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Don Burrows

Andover, KS 67002

CORE BELIEF: If you cant get the interview, your education and experience wont matter

CORE BELIEF: Promotion-Seekers: YOU can be a TOP CANDIDATE and win interviews whenever
you want them - from now until you retire


Those who will most benefit from my TOP CANDIDATE FOR PROMOTION system are
employed, high-five-figure, mid-career professionals passed over for promotions they know
they've earned
My Human Resources experience is in these industries: Hospitality, metal-cutting, international
insurance, aluminum manufacturing, wholesale produce growing and marketing, Human Resources
consulting, international training and development in Spanish and English
Eighteen years of international and domestic HR management - US, Latin America, the
Caribbean, Europe and Asia-Pacific Rim. In-House recruiting was a primary responsibility.
Over 30 years helping job- and promotion-seekers create custom rsums and targeted cover
letters and win interviews as TOP CANDIDATES - whenever they want them

All services available in Spanish or English


Senior Management (Division Director of Engineering. Career jump: Promotion from quasi-
supervisory position to Director of Engineering). Invited to apply for a Director of Engineering
position while they were still accepting applications, this engineer presented me with a significant
challenge: create a custom rsum and targeted cover letter, within 48 hours. For this premium service
level, I: interviewed him and wrote up his new accomplishments; edited existing accomplishments to
make them relevant to this position; kept him calm and focused while sorting through a myriad of
engineering detail to get to the essence of the new accomplishments; organized his completed skills
analysis; created a consistent format for generic Part B of his rsum (work history, certifications,
education, outside interests); and wrote his targeted cover letter. We met his deadline. Prior to his first,
second and third interviews, I did interview training. The CEO, bored and unimpressed with the generic
sameness of the other candidates rsums, loved my clients rsum, declared it disruptive (a good
thing) and demanded to meet this disruptive engineer. He was the youngest of the finalists and won the
job and got his career back on-track.

Military Officer to Civilian (Transitioning Army Intelligence Officer to Hospital Project

Management). An Army Captain with Military Intelligence training, a degree in Business, and a veteran
of one tour in Afghanistan found himself in a dead-end security job when he got out of the Army. As he
was getting ready to leave the Army, he went through their Transition Assistance Program (TAP) but
found it too generic to be of use. He found me on LinkedIn and sought my help to identify more specific
career options and then create credentials and a job search strategy that would win interviews. We
developed his Accomplishments and Skills Data Banks, then selectively used that data to create targeted
credentials that made him an IDEAL CANDIDATE for analyst jobs at several local hospitals. We then
used a unique strategy to win interviews with C-Level executives, completely bypassing HR's generic
recruiting "cattle chutes." He won interviews and the job of his choice.

Senior Management (Systems & Sensors Engineering Manager to Director of Engineering). In his
desire to transition from dead-end engineering team leader to director of engineering for a large division
of huge multinational, I helped this gifted engineer prove to himself and others why he was ready to take
on this new, highly-visible and critical position. I helped him expand his focus beyond the numeric results
he had achieved to explain and present what he did, why he did it, and how he went about doing it. By
coaching him to consider his accomplishments in terms of those three additional elements, we created a
custom, multidimensional, accomplishments-based rsum that enabled him to stand out from his
competition. He earned the interview and won the job. The function he took over was mired in traditional
not built here thinking, and as a result they were losing their shirt for not having kept up with the
technical/intellectual times. His intellect and skills were just what they needed.

Marketing Executive to Staying Home to Care for Children to Back to Work. While you may be a
perfect candidate, often it's an emotionally draining, and disheartening uphill battle to get recruiter
attention after you've been out for an extended period of time. This marketing executive asked if I could
improve her rsum so she could win more interviews. I helped her create more effective rsum material
and a more eye-catching format, but more importantly, using my book, How to Win Your 'Inner Game'!
Update Your Attitude Before You 'Update Your Rsum, I helped her get her "INNER GAME" back on-
track so she'll present herself more authentically, memorably and effectively - in writing and in-person.

