGNATION OF MUNICIPAL Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-four.
WHEREAS, under existing law, Municipal Judges and other CRIMINAL CASES WHERE THE PARTY OR PARTIES
lawyers in the government service are prohibited from practicing INVOLVE ARE INDIGENTS.
Section 1. Any provision of existing law to be contrary
WHEREAS, there are some places where there are no available notwithstanding and with the exception of habeas corpus and
legal practitioners, as a result of which the trial of cases in court is election cases and cases involving detention prisoners, and
delayed to the prejudice particularly of detention prisoners; persons covered by Republic Act Numbered Four thousand nine
hundred eight, all courts shall give preference to the hearing and/or
WHEREAS, for the protection of the rights of the accused who disposition of criminal cases where an indigent is involved either as
cannot afford to hire lawyers from other places and to prevent the offended party or accused. The trial in these cases shall
miscarriage of justice, it is necessary that they be provided with commence within three days from date of arraignment and no
counsel; postponement of the hearings shall be granted except on the
ground of illness of the accused or other similar justifiable grounds.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the City and provincial fiscals and courts shall forthwith conduct the
Philippines, by virtue of the powers in me vested by the preliminary investigation of a criminal case involving an indigent
Constitution as commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the within three days after its filing and shall terminate the same within
Philippines, and pursuant to Proclamation No. 1081, dated two weeks.
September 21, 1972, and General Order No. 1, dated September
22, 1972, as amended, do hereby order and decree as follows: Section 2. As used in this Act, the term "indigent" shall refer to a
person who has no visible means of income or whose income is
Section 1. Designation of Municipal Judges and lawyers in any insufficient for the subsistence of his family, to be determined by
branch of the government service, as counsel de oficio. In places the fiscal or judge, taking into account the members of his family
where there are no available practicing lawyers, the District Judge dependent upon him for subsistence.
or Circuit Criminal Court Judge shall designate a municipal judge or
a lawyer employed in any branch, subdivision or instrumentality of Section 3. An indigent who is the offended party, respondent or an
the government within the province, as counsel de oficio for an accused in a criminal case and who desires to avail of the
indigent person who is facing a criminal charge before his court, preference granted under this Act shall file a sworn statement of
and the services of such counsel de oficio shall be duly the fact of his being indigent and the said sworn statement shall be
compensated by the Government in accordance with Section thirty- sufficient basis for the court or fiscal to give preference to the trial
two, Rule One Hundred Thirty Eight of the Rules of Court. and disposition of such criminal case.

If the criminal case wherein the services of a counsel de oficio are Section 4. Any willful or malicious refusal on the part of any fiscal
needed is pending before a City or municipal court, the city or or judge to carry out the provisions of this Act shall constitute
municipal judge concerned shall immediately recommend to the sufficient ground for disciplinary action which may include
nearest District Judge the appointment of a counsel de oficio, and suspension or removal.
the District Judge shall forthwith appoint one in accordance with
the preceding paragraph. Section 5. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

For purposes of this Decree an indigent person is anyone who has Approved: August 4, 1969.
no visible means of support or whose income does not exceed

