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Shania Warren

Professor Raymond


7 July 2017

Writing Prompt 2

Everyone makes the transition from Elementary school to middle school without fully

knowing what to expect. Unfortunately, I had to to make that transition as well as deal with

moving to a different county. After moving, I quickly noticed that the learning style was

completely different from what I was used to. Everything was easy until I entered high school.

My freshman year of high school was when I truly learned the meaning behind the saying, you

have to study. The very first day of class the teacher said, This will not be an easy course,

some of you are A students, but most of you will be B or C students. Hearing that

statement on the first day of class was quite intimidating leaving me uncertain of my decision to

take a honors course. Her teaching style was nothing I wasnt used to in classes of the past, so I

assumed that my former methods of studying would get me the A I really wanted. After

receiving a D on the first paper, I knew that my methods had to change. I had to look further

into what it meant to form a well written paper. When I received the second paper back, it looked

as if it fell in a bucket of red ink. Marks filled the paper and I was still confused on how I could

not use correct punctuation as well as subject verb agreement correctly. After this attempt, I

knew I had to ask for assistance because my grade was rapidly decreasing. I arrived to the next

class period early and I approached her and said, I really want to be successful in your class,

what could I do to change my writing style in order to complete my goal? She responded ever

so calmly and said, your writing is wonderful, the main problem is many of your sentences are

run on. She then went on to show me were commas should have been inserted as well as semi

colons. After the consultation that my English teacher and I had, my grade started to rise and my

writing showed growth. After the semester was over, and throughout the rest of highschool, I

would email my ninth grade English teacher my essays, so she could proof read and tell me what

I could improve. Despite the downfalls I had within the class, my writing abilities grew and I

was then able to use the guidelines to be successful in my future courses.