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8th Grade Science Syllabus

Ms. Carol Ann Van Cleve

2017-2018 School Year

Course Description
In addition to meeting the state science standards, this course is designed to provide
hands-on experiential learning. Students should expect to find the curriculum rigorous
and engaging as the course will include collaborative work, demonstrations and creation
of a personal ISN (Interactive Science Notebook).

Students who are absent are responsible for all missed material and labs. Students may
obtain make-up work by checking the appropriate folder in their designated file drawer.
Notes and handouts will also be available daily on teacher website. Students have the
same number of days to complete and turn in make-up work as they are out of school-
including quizzes or tests. If a student misses a lab or video they will be exempt, but are
responsible for getting the information from another student. If make-up work is not
completed within the allotted time, work will incur a 10% deduction each day. In order to
teach our students accountability and responsibility, all make-up work must be initiated
by the student.

Behavioral Expectations
It is imperative in a science classroom for students to be on task and focused to prevent
accidents. The science curriculum is often hands-on and in order to perform the labs
safely and efficiently, misbehavior is not tolerated.
Positive rewards will be used to stimulate expected behavior. If, however, a student
chooses to act inappropriately, consequences will be given that adhere to the following
Discipline Plan:

1. 1st Interruption: Warning

2. 2nd Interruption: Conversation, Seat Change
3. 3rd Interruption: Parent Contact, Time out of Class
4. 4th Interruption: Referral, Parent Contact from Teacher and from Administrator
5. 5th Interruption: Referral, Parent Contact from Teacher and from Administrator,
Parent Conferences.

Florida Science Fusion by Holt McDougal will be available in the classroom with a digital
copy available online at Log in information will be in each students
Sciencesaurus handbook will be available in the classroom for clarification, review and
Each student will need two composition books (one per semester). The notebook will
be used for notes, labs, handouts, foldables, and homework and must be brought to
class each day. Students must bring a pen or pencil to class and colored pencils;
scissors and glue sticks are optional.

Class Standards and Goals

The specific standards and indicators for the 8th grade science curriculum are available
on-line at: .

Units at a Glance

1st Quarter
Unit 1: Atomic Theory
Unit 2: Particles in Motion
Unit 3: Matter
Unit 4: Organizing Elements

2nd Quarter
Unit 5: Mixtures, Solutions and Pure Substances
Unit 6: Physical and Chemical Changes
Unit 7: Matter and Energy in Living Systems

3rd Quarter
Unit 8: Impact of Objects in Space
Unit 9: Physical Properties of Stars

4th Quarter
Unit 10: Properties of objects in Solar System
Unit 11: Astronomy

SSA Exam
May 1, 2018

Bridge to Biology
Major Assessments and Grading
Tests and Projects-100%

Tests are administered within or upon completion of each unit.

Projects may be group or individual assignments.
There will be an end of semester and end of year exam counting for grade.

Quizzes 25%

At the completion of critical target points

Interactive Science Notebook - 100%

Lab reports, study guides, critical readings, video summaries, handouts and illustrations.
Includes all daily work, summaries, reflections.

Homework - 10%

Homework will be assigned as deemed necessary by teacher (vocabulary, study


Extra Help Opportunities

My office hours are available to any 8th grade student.
Tuesday and Thursday: 8:00-8:30, Tuesday 4:10 5:10. Students will need
to secure a pass for early entry into school.

Contact Information
Room 04-209, 727-524-4433, Ext. _____, E-mail:, Web

*I have read and understood all of the above policies. I agree to contact Mrs. Van Cleve
should I have any questions or concerns.

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Please let me know anything you think valuable in helping me help your students learn. E-mail is
the best means of communication but I would be happy to call if youd like to speak one-on-one.