Middle Management (Electrical Engineer. Had to compete for his old job after a spin-off). During a
spin-off when current employees faced job elimination and had to compete for positions in a newly-
formed organization, I created a rsum that enabled this engineer to successfully compete. With years of
successful experience in the former company, I helped him sort through his many accomplishments and
select and write up the most relevant ones, and identify the skills he used to achieve them. After he wrote
his accomplishments essays I edited and tailored them to match the requirements for the position for
which he was applying. Our final credentials clearly showed why he was the ideal candidate for that
position, and he smoothly transitioned into the new company. He kept his same desk, at a significantly
higher salary.

Electrical Engineer (MS degree. Picked his company. Identified Need Going Unmet. Created his
own job). This eclectic, brilliant 4.0 electrical engineering graduate of a premier university created a job
for himself where none had previously existed. Laid off from his technical sales job when his company
changed business models, I was shocked to see that he was using a commonplace, boring, generic reverse-
chronological rsum. We created a document and job search strategy to match his brilliance. He
identified just one place where he wanted to work, researched that organization, identified new markets
and needs going unmet. He prepared a marketing plan telling them what they needed to do, but not how,
and we jointly created his rsum. Within a week they contacted him and one week later he negotiated a
superior package and was back to work. Total layoff time: one month.

NOTE: His former boss, for whom I also wrote a rsum, insisted on modifying my work to be
more reverse-chronological and normal. Six months after my client was hired, his former boss
was still flogging his paper.

Career Transition (Organization Development Professional to University Lecturer). A Boomer with
a successful 40-year career in Organization Development prepared the way for his successor and was then
laid off when his company merged. Over six months he sent out the same generic rsum hundreds of
times and went on no interviews. After completing my process of identifying skills and accomplishments,
we created a targeted cover letter and rsum for one particular position in one company. Ten days after
submitting his credentials, the hiring manager called for a phone interview, then an all-day face-to-face
interview. Unfortunately, my client came in second. BUT WAIT! Because of the thoroughness of his
preparations, he was able to selectively and easily repurpose his accomplishments and skills to become an
ideal candidate for a teaching position at his local university. Both hiring managers raved about the
thoroughness of his rsum, and neither objected to the six pages of content.

Self-Employed Project Management Consultant with 40 years of experience (Had gone two years
with no new contracts). After 40 years of success as a self-employed project manager, this mid-60s man
hit a two-year wall. His rsum was a disaster and his spirit and finances were in a tailspin. In the three
days it took him to complete his prework, he told me had an epiphany: he learned more about himself
then than he had over 40 years of work, and with excitement set to work identifying his accomplishments.
When I gave him his completed rsum, he read it word-for-word and then sat in silence and stared at it.
In a small voice of regret and sadness he said to himself, Where have you been all my life? In that
moment, he realized all the value he brought to the world of work, saw how his life could have been, and
imagined how it would be when he got back on track. Which he did. We created new strategies and I
wrote cover letters that opened doors to new clients. He regained his financial and emotional stability.
Two years later, he died of a huge heart attack, and they were two very good years.

Career Transition (Hospitality Management to Classified Advertising Sales). After seven years in her
hospitality management position, this young woman had run into a career wall. I coached her to create a
broadcast cover letter and rsum she used successfully to seek referrals from her network. Drawing from
her data bank of over 20 relevant accomplishments and an equally extensive data bank of skills she used
to achieve them, we put together a rsum of her favorite accomplishments and the skills she most liked
to use, and a compelling cover letter. She conducted an effective email campaign resulting in a number of
referrals, one of which led to her current senior sales position with her local newspaper. The unique
format and content of her credentials made her memorable, and much to her surprise, people kept and
circulated her rsum. For more than a year after she started her new job, she kept getting calls.
"Memorable" is the name of the game.

