Literary Luminary
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Literary Luminary:

The Odyssey features a powerful array of epithets and figures of speech. Your job is: (a) to prepare a summary of the reading. Make a quick statement to discuss the UNIVERSAL TRUTH found in the text; (b) to identify “Golden Lines”—or special passages in the text (interesting, powerful, funny, puzzling, or important sections). You will also ponder on how certain lines in the text are further illuminated in succeeding scenes. Decide which passages or paragraphs are worth remembering, and indicate how you plan to present them: (a) You can read the passages aloud yourself, (b) ask someone else to read them, or (c) read them together as a group. Make sure to discuss your analysis of the selected text.

Quick Statement: What, for you, is the UNIVERSAL TRUTH in the text? Compare
this with others’.

__For me, the universal truth to Books V-VIII is that it was very clear that the Greeks were very hospitable and respectable people. Even to a stranger, they shower him__ with numerous gifts and treat him like a member of the family. Also, they go out of__ their way to help and give supplies to the stranger to continue on his journey. These_ days, such traits in people are becoming more and more scarce._________________



Significance and Analysis

V It was Zeus who told me toLITERATURE CIRCLES come here. I did not wish to.

Confusing – could this mean that Hermes and possibly the other gods and goddesses didn’t like Kalypso? Important – all the gods and goddesses dared not to ever disobey Zeus Informative – basically, Odysseus thought she was pranking him and lost all hope of ever going home. Informative – this shows how even someone as great as Odysseus, when at his situation, must humble himself before others. Informative – It shows how not everyone in the community is very hospitable and welcoming towards strangers Confusing – Why would Odysseus be insulted by an invitation to participate in their games? Important – There is great respect for the hierarchy Important – When

V let him go, if he himself is asking for this and desires it,

‘Here is some other thing you devise, O goddess; it is not conveyance, when you tell me to cross the sea's great open space on a raft. That is dangerous and hard. ‘I am at your knees, O queen.



VI for fear one may mock us hereafter, since there are insolent men in our community,

VIII Laodamas, why do you all urge me on in mockery to do these things?

VIII ‘It cannot be, and it is not right, that I should deny you.’ ‘Farewell, father and VIII

LITERATURE CIRCLES Possible Reasons for Picking a Passage: funny controversial confusing important informative surprising

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