Section 1. Any provision of existing law to the contrary THE VIOLATION THEREOF.
notwithstanding, any indigent litigant may, upon motion, ask the
Court for adequate travel allowance to enable him and his indigent Section 1. A stenographer who has attended a hearing before an
witnesses to attendant the hearing of a criminal case commenced investigating fiscal or trial judge or hearing commissioner of any
by his complaint or filed against him. The allowance shall cover quasi-judicial body or administrative tribunal and has officially taken
actual transportation expenses by the cheapest means from his notes of the proceeding thereof shall, upon written request of an
place of residence to the court and back. When the hearing of the indigent or low income litigant, his counsel or duly authorized
case requires the presence of the indigent litigant and/or his representative in the case concerned, give within a reasonable
indigent witnesses in court the whole day or for two or more period to be determined by the fiscal, judge, commissioner or
consecutive days, allowances may, in the discretion of the Court, tribunal hearing the case, a free certified transcript of notes take by
also cover reasonable expenses for meal and lodging. him on the case.
For the purpose of this Act, indigent litigants shall include anyone
who has no visible means of income or whose income is Section 2. A litigant who desires to avail himself of the privilege
insufficient for his family as determined by the Court under Section granted under Section one hereof shall, at the investigation,
2, hereof. hearing, or trial, establish his status as an indigent or low income
litigant and the investigating fiscal or judge or commissioner or
Section 2. If the court determines that the petition for tribunal hearing the case shall resolve the same in the same
transportation allowance is meritorious, said court shall proceeding.
immediately issue an order directing the provincial, city or
municipal treasurer to pay the indigent litigant the travel allowance For the purpose of this Act, an "indigent or low income litigant" shall
out of any funds in his possession and proceed without delay to the include anyone who has no visible means of support or whose
trial of the case. The provincial, city or municipal treasurer shall income does not exceed P300 per month or whose income even in
hold any such payments as cash items until reimbursed by the excess of P300 per month is insufficient for the subsistence of his
national government. family, which fact shall be determined by the investigating fiscal or
trial judge or commissioner or tribunal hearing the case taking into
Section 3. All payments of travel allowances made by provincial, account the number of the members of his family dependent upon
city and municipal treasurer under this Act as of October 31 each him for subsistence.
year, shall be transmitted to the Commissioner of the Budget not
later than November 30 each year for inclusion in the annual Section 3. Any stenographer who, after due hearing in
General Appropriations Act. The necessary sum is hereby accordance with the pertinent provisions of Republic Act No. 2260,
authorized to be appropriated out of the funds in the National as amended, has been found to have violated the provisions of
Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Section one of this Act or has unreasonable delayed the giving of a
free certified transcript of notes to an indigent or low income litigant
Section 4. This Act shall take effect upon its approval. shall be subject to the following disciplinary actions:
Approved: August 4, 1969.
(a) suspension from office for a period not exceeding
thirty (30) days upon finding of guilt for the first time;
(b) suspension from office for not less than thirty (30)
days and not more than sixty (60) days upon finding of
guilt for the second time; and
(c) removal from office upon finding of guilt for the third

Section 4. This Act shall apply to all indigent or low income

litigants who, at the time of its approval, have pending cases in any
fiscal office, court, or quasi-judicial body or administrative tribunal.

Section 5. The Department of Justice shall prescribe such rules

and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of
this Act, and the Department Head concerned shall provide the
necessary supplies and authorize the use of government
equipment by the stenographers concerned.
Section 6. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: August 4, 1969.

REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9999 Section 5. Incentives to Lawyers. - For purposes of this Act, a
AN ACT PROVIDING A MECHANISM FOR FREE LEGAL lawyer or professional partnerships rendering actual free legal
ASSISTANCE AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES services, as defined by the Supreme Court, shall be entitled to an
allowable deduction from the gross income, the amount that could
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the have been collected for the actual free legal services rendered or
Philippines in Congress assembled: up to ten percent (10%) of the gross income derived from the
actual performance of the legal profession, whichever is lower:
Section 1. Short Title. - This Act shall be known as the "Free Provided, That the actual free legal services herein contemplated
Legal Assistance Act of 2010". shall be exclusive of the minimum sixty (60)-hour mandatory legal
aid services rendered to indigent litigants as required under the
Section 2. Declaration of Policy. - It is the declared policy of the Rule on Mandatory Legal Aid Services for Practicing Lawyers,
State to value the dignity of every human person and guarantee under BAR Matter No. 2012, issued by the Supreme Court.
the rights of every individual, particularly those who cannot afford
the services of legal counsel. Section 6. Information, Education and Communication (IEC)
Campaign. - The DOJ, in cooperation with the Philippine
Furthermore, it is the policy of the State to promote a just and Information Agency (PIA), is hereby mandated to conduct an
dynamic social order that will ensure the prosperity and annual IEC campaign in order to inform the lawyers of the
independence of the nation and free the people from poverty procedures and guidelines in availing tax deductions and inform
through policies and programs that provide adequate social the general public that a free legal assistance to those who cannot
services and improve the quality of life for all. afford counsel is being provided by the State.1avvph!1

