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Montabert forever
C o n t e n t s

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Montaberts history

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Hydraulic breakers
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Pneumatic equipment

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M o n ta b e r t : t h e b e g i n n i n g s

Montabert specializes in the design, production and distribution of hydraulic demolition and drilling
equipment for construction and civil works as well as the mining and quarry industry. The company
is based in the Lyon area and is the undisputed worldwide leader in hydraulic breakers and drifters.
Montabert offers a wide range of top performance products. Its success rests on state-of-the-art
technology and on a first-class R&D Department benefiting from the best resources, technical as well as
human. 85% of Montaberts turnover derives from export to over 110 countries.

Montaberts dynamic global distribution network, with over 150 subsidiaries across the world, provides
top-level expert after-sales support for maintenance, technical assistance and training.

O v e r v i e w

Founded in 1921
Head office in Saint-Priest (Rhne)
Estimated turnover for 2012: 87 M
Number of employees: 370 (c. 500 including subcontractors)
Production surface: c. 60 000 sq. m. of which 20 000 sq. m. of buildings
Export turnover: 85 %
Product range: equipment for civil works, mining and quarrying
Hydraulic breakers,
Hydraulic drifters,
Pneumatic equipment

M o n t a b e r t s h is t o r y


1921: Montabert is founded in Lyon by Joanns Montabert as a manufacturer of pneumatic equipment.

1949: by establishing a Research and Development Department, Roger Montabert, Managing Director,
increases the sales of breakers.

1964: compressed air technology is replaced by a hydraulic system and several subsidiaries are
established across Europe.

1965: Montabert makes a major breakthrough by inventing and selling the first hydraulic concrete breaker.

1966: M
 ontabert manufactures and sells the first ever hydraulic drifter.

1969: Montabert becomes the world leading manufacturer of rock-breakers and is awarded an Oscar
for export achievements and the Diplme du Prestige de la France.

1978: the company derives 70% of its turnover from export. Montabert is awarded the International
Quality Trophy and the Golden Lion for export achievements.

1987: the company achieves outstanding renown following the success of the Robofore drilling system
and the launch of rock-breakers with variable speed, the first of such kind in the world.

2004: l aunch of the Silver Clip line of breakers for compact carriers.

2009: l aunch of the entry-level Blue Line: simple and affordable breakers

Product range

Hydraulic breakers
Montabert rock-breakers offer higher productivity, whether used for breaking rock, concrete or
quarrying. By using the principles of hydraulics, those hammers (originally invented by Montabert)
multiply the amount of work they do exponentially. A piston, activated by the combined action of an
energy container and of a small canister of pressurised hydraulic oil, goes up and down, transmitting
its power to the tool that hits the rock.
Montabert, which is renowned to be the leading company in the field of percussion and shock-wave
transmission technologies, has patented numerous technically advanced designs and continues to
come up with innovative solutions.
Montabert rock-breakers can be up to twice as efficient as tools from other manufacturers, which do not
benefit from Montaberts exclusive technology (cutting-edge design and high-precision manufacturing).
It means that by using our tools you can reduce your fuel consumption and the emission of CO2 by as
much as 50%, thus saving money and protecting the environment.

Hydraulic rock-breakers range:

Silver Clip line
The Silver Clip line has been designed in collaboration with leading manufacturers of compact
excavators and offers 9 models ranging from 60 to 500 kg (designed for carriers from 0.6 to 12 tons).
Rock-breakers from the Silver Clip line:
- can be used easily with a wide range of excavators
- boast a simplified and reinforced structure
- use optimised components and working principles
Montaberts light-weight hammers are extremely popular worldwide and are used by numerous
excavator manufacturers and renters.
They are best suited for use in urban areas, where only small machines can operate, for roadwork,
earthwork and demolition.

Product range

Medium and heavy range

The range comprises 10 models from 900 to 6,000 kg (designed for carriers from 18 to 90 tons).
Montaberts medium and heavy hammers stand out from their competitors by:
- the quality of the materials used;
- high-precision machining and finishing (made in France);
- unique and patented operating and regulation systems, allowing for maximum productivity on
all types of rock, while protecting the carrier.

Montaberts adaptable multi-speed rock-breakers are the only breakers able

to continuously adjust the energy per blow/blow frequency ratio, depending
on the hardness of the terrain, thus giving maximum breaking effectiveness
and preventing blank firing. Power is automatically converted into maximum
energy per blow on hard rock, and into maximum blow frequency on soft or
fractured ground. This technology results in much higher productivity compared
to the competition.

