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Hell in the Hedgerows TM

An Adventure Collection for Weird War Two

by Mark Metzner, Shane Lacy Hensley, Otto Cargill,
and Gareth Michael-Skarka

Concept and Additional Material by Shane Lacy Hensley

Cover by Cheyenne Wright
Cover Colored by Ben Prenevost
Logos by Chris Appel
Interior Art by Marcio Fiorito and Richard Rico Pollard
Maps by Chris Libey
Headers, Footers, and Graphic Design by Chris Libey
Layout by Shane Hensley
Proofing: Jackie Unger

Editors Dedication: To the victims of September 11th, the Rescue workers,

and to President George W. Bush for standing Strong. God Bless America.

Playtesting: Jason Nichols, Mario Lee Bansen III, Christy Hopler, Chris Libey, Zeke Sparkes,
Bob Tipton, Katarina Tipton, and Michelle Hensley.
Further Playtesting and Advice: Jay Kyle, Mark Metzner, Eric Lee, Trevor Lee,
Bryan Maloney, and Scott Nethery.

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Table of Contents
Additional Material
Pregenerated Characters 4
Weird Wars Errata 7

The Adventures
Hell in the Hedgerows 9
by Shane Lacy Hensley

The Golem 25
by Mark Metzner

Test of Worth 35
by Otto Cargill

Schloss Fenris 57
by Gareth Michael-Skarka

For use with Weird Wars: Blood on the Rhine, available separately.
Ownership of the supplement Dead From Above is also helpful in running
Schloss Fenris.
officially inducts them into its secretive
Into the Breach! ranks.
Now full members of the Office of
Welcome back to the war, pilgrim. Hope Supernatural Investigations, the characters
youve enjoyed your little holiday. In case are sent on an assassination mission
you didnt know it, theres a war on. Good against one of the Third Reichs highest
men are giving their lives to fight the level murderersSS director Heinrich
brutal oppression of the fascists. We need Himmler! Word has reached the OSI that
you and your men to give your miserable Himmler will attend a special meeting at
lives too. Better yet, why dont you make Castle Schloss high in the Alps. The team
the Nazis pay for em? will drop in via C-47 Skytrain, proceed to
Weve got a series of missions lined up the castle, fight their way through
for you, starting with a quick baptism by Himmlers supernatural bodyguards, and
fire in the titular adventure of this saga, give the SS Reichsfhrer the justice he
Hell in the Hedgerows. A simple mop-up deserves!
operation on the edge of the St. Lo attack
turns into a battle against a bizarre living
hedge hungry for human blood! Our
Pregenerated Characters
heroes know the horrors of war, after this, The following pregenerated characters
theyll understand the horror of the Weird may be used for the adventures in this
Wars! book. Copy their statistics and special
After crawling through the blood- abilities on a regulation Weird Wars
draining bocage, the heroes move on to character sheet and get to fighting.
The Golem. Theres a particularly nasty SS Note that these characters are already
Officer in Villes-Bretonneaux who needs a 3rd level, which is how we recommend
good swift kick in his goose- you start your bullet-stoppers. If
stepping behind. Beware though, youd rather send a few more
because the Resistance has a corpses back home to ma, you
champion of their owna can start your characters out at
golemand theres no telling 1st level instead.
just what kind of trouble a The Officer
walking monstrosity like
2nd Lieutenant Joseph
that might cause. This
is a great adventure
Medium-size Human Male;
to indoctrinate
new recruits into Class: Ofr 3; hp 30; Init +3;
the weird side of AC 14 (+3 Dex, +1
our little war. Armor); Spd 30 ft; Atk
Next up, our M1911 +6; AL LG; Sv
heroes undertake their Fort +4 Ref +4 Will
most difficult mission yet. +5; Str 14, Dex 16, Con
Theyve started to draw the 12, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 18.
attention of the OSI and get Skills & Feats: Bluff +7,
hand-picked for one last Test
Diplomacy +7, Hide +7,
of Worth before being
officially invited to join their Intimidate +9 (*), Leadership
ranks. This mission involves +10, Move Silently +7, Search
a trip well behind enemy +5, Sense Motive +4, Spot +7;
lines in civilian clothes, Rank (2nd Lieut.), Command
dodging Nazi patrols and Voice (120ft those suffering
encountering the bizarre suppression or fear roll a new
animalistic creations of the Will Sv at +2 vs effect),
deranged Professor Clauberg. Tactician (At start of new
One man has learned much of
combat, roll opposed Leadership
these abominationsan agent
of the OSI who has already vs opposing force. If successful,
fallen into Dr. Claubergs all under his command gain +2
nefarious grip. If the heroes Init and +2 Spot vs Ambush
can save himby infiltrating a checks), Simple Weapons,
prison camp and a stronghold Firearms, Light Armor.
of the SSand survive the Possessions: Helmet, M1911
horrors they find there, the OSI Pistol (Damage 2d6+2, Crit

19-20/x2, Range Inc. 30 feet, Shots 7), The Scout
3 full magazines of 7 bullets each, Matt Eagle-Eye Hawkins, Private
binoculars, map case, mess kit, Medium-size Human Male, Class: Sct 3;
canteen, gas mask, entrenching tool, hp 18, Initiative +1, Speed 30 ft, AC 14
spare uniform, 4 pairs of socks, (+3 DX, +1 Armor), Attack M1903A4
bedroll, overcoat. +3/+3, AL CG, Fortitude +3, Reflex
The Medic +4, Will +3, ST 11, DX 17, CO 10, IN 14,
Adam Cohen WI 14, CH 10.
Medium-Size Human Male; Class: Med 3; Skills & Feats: Climb +6, First Aid +6,
hp 27, Init+7 (+3 DX, +4 Feat), Speed Hide +7, Intuit Direction +8, Listen +7,
30ft., AC 14 (+3 DX, +1 Armor), Attack Move Silently +9, Spot +8, Wilderness
M1 Carbine +5 (Base Attack +2, DX Lore +7. Eagle Eyes (+2 Spot/Listen
+3), AL LG, Fortitude +5, Reflex +4, checks at 100yds or more, +4 to
Will +7; ST 13, DX 17, CO 15, IN 13, WI circumstance bonus to units
18, CH 12. Leadership rolls at start of combat),
Skills & Feats: Climb +1, Combat Improved Initiative, Point Blank Shot,
Medicine +8, Driving +7, Hide +7, Rapid Shot, Simple Weapons,
Jump +1, Listen +8, Move Silently +7, Firearms, Light Armor.
Search +6, Spot +8, Swim +5. Skill Special Abilities: Pathfinder (Can find
Focus (+2 bonus to Combat Medicine the best route through unfamiliar/
skill, factored above), Wheeled obstructed areas. A Wilderness Lore
Vehicles, Automatic Weapons, check of 15+ reduces travel time by
Incoming!, Improved Initiative, Simple 25%, a check of 25 reduces it 50%. Can
Weapons, Firearms, Light Armor. guide a group of three at no penalty; -2
Special Abilities: Battlefield Healing (Can for each additional 3 people). Sneak
stabilize characters at 0 Hp as well as Attack +1d6. Track as a Bonus Feat.
restore Hp to wounded characters. See Possessions: Helmet, Binoculars, Mess
Blood on the Rhine p. 51 for more Kit, Canteen, Gas Mask, Entrenching
details), Noncombatant (most medics Tool, Spare Uniform, 4 pairs socks,
dont carry weapons; see note below), bedroll, raincoat, M1903A4 Rifle
Red Cross on uniform and helmet (by (Damage 2d8, Crit 19-20/x2, Range
Geneva Convention soldiers arent Inc. 120 feet, Shots 5), and 5 full
supposed to shoot at medical magazines of 5 bullets each.
personnel). The Ox (Grunt)
Possessions: Helmet w/Red Cross, Horace Arthur Grimm, Private
Armband w/Red Cross, Medical Medium-size Human Male; Class:
Kit, Mess Kit, Canteen, Gas Grt 3; hp 40; Init +2; Spd 30 ft; AC
Mask, Entrenching Tool, Spare 13 (Dex +2, +1 Armor); Atk
Uniform, 4 pairs socks, Bedroll, Unarmed +3, M1919 +5; AL
Poncho, M1 Carbine (Damage NG; Sv Fort +9 (+4 Con,
2d8, Crit 19-20/x2, Range Inc. +2 Great Fortitude) Ref
30 feet), and 20 rounds of +3 Will +5; Str 18, Dex
ammunition optional. 14, Con 18, Int 13, Wis
Note: Most medics do not carry 15, Cha 13.
weapons, but some do Skills & Feats:
(enemy soldiers do shoot at Climb +7,
those medics). If the player Concentration
wishes, he may do +6, Hide +5, Jump
without the M1 +6, Listen +5,
Carbine and Mechanic +6,
replace Automatic Move Silently +6,
Weapon Proficiency Search +5, Spot
Feat with the +5, Swim +5;
Alertness Feat (+2 Improved
to Listen, Spot). Unarmed