Middle Management (Project Manager with Masters degree and professional certification). After
helping this project manager think beyond her job duties and activities to identify her major
accomplishments and skills, I created an effective rsum that gained her the interview she sought. After
she wrote her essays and distilled them down to what she thought was the essence of her
accomplishments, I asked, So what? a number of times until we really drilled down and truly identified
the results, the essence of each accomplishment. In addition to creating a targeted rsum and cover letter,
we conducted practice interviews, critiqued her responses, and practiced some more. She won the job.

Career Transition (Self-Employed Financial Trainer to major Metroplex City Government). A

victim of the recession, I helped this solopreneur financial trainer craft a referral request letter and
accomplishments-based targeted rsum that successfully made its way through a major metropolitan
city's recruiting bureaucracy and won her an invitation to interview with the city's HR Director. This was
particularly gratifying to me because prior to becoming a solopreneur she had been with her bank
employer for 20 years and had significant accomplishments, which she modestly downplayed a "just
doing my job." The HR Director thought otherwise and was excited when he called her. He apologized for
having taken so long to get to her, because her credentials fit the new job to a "T" and he could not
wait to meet her. Thrilled that they liked her experience, she thanked him for his interest and declined the
interview because in the interim she had been accepted to graduate school and was moving out-of-state.

Video Producer and Project Manager (Starting a new business). This very experienced video
producer and project manager with a track record of success working for large organizations used his new
rsum to help establish himself as a solopreneur. After reading his generic rsum, I asked him to
identify and write essays about his most meaningful accomplishments. With no additional prompting, the
flood gates opened and in short order he wrote over 20 250-word essays, which we then converted into
accomplishments statements for his Accomplishments Data Bank. After completing the skills analysis of
those accomplishments, he had filled his Skills Data Bank as well. With that as his foundation, we put
together an exploratory cover letter and rsum that caused recruiters and agencies to call him.

Supporting a Human Resources Vice President (Effective Multi-site Custom Outplacement). When
a company had to lay off a number of long-service administrative employees in several of their branches
in small towns from South Carolina to Pennsylvania, I traveled to client sites and provided custom
outplacement services that were both effective and cost-effective. Knowing that good jobs were scarce in
these small towns, the HR vice president wanted to go above-and-beyond generous severance and provide
all possible reemployment help. I spent two days at each site where I created their unique rsum, taught
them to write their own accomplishments statements and targeted cover letters, developed individual job
search strategies customized to opportunities available in each of their towns, and provided filmed and
critiqued interviewing training. When I left each office, each employee was confident they could find
work. No one was angry at the company, nor did anyone bring suit.

CIGNA Worldwide Outplacement (Shut-down 90-Person Area Headquarters). When Corporate

closed the Latin American Area headquarters in Florida, 90 people lost their jobs. As Latin American
Area HR Director, I created and managed an in-house outplacement center. I trained everyone to write
their own accomplishments-based rsums. Once they had written their accomplishments essays, I edited
them into marketable accomplishments statements that they could use to customize the rsums they
submitted. Over two months' time, in between diffusing employee threats of job discrimination suits, I
completed rsums and cover letters for all 90 people and conducted small group and individual video-
taped interviewing training and coaching. We got no lawsuits and eighty-nine of the 90 individuals found
new jobs that were equal to or better than the ones they lost. The 90th decided she wanted to take her new
rsum back to her Caribbean island and lay on the beach for a while, so she did. I consider my success
rate to have been 100%

Experience Retired and keeping busy with January, 2017 - Date
Andover, KS
Using my book, How to Win Your 'Inner Game!' Update Your Attitude Before You
'Update Your Rsum', I help promotion- and job-seekers rebuild their job search
self-confidence so they are strong at their core and can project an authentic, positive,
memorable first impression, both in writing and face-to-face
Using my book, How to Get Interviews! Stop Sending Job Search Junk Mail, I help
employed, high-five-figure mid-career professionals passed over for promotions
they know they've earned, present themselves as TOP CANDIDATES and win
interviews whenever they want them - from now until they retire

Drawing on 18 years of experience as an in-houses recruiter, I use candidates' new
credentials and the specific requirements of the position they seek to provide real-
world interview practice to candidates, giving them rock-solid interview self-

Acorn Consulting Inc. Principal. 2/1994 12/2016. Marysville, WA.