Focus on the V65

V65 specifications
Carrier weight 45 90 tons
Weight with top bracket and tool 5800kg
Overall length with standard tool 3506 mm
Tool diameter 202 mm
Tool weight 440 kg
Oil flow 380 420 l/mn
Blow frequency 380 950 blows/min
Working pressure 165 bar

- lubricated by an automatic greasing station

- pre-equipped for underwater work
- break 300 to 1.400 cubic meters of material in 8 hours, depending on ground quality

Blue Line
The Blue Line rock-breakers have been designed to be
the simple, robust and affordable. Their unique patented
technology allows them to break all types of materials,
even the hardest, with maximum speed and power.

Product range

Montabert drifters benefit from the companys impressive experience and are renowned worldwide
for their top performance and utmost reliability. Advanced knowledge of shock wave transmission and
percussion mechanisms have allowed Montabert engineers to be the first to develop new concepts
such as hydraulic dampening and progressive blow energy.
Drilling tools:
Hydraulic drifters for machines used in mines, tunnels and quarries.
Drilling attachments
Hydraulic and electronic control devices

Demolition and recycling

Montaberts crusher buckets offer a new approach to processing and
recycling stone, asphalt and concrete debris on-site, thus making costly
dumping and transport unnecessary.

Pneumatic equipment
Montabert offers a whole range of pneumatic equipment:
Jacklegs and drifters for small section or large section
platform drilling
Stopers and semi-stopers for uphole drilling
Paving breakers for utility, construction and demolition
Crust-breakers Z 92 for breaking the crust on the surface
of electrolytic vats
Light-wagon drills for drilling holes quickly and at any

P r o f e ssi o n a l f o c u s

Using rock-breakers in quarries

Rock production is a key sector of the world economy. The European Union alone produces about 4 billion
tons of rock per year, which amounts to c. 7 tons per capita. At 20/kg/day/person rock is the second most
used natural resource after water.

Drilling and blasting are used in most quarries today to extract rock. However, today the use of explosives
is subject to very strict rules and restrictions:
- tightening environmental constraints
- growing urban areas (restrictions on noise, vibrations etc.)
- stricter safety criteria for use and storage of explosives
- increasingly complex administrative procedures

Many sites, therefore, face the need for an alternative production mode. Montaberts hammers of 3.5
to 6 tons have a production capacity of 200 to 1.400 cubic meters of rock per 8-hour shift (i.e. 400 to
2.500 tons per day in normal cycle!).

The hydraulic hammer can be used for direct breakage, whereby the rock is extracted directly from the
mass, for maximum production. The excavator can be placed at the bottom of the cutting face or at the
top of it, to either pull or push the rock.

P r o f e ssi o n a l f o c u s

In case of quarries producing aggregate or rock fill from massive rock, such production capacity
represents an outstanding opportunity, since a single machine can be enough for the required daily

In addition to being free from external constraints, rock-breakers have other benefits:
- selective production: different materials that would have been mixed together in a blast can be
extracted separately and put to best use;
- increased site profitability: the entire site can be exploited, with no dead areas due to neighbourhood
- broad range of application: Montaberts rock-breakers can easily switch from rock extraction to block-
breaking, scaling, or any other purpose, with optimal yield;
- utmost precision: Montaberts hammers are equipped with adjustment and protection systems, which
enable even the most powerful models to be used for fine work. They can break big blocks then safely
reduce them to smaller stones, better than any of their competitors.

Case study

Let our clients speak for us

The Crouzet company located in Nuelles (Rhne, France) is a family business employing about 35
people. In addition to conducting public works Crouzet is responsible for the operational aspects of
the exploitation of the Imerys quarry in Sainte-Foy-lArgentire (Rhne, France). The Imerys group
specialises in building and roofing products of baked clay (bricks and tiles).
Growing urbanisation and increasingly strict environmental regulations have resulted in a drastic
reduction of annual prefectoral authorisations for blasting. It became no longer possible to exploit
the quarry by means of drilling and blasting alone. So Crouzet started to look for alternative means of

Crouzet rented a V65 rock-breaker from Rozires

for a period of 6 months, after which the use of
this 6-ton hammer as the main means of extraction
was definitively approved. On 30 March 2011 a new
Caterpillar excavator 374D with a V65 Montabert
rock-breaker were put to work on the site.

The task consists in reaching clay that is covered

by thick layers of sandstone. The daily production
amounts to 800 cubic meters, i.e. 1.600 tons.

Case study

The rock-breakers productivity is amply sufficient for the site: it has not been used to its full capacity
so far. The large excavator is occasionally used because of its important loading capacity. Thanks to a
fast-switch hydraulic tool mounting it is easy to switch from the rock-breaker to the bucket.

The company is very pleased with its investment, for using the rock-breaker has allowed it to:
- fill the production requirements while complying with environmental restrictions;
- reduce the loss of soil materials thanks to a less destructive and more precise access to clay layers;
- operate a finer selection of arkosic sandstones to be included in the baked clay, so as to optimise the
quality of the end product;
- dispense with stopping all activity on the site during extraction, which was required by safety
regulations when blasting was used.

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