Strike, Great Fortitude, Power Attack, The Resistance Fighter
Automatic Weapons, Simple Jean Le Pierre
Weapons, Firearms, Light Armor Medium-size Human Male, Class: Res 3;
Proficiency. hp 17; Init +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved
Possessions: M1919A4 MG (Damage 2d8, Initiative); Spd 30 ft; AC 13 (+3 Dex);
Crit 19-20/x2, Range Inc. 150 feet, Atk Sten SMG +5; AL NG; Sv Fort +2
Shots 250; fires in bursts of 3 bullets, Ref +6 Will +2; Str 14, Dex 17, Con 13,
every 5 points over the AC needed to Int 13, Wis 13, Cha 15.
hit scores an extra hit for additional Skills & Feats: Bluff +11, Gather Info +10,
2d8 damage per hit), 2 full belts of Hide +7, Intimidate +7, Leadership +7,
ammo (250 rounds each), Helmet, Move Silently +9, Open Lock +6,
Mess Kit, Canteen, Gas Mask, Search +5, Spot +4; Improved
Entrenching Tool, Spare Uniform, 4 Initiative, Automatic Weapons, Simple
pairs socks, bedroll, raincoat, 3 frag Weapons, Firearms.
grenades (6d6 damage in 15 foot Special Abilities: Immune to Rank,
radius; Reflex save for half damage). Sneak Attack (+1d6), Cell (can call on
The Grunt d6 members of Resistance for a single
Conrad Jenkins, Private operation), Forged Papers, German
Medium-size Human Male; Class: Grt 3; Uniform, Contacts (once per week, see
hp 33; Init +8 (+4 Dex, +4 Improved p. 31 from Blood on the Rhine for more
Initiative); Spd 30 ft; AC 15 (Dex +4, +1 details), Safehouse, Troop Information.
Armor); Atk M1 +7; AL NG; Sv Fort Possessions: Clothes, Sten SMG
+6 Ref +5 Will +3; Str 15, Dex 18, (Damage 2d6, Crit 19-20/x2, Range
Con 16, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 13. Inc. 30 feet, Shots 32/Magazine; fires
Skills & Feats: Climb +6, in bursts of 3 bullets, every 5 points
Concentration +7, Hide +9, Jump over the AC needed to hit scores an
+6, Listen + 4, Move Silently extra 2d6 damage per hit), 50 rounds
+9, Search +5, Spot +7, of ammo, large knife, forged papers,
Swim +6; Improved German Uniform, overcoat.
Initiative, Eagle-eyed (+2
Spot/Listen checks at 100yds
Customizing Characters
or more, +4 to circumstance These characters were created by a
bonus to units Leadership band of veteran roleplayers to have a good
mix of skills and abilities. The idea is to
rolls at start of combat),
set them up so that they can survive the
Far Shot, Rapid first adventure but are flexible enough to
Shot, Simple change as new skills, feats, and prestige
Weapons, classes become available in the Weird
Firearms, Wars.
Light Of course, you might have an entirely
Armor. different idea for a character. If so, you
Possessions: M1 can either make one from scratch (as
(Damage 2d8, Crit 19-20/x2, detailed in the Blood on the Rhine rule
book), or simply modify one of these
Range Inc. 90 feet, Shots 8/
pregenerated characters.
Magazine), 5 full loads of Its very easy to alter the characters
ammo, Helmet, Mess Kit, skills or feats. Simply redistribute their
Canteen, Gas Mask, skill points as you see fit and re-add in
Entrenching Tool, Spare their attribute bonuses. Feats may be
Uniform, 4 pairs socks, dropped and substituted as well.
bedroll, raincoat, 3 frag Just make sure to talk over any changes
grenades. with your War Master first. Some of the
abilities we gave this band of brothers
are particularly helpful in this campaign,
and he may not want you tinkering too
much. Theres no magic skill thats going
to defeat all the bad guys in this
campaign, but there are several that will
sure come in handy.


Weird Wars
Gremlins got into a few aspects of the
Blood on the Rhine book. Heres what you
need to know to get up to speed and get
back to the war.
The Pilot class is mentioned in Blood
on the Rhine for completeness, but the
class details itself are covered in Dead
From Above, which includes air rules and
statistics for Western Front fighters and
bombers. This book is now available.
The Medals Table
We cleverly left the Medals Table out of
the book. Its reprinted below for your
Burst Radius
The burst radius listed for personal
explosives (such as hand grenades) and
artillery is listed in yards. This isnt
necessarily errata, but can be fairly
Improved Healing
The Medics power Improved Healing is
also slightly confusing as the text says
one thing and the table says the other.
The text is correct (the Medic adds half
his level to his healing roll). We Want You!
Aimed Shots Pinnacle has long been known to be
one of the most active companies on the
Weve had several questions about just
web. We respond to private emails and
what an aimed shot is. In Weird Wars, an
have a massive group of fellow gamers on
aimed shot is one in which your
our various listservs and discussion
character fires his weapon as a full-round
action. He cannot move (other than a 5-
The Weird Wars listserv is very active,
foot step), fire two rounds, or perform any
with lots of adventure ideas, discussions
other actions. This allows him to use
on equipment and vehicles, and debates
feats such as Marksman and Dead Eye.
on the D20 rules themselves. If youd like
to participate, full instructions can be
found on our webpage at

d20 Roll US Decoration British Decoration French Decoration X.P.
1-20 No medal awarded No medal awarded No medal awarded 0
21-24 Bronze Star Mentioned in Dispatches Mentioned in Dispatches 250
25-27 Silver Star Military Medal 500
28-29 Legion of Merit Distinguished Conduct Medal Mdaille Militaire 750
30-31 Distinguished Service Cross Distinguished Service Order 1000
32+ Congressional Medal of Honor Victoria Cross Lgion de Honneur 2000

Weird Wars

Hell in the
By Shane Lacy Hensley

Grenadier Hans Hauptmann stared out doorway. I said halt! But the figure didnt
the window at the odd hedge maze. It halt. It turned slightly, toward Hauptmann,
stood quiet and dark in the front of the and lumbered near. Halt or I will shoot
estatedirectly in his field of fire. you! he repeated his command again in
He and four others were part of a rear- broken French, but the figure did not halt.
guard in the Chateau Rouge, a small inn Hauptmann grimaced and affixed a
that had been bypassed on the Allies bayonet. He did not want to give away the
recent rampage through St. Lo. Now rear-guards position for some aimless
Hauptmann waited in silence, watching the looter.
dark, shifting shadows of the inns Hauptmann stabbed forward as the
courtyard for signs of the accursed Allies. figure came in reach and felt his bayonet
Then he saw it. Not a crawling sink deep into the mans leg. The man
infantryman as hed expected, but a fully groaned and swiped at him with his hands
upright man walking from the area of the and Hauptmann smelled the stench of
maze toward the front of the house. Could rotten fleshan all too familiar scent in the
the Allies be so stupid? Hans flicked off last four years.
his safety and took aim. His target walked Hauptmann forced himself to withdraw
no, lumberedtoward the front entrance. the bayonet and plunge it in again. Still, the
Perhaps he was wounded. A man in shock looter did not go down. Instead, the man
looking for refuge. Or perhaps he was a grasped the rifle and began to slowly pull
villager. A filthy looter looking for salvage himself up its haft!
left in the former headquarters. Yes, that Gott in Himmel! Hauptmann whispered
must be it, for the shambling figure wore as the horror finally came close enough to
no helm or other gear. see. It was a villagerbut his face was
Hauptmann quietly moved from his ghastly white and an expression of
position into the ballroom of the old confusion and hate was locked onto his
manor and waited for the door to open. dead face. Stranger still, thick vines wove in
The handle turned slowlythe looter was and out of the things flesh.
cautious for traps. The grenadier knelt and Hauptmann pulled the trigger and heard
aimed his Kar 98. Halt! he called softly other shots around himhis companions
but firmly as the figure loped through the come to help. Too late.
Hell in the Hedgerows

Hell in the Hedgerows is intended for gave little thought to the simple French
four to six 3rd level characters. No hedges that would ultimately prove the
particular character types are required, but Germans most deadly defense.
a Medic should prove constantly valuable The hedgesbocage to the French
as there are several firefights. First level proved too tough even for tanks to push
characters should end the adventure at 4th through. Vulnerable heavy machinery
to 5th level, depending on the number of brought up to dislodge the bocage was
heroes in the group. inevitably sighted and destroyed by the
enemy. This funneled the Allied advance
War Masters directly into waiting ambushes by the
Fhrers monstrous Tigers, elusive

Brief Panthers, and near-legendary 88mm anti-

tank guns. Allied infantry trying to force a
On most days, violence is a source of path through this maze are literally poured
destruction. But occasionally, it can be a into a floral meatgrinder. Worse, there is
creator as well. In the Weird Wars, terrible no way to evacuate the wounded from the
violence and abject terror mate on a grand bloody lanes without engaging the enemy,
scale, giving birth to monstrous so the tanks sent down the bloody lanes
abominations. A litter of these horrid often tread on the screaming bodies of
newborns has recently come to life in the their companions.
maze-like hedgerows of France, cared for The sheer horror of such an experience
by accomplices of the human variety. has given rise to a new horror of the
It began days after the invasion, in the Weird War as gruesome as the battles that
deadly hedgrerows of Normandy. Allied take place there. The blood of Axis and
leaders carefully planned their attacks on Allied soldiers alike has seeped into the
the metal beasts of the Third Reich, but earth. The thick bocage around the village
of La Boulage drinks from this blood, and
has developed a thirst for itas well as a
growing sentience.
The Stonewall Brigade The blood hedge has also become
animate, and has already entangled several
The 29th Division is composed mostly of recruits citizens of La Boulageand soldiers of
from Virginia, Maryland, and the East Coast of the the Reichin its thorny embrace. Once
United States. Its nickname is the Blue and Gray, slain, these decimated corpses are
for its unit patch is a blue and gray yin and yang infected with the hedges own sentience
symbol. The 116th and several other regiments were and rise to serve it as gruesome undead.
originally formed in the American Civil War under
General Thomas Stonewall Jackson. These units are
commanded by Major General Charles H Gerhardt,
Adventure Summary
and form the Stonewall Brigade. The men are The heroes are a mop-up force culled
mostly sturdy farmers and machinists who have together primarily from scattered
quite a bit of pride in their regiment. They were one remnants of the 116th Regiment, 29th
of the first to hit the beaches at Omaha and Division. The time is the night of July 25th,
sustained very high casualties. Company A of the 1944. The division has been attacking the
116th bears the designation of giving the most sons St. Lo region for the previous week and
to the war. The men, mostly burly farmers from the finally has the German 2nd Fallschirmjager
small town of Bedford, Virginia, lost a higher (parachutists) Corps and part of Dollmans
percentage of its troops than any other company. Of 2nd Army in retreat.
the 26 who landed at Omaha on D-Day, 19 were The clean-up force is on the extreme
killed almost immediately. eastern flank of the St. Lo region, outside
If some of the characters are from other parts of the village of La Boulage. Further to the
the country, their characters have been separated east is the 2nd Division. Regimental HQ
during the previous month and are temporarily wants to mop up any remaining Germans
serving with this hastily assembled force. Any in the village, which was bypassed during
resistance member characters have been asked to the main push on St. Lo. This ragtag group
lead the scouting force and so should be of stragglersthe player charactersare
moderately familiar with the surrounding landscape. assigned the job, which should consist of
Other odd characters, such as nurses, downed formally liberating the town and perhaps
pilots, and the like, should be prisoners of the accepting the surrender of a few trapped
Nazis and rescued in Scene Two, where they can Germans.
then formally join the rest of the player characters. Scene One begins with any prisoners
at the Chateau Rouge. These characters
are locked in the buildings wine cellar