In addition, the State shall guarantee free legal assistance to the Section 7. Reportorial Requirement. - For purposes of determining
poor and ensure that every person who cannot afford the services the effectiveness and social impact of the provisions of this Act, the
of a counsel is provided with a competent and independent counsel DOJ shall submit an annual report to both Houses of Congress
preferably of his/her own choice, if upon determination it appears indicating therewith the number of parties who benefited from this
that the party cannot afford the services of a counsel, and that Act.
services of a counsel are necessary to secure the ends of justice
and protect of the party. The report shall state in detail, among others, the geographic
location, demographic characteristics and socioeconomic profile of
Section 3. Definition of Terms. - As provided for in this Act, the the beneficiaries of this Act.
term legal services to be performed by a lawyer refers to any
activity which requires the application of law, legal procedure, Section 8. Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). - Within
knowledge, training and experiences which shall include, among ninety (90) days from the date effectivity of this Act, the BIR shall
others, legal advice and counsel, and the preparation of formulate the necessary revenue regulations for the proper
instruments and contracts, including appearance before the implementation of the tax component as envisioned in this Act.
administrative and quasi-judicial offices, bodies and tribunals
handling cases in court, and other similar services as may be The Supreme Court shall formulate the necessary implementing
defined by the Supreme Court. rules and regulations with respect to the legal services covered
under this Act and the process of accreditation of organizations
Section 4. Requirements for Availment. - For purposes of availing and/or associations which will provide free legal assistance.
of the benefits and services as envisioned in this Act, a lawyer or
professional partnership shall secure a certification from the Public Section 9. Separability Clause. - If any provision of this Act is
Attorney's Office (PAO), the Department of Justice (DOJ) or declared unconstitutional or invalid, the other provisions not
accredited association of the Supreme Court indicating that the affected by such declaration shall remain in full force and effect.
said legal services to be provided are within the services defined
by the Supreme Court, and that the agencies cannot provide the Section 10. Repealing Clause. - Any law, decree, ordinance or
legal services to be provided by the private counsel. administrative circular not consistent with any provision of this Act
is hereby amended, repealed or modified accordingly.
For purpose of determining the number of hours actually provided
by the lawyer and/or professional firm in the provision of legal Section 11. Effectivity Clause. - This Act shall take effect fifteen
services, the association and/or organization duly accredited by the (15) days after its complete publication in the Official Gazette or in
Supreme Court shall issue the necessary certification that said two (2) newspapers of general circulation.
legal services were actually undertaken. Approved,

The certification issued by, among others, the PAO, the DOJ and
other accredited association by the Supreme Court shall be
submitted to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for purposes of
availing the tax deductions as provided for in this Act and to the
DOJ for purposes of monitoring.
B.M. No. 2012 February 10, 2009 their work already render free legal aid to
PROPOSED RULE ON MANDATORY LEGAL AID SERVICE indigent and pauper litigants and
FOR PRACTICING LAWYERS (iv) Lawyers not covered under subparagraphs
RESOLUTION (i) to (iii) including those who are employed in
the private sector but do not appear for and in
Acting on the Memorandum dated January 27, 2009 of Justice behalf of parties in courts of law and quasi-
Renato C. Corona re: Comment of the Integrated Bar of the judicial agencies.
Philippines on our Suggested Revisions to the Proposed Rule of
Mandatory Legal Aid Service for Practicing Lawyers, the Court (b) Indigent and pauper litigants are those defined under
Resolved to APPROVE the same. Rule 141, Section 19 of the Rules of Court and Algura v.
The Local Government Unit of the City of Naga (G.R.
This Resolution shall take effect on July 1, 2009 following No.150135, 30 October 2006, 506 SCRA 81);
publication of the said Rule and its implementing regulations in at
least two (2) newpapers of general circulation. (c) Legal aid cases are those actions, disputes, and
February 10, 2009 controversies that are criminal, civil and administrative in
nature in whatever stage wherein indigent and pauper
RULE ON MANDATORY LEGAL AID SERVICE litigants need legal representation;

