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or FIVE FACTS ABOUT FAITH by Wayne Burnett

Daniel 3:10-3:18





A. (15) Given a second chance - “If you be ready

B. “Who is that God that shall deliver out of my hands?”

C. (16) No second chance needed - no doubt, no wavering, no uncertainty - “We need not answer


D. By this time many people would have found a just reason to bow to the image

-“God, you know its not really in my heart to do this, it’s only because I have to.”

-“God knows I have no choice”

E. This entire episode is a demonstration of faith. There are five facts about faith we find in these



-We need a faith that cannot be threatened or intimidated by the world, that does not give in to pressure

A. The king was trying to scare them, intimidate them. They let the king know he didn’t shake their

peach tree

B. This is the same spirit of fear and intimidation Goliath tried to put on David; Sennacherib (king of

Assyria) tried to put on Hezekiah

C. God has given us victory over this spirit - “God has not given us spirit of fear but of power and

love and a sound mind”

D. Our young people need a faith that does not bow to the pressures around them, adults need a

faith that will cause them to stand for Jesus on the job, on the street, in public


FACT #2 (17 - IF IT BE SO

A. You have the power to cast us into the furnace

B. Our faith needs to face the reality that we may go through the fire.

-Many preachers today want to convince us that nothing bad will ever happen to us, the enemy can’t touch us, everything we have is divinely protected. Many people walk around with their head in the


- We need a faith that can stand up in the face of reality - Print Friendly

7/19/10 6:58 PM

sand believing nothing bad will ever come and when it does their faith isn’t strong enough to overcome it.

C. Satan was able to afflict Job, these men were cast into the fire and our faith must face reality -

bad things will come our way

D. It takes a stronger faith to go through the fire and stand strong for God than it does to escape it

altogether -many people today have it turned around the other way

FACT #3 (17 - GOD IS ABLE TO DELIVER US FROM THE BURNING FIERY FURNACE) - We need a faith that is always subject to the divine will of God

A. Notice the use of the word ABLE - it means “He has the power, He can do it”

B. People don’t like to use the words “God CAN” because it sounds doubtful, unbelieving, weak

C. Our lives are always subject to the divine will of God -Illustration

- two pastors in a third world country are threatened with their lives - one is put to death, the other escapes with his life. Why?

-two Christian people are in two separate car accidents - one is killed, the other lives. Why? -two Christian people are diagnosed with cancer - one dies, the other survives. Why? -the outcome of every thing in our life is subject to the divine will of God


These three men knew God was able and we need a faith that knows God is able



realizes that our life is subject to God’s divine will and we leave it all in His hands


takes faith -this is not popular preaching

FACT #4 (17 - AND WILL DELIVER US OUT OF YOUR HAND deliver us from the hand of the enemy

A. There is a difference between the furnace and the hand of the enemy

B. They first said “GOD IS ABLE” and then said “GOD WILL”

C. They had resolved that if God’s will took them into the furnace, He could deliver them but

regardless of whether they survived the furnace or not, they would be delivered from the king

D. There is always a faith that gives sweet assurance that regardless of whether God delivers us

from life’s fiery furnace we will be delivered from the hand of satan

-Phil 1:20-21

to live is Christ, and to die is gain. -we are winners either way, whether we live or die

E. Regardless of what life brings our way we are always victorious over satan, more than conquerors.


- We need a faith that knows God will

Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death

For to me

FACT #5 (18 - BUT IF NOT


WILL NOT SERVE THY GODS) - We need a faith that will be

committed to God regardless of the outcome

A. There are many people who put conditions on God

“I’ll serve you if

B. “BUT IF NOT” faith says “I’ll serve you regardless


D. It takes complete trust and security in God

C. It takes a strong faith to say “But if not


I’ll follow you if


I’ll live for you if


I’ll follow you regardless


I’ll live for you

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