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Preliminary research and brainstorming for Topic Proposal-Discussion Post

Ideas to Think About for Proposal:

o Conservation
o Sustainability
o Pollution
o Repealed regulations and laws under Trump administration
Medical (Kind of narrownot much meat for paper)
o Vaccinations
o Access to care

For Environment Focus on the following questions:

Talk about the repeals. polar icecaps (fear of rising water and new viruses),
global warming (medical and food supply in danger), food chains damaged
(extinction), coal mining (water pollution, air pollution [sulfuric acid]), not
acknowledging these issues anymore will have far reaching global implications.

What does it mean to be human?

o Only specie that is highly intelligent therefore we must protect the planet.
o We are reckless and irresponsible when it comes to pollution and hurting other
ecosystems. We must take responsibility to heal and preserve our home.
o Like the camping sayingLeave the place the same or in better condition where
you found it.
Stokes, Thomas L. "Environmental Sustainability." Wetlands. 24.1 (2004):
230-231. Print
o What makes for a livable world?
Access to clean water both for humans, agriculture and wildlife
Erosion/runoff, energy production, acid rain, irresponsible waste dumping
Good air quality
Low noise pollution
Medical care/disease control
Khasnis, Atul A, and Mary D. Nettleman. "Global Warming and Infectious
Disease." Archives of Medical Research. 36.6 (2005): 689-696. Print.
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How is language a part of our humanity?
Politically, through the use of persuasion scientific facts are deemed
irrelevant or untrue.
Communication to the general public through the spoken and written word
on human impact on the world.
Organic food isnt good for the environment
Benbrook, C, and C McCullum-Gomez. "Organic Vs Conventional
Farming." Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 109.5
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