SECTION 1. Title . - This Rule shall be known as "The Rule on (d) Free legal aid services refer to appearance in court or
Mandatory Legal Aid Service." quasi-judicial body for and in behalf of an indigent or
pauper litigant and the preparation of pleadings or
SECTION 2. Purpose . - This Rule seeks to enhance the duty of motions. It shall also cover assistance by a practicing
lawyers to society as agents of social change and to the courts as lawyer to indigent or poor litigants in court-annexed
officers thereof by helping improve access to justice by the less mediation and in other modes of alternative dispute
privileged members of society and expedite the resolution of cases resolution (ADR). Services rendered when a practicing
involving them. Mandatory free legal service by members of the bar lawyer is appointed counsel de oficio shall also be
and their active support thereof will aid the efficient and effective considered as free legal aid services and credited as
administration of justice especially in cases involving indigent and compliance under this Rule;
pauper litigants.
(e) Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) is the official
SECTION 3. Scope . - This Rule shall govern the mandatory national organization of lawyers in the country;
requirement for practicing lawyers to render free legal aid services
in all cases (whether, civil, criminal or administrative) involving (f) National Committee on Legal Aid (NCLA) is the
indigent and pauper litigants where the assistance of a lawyer is committee of the IBP which is specifically tasked with
needed. It shall also govern the duty of other members of the legal handling legal aid cases;
profession to support the legal aid program of the Integrated Bar of
the Philippines. (g) Committee on Bar Discipline (CBD) is the committee
of the IBP which is specifically tasked with disciplining
SECTION 4. Definition of Terms . - For purposes of this Rule: members of the Bar;
(a) Practicing lawyers are members of the Philippine
Bar who appear for and in behalf of parties in courts (h) IBP Chapters are those chapters of the Integrated Bar
of law and quasi-judicial agencies, including but not of the Philippines located in the different geographical
limited to the National Labor Relations Commission, areas of the country as defined in Rule 139-A and
National Conciliation and Mediation Board,
Department of Labor and Employment Regional (i) Clerk of Court is the Clerk of Court of the court where
Offices, Department of Agrarian Reform Adjudication the practicing lawyer rendered free legal aid services. In
Board and National Commission for Indigenous the case of quasi-judicial bodies, it refers to an officer
Peoples. The term "practicing lawyers" shall holding an equivalent or similar position.
exclude: The term shall also include an officer holding a similar
position in agencies exercising quasi-judicial functions, or
(i) Government employees and incumbent a responsible officer of an accredited PO or NGO, or an
elective officials not allowed by law to practice; accredited mediator who conducted the court-annexed
(ii) Lawyers who by law are not allowed to mediation proceeding.
appear in court;
(iii) Supervising lawyers of students enrolled in SECTION 5. Requirements .
law student practice in duly accredited legal
clinics of law schools and lawyers of non- (a) Every practicing lawyer is required to render a
governmental organizations (NGOs) and minimum of sixty (60) hours of free legal aid services to
peoples organizations (POs) like the Free indigent litigants in a year. Said 60 hours shall be spread
Legal Assistance Group who by the nature of within a period of twelve (12) months, with a minimum of
five (5) hours of free legal aid services each month.
However, where it is necessary for the practicing lawyer Chapter shall also submit the compliance reports to the
to render legal aid service for more than five (5) hours in IBPs NCLA for recording and documentation. The
one month, the excess hours may be credited to the said submission shall be made within forty-five (45) days after
lawyer for the succeeding periods. the mandatory submission of compliance reports by the
practicing lawyers.
For this purpose, a practicing lawyer shall coordinate with
the Clerk of Court for cases where he may render free (e) Practicing lawyers shall indicate in all pleadings filed
legal aid service. He may also coordinate with the IBP before the courts or quasi-judicial bodies the number and
Legal Aid Chairperson of the IBP Chapter to inquire date of issue of their certificate of compliance for the
about cases where he may render free legal aid service. immediately preceding compliance period. Failure to
In this connection, the IBP Legal Aid Chairperson of the disclose the required information would cause the
IBP Chapter shall regularly and actively coordinate with dismissal of the case and the expunction of the pleadings
the Clerk of Court. from the records.

