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About me

Name : Hamizah bte Jasni

Age : 18
I/c : 900624-15-5048
Telephone : 014 657 8605
Date of Birth : 24 Jun 1990
Siblings : 3
Nationality : Malaysia
Religion : Islam
Marital Status : Single
Address : d/a Dahrin Kilo, Balai Bomba Zon Kg. Jawa, Peti Surat 289,
WP. Labuan

Education background


Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah


Penilaian Menengah Rendah / Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia
SPM Result

Bahasa Malaysia 3B
Bahasa Inggeris 3B
Sejarah 4B
Matematik 5C
Tasawwur 2A
Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah 2A
Pendidikan Al Quran dan Sunnah 4B
Bahasa Arab Tinggi 6c
Biologi 6C
Kimia 7D
English Sains & Teknologi 7D
Matematik Tambahan 8E

Extra Curricular Activities

• School Liberian
• School Chess Club
• Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah

Contact phone number
Your email:

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a full time position in a multinational which offers a professional working
environment and enables me as a fresh graduate to grow while meeting the corporation’s goals.



Bachelor of Arts in International Trade September 1998- January 2003
Cumulative Grade Point Average : 7.8/10
Honors and Awards:
• Granted direct entrance to Foreign Trade University
• Steadily received scholarships for excellent students from Foreign Trade University

Significant coursework: Foreign trade economics, Foreign trade transaction techniques, Transportation
and forwarding, Customs procedure, Business administration, Laws in foreign trade, International
marketing, International economic relation, Foreign investment, Theories of finance and currency,
Business operation analysis.


Foreign Trade University English Club September 2000-September 2001


• Organized club events including regular club get-togethers and special occasions such as Christmas,
Valentine’s Day.
• Assisted other students to improve their English skills
• Won the 1st Prize in the City Festival of Foreign Language Speaking Clubs held by the Youth Cultural

Member of Student Union - January 1999-January 2003

• Actively participated in many activities such as: Voluntary Saturday, Cultural Exchange, Charity.
• Raised fund to help children in flood-stricken areas.

Green Summer Campaign - Volunteer Summer 1999

• Taught and help poor children in rural areas.

• Responsible for organizing campaigns against drug abuse and AIDS.
• Raise people’s awareness of drug and AIDS

English tutor August 2001-May 2002

• Assisted students in their study for college entrance exams.

• Encouraged students to be independent learners.


Computer: Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel

Languages: Vietnamese (native), English (fluent)
Enthusiastic, quick to learn with good interpersonal and organizational skills. Have a high sense of
responsibility and believe in “ It pays to work hard”.

Available upon request.

Contoh resume berbahasa Inggris

Name: Joe Indonesia

Address: Jl. Pulau Mengambang

City, 327xxx



phonecell: 08125244xxx

Work Experience

Working in Company xyz for three years, writer and editor in....... and ..... as well as a
self employee for individual and corporate .......... projects

Education and courses

1986 - 1992 SDN

1992 - 1995 SMPN

1995 - 1998 SMUN

1998 - 2005 Your University / Your Major, City – Indonesia

2002 Course 1 from ...

2003 Course 2 from ....


Computer Skills

Language Skills

Other skills

Scholarship 1

Scholarship 2

Writing Published

Title of publication, publised by, at

Organizational Experience

Organization abc, during ....

Organization xyz, during ...

Current Career Level: Entry Level (fresh graduate) or Being Employed by

Years of relevant work experience: 3 years

Target Job

Desired Type: Employee, Temporary/Contract/Project, Seasonal

Desired Status: Full-time, Part-Time

Desired Job Categories: Your desired categories like News editor (NE), English
Columnist / Editor (EC), and other categories need (your) skills


Designing, drawing, painting, writing books, etc


Eager to play an active and leading role for multinational company in which my
knowledge, skill and experiences can be utilized optimally to achieve the targeted
project goals. I wish to work where the opportunities for career development, training
and promotion are offered widely in addition to attractive remuneration and benefit.

In particular, I would like to face a new challenge and wish to be positioned in the
Development Department which is interconnected with the design, engineering,
production and other supporting divisions.


I expect to receive monthly salary bigger than my current salary (All-in system) + 100%
of the medical health reimbursement, other benefit & allowances.

open negotiation.

Name : Ali b Ahmad

Age : 24
NRIC : 780101-01-0101
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Single
Home Address :
Tel :03-4234324
Mobile :0126453545
Current Job : Network Engineer
Website :
Current Salary :RM2000


1986-88 Sekolah Menengah XYZ , Batu Pahat, Johor.
SRP : 8A1 Aggregate: 15

1989-90 Sekolah ABC, Seremban , Negeri Sembilan.

SPM : 9A1 :Aggregate :16
1991-92 Pusat Pendidikan Persedian, ITM Shah Alam, Selangor.
A Level : Mathematics (A), Further Mathematics(A), Physics (A)

1993-96 University of Pt. Sulong.

BEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
1st Class Honours


Nokia NMS 1000/100 Commissioning and Administration [H2.4] Helsinki Finland

NMS100(0) H3.0 Upgrade Course Helsinki Finland

1/6/98-12/6/98 NMS/100(0) Upgrade and Features Course

Helsinki Finland

April 97 Oracle System Administration APIIT, KL

Jan 97 UNIX System Administration APIIT, KL

3/7/00-5/7/00 3Com Customised Total Control Installation and Management HiperArc, 3Com




Operating Systems

HPUX 9.x/10.x, Solaris 2.5 and 2.6 , Linux 2.0.33 ,AIX 4.3.3, Windows 95/98 and MSDOS

Software and programs included NFS,NIS/YP,telnet,TFTP,tcpdump,snoop,printer

management , Apache Webserver , backup and recovery etc.