Hell in the Hedgerows

when they hear mysterious and horrific Have each player speak in character,
sounds from the room above. With the telling the others how she was captured
German captors above seemingly slain by and what shes been accused of (if a
some unseen force, the prisoners may or civilian).
may not escape. When everyone is familiar with their
The main party of soldiers, the clean- fellow prisoners, read or paraphrase the
up squad, enters La Boulage that same following text.
night, shortly after the prisoners escape
(or freeing the prisoners if they did not do Your German captors feed you
so on their own). Investigating the inn, the promptly at 6pm every night. Your
combined group finds a scene of carnage rations are meager, but timely. It is
and horror. The Nazi rear-guard left to past time now, but no meal arrives.
harass the advancing Allies is missing, A great clatter has come from
though copious amounts of blood and above you for the last hour. Scores
shell casings lie everywhere. of heavy boots sound across the
In Scene Two, the heroes enter La floors above, echoing into the cold
Boulage and liberate the town. While darkness of your cellar. You also
there, they learn that a local farmer and hear the sounds of furniture and
Nazi collaborator have more Allied other equipment being dragged
captives, and are likely going to turn them back and forth. Orders in German
over to the 2nd Fallschirmjager command, are shouted frequently and with
hiding in the woods nearby. The heroes some urgency, but the words are
move off to the Langlois farm where they muted and unclear.
rescue several wounded soldiers (and Silence follows shortly after you
perhaps replacement player characters!) expected your meal. You sit,
Things take a turn for the weird in listening to the rats in the walls or
Scene Three. The heroes fight their way brushing grotesquely large spiders
past a German patrol and return to La
Boulage. There they learn that their
primary resistance contact in town has
been taken by a second patrol to the
blood-soaked Chateau Rouge. The
prisoner, Widow Nallet, breaks free and
runs into the hedge mazethe bloody
heart of a growing monster. The team
must rescue Widow Nallet while fighting
both German paratroopers, the hedge
itself, and its undead servants, the hedge

Scene One:
Chateau Rouge
The two different starting points are
outlined below. The soldiers are the Mop-
Up Team. Other characters of mixed
backgrounds (civilians or British, French,
or Canadian soldiers, for example),
comprise the Prisoners. This should allow
the Game Master to merge characters of
almost any background into the

The Prisoners
The characters in the wine cellar of the
Chateau Rouge begin their adventure by
telling each other a little about
themselves. The group has been together
for at least a week in this basement and
so should know each other fairly well.

Hell in the Hedgerows

No answer. Halten! Ich shutzen!

Again, no answer.
The Bocage Heavy fire breaks out directly
Moving through bocage is tricky. Anyone trying to above you! A machinegun. Four
climb through or over the stuff must first make a short bursts. A scream. More
Climbing roll with a DC of 10. If successful, the hero shouting. Footsteps run into the
spends 1 round for every foot the section hes trying room above you. More crash down
to crawl through is thick (thus it takes one full round the wooden stairs from the second
to move through a one-foot thick hedge). Reduce the floor. More shouting, mens names
time by 1 round for every 5 points over the DC of 10 are screamed. Pistols, another
rolled (thus a roll of 15 reduces the time by one machine gun, rattle the room.
round). Several heavy thuds send showers
Failure means the hero becomes entangled. He must of dust and dirt down upon you.
roll again as a full round action to unentangle An explosion! More dirt descends
himself, though this time the DC is raised to 15. A from your cold ceiling and several
second failure raises the DC to its maximum of 20. men scream. Nein! Nein! Mein Gott!
A roll of 1 on any of these rolls means the climber Der Blut!
is cut by the twisting vines for 1d4 points of subdual Something cracks sharply. Like a
damage. Dont allow soldiers to take 20 on this roll. great tree falling from the weight of
The bocage in and around La Boulage has become a heavy snow in an otherwise
a living, sentient thing hungry for blood. Here, failing silent forest. A shiver runs up your
the climbing roll inflicts 1d4 points of subdual cold spine, creeps up the hairs on
damage from scores of tiny, curiously bloody the back of your neck, and crawls
scratches. Rolling a 1 means the hedge has become into your brain.
quite hungry and impales the hero deeply, causing 1d6 Silence. Quiet footsteps.
points of real damage. Something soft but heavy is
The hedge isnt truly mobile anywhere except the dragged across your floor.
maze at the Chateau Rouge (see Scene Four). It can Something moans. Someone in the
occasionally lash out with a spiny branch when cellar with you gasps in horror.
someone tries to crawl through it (as above), though Sudden silence again. Something
even then the soldier wont notice over his own taps on the floor now. A new
desperate thrashing. sound slowly squirms into your
In short, the War Master should not point out the ears, like something scratching on
hedges monstrous nature. Simply allow the hero to the wooden slats above you, now
make his Climbing roll, and if damage is caused, sniffing. Now silence. More
grimace and claim that hes impaled himselfdont scratching.
say that the hedge attacked him. Crack! A single gunshot and a
light thud from above. The dragging
continues again.

This is the sound of the hedge fiends

from the back of your neck. Now a dragging the bodies of the German rear
few quiet footsteps move above guard from the house. The heroes can
you. Someone speaks in German now take actions. In the end, they should
quietly, but with some authority. either resolve to escape or wait within
Several windows creak open. Metal the cellar for help to come. If the latter,
thuds on wood, as if something they are there to be rescued when the
heavy were set on the floor above. mop-up team approaches.
You hear hammering far above, Escaping from the cellar is now fairly
perhaps even on the second floor easy since there are no guards present.
of the hotel. Within an hour, these The process should take just long enough
sounds too fade, and you are left to allow the hedge fiends to drag the
with the quiet of the cellar. bodies from the house above, about 15
Its late. Too dark to tell the time. minutes. The cellar doors are locked with
The boredom is overwhelming, a chain and padlock, and are the only way
causing you to nod off several out of the stone basement as its
times in the last few hours. otherwise surrounded by earth. Breaking
Something scratches on the floor the chain is easier than the lockit
above. As if something rough were requires a Strength roll against a DC of 25.
being dragged across it. A German Assume each roll takes roughly 5 minutes
voice speaks loudly. Vos ist los? and includes several pushes against the
door. Remember that characters may

Hell in the Hedgerows

combine their strength to force the door, villagers scouting out his rear guard, and
as is discussed under the rules for so warned that anyone who approached
Combining Skill Attempts in the Players the chateau for the next month would
Handbook. Because of the narrow stairs, cause the death of the captives he took
only three characters total may attempt to with him. If pressed, the villagers simply
force the door. A roll of 20 does not say the former prisoners should wait and
automatically succeedthe DC of 25 must investigate the inn when the Allies arrive.
still be met. If the prisoners arent capable
of forcing the door because they are all The Mop-Up Team
relatively weak, they will have to either The mop-up team approaches La
devise another plan or await the arrival of Boulage around dusk. This is fairly
the mop-up team. Prisoners who wait important as the group needs to be at the
until the next day suffer 1d6 Fatigue from Langlois Farm (see below) at night. The
hunger. timing should also help the Game Master
Assuming the prisoners escape, they keep the characters moving along without
have two options. If they attempt to flee digging in and waiting for reinforcements.
into the countryside, they can live in the The mop-up team is briefed by their
woods until they should happen into the own junior commander (a 1st Lieutenant if
mop-up team (youll need to make this the heroes are infantry soldiers).
happen, War Master). If the prisoners flee
into the town, which they know to be Briefing
friendly because of the Butchers recent
actions (see below), they are welcomed
Good evening, men. Hope the K-
and cared for by the French and run into
Rats were good tonight. Beans gave
the mop-up team there.
me the squirts. Or maybe its this
The former captives might also want to
French water.
investigate the Chateau Rouge before
Anyway, Ive got an easy one for
taking either course of action. If they do,
you tonight. Theres a village 20
see Chateau Rouge, on page 14, to
kilometers up the road we want
describe the scene. This would also be a
scouted. La Boulage. Aerial recon
good time to have the mop-up team arrive
shows a battalion of paratroopers
so that they can all explore the house
um, 2nd fallschirmjagerswere there
prior to our assault on St. Lo. Most
The villagers wont approach the
of them have pulled back in the
headquarters under any circumstance.
woods, but the air boys ripped em
Captain Wittenberg did not want the

x x
La Boulage and Environs
x Chateau Rouge
x x
x x x
AP Minefield x
x x x x
x x x
x x x
x x
Hedgerows La Boulage