The practicing lawyer shall report compliance with the (f) Before the end of a particular year, lawyers covered by
requirement within ten (10) days of the last month of the category under Section 4(a)(i) and (ii), shall fill up a
each quarter of the year. form prepared by the NCLA which states that, during that
(b) A practicing lawyer shall be required to secure and year, they are employed with the government or
obtain a certificate from the Clerk of Court attesting to the incumbent elective officials not allowed by law to practice
number of hours spent rendering free legal aid services or lawyers who by law are not allowed to appear in court.
in a case. The form shall be sworn to and submitted to the IBP
Chapter or IBP National Office together with the payment
The certificate shall contain the following information: of an annual contribution of Two Thousand Pesos
(P2,000). Said contribution shall accrue to a special fund
(i) The case or cases where the legal aid of the IBP for the support of its legal aid program.
service was rendered, the party or parties in
the said case(s) for whom the service was (g) Before the end of a particular year, lawyers covered
rendered, the docket number of the said by the category under Section 4(a)(iii) shall secure a
case(s) and the date(s) the service was certification from the director of the legal clinic or of the
rendered. concerned NGO or PO to the effect that, during that year,
they have served as supervising lawyers in a legal clinic
(ii) The number of hours actually spent or actively participated in the NGOs or POs free legal
attending a hearing or conducting trial on a aid activities. The certification shall be submitted to the
particular case in the court or quasi-judicial IBP Chapter or IBP National Office.
(h) Before the end of a particular year, lawyers covered
(iii) The number of hours actually spent by the category under Section 4(a)(iv) shall fill up a form
attending mediation, conciliation or any other prepared by the NCLA which states that, during that year,
mode of ADR on a particular case. they are neither practicing lawyers nor covered by
Section (4)(a)(i) to (iii). The form shall be sworn to and
(iv) A motion (except a motion for extension of submitted to the IBP Chapter or IBP National Office
time to file a pleading or for postponement of together with the payment of an annual contribution of
hearing or conference) or pleading filed on a Four Thousand Pesos (P4,000) by way of support for the
particular case shall be considered as one (1) efforts of practicing lawyers who render mandatory free
hour of service. legal aid services. Said contribution shall accrue to a
special fund of the IBP for the support of its legal aid
The Clerk of Court shall issue the certificate in program.
triplicate, one (1) copy to be retained by the
practicing lawyer, one (1) copy to be retained (i) Failure to pay the annual contribution shall subject the
by the Clerk of Court and one (1) copy to be lawyer to a penalty of Two Thousand Pesos (P2,000) for
attached to the lawyer's compliance report. that year which amount shall also accrue to the special
fund for the legal aid program of the IBP.
(c) Said compliance report shall be submitted to the
Legal Aid Chairperson of the IBP Chapter within the SECTION 6. NCLA . -
courts jurisdiction. The Legal Aid Chairperson shall then
be tasked with immediately verifying the contents of the (a) The NCLA shall coordinate with the various legal aid
certificate with the issuing Clerk of Court by comparing committees of the IBP local chapters for the proper
the copy of the certificate attached to the compliance handling and accounting of legal aid cases which
report with the copy retained by the Clerk of Court. practicing lawyers can represent.
(d) The IBP Chapter shall, after verification, issue a
compliance certificate to the concerned lawyer. The IBP
(b) The NCLA shall monitor the activities of the Chapter (d) Any lawyer who falsifies a certificate or any form
of the Legal Aid Office with respect to the coordination required to be submitted under this Rule or any contents
with Clerks of Court on legal aid cases and the collation thereof shall be administratively charged with falsification
of certificates submitted by practicing lawyers. and dishonesty and shall be subject to disciplinary action
by the CBD. This is without prejudice to the filing of
(c) The NCLA shall act as the national repository of criminal charges against the lawyer.
records in compliance with this Rule. (e) The falsification of a certificate or any contents thereof
by any Clerk of Court or by any Chairperson of the Legal
(d) The NCLA shall prepare the following forms: Aid Committee of the IBP local chapter where the case is
certificate to be issued by the Clerk of Court and forms pending or by the Director of a legal clinic or responsible
