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Congregationalist Wiccan Association of BC
C. A. 5-10282 132nd Street
B. C. Surrey, British Columbia
V3T 3T7 #45 July 2010 c.e.

Little Bits of News:

CWA Religious Retreat 2nd to 4th of July fundamentalist Mormon community at Bountiful, near
Cancelled Creston, were thrown out of court last year. However,
the provincial and federal governments launched an
The first annual Starfall Paganfest was cancelled appeal to determine the constitutionality of the law and
this year at the last minute. We simply didn’t get appointed a lawyer to act as amicus curia (friend of
enough people registered to meet the minimum the court) to put the case against the law.
expenses. Only one person from Vancouver area, Our Board was considering our position on complex
one from out in the Fraser Valley, nobody from the relationships and contacted the amicus for information
Island and otherwise it was the Okanagan only. on this case. We met and adopted a policy endorsing a
We hope to do Starfall this coming year, although variety of consensual relationships between adults on
the Board will have to work out the details.
May 18th. Sam Wagar, as a clergy member, swore an
Starfall is not alone - the annual Gathering for affidavit endorsing “all acts of love and pleasure” that
Life on Earth, in part because of the extra cost of was included in the amicus evidence. It is possible, but
moving to a new location and date, was cancelled unlikely, that when the case comes to trial in
this year, after eighteen years. The Gathering November Wagar will be called to testify. He was
Society will have a Special General Meeting to amused to have the only newspaper report on the
decide on 2011 plans on either September 18th or amicus’ evidence mention his affidavit.
19th. No other Wiccan or Pagan bodies joined in the
case, although various Christians, Muslims, and
Green Cauldron Temple in Nanaimo sprang into
Mormons are represented.
action when the rumours of the Gathering’s
cancellation started spreading and they organized a
BC Day long-weekend campout at the Nanaimo Panfest in Alberta
Lakes campground 45 minutes out of Nanaimo.
Contact information CWABC will be well-represented at the 11th
home.php?#!/event.php?eid=115692768478631 . annual Panfest near Edmonton this year at the end of
$17.50 per family per night, do your own cooking, July. Three members of our Board will be there, Sam
camping only. More details and information as it Wagar will be Priesting the Nude Moonlit Ritual and
develops! More info?
presenting a workshop on Ritual Theory, Sable will be
presenting a workshop, and merchanting. We’ll be
making a point of getting together with our Alberta
sister organization, the CWA Alberta to exchange
CWABC Participation in the Polygamy
notes and ideas.
As a result of abuse of process when the
Solicitor-General of BC went “prosecutor-shopping”
in order to lay a charge under the polygamy statute,
the charges against two prominent members of the

Looking at the Wiccan Rede
By Diane Morrison (Sable Aradia)

Eight words the
Wiccan Rede fulfil: An it But neither do I believe that the Rede is
harm none, do what ye will. permission to simply do whatever you want
regardless of the consequences. Acting thoughtlessly
Many Wiccans profess in the interests of your own self-gratification most
to follow the Wiccan certainly will bring harm to someone.
Rede. This is the only
ethical code that we claim I believe that the Rede is both permission to act
to live by. It seems simple without guilt when an action is harmless (yes, it’s
on its surface, but let us okay to eat one cookie, lounge in a hot bath and
consider what it actually ignore the phone for a few minutes, or take pleasure
means. Does it really in an erotic encounter between consenting adults);
mean that we must “harm none?” Is that even and an admonition to consider the consequences of
possible? one’s actions before acting (would you really be able
to eat just one cookie, or will you blow your diet
Jains attempt to “harm none,” and if that is really completely? Are there any outside parties who would
what we ought to be doing as Witches, they do a be hurt by the aforementioned erotic encounter?)
better job of it than we do! For those unfamiliar, Jains Acting without unnecessary guilt is life- and joy-
try not to bring harm to anything. They sweep park affirming, and empowering to the human spirit. But
benches before they sit down in case they might acting thoughtlessly is harmful to yourself and others.
accidentally harm an insect by their thoughtless
sitting. They do not eat anything – animal or plant – A Witch who embraces the Rede, above all, needs
that required that the being who offered it give up its to do her best to develop foresight and empathy. She
life. They wouldn’t eat carrots, for instance, because needs to consider, to the best of her ability, the
you have to pull the carrot and kill the plant, but consequences of every action she takes! Essentially,
apples, which are given freely of the tree, are it is a charge to personal responsibility. Nothing is
acceptable. I admire their conviction and aspire to forbidden, but everything has a consequence, and you
have such respect for the world around me, but I must live with those consequences. The Threefold
don’t see any Wiccan elders doing this. And if that’s Law states that anything you do shall be returned to
really what we ought to be doing by our ethical code, you threefold, so we should also consider this in our
why then is it said that a Witch should be able to hex decision-making, particularly when it comes to
as well as heal? magick, which involves changing reality to suit our
True Will. Magick is co-creating reality with the
I don’t believe the Rede is an admonition that we Divine as you understand it, so if you have failed to
must be perfect in all things. There are times when consider the “side effects” of a magickal action, they
“harming none” is simply not possible, when the can be pretty devastating. Have you ever heard “be
ethical choice must bring harm to somebody in order careful what you wish for because you just might get
to minimize harm to others. For example, if someone it?”
were being physically assaulted, how would you deal
with it? Not doing anything permits the victim to A Witch who embraces the Rede also needs to
continue to receive harm. Acting against the attacker, take this into consideration in her actions in the
even to simply phone the police, is likely to bring harm everyday world around her. What are the
to the attacker. If you decide to defend the victim consequences that you can foresee if you choose to
with force if necessary, you are definitely bringing take the action you have intended? Will it bring harm
harm to the attacker, and you may also bring harm to to yourself or others? Should you really lip off the
yourself if the attacker decides to attack you (which boss? Should you really drink yourself into a stupor?
brings up another point often neglected – it says Should you really punch the guy in the face that just
“harm none,” but we often do not consider ourselves insulted your girlfriend? Should you really tell your
in this dictate!) How can you harm none in this mother that you hate her guts? In most of these