Heroes Enter Here


Hell in the Hedgerows

6 7

4 7
3 1 Second Floor

First Floor

7 7 7 7 7
Wine Cellar
Third Floor
Chateau Rouge Interior

a new one and we think quite a within sight of the hotels rear gate. Given
few were left behind. that its dusk, they see sandbags and the
Your job is to head into La silhouette of a figure across the gate at
Boulage and mop em up. Theres a about 150 yards. A dummy soldier with a
large hotel at the north head of German jacket and a stahlhelm has been
town that was likely a placed with a damaged rifle behind the
headquarters. Go there first and barricade. The dummys face is a coarse
secure it, then head into town and sack with two eyeholes cut out. Paranoid
capture any Germans who were left players looking for supernatural foes right
behind. If there are any of our boys from the start might just think the pale
aroundmaybe airborne trapped or face is some sort of undead creature. Its
held prisoner from D-Dayrescue not, of course. There is no danger here,
em. but allow the soldiers to discover this on
Rec out whatever gear you can their own.
carry. Make sure to take a radio in The sandbags are easy to climb over
case you need arty, and some chow and require no roll. The northern gate of
in case we get delayed in picking the Chateau Rouge estate is the back
you up. Well drop you by truck entrance, with the road leading past the
three kilometers north of the hotel. auto garage to the grand front doors of
You can do the rest on foot. We the hotel. Move on to Chateau Rouge
want you to hit it right at dusk to when the group moves onto the estate
have the best chance of seeing any grounds.
rear guard theyve left to harass us
before they see you.
Thats it, girls. Get packed and get
Chateau Rouge
outta my camp. The Red House was a manor in the
The team can grab any of the normal 1700s, and was actually the site of several
gear found in an infantry companyrifles, grisly murders during the days of
ammo, grenades, and so on. Only an Napoleon. Thats a story for another day,
engineer is given satchel charges, however. In the 1800s, the manor and the
bangalores, or other heavy explosives. grounds around it were turned into an inn.
The owner, Monsieur Michele Montane,
The Approach and his family, have owned and run the
The truck drops the heroes three inn since 1934. In 1942, it was taken by the
kilometers north of the hotel. From there Nazis and a flak battery put in place.
they hoof it. There is little trouble and no The flak battery was partially destroyed
signs of patrols until the group gets then removed just after the invasion.

Hell in the Hedgerows

Captain Ernst Wittenbergs company of harass the Allies. Roll 1d10 every time a
the IInd Fallschirmjager has been here ever character moves 10 yards. On a 1, he has
since. Like the flak battery commander encountered an anti-personnel mine. The
before him, Wittenberg chose the inn as character then gets a DC 20 Spot roll. The
his HQ because of its distance from town DC is 25 if the character was running, and
rather than its former elegance. The 15 if he was crawling. Lower the DC by
buildings facade is pockmarked from another 5 if there is bright light for some
several Allied strafing runs, bolting reason. If successful, the hero spots the
various equipment to the walls, and an mine before stepping on it. If not,
occasional firing squad, but it is kaboom! The hero now gets a Reflex save
structurally sound. to throw himself flat. Success reduces the
Wittenberg believes the Allies will use damage by half, failure deals full damage
Chateau Rouge as a headquarters if he is to the unfortunate soul.
unable to return. For that reason,
concealed explosives have been set in the Chateau Interior
foundation at critical points. The Germans There are several spots within the
have a pair of wires running beneath the manor where the German rear guardfive
dirt to the storage shed. An operative paratrooperswere killed by the hedge
with a detonator can then sneak into the fiends. These scenes should be described
shed, destroy the hotel, and escape. A so as to create a backdrop of something
German strike scout gets the first chance, sinister, but the War Master should make
but should that prove too difficult, it very clear that this could very easily be
Wittenberg uses Louie Charie, a spy in La the work of the Resistance. In fact, the
Boulage. The idea is to wait until a players may well think that the Resistance
headquarters unit has taken up residence, is attempting to make the scene look
but in a pinch, the Nazis may detonate more gruesome than it is to throw
the trap on the heroes. suspicion off the locals and onto the
Finding the explosives in the hotel chateaus famous Napoleonic-era ghost.
requires that the heroes specifically state Such red-herrings are encouraged and
they are looking for such things (not just should be part and parcel of any horror
searching the hotel for documents and mystery such as this.
other finds) and a Search roll of 25 or The bodies of the Germans are missing
better. Having an engineer join in the (theyve been dragged into the maze), but
search lowers the DC to 20. The attempts the tracks end at the doors of the manor.
may be repeated, but take 1d4 hours each. In no case should the War Master point
Finding the wires outside also requires a the players toward the maze until the final
Search roll of 25, unless the explosives chapter of this adventure. Should they go
inside have already been discovered, in there sooner, the hedge will hide the
which case the wires can be followed bodies within its thorny depths. The
automatically. blood-filled fountain cant be hidden, but
Should the building be destroyed in since nothing else happens there, the
this manner, everyone inside must make a fountain should only add to the mystery
Reflex save against a DC of 15 or suffer and suspense.
6d6 points of damage. One last thing. The hedge fiends arent
The owner, Monsieur Montane, and his intelligent enough to use firearms, but the
family were taken with the Nazis to their dim memories of mortal life still haunt
camp in the deep woods, and the rear them, so they have carted off their
guard was slain by the hedge, so there is victims weapons as well. The blood
currently no one left at the manor except hedge hopes to one day make use of
the prisoners. these tools to defend itself, when its
growing sentience allows it.
Estate Grounds 1) Ball Room: The manor opens onto a
The area around the manor was well- wide, two-story ballroom with a grand
kept until a few weeks prior. The normally chandelier hanging from above. A parquet
fine-cut grass is overgrown, granting +2 to floor features a swirling design in once-
Hide rolls as long as a character is brilliant reds and blues. The strafing runs
crawling. on the chateau have caused a great
Gravel-Covered Road: The road is amount of dust to fall from the plaster
covered in noisy gravel, subtracting 2 from ceiling, so the colors are far more muted
Move Silently rolls. than in a grander day.
Anti-Personnel Minefield: Scattered Several tables have been hauled from
mines have been placed here to delay and the upstairs rooms to be used for the Nazi

Hell in the Hedgerows

staff officers. These are mostly still in a Search roll of 20 or more. It shows
place, though one has been knocked over which farmers have proven loyal to the
and a small amount of blood has dribbled Germans and which are suspected of
onto the floor from its surface. working with the Resistance. Of note is
2) Dining Room: A large table, once that the Langlois farm (see Chapter Two)
finely polished, has been ruined by is circled in red.
cigarette burns, knives, and German 6) Green House: The green house has
graffiti. been drastically overlooked since
At the right rear window is an Wittenbergs arrival. It is overgrown with
overturned chair and a small bedside weeds, vines, and other wild flora,
table (from upstairs). Shell casings lie creating a miniature jungle.
everywhere as does a prodigious amount When the party later learns of the
of blood. This is where one of the rear hedge fiend, they might think to look for
guards was stationed (he had a machine it here. In truth, the plants in the green
gun propped up on the nightstand). A DC house are still of the non-sentient variety.
10 Intelligence roll recognizes the shell-
casings as those used in an MG42. Second Floor
A DC 25 Search roll in the area of the 7) Guest Rooms: The many guest
blood reveals a few red-veined leaves, like rooms scattered throughout served as
that common to the local bocage. barracks for Wittenbergs staff and
3) Kitchen: The kitchen is set up to sickbeds for his wounded. The rest of his
handle large meals. The Nazis left this company remained in their foxholes
mostly intact as they made the owner around the town.
cook for them before pulling out. A The two xs on the second floor mark
variety of knives, cleavers, and other where two more of Wittenbergs rear
makeshift weapons are available if guards were originally stationed. Both of
needed. A casual look in the large sink these ran downstairs when the shooting
reveals dirty pots and pans. A DC 15 started and died in the ball room. A few
Intelligence roll estimates theyve been cigarette butts, a chair turned toward a
soaking for at least a couple of days. window, and some unfinished rations are
4) Parlor: Once a smoking parlor, the all that mark their former positions.
smell of brandy and cigars still lingers in
the air. Above the fireplace rests an old
The Wine Cellar
portrait of a grey-haired man with a stern In the bottom of the HQ is what was
countenance, though no one is quite sure once an extensive wine cellar. A
who it is. Even Montane and his family padlocked door leads into it from the
arent sure who the portrait depicts. A outside (STR 25 to break).
Knowledge (History) roll of 20 notes that Monsieur Montane stocked relatively
the clothes are from the Napoleonic cheap wine for the inn and maintained a
period, however. This is actually just more select assortment for himself. He
another red herring pointing to the bricked over part of the cellar soon after
chateaus ghost. Of course, the ghost is the Nazi occupation to hide his valuable
real and the War Master is welcome to cache and it has set there ever since. Its
make more of him at a later date. At this worth at least $400 on the black market.
point, however, its best not to confuse His home-grown wine, a fruity white
the tale of the blood hedge with a mix, was stored here in some bulk. Many
secondand far more intangible adversary. of the bottles were broken in an air raid
5) Office: Montane used this room as and the smell of apricots permeates the
his office before the occupation. His basement. Broken glass covers the floor
records are still present, and note the from several sorties into the cellar by its
comings and goings of wealthy French former garrison.
citizens in the days prior to the war. This is where the prisoners begin, or
Wittenberg used the office since. He should be rescued if they do not escape
did an excellent job of cleaning out his on their own.
documents (and leaving plenty of
propaganda flyers everywhere the heroes Scene Two:
look), but he did miss one important map.
A character searching for documents in
the HQ finds useless ashes in many of
La Boulage
the fireplaces and trash cans, but a scrap La Boulage is primarily a farming
of one map remains. This may be found community. Thick fields of corn, beans,
by spending 1d4 x 10 minutes and making tomatoes, and other crops grow in the

