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Gold- Most Sought-After

Precious Metal
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Of all the variety of precious metals, we consider gold is probably the most very well
desirable. With the start of recorded history, gold could have been make use of in
numerous works of art, coinage, plus, of course, jewels. Occurring as grains in the
rocks and alluvial deposits, gold is shiny, smooth, also dense. It’s known to be the
most flexible & malleable pure metal.

What makes gold particularly attractive is its bright yellow color & luster. These
properties are maintained as gold is chemically unaffected through air or moisture.
Here i will discuss some of the features of gold:

General Information on Gold:

• Chemical Symbol: Au

• Atomic Number: 79

• Category (as an element): Transition Metal

• Group/ Period/ Block (in the Periodic Table): 11/ 6/ d

• Atomic Weight: 196.966569(4) g.mol-1

• Electron Configuration: [Xe] 4f14 5d10 6s1


• Density (near room temperature): 19.30

• Liquid Density (at melting point): 17.31

• Melting Point: 1064.18°C, 1947.52°F, 1337.33°K

• Boiling Point: 2856°C, 5173°F, 3129°K

• Heat of Fusion: 12.55 kJ.mol-1

• Heat of Vaporization: 324 kJ.mol-1


• Oxidation States: -1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

• Electronegativity: 2.54 (Pauling scale)

• Atomic Radius: 144 picometre

• Covalent Radius: 136±6 picometre

• Van der Waals Radius: 166 picometre

• Ionization Energies: 890.1 kJ.mol-1 (first), 1980 kJ.mol-1 (second)

The word "gold" was derived from "geolu", an Ancient English Anglo-Saxon word
which suggests "yellow". It’s symbol "Au", on the other hand, originated with
"aurum", the Latin word for "gold". The exact time at that time gold was firstly
exposed may be a subject matter of the debate. While a few accounts point on the year
1848 at that time gold was invented in California, history says us that this precious
metal was already being utilized extensively through the ancient Egyptians, Romans,
Greeks, Chinese, & South Americans.

All the way through the past, gold have functioned like a measure of value and a
indication of the prosperity. It definitely one of a coinage metals (along with silver as
well as copper). It is used, typically & officially, like a system of cost as well as a
medium of exchange. Gram and troy weight are the units of the measurement adopted
for gold. To denote the total amount of gold existing in, say, a bit of jewellery, the
word "carat" is used. A jewelery, for example, which is 24 carats signifies that it is
made of pure gold.

While the price of gold is determined by the derivatives investing plus markets for
gold, its each day cost reference is provided in proceedings of the "London Gold Fix”.
On that process, the cost of precious metal is determined each business day on the
London market. The fixing is finished twice - once in the morning and another in the
afternoon. It was actually introduced more or less forty nine years later the procedure
itself was introduced, like a means of giving a price when American markets are open.

This gold-cost fixing process is completed by 5 members of the London Gold Market
Fixing Ltd., that is The Bank of Nova Scotia, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank AG
London, HSBC, plus Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking.
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