cases, the answer is likely “no.” But should you really
take the day off work and go to the hot springs
CWA Temple Reports
because you haven’t had a vacation in five years?
Well, why not, if you own your own business and can Vancouver-Burnaby Temple Report for July 2010
get it covered or don’t care that the shop will be
closed for one day? Or maybe your mother really is Dear Sisters and Brothers,
abusive and simply causes you great intentional harm
every time you see her, and maybe she needs to be The last Temple meeting, June 25th, had eight
told how her words are harmful (though there might people there. This is fewer than the numbers that
be a better way of putting that.) Or maybe your boss have been regularly showing up at the Outer Court
is abusive and you need to find another job, and telling social meetings of Sam’s coven, although there’s
her what a miserable human being she seems to be some overlap. The next Temple Open Circle is on the
would be good for your self-confidence. It’s all a 23rd of July, Metrotown Mall Community Meeting
matter of trying to balance the needs of yourself and Room (above the Sears’ store) at 7 pm.
others and attempting to do what is in the greatest
good. I just suggest that you not leave yourself out of This will also mark a temporary farewell to our
that equation, a mistake often made in our culture; to Priestess, Cameron, who’s heading off to Kamloops
a Witch, who needs to claim her personal power as to learn how to be a butcher
her own, this is a fatal mistake that often needs to be
unlearned when she takes up the study the Craft. Because of life issues of various sorts among the
students, Sam’s graduate-level course in ritual theory
Nor should we accept responsibility for anything has been postponed. It’ll be offered in the fall
that is not our responsibility. Because Witches tend to sometime, when things have settled down. A great
be healers, we often blame ourselves when things do reading list, a good series of lectures - it would be a
not work out as we have hoped, or accept blame pity for all of that work to be wasted. Anyone that’s
heaped on us by others who are projecting their own interested - it involves a fair amount of reading,
shortcomings. Because our ethics are personal and discussion and writing and will cost $200 ($100 for
are, ideally, based on considering harm to others and CWABC or CWAA members) plus the cost of the 14
are therefore not based on what others think, we tend books on the reading list. Some familiarity with theory
to have unorthodox views about a great many and ritual is advisable but not necessary.
subjects that others would like to embarrass us into
changing (in particular, the accepting sexual ethics of Sam’s presently turning the lecture notes into
many members of our community comes to mind!) chapters, in hopes of finally getting the first book out.
Though defending ourselves adamantly and publicly
may not be necessary, certainly if we accept guilt for The Temple Maiden, Krystalynne, has organized
actions not our own, I believe this takes away both an association of Priestesses interested in working
our personal power and our ability to discern when with funeral rituals, with all aspects of counselling
we have done something we need to own up to! dying people and the families, and with the Dark
There should be no shame in a healthy Witch. Mother in general. The Sisterhood is open to a “men’s
auxiliary” to support but she is only training
So while on its surface quite simple, in reality the Priestesses . Witches of the Blackberry Field Oracle
Wiccan Rede is quite deep and complex. There is no
simple list of “thou shalt nots” for a Witch. Each and blackberryfiledocrale . Interested people from around
every action must be individually considered, and a the world can contact them, it’s not limited to our
decision of personal ethical choice must be made Temple.
every time. And then, we must accept and live with
those consequences. If one of our actions turns out Blessed Be, Sam Wagar
be harmful, we must accept that it is now our
responsibility to do our best to make it right – or
accept the wrath of the Threefold Law! But the
realization that if something is harmless, then you Green Cauldron - Nanaimo (this is an unofficial
should do as you Will, is very liberating and helps us report)
not to bear shame that is not our own, leading, I
believe, to a greater appreciation of life, love and Green Cauldron is busy as usual, with the last
happiness. burst of fundraising to support Nanaimo Pagan Pride
Day, which they have been co-ordinating for several

years now.
They also are pulling together the Pagan camp-
out for the end of this month, and working with a
new congregation in the works in Campbell River,
up-Island from them. And the coffee cauldron in
Parksville area continues and is attracting a small,
but growing, contingent of local Pagans.