Hell in the Hedgerows

flatlands surrounding the town. The on. Characters who speak French can
cornfields are currently quite high, and attempt to answer the myriad questions,
provide excellent cover for anyone moving but unfortunately, no single voice emerges
through them. Anyone moving slowly to lend some order to the situation.
through the cornfields (no running) may Below are several non-player characters
add +2 to his Hide total. you can use to relay information. They
Just under two hundred villagers remain have no critical parts in this adventure
within town limits, down from over nearly and thus no statistics, but are provided
five hundred even six months ago. here to help with roleplaying and to
Another hundred or so live in the provide those inexperienced with French
surrounding farms. with appropriate names and professions.
The town was once quite quaint. Most Mayor Francois Counet: He and his
all houses are made of beige stucco with family (a wife and two young daughters)
red-shingled roofs, giving La Boulage a have been taken away by the Nazis.
classic European look. Larger homes are Captain Wittenberg believes this will
surrounded by thick bocage of at least create more confusion in the town for the
1d4+2 feet in height (average of 5), giving Allies and provide him with a valuable
the upper class privacy and security and beloved prisoner to enforce his will
without intruding upon the aesthetic on the town from afar.
beauty of their homes. Smaller chateaus Montane: owner of the Chateau Rouge.
are no less charming. Few have their own He and his wife are prisoners of the Nazis.
hedgerows, but several adjacent homes Bignon: A local baker. Hes in his late
usually share a fence of bocage. forties with graying hair and a curled
The backyards of most of these homes mustache. His family is alive, though he
have their own private gardens. Since the lost several good friends during the
war, the gardens have been crammed with occupation. He helps the heroes as much
as many crops as possible, giving these as he can without endangering his
once-quaint areas an over-crowded, almost neighbors or family.
desperate look. Many have small stashes Widow Nallet: A local girl whose
of cash, family heirlooms, or jewelry husband was killed in the fighting in 1940.
buried in them as well. She is very beautiful, though she was
often seen at the Chateau Rouge before
Propaganda Wittenbergs withdrawal. Some call her a
Captain Wittenberg requested bullets Nazi whore. In truth, she is a prominent
and medical supplies but got several member of le Resistance. She can confirm
boxes of propaganda fliers instead. As that it was not her organization that
instructed, he posted them all over town murdered the German soldiers if her trust
and instructed the citizens that they can be gained. She sometimes uses Pierre
would be shot if the fliers were removed. Guigon for diversions (see below), but
A sample of one of these fliers can be does not involve him in any activity in
found at the end of this adventure. Note which he could be killed. Neither has she
that the awkward sentences are told him that she is the towns leading
intentional as the German gestapo officer Resistance figure.
who wrote this was not particularly Louie Charie: A sneaky thief who
fluent in English. pretends to be with le Resistance, but is
Besides the fliers, graffiti reads We actually not. In fact, he frequently sold
shall return, (in English) mocking information on locals to Wittenberg and
McArthurs famous line. previous occupation forces. He claims to
be a former waiter at the Chateau Rouge
The Villagers (he was for about a day before being
The vast majority of the villagers fired), and was sometimes called to the
despise the Nazis as much as anyone, but hotel to serve at official Nazi gatherings.
in any barrel of apples, there are bound to Pierre Guigon: A former farmhand. His
be a few that are rotten. boss was slain in an early reprisal against
The towns mayor was taken away by the Resistance. Hes very large, very
Wittenberg so there would be no central strong, and eager to help the Allies. His
leadership to formerly meet with and father was killed in 1940, and he hates the
assist the Allies. Instead, a milling crowd Germans. He isnt particularly bright, but
of shouting French surrounds the heroes, hes as loyal as a bloodhound.
most shouting Merci beau coup! while Unfortunately, Guigon does not speak
others ask a variety of questions about English. Guigon is in love with Widow
food, the progress of the invasion, and so Nallet and will do anything in the world

Hell in the Hedgerows

for her. He doesnt believe she helps the Market

Nazis, but also doesnt know that some
The towns central market has a very
of the tasks she sends him on are
meager supply of goods and almost no
diversions to help fight them. Hes
food. The Nazis bought what little
important to the plot later on, so try not
remained here as they left (Wittenberg
to let him get killed early. If he does,
actually paid for the goods). The owner is
youll need another concerned villager
a Frenchman named LeGarrec, who thanks
with a crush on Widow Nallet.
the Americans profusely unless they begin
Jean Pajon: Jean is the towns
to confiscate his goods. Should that
constable. He believes der Fhrer has the
happen, he believes that Wittenberg, if not
right idea about Jews, although hes
the Nazis, were more fair and wont go out
learned to hold his tongue around his
of his way to help.
neighbors. Any of the loyal French know
Smaller stores exist in town but are
this and tell the heroes if asked about
even more poorly stocked.
sympathizers. In truth, despite his racist
views, Pajon kept order in the town with Mayors Chateau
a sometimes iron hand to protect it from The Mayor is Francois Counet, but he
the various Nazi regimes that have and his family have been taken away to
occupied La Boulage. the paratrooper camp by Wittenberg. The
Heroes who loot homes and abuse the captain believes decentralizing power in
people of La Boulage are in for serious the town will make it less helpful to the
trouble. Should the heroes prove lawless Americans.
or cruel, he can round up a posse of 2d8 Several valuables remain in his house
deputies to assist him. Remember that as the mayor was allowed to remain here
these people have endured four years of until the withdrawal. Local townspeople
Nazi rule. Theyre not about to be bullied do not take kindly to Allied looters,
by a bunch of greedy Yankees. however, and Constable Pajon is willing to
Town use force if necessary to protect the
peoples belongings.
Below are specific descriptions for
some of the more important locations in Airborne!
and around town. After the heroes have had a chance to
Town Square inspect the town and ensure there are no
Germans present, a strong-looking man,
The center of town is marked by a
Pierre Guigon, approaches the highest-
chipped and beaten statue atop a round
ranking American and says the following
basin that once held water. It depicts a
in French. Pierre does not speak English,
member of Napoleons Old Guard carrying
so if the heroes dont speak French, he
a wounded comrade. The Nazis fired
brings Widow Nallet to translate for him.
several shots at the statue, chipping it in
If they know the towns opinion of her,
odd places and even knocking the left
this may cause some concern.
arm off the statue into the basin below.
The basin has also served as a trash bin
There is an American at the
for the Nazis, and is full of broken wine
Langlois farm. He fell from the sky. I
bottles and other hazardous trash. Anyone
know some of the hands there.
diving into the basin for some reason
They said theyre taking him to the
must make a Reflex save against a DC of
Germans tonight.
15. Failure indicates 2d6 damage, or half
Pierre knows nothing else, but he can
damage if the save is made.
draw them a rough map to the Langlois
Captain Wittenberg and former Nazi
farm. If the heroes are reluctant to follow
administrators used the town square to
this lead, the War Master should remind
address the citizens collectively. This is
the ranking character that liberating Allied
also where many townsfolk were executed
prisoners was part of their assignment.
in retaliation for various acts of sabotage
through the years.
More than a few victims have staggered Scene Three:
into the fountain before dying, leaving
bloody streaks on the statue and the
basin. The heroes may think the statue
Langlois Farm
has come to life and is killing the Nazis. The Langlois farm lies a few kilometers
This is a good red herring, but incorrect. north of town. Corn is Langlois main crop
though he has a peach orchard at the rear

Hell in the Hedgerows

To More
Hedgerows and Orchard
Servants Quarters Main House



Langlois Farm

of the house as well. Sergeant Roy to the east, so he wont invite them in or
OBannon of the 82nd Airborne broke his help them in any way. He does not deny
leg in the last air drop and has been selling goods to the Germans They have
hiding out in the French countryside ever been here for four years, after all, he
since. He crawled to the farm hoping for refutes.
help, but the owner, Langlois, is When asked about the American
unfortunately loyal to the Germans. The soldier, he feigns ignorance. Langlois
farmer plans on turning the American weathered poker face gives nothing
over to Captain Wittenberg when night away, but assuming one or more of the
falls and he can slip away unseen by his hands are about, a character who makes a
countrymen. Sense Motive roll of 15 or more notes that
Currently, Sgt. OBannon is locked up the employee shifts his feet nervously
tight in Langlois cellar. If a character has whenever the American is mentioned.
died, or if new players are entering the With Langlois refusal, the characters
game, this is a great place to introduce may either leave and try again via the
them as well. Simply throw them in with Reconnaissance method, or they may
OBannon. This allows characters of use force. If so, refer to Fight at the
almost any background to join in the Farm, below.
Exactly how the heroes go about Reconnaissance
rescuing OBannon is up to them, but Stealthy characters may attempt to
there are two basic methods: scout out the farm. Assuming this occurs
confrontation and reconnaissance. sometime around twilight, the farm hands
finish up a few chores and then move
Confrontation inside the main house. Langlois
If the GIs openly walk onto the farm, employees sleep in the smaller chateau
one of Langlois five assistants quietly shown on the map, but most nights they
leads them to the farmhouse to meet the eat dinner with their employer and sit
boss. They are not openly aggressive, but about discussing the war until 10 PM or
neither do they show the enthusiasm the so. This night, the farmers conversation
heroes met in town. None of them speak centers on sneaking out to the German
more than a few words of English, so camp and turning the American soldier
communication might be a problem. over to Wittenberg, hopefully for a reward.
Langlois shows up at the door armed Wittenberg is known to be fairly free with
with a shotgun. He tells the Americans money, and Langlois hopes for a bounty
that he is in a precarious position, smack of 100 Francs or more for the sergeants
between the Americans and the Germans life.

