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Media response

Re: New Chum fires

For: Anne Davies ABC -

Date: 31 July 2017

Please attribute to a Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) spokesperson:

1. When we were filming at Ipswich we got shots of smoke coming out of the ground and there was
a strong tarry smell. The locals said there are fires burning in the old mines all the time. Is this
correct please?

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines are the responsible agency for mines.

The New Chum area and surrounds are subject to minor incidences of localised spontaneous combustion
generally caused by the oxidation of coal and other carbonaceous materials. This is due to historical coal
mining activities in the area.

2. Can you tell us how long the recent blaze at the Transpacific New Chum facility burned for?

The fire was detected at approximately 8.45am on 2 July 2017. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
(QFES) controlled the fire and left the facility about midday.

3. What safety precautions were taken for local residents? Eg evacuation, air monitoring?

Please refer to QFES.

4. What did monitoring show? Were residents exposed to any harmful smoke or fumes?

Please refer to QFES.

5. What sort of waste is taken in at the Transpacific site?

Construction and demolition Waste and low level contaminated soils. The facility does not accept
putrescible wastes.


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