The recent departure of two active members to

100-Mile House is Nanaimo’s loss but the Interior’s
gain. Ivannia and Jon are planning to begin a
congregation once they are settled in, so in a few

Temple of Mirth and Reverence - Vernon (this is

an unofficial report)
Pagan Pride is a world-wide non-profit initiative
Although the Priesthood’s household has been hit in the spirit of Gay Pride and other such aware-
with financial blows as hours of work were reduced ness campaigns to educate and inform the public
for a member of the family and the resulting stress about Pagan and earth-based faiths. We invite
and anxiety coming from that, in an area with the public to come and join us and the media
chronic high unemployment, and your prayers would come and speak to our spokespeople. We also
no doubt be welcomed, they are finding ways to support local charities.
make ends meet.
We will have vendors, speakers, workshops, and
The Temple will be co-ordinating Okanagan live entertainment! A program schedule will be
Pagan Pride Day this year. released closer to the date.
The Fourth in the series of Eight Wiccan Paths of
Power is being offered through Sable’s store, “The Please feel free to spread the word to as many of
Threads That Bind Us” this month, on the 24th. your friends as possible!
Another book project, and one that I am really
looking forward to reading when she’s done! The Vernon / Okanagan Pagan Pride Day is held
The Witches Frequently Asked Questions meetup at Cenotaph Park, 30th Street and 32nd Avenue,
(a good idea) is happening monthly - a casual drop in Vernon, BC on the 21 of August · 10:00 - 17:00
to the bookstore for anyone who wants to ask about
anything. Co-ordinator:
Okanagan Pagan Pride is sponsored by The
Threads That Bind Us and the CWABC Temple
of Mirth and Reverence.
The Threads that Bind Us,
The Nanaimo Pagan Pride Day is held at the Kin
Metaphysical Store. Hut Park located on the Departure Bay beach,
2730 Departure Bay Road, on August 28th, 2010,
31st Street, Vernon, BC 10 am to 6 pm.
V1T 5H7
Phone: 250.540.0341
Fax: 250.549.4100 Nanaimo Pagan Pride is sponsored by the
CWABC Temple of the Green Cauldron.

CWA Membership Info: Statement of Ethics:
All members of this Society must bind themselves
Membership requirements: by agreement with the following:
Although there are many Goddesses and Gods and
CWA is not a coven or an association of covens many Paths to their worship, our path does not
and so we do not require training or Initiation of involve;
people who wish to be members. We do not expect a/ animal sacrifice,
“perfect love and perfect trust” but a much more b/ any coercive activities,
normal level of trust and mutual respect of our c/ charging fees for teaching the Craft beyond the
potential members. recovery of costs, or for Initiation. (Members of
groups may reasonably be expected to share in the
Potential members must be legal adults, must expenses of events sponsored by the group, or agreed
attend at least three of our Open Circles over the to as part of its obligations as members of this
course of a year, sign the attendance book at each of Society, and voluntary donations will be accepted).
them, signify in writing that they agree with our d/ malfeasance,
statement of beliefs and our ethic statement (below) e/ breaking Priestly confidentiality, subject to the
and pay our annual membership fee (currently $25). law,
This membership is a joint membership with the f/ oath-breaking.
national Congregationalist Witchcraft Association.
People who wish to become further involved in
Only voting members may vote or be elected to our church need not be members to volunteer for
congregational councils or the provincial council, may committees (although nonmembers cannot vote) or to
vote to confirm a clergy person for ordination, or train attend basic Religious Education classes (which will
for our clergy. be taught by members and clergy). Just contact the
Secretary of CWA as a whole or your local
Clergy training takes a minimum of one further congregation’s lay clergy or congregation council
year, regardless of the amount of previous training or Summoner.
experience which a person may have.

CWA Statement of Beliefs: The Secretary of CWABC for 2009-10 is Sam

Wagar and he’s at
The members of this Society believe:
a/ that the divine is multifaceted and that it is
appropriate to Name and worship a variety of
Goddesses and Gods in a variety of different ways,
b/ that the divine is primarily immanent,
c/ that there are a variety of guardian spirits and
levels of divinity,
d/ that we generally shape our liturgy and theology
around the worship of the Goddess or the Goddess
and the Old Gods,
e/ that the divine is ever-present and ever-active in
the world,
f/ that we can through petition, action, and ritual,
cause change in the world in accord with our Wills.

Every woman and every man is an embodiment of


All acts of love and pleasure are acts of praise of

the Goddess. This specifically includes all non-
coercive sexual orientations.

An ye harm none, do what ye will.

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