Hell in the Hedgerows

A Listen roll of 15 and a Language of any real authority other than the
(French) roll of 10 or more overhears Americans, the heroes must then decide
Langlois say something about the Yank if they let the hanging occur or risk
in the basement, confirming Guigons poisoning the attitude of the angry
report. townspeople by denying their vengeance.
Fight at the Farm Rumble in the Jungle
The basement is accessible only from
On the way back to La Boulage, the
inside the house. That means the heroes
heroes run into one of Wittenbergs
must either distract the farmers out of
patrols. This is a quick encounter
the house to save Sergeant OBannon
designed to let the heroes know exactly
without a fight, or they must use force.
what kind of troops theyre up against.
Langlois wont give his prisoner up
These are veteran paratroopers, not the
without violence. Only if the farmer is
Hitler Youth they might have fought earlier
clearly outclassed and outgunned, and
in the campaign.
can no longer deny that he has the
The encounter takes place in a thick
prisoner, does he give OBannon up.
wood, so no map is provided. If youre
When the inevitable fight breaks out,
using a battle mat of some sort, simply
the farmers rally behind their leader.
sketch in lots of trees and tangled vines.
Langlois and his hands fight fairly
The fallschirmjagers are probing the
intelligently. In fact, Langlois hired these
town to see if it has been occupied, so
men after the lot were discharged from an
they fight if it seems they have the
interment camp after the fall of France.
superior numbers or position. If the
All of the men have been treated quite
opposite is true, they stage a fighting
well by the Germans and were humiliated
withdrawal so that they can report the
by their own governments defeat in less
contact to their commander.
than a month, hence their loyalty to the
Waffen SS Soldier (8)
Germans. Because of this, Langlois is
CR 3: Medium-size human; Class: Grt 3;
their leader as well as their boss. This is
Hp 15; Init +1; Spd 30 ft; AC 12 (+1 Dex, +1
also the groups weakness, however. If
Armor); Atk MP40 +3; AL LE; SV Fort +3
Langlois falls, the rest disperse into the
Ref +1 Will +2, Str 12, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10,
wilderness via a few known gaps in the
Wis 11, Cha 10.
surrounding bocage.
Skills and Feats: Driving +2, First Aid +3,
If the farmers are near their house
Hide +6, Move Silently +5, Parachute
when the fight breaks out, they rush
Proficiency 7, Spot +5; Automatic
inside and fight from the doors and
Weapons Proficiency, Firearms Proficiency;
windows to protect their valuable
Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Simple
prisoner. If somehow lured away from the
Weapons Proficiency, Weapon Focus:
farm, they attempt to surround the party
MP40, Wheeled Vehicle Proficiency.
and force them to surrender.
Possessions: MP40, 4 full magazines of
In the unlikely event the heroes are
9mm ammunition, helmet, uniform, two
defeated, Langlois binds their hands and
feet with rope and throws them in the
back of his horse-drawn haycart. He and
If any of the soldiers are taken alive,
his men then make their way to
they simply state that they are patrolling
Wittenbergs camp to turn the Americans
to see what has become of La Boulage.
over. The Game Master should give the
They know the way back to their camp,
heroes plenty of opportunities to escape
of course, but reveal it only under extreme
during this trip, but should they prove
duress. Remember that American GIs who
hesitant, Widow Nallet and a small group
use torture on prisoners risk severe
of resistance fighters from the
punishmentpossibly even death by firing
surrounding countryside come to the
squaddepending on just who finds out
about it. Still, if the paratroopers do point
Langlois Fate out the location of their company camp,
Should the people of La Boulage the team shouldnt attempt to take it on
discover Langlois German complicity, he their own. There are well over 75 troopers
and his men are rounded up and held as left in the camp. Headquarters will be
prisoners. If the War Master wants to happy to know the location of the camp
heighten the difficulty of this resolution, however, and will likely pepper the woods
a group of locals want to hang the Nazi with heavy artillery and air support.
sympathizers on the spot. With the lack

Hell in the Hedgerows

thick bocage walls to get to the center

Scene Four: and rescue the widow Nallet. Besides the
danger of moving through the thick

The Maze bocage itself, the hedge fiends and

panicking fallschirmjagers make this a
Back in La Boulage, the party is greeted dangerous finale.
by Pierre Guigon. He should find them The map below shows the maze after
wherever they happen to return to, it has closed itself off. At this point,
whether its the town or the chateau. Read three of the eight fallschirmjagers are
the following as soon as the heroes already dead. They rise in 1d4 rounds as
return. new hedge fiends. Start these in the lower
right (see map). The other Nazis are in two
Monsieur! You must help me! A groups of three and two respectively, at
patrol came for mademoiselle the spots marked X.
Nallet! The others will not help me Five other hedge fiends start at the
save herthey claim she is a fountain and move toward the heroes.
sympathizerbut I know she is Three others have already been slain by
not. the Germans.
Widow Nallet starts at the fountain. The
Guigon looks nervously about before hedge considers her safe at the moment
continuing. I think she is a member of le and doesnt attack her until the more
Resistance! She doesnt think I know, but dangerous soldiers are eliminated.
I am not as simple as she believes. Please Fortunately, this gives our heroes time to
monsieur, if we do not save her, they will save the fair maiden and win the day
certainly torture her to find out who else providing they can survive the other
is a member of the Resistance! dangers trapped in the maze.
Assuming the party agrees to help,
Guigon points to the Chateau Rouge.
They took here there, he says. Guigon
insists on going with the heroes, though
he has no weapon of his own. (Not to scale)

Back to the Chateau X

The chateau remains strangely deserted,
but as the heroes search the building,
have everyone make Listen rolls. The
highest roll hears a muffled scream from
inside the dense hedge maze.
Widow Nallet was escorted to the
chateau by the paratroopers and watched
as they explored the blood-stained rooms.
The leader of the patrol, Obergefreiter
Meuller, drew his bayonet and advanced
on Nallet with rage in his eyes. She broke
free and ran into the maze outside and
the entire patrol followed.
As soon as the group entered, the
hedge thing came to life. It is centered Hedge Maze
here, and has become somewhat mobile.
It can create new walls by spreading itself X
out a little thinner and has effectively
sealed the soldiers and the widow Nallet
Now it is sending out its hedge fiends
to kill its prey and bring them to the Fountain
Hedge Fiends and Dead
center where it can feast upon their Fallschirmjagers
Widow Nallet Start
blood. Start Here (they
A Maze With No Openings rise 1d4 rounds
after the fight
When the heroes approach the maze,
they find it has no openings. The team
Hedge Maze begins)
must cut or climb their way through the

Hell in the Hedgerows

Veteran Fallschirmjager: CR 3: Medium- the adjoining sections a bit thinner (this

size Human; Class: Grt 3; hp 15; Init +2; takes 1d6 hours). Reduce the hit points of
Spd 30 ft.; AC 13 (+1 Dex, +1 Helmet); Atk the adjoining sections by whatever
MP40 +5; AL LN; SV Fort +5 Ref +3 Will amount is desired to seal the breach
+2, Str 14, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 11, (minimum of 5 hit points).
Cha 10.
Skills and Feats: Driving +2, First Aid +2, Combat
Hide +5, Move Silently +5, Search +5, Improved Grab: At its center
Spot +5; Automatic Weapons Profi- (extending from either side of the
ciency, Firearms proficiency, Point southern, inner wall), the hedge has
Blank Shot, Rank: Grenadier, Parachute developed four flailing branches it uses to
Proficiency, Simple Weapons Profi- defend itself. If it hits with any one of
ciency, Weapon Focus: MP40, Wheeled these, it may constrict on the following
vehicle proficiency action.
Special Qualities: Constrict: The hedge thing deals
Possessions: MP40, four full magazines of 2d6+5 damage to an opponent with a
9mm ammunition, helmet, uniform, two successful grapple check. The character
stiehlhandgranate can attempt to escape normally, or cause
15 points of damage to the constricting
Blood Hedge arm.
Huge Plant Plant: As a plant, the blood hedge is
Hit Dice: 10d10 (50 hp) immune to poison, sleep, paralysis,
Initiative: 0 stunning, and polymorphing. It is not
Speed: 0 ft. subject to critical hits or mind influencing
AC: 12 (+2 armor) effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms,
Attacks: Four slams +4 melee patterns, and morale effects).
Damage: Slam 2d6+2 Raise Dead: The blood hedge can
Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5ft./5ft. create up to six hedge fiends (see
Special Qualities: below) per day. It does not manufacture
Saves: Fort +5, Ref +3, Will 0 these corpsesthey must be within its
Abilities: Str 15, Dex 15 (lashes only), reach (or brought to it by other hedge
Con 15, Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 5 fiends). These creatures can communicate
Skills: None with the blood hedge whenever they are
Feats: None in contact with the local bocage (within
Climate/Terrain: Bocage about a one mile radius), but otherwise
Organization: Solitary act independently.
Challenge Rating: 8 Hedge Fiends: These are standard
Treasure: Standard reanimants (see Blood on the Rhine, page
Alignment: Lawful Evil 168), though with the ability to pass
Advancement: 10-12 HD (Huge); 13-16 HD through bocage as if it werent there. Also,
(Huge) a hedge fiend that hides in bocage gains
a +5 to his Hide or Move Silently checks.
The blood hedge was born from the
violence of Normandy and the rich blood Here are their statistics for your
that seeped into the ground here. It looks convenience.
like any other hedgerow except that its Hedge Fiends: Undead; CR 2; HD 2d12;
leaves have thin, dark red veins. hp 18, 17, 16, 16; Init +1 (Dex); Spd. 30 ft.; AC
The beast itself is the southern wall of 13 (+1 Dex, +2 Natural); Atk +3 ranged, +3
the inner circle of the maze. Its senses melee (2d6 MP40 or 1d6+1 claws); AL NE;
extend out through all the bocage of the SV Fort , Ref +1, Will 0; Str 13, Dex 12,
region, however, including the rest of the Con , Int 6, Wis 10, Cha 1.
maze here. Skills and Feats: Hide +6, Move Silently
Each five foot section of bocage has 30 +6, Spot +5, Search +3 (+10 bonus if enemy
hit points, and is unaffected by bullets or is hiding adjacent to hedgerow within one
other piercing weapons of any kind. mile radius of blood hedge that created
Edged weapons, explosives, and fire all the fiend); Toughness.
cause normal damage, and can therefore Possessions: MP40, four full magazines
make holes in the hedge. Such holes can of 9mm ammunition, helmet, uniform, two
be healed by the hedge fiend by spreading stiehlhandgranate

Attention Amerikans!