Network Management and Security System Software

Nokia NMS 1000 H2.4/H3.0/H3.2 , Nortel EC-1 Element Controller, ESRI GIS, HP RFTS
(Remote Fibre Test Systems),HP Open View, Nortel PP NMS, Cisco Works 2000, CWSI,
Traffic Director, Cisco Netranger (Intrusion Detection System), Netsaint , Big Brother and
MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher).

Configure and troubleshoot Cisco 2500,4000 and 7000 Series.
Configure and troubleshoot Cisco Catalyst 2900 and 6509.
Install and configure Cisco Local Director and Cache Engine.
Install and maintain HP server G50/K220, workstation HP 7000 Series and X terminal
Install , configure and troubleshoot Nokia DB2/DM2 MUX and Nokia DX200 Exchange
Install and configure Nortel Baystack 450-24T and Nortel Passport 8010
User for Nortel STM-1 TN1-X and TN1-C
Troubleshoot network using Network General Sniffer

TCP/IP, SNA, X.25, Frame Relay, FTAM ,Ethernet, PPP, STM-1, SDH


August 1996- Jun 1999 Sapura Nokia Telecommunications Network Management System
Perform duties as an NMS engineer in a fixed network telecommunications industry to
commission , support and maintain Nokia NMS 1000 solution to Telekom Malaysia.
Installing HPUX operating systems, servers, workstation, X-terminal, printers, vendor software
packages, system customization of Nokia NMS 1000.
Successful implementation of Y2K Upgrade of database server, communication server and
application servers within 24hours which involves reinstallation of HPUX 10.2 ,Nokia software,
Oracle 7 and other third party software.
Planning and conducting training and acceptance test to customers.
Involve in integration of Nokia DX200 with Comptel Billing system using FTAM.
Used to dealing with Hewlett Packard Customer Services, Nokia Network Management System
Support using phone, fax or emails when helps are needed.
Built a X.25 wide area network which covered all Nokia DX200 switches in Johor, Melaka
Negeri Sembilan , Kuala Lumpur and Sabah.
Project leader of Nokia NMS1000 H3.2 Y2K upgrade for Telekom Malaysia.

June 1999- June 2000 Fibrecomm Network Sdn Bhd Network Analyst
Perform duties as Network Analyst for a network service provider which primary business deals
with fibre optic over powerline infrastructures, bandwidth services such as frame relay and
Oversee/perform the daily routine as a system administrator in monitoring more than 50
network elements consists of Nortel Passport , HP RTU (Remote Test Unit) ,SDH and fibre
optic which spread all over Peninsular Malaysia using Network Management System
applications such as HP OpenView, Nortel PP Manager and Esri GIS.
Involved in setting up the NMC (Network Management Centre), the processes and standard
operating procedures (SOP) and finally implements the fault handling management and job
escalation for the network and the customer.
Built a web based intranet system which include network monitoring system , calendar ,
bulletin , trouble ticketing and various automated programs to increase efficiency of our
Network Management Centre. The system was built on Linux and support remote dial-up over
PPP for our standby staffs.
Provide monthly and quarterly network performance analysis for our fibre optic cable service
and bandwidth.
Handle on line support through telephones for customers such as Celcom and MIMOS.

June 2000- present IBM (M) Sdn Bhd- Network Specialist

Involved in IBM networking projects such as (ISP), (networking host
for, Dataran Maybank Relocation Project and 1stSilicon Project.
Dataran Maybank Project: A 3 x 20 floors building multilayer switched network project.
Install ,configure and trouble shoot Nortel Baystack 24-T switches and Nortel Passport 8010.
Medical Online Project : Setup a nationwide wide area network & multilayer switched network
for the Medical Online in hospitals and health clinics in Kajang, Seremban and KL.
Configure the integration of HP OPenview and CiscoWorks 2000.
Install , configure and provide support for Cisco Network Management System products which
are Cisco Works 2000 , Traffic Director and CWSI and RWAN bundle. : Install and configure Cisco Netranger Sensor and Netranger Director for Cisco
Netranger Intrusion Detection System. ISP: Provide technical support for the CiscoWorks2000.
1stSilicon Factory, Kuching : Install , configure and provide support for Cisco
Network Management System products which is Cisco Works 2000 , Traffic Director and
Provide technical support for IBM networking products for customers such as Bank Simpanan
Nasional, Jaya Jusco and others.
Organizational/Coordination Skills
As the director of Malaysian Night of Manchester during my studies, I have organized a team to
held a cultural night attended by more than 500 people. There were tight budget and time but we
managed a team spirit and everyone worked well together.


I have the experience in planning project using the Microsoft Project software, distributing jobs
and organize people.
I was also the project leader for in implementing the Y2K upgrade for the Nokia NMS 1000


I am used to deal with vendors and demanding customers such as Telekom Malaysia, Time
Telekom, MIMOS, Celcom, Maybank and others.


I have represented my school for State Tournament Hockey.
I enjoy archery, martial arts and table tennis.

I enjoy reading science & general knowledge magazine, storybooks and comics.

I enjoy travelling, so far I have been to UK, Holland, Finland and Sweden. I also enjoy listening
to music and watching movies.

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