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4239 Tyler,
Detroit. MI 48238

July 13, 2016

State of Michigan
Attorney Grievance Commission
535 Griswold, Suite 1700
Detroit, MI 48226



Melvin Butch Hollowell (P37834)

Hollowell is Corporate Counsel of the Law Department for the City of Detroit.

The City Charter of Detroit Sec. 7.5-201(1), states in part:

The client of the Corporation Counsel is the City of Detroit as a body corporate. The agents
and representatives of the City of Detroit, for purposes of receiving and directing legal services
in a manner consistent with Corporation Counsels professional obligations to the City of
Detroit, as herein provided in this Charter or allowed by law, shall be the Mayor, City Council
and City Clerk.

Corporation Counsel represents the City of Detroit as a body corporate and may represent its
branches of government, departments, agencies, elected officials and employees as required or
allowed by law, Charter, ordinance, city policy or contract. For purposes of conducting city
business and in the performance of their duties therein, no branch or unit of government,
department, agency, elected official or employee required or allowed to receive legal services
by law, Charter, ordinance, city policy or contract, may solicit or obtain formal legal advice, or
retain services or representation from an outside law firm or attorney, in the execution of their

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duties, without requesting and receiving the approval of Corporation Counsel, unless expressly
allowed by Charter. Upon request of an agency or officer, the Corporation Counsel may
retain an outside law firm or attorney as Special Corporation Counsel for any particular
matter or proceeding. (emphasis added).

Hollowell knew or should have known, as a component of his professional obligations as a licensed
attorney of the State of Michigan, that the Detroit Land Bank Community Development Corporation,
otherwise known as DLBA was representing the Mayor, Mike Duggan, as a body corporate, without
Council approval in the capacity of special counsel and without any legal agreement, in the courtroom
of Judge Robert J. Columbo, Chief Judge of the Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan, in the order
for DOCKET DIRECTIVE 2014 26 on September 2, 2014, granting the Detroit Land Bank
Authority (DLBA) special procedures in all civil actions for Expedited Quiet Title and Foreclosure
Proceedings without requiring the DLBA to demonstrate it was duly organized or validly existing
corporation in good standing in its state of incorporation to conduct business and duly qualified to
conduct business with federal, state or local governments or to conduct business in other states.

Corporate standing
The Detroit Land Bank Community Development Corporation, (hereinafter DLBCDC) was a registered
Michigan Domestic Non-Profit Corporation, State ID #70883X , and FEIN #27-1170869 which
continues to operate without issuance of real estate brokerage license of the State of Michigan.
(emphasis added).

The Detroit Land Bank Authority (with the assumed name of DLBA) is a Michigan Limited Liability
Corporation, State ID# E85432, and FEIN #81-3058814. (emphasis added).

The DLBCDC/DLBA fraudulently represented itself and the City of Detroit in the Third Judicial
Circuit Court of Michigan, as a fictional quasi-governmental organization: (1) as the plaintiffs,
DLBA and Mike Duggan in all Quiet Title Actions; and, as in all filings with the Wayne County
Register of Deeds.

The DLBCDC/DLBA is no longer recognized as a corporation of the State of Michigan, yet continues
to hold public auction, via internet, under the guise of Building Detroit, a Michigan corporation
which has been dissolved, without disclosing that the State Circuit Court has granted any orders, with
the blessings of Corporate Counsel.

Manipulating the public record

Not only was I sold a house this DLBCDC/DLBA did not own, it was processed through the Court,
with the Mayor of Detroit, Mike Duggan, as a plaintiff, without demonstrating legal standing, as a
Quiet Title action, not once, 14-012119-CH, but twice, 15-008639-CH, where the first action, was filed
before Wayne County had issued certificate of foreclosure.

Quit claim deeds are issued as DLBA and does not specify in what capacity (ie. Corporation,
individual), automatically nullifying any legality of the instrument.

Many properties in Detroit were, and still are, improperly foreclosed upon and improperly transferred

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to this so-called DLBCDC/DLBA.

Many more properties mysteriously circumvent the tax foreclosure process and immediately go to the
Quiet Title and Foreclosure scheme in Third Judicial Circuit Court.

Many other properties are mysteriously omitted from the Wayne County property foreclosure auction
and are reverted back to the United Community Housing Coalition and its Executive Director, Ted
Phillips, in his personal capacity.

The Detroit Board of Review has allowed the DLBCDC/DLBA to petition to and be granted property
tax waivers on properties it does not own, then proceed to levy special tax assessments.