Welcome to beautiful France! Your leaders have lied to

you about your cause! The French live in harmony with
their German leaders. We have devoted our society, our
money, our equipment, our sweat, and our very lives to
uniting Europe into a harmony.

Remember that you are the invaders! You are not

Europeans. Nor are the English-islanders. You are not
liberators. What champions of justice would ally
themselves with the Stalin-madman? Who kills more of his
own soldiers than we do?

Throw down your weapons and you will be treated

properly by the pan-European Third Reich. All prisoners
receive ample rations and human treatment. When peace is
declared, you will be returned to your loved ones at

Should you continue to destroy the harmony we have

created here in Europe, we will defend Her with the
power of our invincible tanks, our resilient soldiers,
and our fearsome guns. Do not make widows and orphans of
your families. Do not become yet another forgotten
corpse buried on foreign soil. Throw down your weapons
when meeting our soldiers and become a guest of the
Third Reich until the day of peace, when all True Men
meet again as brothers.

Permission granted to photocopy for personal use.

Weird Wars

The Golem
By Mark Metzner

Rabbi Avi Reis stared at the ancient were looking for him? No, Avi realized.
book. It was an incredible treasurethe Somehow, they had learned of the book.
famousor infamouskaballah of Rabbi The Frenchman said nothing, but there
Loew of Prague. Reis knew there was far was a gunshot, startling Avi and causing
more in the book than prayers and rituals. him to drop his pistol. He picked it up
There were also dark secrets. One of these quickly, but too late. Winter was coming.
was the secret of creating a golem. Avi heard the heavy bootsteps on the
Reis knew there were dangers in creating floorboards outside. The penalty for
such a creature, but surely no less harboring fugitives is death. There was
dangerous than living in the presence of another shot and Avi heard the Frenchman
the murderous Nazis. drop.
Rabbi Reis opened the book Suddenly, his door crashed open.
The sound of a crashing door caused Avi Ehrmann Winter stood before him, Luger in
to slam the heavy leather cover down hand. At this short range, even Avis
quickly. He rose and shoved the book under panicked shot couldnt miss. The round
the cot in his hidden room. His young slammed into Winters shoulder and blasted
hands grabbed the pistol he kept hidden out the back. Winter grimaced but did not
beneath his pistol. Voices sounded from the fall. Avi fired again, emptying the small
next roomGerman voices. Avi moved to his revolvers load into Winters pristine SS
own door, straining to hear what was uniform.
being said. The SS colonel shook his head and
The Germans were careful in their slammed the butt of his own Luger into
persecution of Jews in France. Rarely were the rabbis head. Avi sank in a dazed heap
they rounded up and sent to camps as in and watched with horror as Winter
Rabbi Loews east. But days ago, a new stepped into the room.
commander had entered townSS- Where is the book, Juden?
Sturmbannfhrer Ehrmann Winter. He had Avi said nothing. Just shook his head.
gathered the Jews of Villes-Bretonneaux Winter shook his head again. Search the
together, though he not yet shipped them bed, he called to two stormtroopers
off. behind him. One of them quickly came up
Where is Rabbi Reis? Avi heard from with the heavy book. Winter finally smiled.
the outer room. Could it be possible they
The Golem
The golem, fext, SS, and German
soldiers can be found in the Weird Wars
sourcebook, and are repeated in this
adventure for convenience. The complete
entry for Clay Golems can be found in the
Monster Manual.
Continuing Adventures
If youre planning an ongoing campaign,
the fext, Ehrmann Winter, has been
included as a perfect villain to be an
ongoing thorn in the partys side. Since it
is nearly impossible to kill until the
heroes gain a bit more knowledge of the
occult, it can easily survive this
encounter to make an appearance in the
later two adventures.

War Masters
The Golem takes place in France in late
July 1944, with the Allied forces just
beginning their advance into the heart of
the countryside. Many French towns and
villages have cooperated with the German
occupation, but some brave men and
women fight against their Nazi captors
with their very lives. These people, the
French Resistance, work with the Allied
forces to infiltrate, spy and fight the
Germans at every chance.
Near the coast of France, in a little
This adventure is intended for three to village of Villes-Bretonneaux, the
six characters of 3rd level, which takes movement is strong, and in recent
into account basic training and surviving months, the town has become a haven for
the beaches at Normandy. By the end of the Resistance. So, when SS troops and
the adventure, the characters should be German soldiers arrive and begin
close to attaining 4th level. The Golem is ransacking abandoned Jewish homes,
an excellent follow-up to the first searching for something, the members of
adventure in this book, Hell in the the Resistance did the only thing they
Hedgerows, but can stand on its own as could: they called the Allied forces and
well. If used as a follow-up, the teams asked them for assistance.
officers have somehow learned of their Enter the heroes. Captain Robert Jarrell,
encounter with the supernatural. Reports their commanding officer, has instructed
from a nearby town indicate another the party to assist the Resistance ASAP.
supernatural threat, and since theres no Their orders: find out what the Nazis are
use exposing more soldiers to the occult, up to and make sure they dont
OSI operatives within the heroes accomplish what theyre there for. The
command structure decide to send them Resistance has promised all the help they
once more into the breach. can muster in return.
It is helpful, but not necessary, to have The Nazis arent even aware of the
a medic in the party, as well as a scout. French Resistances presence in the area.
Those wishing to play a resistance fighter In fact, they consider it a sleepy little
also have a natural start here, as a town, offering no resistance. They search
compatriot of Ulysse Heron, the partys desperately for an ancient book, a tome
Resistance contact in town. of incredible magical power, called the
No special equipment is required to Kabballah. More on that in a moment.
complete the scenario, as pretty much The Great Rabbi Loew from Prague has
nothing will harm the fext the group been a thorn in Hitlers side for some time
encounters at the end of the adventure. now. Loew helped fend off German

The Golem
invaders and protected the Jews when route to the village is tricky but not
Poland was first attacked. Eyewitness overly difficult for experienced heroes
accounts claim the old Rabbi used the (especially if one of the characters is a
power of the Hebrew God against the scout). In the dark hours before morning,
invaders. the party arrives in Villes-Bretonneaux
But, alas, when the country fell, Loew without incident.
fled the country and ended up in France, If you wish to roleplay the advance of
where he met another fleeing Rabbi, a the unit into the area, feel free. This
young man named Avi Reis. Loew took to adventure is meant to get the ball rolling
the young man and began to teach him a little faster, but experienced roleplayers
the ways of Jewish mysticism, the magic may want to devise ways of getting into
of the Kabballah. the town under the cover of night. Feel
They had just begun their studies when free to have fun with timed patrols and
the Germans attacked their current home German Shepherds if you want.
of Villes-Bretonneaux, capturing many Otherwise, the party arrives and reaches
Jews and the Great Rabbi himself. Reis the meeting place without any
was able to evade Loews captors, and interference from the enemy.
currently remains in hiding in the village
along with many other frightened Jews.
The French townspeople, abhorring the
Scene One:
treatment of the Jews by the Nazis, have
taken them in and hidden them in their Meet and Greet
attics, cellars, and hidden rooms, once set The scene opens in the basement of
aside for the Resistance. The Kabballah what appears to be an abandoned grocery
tome lies waiting in Rabbi Reis room, store. Candlelight flickers and casts a
where the young Rabbi has been reading warm glow over the impromptu meeting
and studying and learning. Among the place. Wooden crates serve as desks and
rituals is an ancient spell once used to cabinets. Maps and pictures of prominent-
create the Golem, a servant made from looking Nazi officers line the walls.
clay that can be commanded to Several men and women are busy here,
protectand destroy. writing and planning. One in the corner
Unfortunately, the Germans have access works a radio transmitter, tapping out
to a horror of their own, a fext by the codes to other resistance cells in the area.
name of Ehrmann Winter. The Nazis seem The partys contact, a Frenchman
to know what they are looking for, and named Ulysse Heron, is a thin, reedy man
have begun a systematic search of homes in his early forties with a thin moustache.
in the area. All have been Jewish homes, He smiles and shakes the heroes hands
but if they do not find what they are vigorously when everyone is settled
looking for, the searches will surely inside.
continue. It will be only be a matter of Read the following in a very thick
time until they uncover the Resistances French accent to the players when you are
network of tunnels and room and the ready to begin:
people hiding there. The fate of both the
Jews and the local resistance lies in the Oh! Zis is wonderful! Thank
partys hands. you for coming to our aid in zis
In the larger picture, if Ehrmann Winter time of trouble, mes amis. We were,
recovers the Kabballah and returns it to how you say, worried?that we
his masters in Berlin, Hitler will add yet would be left to our own defenses.
another horror to his menagerie, a legion My name is Ulysse Heron and I
of nearly unstoppable golems! am ze one in charge here in Villes-

Moonlighting Bretonneaux. All zese people have

dedicated everything to driving ze
The trek to Villes-Bretonneaux is filled Nazis back and liberating France!
with German patrols, though each should
be quietly passed and avoided. The War If a player has chosen to be a
Master is welcome to require a few Move resistance fighter, you can introduce him
Silently rolls to instill some tension into here. Just have Ulysse wave him over and
the trip. introduce him as his right-hand man or
The Nazis have increased their patrols woman, as the case may be. The
since they arrived to investigate the resistance fighter is then instructed by
Jewish homes in the area. Finding a safe Ulysse to stay with and assist the party
in any way possible.

