Transit of Saturn, Jupiter & Sun in the Different Houses from Natal Mars Mars is also known as Bhumi Putra

. Mars depicts Surviving Tendency & permanency. To judge the surviving tendencies, position of Mars in Natal Chart must be seen. If Mars is strong in the Horoscope, native will emerge well & strong out of adverse situations otherwise person cannot survive during tensions.

1. Transit of Saturn on Natal Mars: Problematic, native will not have enough
courage & determination. Native may use illegal ways to acquire things. It is essential to be cautious during this time. If the transit of Sun & Jupiter on the transiting Saturn or the houses aspected by Saturn provides good results. If transiting Jupiter aspect mars, native will have growth, development, achievements. If the aspect of sun is on mars, native will have ability and superiority. 2. Transit of Saturn in the 2nd house: Person may adopt anti social deeds to acquire wealth. Physical loss like amputation, operations are possible during this period. 3. Transit of Saturn in the 3rd house: Very good, give good results, victory in Court cases, conflicts between brothers may resolve, Native may have property of ancestors. If Natal Jupiter & Saturn are aspecting or placed in the 2nd house from lagna, native will not have ancestral property and also it is advised to not to take ancestral property in his name but in the name of his children.

4. Transit of Saturn in the 4th house: Materialistic Happiness of all kind, lotteries,
draws, profit in speculations, Saturn aspects and get aspected by mars. If the aspect of Jupiter is there, native will have benediction of God and if favourable dasha is running then 2 &1/2 years will be excellent. If the aspect of sun is there native will be bestowed with Govt. recognitions, honours, fame. Provided aspect of Rahu & ketu shouldn’t be there. This is bad for the native. 5. Transit of Saturn in the 5th house: Foreign thoughts, inclination towards different religion, native will adopt an unconventional path, person may have progeny related agonies, ill luck, and past life deeds will not support the native. 6. Transit of Saturn in the 6th house: Freedom from diseases, enemies, freedom from traditional debts. In this time propitiations should be performed towards fore fathers. 7. Transit of Saturn in the 7th house: Change in financial position, if the relation of Jupiter is coming so change will be positive. Dosha in immovable property may be force selling in property. Unpleasant situation can arise between relatives. If in the bhinnastak of mars, points are 5 or more, native will have throne. 8. Transit of Saturn in the 8th house: Auspicious, Sudden rise in status, if the relation of Jupiter is coming social recognition, hidden traits will come out & recognized. Gains will be good. Religious works, making Ashrams, showing gratitude at this time are good. 9. Transit of Saturn in the 9th house: Travels, hard ship in travels, displeasure amongst relatives, lack in permanent assets. Native will act opposite to his image which may cause in loss in social status. 10. Transit of Saturn in the 10th house: Gain of immovable assets but aristha for longevity, better to change of place, native shall be careful in government & government associated matters. Raids etc. Rajkiya prakop. 11. Transit of Saturn in the 11th house: Sale of your own morals, atheist, good gains, it is also said that the person will by happiness. 12. Transit of Saturn in the 12th house: Feeling of detachment (Virakti or anasakti) towards worldly things will come. In this period the results of this birth deeds will be achieved. (Sh. S. Ganesh)

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