Boutique Bi-lingual (Spanish / English) Human Resources Organization Development
/Training and Development Consultancy
In 2010, listened to President Obama's request that we all share our gifts to help each
other out of the recession. I retired from my HR consulting work and focused
exclusively on creating custom rsums and targeted cover letters that helped out-of-
work job seekers present themselves as ideal candidates, win interviews and get back
to work

Chiquita Brands. Asia-Pacific Area Manager, Human Resources/Organization

Cincinnati, OH and virtual in Cary, NC. 1/1992 1/1994
Created and managed combined Human Resource and Organization Development
function for start-up joint venture and acquisitions in Australia, New Zealand, Korea,
Japan and California
Position eliminated as Corporate refocused on strategic objectives; declined transfer
and new job in OH
Columbia Aluminum. Six-month contract as Organization Development
Vancouver, WA. 2/1991 8/1991
Six-month contract to provide executive-level HR and OD guidance to owner of
privately-held company as he integrated four manufacturing sites in three states into one
new organization
Laid-off and looking. 6/1990 - 2/1991. Developed a lot of sympathy for people in that
boat, and strategies and tools to help them

Dole Fresh Fruit. Vice President, Human Resources Fresh Fruit Division
Boca Raton, FL. 10/1989 5/1990
Responsible for full range of tactical and strategic HR planning and implementation of
HR activities in the US, Central and South Latin America. Managed staff of nine
Position was one of 130 eliminated in corporate consolidation
CIGNA Worldwide. Area Director, Human Resources, Latin America
Philadelphia, PA and Coral Gables, FL. June, 1984 October, 1989
Human Resources Director responsible for 1,300 employees in 13 countries
Hired to provide Bi-lingual HR support of INA and Connecticut General merger in
Central and Latin America
Transformed admin HR function into one that made measurable bottom line
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company. June, 1979 June, 1984
Division Manager, Professional Relations (Jacobs Manufacturing), Bloomfield, CT
Division Manager, Compensation and Professional Development (Tool Division).
Utica, NY
Acting Industrial Relations Director, Europe. (European Division), Geisenheim, W.
Germany. Declined full-time offer as I believed Division would be sold. It was.
Division Manager, Compensation and Development (Tool Division) Utica, NY
Supervisor, Plant Compensation, (Tool Division) Utica, NY

Marriott Hotels. Philadelphia, PA and Miami, FL. May, 1974 June, 1979
Property Personnel Director, Philadelphia Marriott Hotel (1,000 employees)
Property Personnel Director, Miami Marriott Hotel (400 employees)
Education Command and General Staff College Graduate, 1984, US Department of the Army
University of Maryland
Ph.D. (Course Work Completed) 1974. College Park. Latin American Literature.
Deans List
MA 1970. College Park. Latin American Literature/Area Studies. Photojournalism
minor. Deans List
BA 1967. College Park. Latin American Area Studies. Deans List and Spanish Honor
Military US Army Reserves, Retired. 19701991. LTC. Latin American Foreign Area Officer,
Civil Affairs, Military Intelligence
Publications Amazon Kindle:
How to Get Interviews! Stop Sending Job Search Junk Mail (Acorn Consulting,
A is for Accomplishment
S is for Skills
O is for Objective
How to Win Your 'Inner Game'! Update Your Attitude Before You 'Update Your
Rsum' (Acorn Consulting, 2014)-- Companion Workbook to Stop Sending Job
Search Junk Mail
Burn Your Rsum! You Need a Professional Profile (Aviva Press, 2012) Co-author
Deborah Drake
Rsums that Resume Careers (Aviva Press, 2010)
Plan While You Still Can: 16 End-of-Life Checklists You Need Now (Aviva Press,
People Prospectus Unique numerical people balance sheet identifying hidden
problems during mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and as an internal organizational
health check
HR articles in Mergers & Acquisitions (October, 2002) / HR Magazine (September,
Area Study of Paraguay, US Department of the Army (1988)

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