Tax fraud
There are no taxes due, yet DLBCDC/DLBA levies an arbitrary and capricious amount of past due
taxes, of which it is then instructed for the purchaser to have a bank issue a certified cashier check to
TSI, inc. (Title Source, Inc.), and not the CLBCDC/DLBA.

For the 2016 Summer Taxes for the City of Detroit, the DLBCDC/DLBA is now in artificial
partnership with the City of Detroit Finance Department Treasury Division to arbitrarily and
capriciously levy taxes, despite properties being listed as tax-exempt, documented with the Board of
Assessors and Wayne County Treasurer.

Due to incredibly incompetent execution of the Quitclaim Deed, I was forced to muddle through the
fraudulent muck to eventually establish the property as a single family home to establish basic utilities,
yet, I am assessed in the 2016 Summer Taxes as a two-family dwelling.

This is nothing but a bait and switch because the DLBCDC/DLBA, as stated in the tax bill of
Summer 2016, to receive 50% of the collected taxes, contrary to the Public Act 260 of 2003, Amended
P.A. 151 of 2016, Immediately effective June 9, 2016, despite no longer being incorporated under the
laws of Michigan, currently under subpoena of the U.S. Department Treasury.

Hollowell knew or should have known that the DLBCDC/DLBA has been shut down.

The fictitiously levied taxes and fraudulent fees places the successful bidder in a position to either lose
the entire submitted bid, without any legal recourse, according to the stated policies of the Detroit Land
Bank-Auction, another artificially perpetrated legal entity, or are presented with the option of securing
a mortgage with their banking partners.

Pursuant to MCL 124.759 (11)(c) it states in full:

(c) That all liens against the property, including any lien for unpaid taxes or special
assessments, except future installments of special assessments and liens recorded by this state
or the authority under the natural resources and environmental protection act, 1994 PA 451,
MCL 324.101 to 324.90106, are extinguished.

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According to the Wayne County delinquent tax rolls and City of Detroit property tax records, and court
records, there were no outstanding taxes.

The City of Detroit issued a refund check to TSI, inc., after collecting a special sewage fee, yet the
Wayne County Treasurer issued a full refund of fraudulently levied taxes. This begs the question:

From where did this money come, where did it go, and why did Hollowell allow the DLBCDC/DLBA
to conduct business and/or function as a 'quasi-governmental organization' contrary to its Articles of
Incorporation, prior to being stripped of corporation status to conduct business in Michigan?

In addition, we must also beg the questions which now become one of Hollowell's competency to hold
public office:

Why did Hollowell allow the Mayor, Mike Duggan, to be put in such a precarious legal position to
allow the DLBCDC/DLBA to represent him as a client in a court of law?

Why did Hollowell fail to function in the best interests of the Mayor, Mike Duggan, by putting the
'body corporate' in such a 'taxing' situation, to be placed, again, under the auspices of an emergency
manager by allowing the DLBCDC/DLBA to levy taxes, without appraisal, without notification,
without challenge, sans, due process or opportunity to apply for federal assistance?

Why did Hollowell not refer the aforementioned transgressions of tax law and real estate law to the
proper jurisdictions for investigations?

Is Hollowell competent to continue to execute the duties of his office, properly advise the Mayor, and
protect the interests of the citizens of the City.?

Is Hollowell interfering with a federal investigation?

Has Hollowell financially benefited from these transgressions?

I could continue with my list of Hollowell's questionable actions and inactions, but I default to this task
to this honorable body.

Therefore, it is at this time I demand this honorable body to address these aforementioned issues by
initiating an investigation into Melvin Butch Hollowell Corporate Counsel of Detroit for allowing,
whether knowingly or willingly, as a licensed attorney of the State of Michigan, allowing the
DLBCDC/DLBA, without resolution of City Counsel, devoid of any operational agreement, to
represent the Mayor of the City of Detroit, Mike Duggan, in a court of law while participating in the
cover up of the DLBCDC/DLBA operating without a real estate broker license, in strict violation of
IRS 501(c)(3) laws and the Charter of Detroit, and the ethical standards of this honorable body;
whereby, severely compromising the integrity of the State of Michigan, the Mayor of the City of
Detroit, and the well-being of the people of the City of Detroit.

It must be duly noted, as I have previously grieved to this body, that Hollowell has a questionable

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history of representing a municipality, devoid of Council resolution or contract, in a court of law.

With sincerity and serenity,

/s/Beverly Tran