mentioned in Section 5(e) and (g). officer of an NGO or PO shall be a ground for an
administrative case against the said Clerk of Court or
(e) The NCLA shall hold in trust, manage and utilize the Chairperson. This is without prejudice to the filing of the
contributions and penalties that will be paid by lawyers criminal and administrative charges against the
pursuant to this Rule to effectively carry out the malfeasor.
provisions of this Rule. For this purpose, it shall annually
submit an accounting to the IBP Board of Governors. SECTION 8. Credit for Mandatory Continuing Legal
The accounting shall be included by the IBP in its report Education ( MCLE ). - A lawyer who renders mandatory legal aid
to the Supreme Court in connection with its request for service for the required number of hours in a year for the three
the release of the subsidy for its legal aid program. year-period covered by a compliance period under the Rules on
MCLE shall be credited the following: two (2) credit units for legal
SECTION 7. Penalties . ethics, two (2) credit units for trial and pretrial skills, two (2) credit
units for alternative dispute resolution, four (4) credit units for legal
(a) At the end of every calendar year, any practicing writing and oral advocacy, four (4) credit units for substantive and
lawyer who fails to meet the minimum prescribed 60 procedural laws and jurisprudence and six (6) credit units for such
hours of legal aid service each year shall be required by subjects as may be prescribed by the MCLE Committee under
the IBP, through the NCLA, to explain why he was unable Section 2(9), Rule 2 of the Rules on MCLE.
to render the minimum prescribed number of hours. If no
explanation has been given or if the NCLA finds the A lawyer who renders mandatory legal aid service for the required
explanation unsatisfactory, the NCLA shall make a report number of hours in a year for at least two consecutive years within
and recommendation to the IBP Board of Governors that the three year-period covered by a compliance period under the
the erring lawyer be declared a member of the IBP who is Rules on MCLE shall be credited the following: one (1) credit unit
not in good standing. Upon approval of the NCLAs for legal ethics, one (1) credit unit for trial and pretrial skills, one (1)
recommendation, the IBP Board of Governors shall credit unit for alternative dispute resolution, two (2) credit units for
declare the erring lawyer as a member not in good legal writing and oral advocacy, two (2) credit units for substantive
standing. Notice thereof shall be furnished the erring and procedural laws and jurisprudence and three (3) credit units for
lawyer and the IBP Chapter which submitted the lawyers such subjects as may be prescribed by the MCLE Committee
compliance report or the IBP Chapter where the lawyer is under Section 2(g), Rule 2 of the Rules on MCLE.
registered, in case he did not submit a compliance report.
The notice to the lawyer shall include a directive to pay SECTION 9. Implementing Rules . - The IBP, through the NCLA,
Four Thousand Pesos (P4,000) penalty which shall is hereby given authority to recommend implementing regulations
accrue to the special fund for the legal aid program of the in determining who are "practicing lawyers," what constitute "legal
IBP. aid cases" and what administrative procedures and financial
(b) The "not in good standing" declaration shall be safeguards which may be necessary and proper in the
effective for a period of three (3) months from the receipt implementation of this rule may be prescribed. It shall coordinate
of the erring lawyer of the notice from the IBP Board of with the various legal chapters in the crafting of the proposed
Governors. During the said period, the lawyer cannot implementing regulations and, upon approval by the IBP Board of
appear in court or any quasi-judicial body as counsel. Governors, the said implementing regulations shall be transmitted
Provided, however, that the "not in good standing" status to the Supreme Court for final approval.
shall subsist even after the lapse of the three-month
period until and unless the penalty shall have been paid. SECTION 10. Effectivity . - This Rule and its implementing rules
(c) Any lawyer who fails to comply with his duties under shall take effect on July 1,2009 after they have been published in
this Rule for at least three (3) consecutive years shall be two (2) newspapers of general circulation.
the subject of disciplinary proceedings to be
instituted motu proprio by the CBD. The said proceedings
shall afford the erring lawyer due process in accordance
with the rules of the CBD and Rule 139-B of the Rules of
Court. If found administratively liable, the penalty of
suspension in the practice of law for one (1) year shall be
imposed upon him.