The Golem
holds back the coif looks as if it could
As you may already know, SS be used as a weapon in an emergency.
soldiers have been zearching ze Ulysse! Rabbi Reis has gone missing! They
homes of Jewish villagers, looking think the Germans have him!
for zomething. Our people have Ulysse looks to the party and gestures
reported zat ze homes have been for them to follow. Quickly! If ze Nazis
ransacked, walls torn down, floors make him talk, were all as good as dead!
destroyed, and furniture left in LeeLee begins to cry. Ulysse holds her,
many pieces. Zere is no doubt zat shushing her tears and nods to the party
zey are looking for zomethingor to follow the woman. Please, he begs,
zomeone. And unfortunately, our find out what you can. We have little
little village has much to hide. time.

Ulysse gestures with an outstretched A Time For Heroes

hand and a cute little blonde girl runs The woman introduces herself along
into the room. She is smiling and she the way. Her name is Evelyn Pasionne, and
hugs Ulysses pant leg, staring up at the she is the Resistances main contact with
party. the Jewish groups hiding in the area. She
communicates their needs to the group,
LeeLee, zese men are here to who then do what they can to help. She
protect us. Zey are here to make ze leads the heroes down a long hallway
bad men go away. What do you carved out of the earth, which then leads
think of zat? into another basement filled with families
LeeLee looks up and smiles. and children. All look frightened and tired.
Even the Jews? she asks. None look like theyve slept much in the
Yes, little one. Especially the last few weeks.
Jews. A nervous-looking man steps forward
to the party and the woman. You are here
With that Ulysse looks into the to help us, yes? Our Rabbi, he is gone. We
groups eyes. think taken by the Germans.
I dont know how much you When questioned, the following facts
know about the Germans and the arise:
Jews. In Germany and Eastern
Europe, zey take zem away in great The people dont know why the Nazis
trucksfew know where. But here, are destroying their homes. Some believe
in France, zey do not usually do so. they are looking for gold or other precious
But in Villers-Bretonneaux, the items.
Nazis are just like those in the east. Rabbi Reis was a student of the Great
After several acts of sabotage by Le
Rabbi Loew, who was a great and
Resistance, they gathered up all ze
powerful Rabbi.
Jews and undesirables and
shipped them away in great trucks. Loew was a legend in Prague and
To ze east, we suppose. Poland. Rumor has it that Loew stopped a
LeeLees family was taken in zis German tank dead in its tracks with only
way. She escaped capture only a single word.
because she was down by the river, Loew was captured when the city fell,
picking flowers. Zere are still 30 or leaving his student behind to lead them.
40 Jews hiding here. Le Resistance Rabbi Reis spends much time
feels responsible for their plight,
studying the Great Rabbis books in his
and is hiding zem in ze cellars,
room. He came out the other day, laughing
attics, and secret rooms meant for
and singing. He said hed found a way to
us. But if the Nazis begin to search
protect us.
our homes, zey will find us as well
as our guests and Le Resistance Reis was shaken by the news that the
will be crushed. SS were searching old Jewish homes in
town. He grew pale and went back into
Before the party can respond, the door his room and would not respond to
to the meeting room opens and an anyone.
attractive woman rushes in. She is tall, This evening, he came out, looking
thin, and wears her long, brown hair back tired and worn, and said, Shalom, which
in a coif. With a Spot roll of 15 or better, a means peace. He shut his door and
character notices that the hairpin that never came out again.

The Golem

been spotted looking through homes.

A couple on the second floor heard a
When ready, she leads them to a safe exit
German patrol shout Halt! and they to an abandoned home nearby. She
swore they heard the young Rabbi wishes them luck and Godspeed, and
screaming for vengeance and swearing maybe plants a quick kiss on the
that God would destroy them all. That character with the highest Charisma.
was an hour ago. They couldnt get here
sooner because they had to dodge
German patrols and make it here safely.
Scene Two:
They believe it happened down by the
river. Said the Spider
If the party wishes to be taken to the
Rabbis room, they find it in disarray, with to the Fly
books scattered all over the floor and The exit leads to the basement of an
papers everywhere. There are no exits to old home. The old stairs creak as they
the room and he is nowhere to be found. climb, sprinkling dust down on the cellar
A successful search roll, DC 20, finds a floor. No Germans are in the area, but the
scrap of paper lined with dates but party doesnt know that. Take a moment
written in Hebrew. Any Jewish person to have the group make Move Silently rolls
nearby can easily translate. It is a page and shake your head if one looks low.
from a diary of some sort and it reads as Make a roll yourself, no DC, just to make
follows: the players feel uncomfortable. Anything
you can do to heighten the fear here is
July 2, 1944. The Nazis are here good. Remember that Weird Wars is a
and they know. May God have horror game, and its time to rack up the
mercy on the Great Rabbi, they tension a notch.
must not find the book. The stairs lead to a back door that
faces a high brick wall. A quick look
Other than that, it is too messy and reveals no one is in sight. Once everyone
the people gathered around wont allow is outside, wait a moment, then ask for
the party to search the room more, another check.
insisting that the Americans help find From this point, the party can go to
their beloved Rabbi instead of prowling many places. The river bank, the searched
through his personal things. homes, or the deserted library the Nazis
If asked, Evelyn provides a map of the are currently calling home.
town, marked with where the Nazis have

The Golem
The River and vines. The name of the building,
carved into the headstone, cannot be read,
At the river, have the squad make
as bullet holes have chipped away the
Search rolls (DC 18). If made, they find a
words themselves.
large amount of clay from the river bed
The party has two options here: break
has disappeared. There are no tools or
in using stealth and subterfuge (i.e., Move
machines to allow for this. Footprints
Silently and Hide and some accompanying
show that several people had been here
distractions) or go in the front door, guns
recently, and there are tracks to indicate
blazing. Either way works fine. If
someone was dragged away from the river
shooting, there are ten SS guards (four in
bank recently. The tracks vanish after they
the front (two per side), four in the back,
reach the towns streets. The party is on
and two wandering the perimeter). All are
their own from there.
armed as below:
The Homes
The hand-drawn map points to several Waffen SS Soldier
homes. All have been utterly ransacked CR 1: Medium-size human; Class: Grt 1;
and looks demolished from the inside. If Hp 6; Init +1; Spd 30 ft; AC 12 (+1 Dex, +1
the players wish to visit them, there are Armor); Atk MP40 +3; AL LE; SV Fort +3
three nearby with easy accessfeel free Ref +1 Will +2, Str 12, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10,
to improvise any details or encounters as Wis 11, Cha 10.
you see fit. Below are some general Skills and Feats: Driving +2, First Aid +2,
details for each housebe sure to spread Hide +5, Move Silently +5, Spot +5;
them around if many are to be visited. Automatic Weapons Proficiency, Firearms
Proficiency; Point Blank Shot, Rank: SS
Grenadier, Simple Weapons Proficiency,
Pictures are torn from their frames, as Weapon Focus: MP40, Wheeled Vehicle
if they were looking behind them. Proficiency.
Floorboards and walls have had holes Special Qualities:
bashed in them. Devotion: The devotion of SS members
In one house, a wall safe hangs open. to the Nazi party gives them +2 morale
Pictures of family members and smiling against Will saves.
children like scattered on the broken floor. Possessions: MP40, 4 full magazines of
9mm ammunition, helmet, uniform, 2
Carpet and a pile of drapes in one stielhandgranate 24
corner smell of urine. A spot check, DC
20, finds a chrome SS symbol lying on It is important to note that the Nazis
the floor nearby. (WM: Winter caught one arent expecting any kind of trouble. This
of the SS desecrating one of the homes is a broken town filled with broken
and cuffed him. Winter does not care for people. The Nazis are arrogant and fulfill
such behavior, especially from men under their duties with as little care as possible.
his command.) Any frontal assault catches them
Anything else you feel might be a completely off guard, giving the first
nice touch. Remember to have the party round to the partys attacks.
make Move Silently rolls every now and If the party attempts to sneak in, have
then! The Nazis arent nearby, but let them them make the appropriate Hide/Move
think they need to. Silently rolls made. Add +5 to the checks
due to the lax natures of the SS guards.
The Library/HQ Arrogance is costly.
In passing, have the party make a Spot Once inside, if sneaking in, they come
check, DC 18. If made, a Nazi guard is face to face with an SS officer inside and
noticed walking around a large building combat ensues. The SS guards outside
nearby. It looks as if it is the remains of a arrive on the second turn of combat, but
library. A burnt pile of logs and ashes only three can attack through the doorway
still litter the ground here, where the entrance at a time. There is ample cover
books were taken and burnt. for the party against the guards, as the
Two more guards can been seen from architecture creates corners for them to
here, both at the ready, and a German hide behind.
truck is parked nearby. Apparently, this is Once defeated, there is silence and the
where they have been staying during their smell of smoke in the antechamber. Ask
search. The stone building rises two for party positions. The antechamber
stories from the street, with intricate leads to a closed door. It is unlocked.
masonry carved to resemble grape leaves Chances are, the heroes are not really

The Golem
going to want to open it, but after a simply claims that hes a German Jew who
moment of indecision, anyone listening moved to France in the pre-war years.
can hear the quiet sounds of weeping
coming in through the door. Here are some of the things Ehrmann
Beyond the door is a large, empty room says:
with great wooden shelves knocked on The Germans sent the SS to look for
their sides. No books are found hereall some book. (True.)
were burnt outside long ago. Towards the
back of the room, an unconscious man
The Nazis questioned Rabbi Reis for
sits strapped to a wooden chair, bound hours but Reis never said anything. (Sort
with hard hemp rope. He looks beaten of a lie. Reis said the Nazis would die
nearly to death. Blood covers his face and soon for their crimes against God.)
hands, his right eye has swollen shut, and The book is called the Kabballah. It is
his nose has flattened, badly broken. a book of powerful Jewish magic.
The weeping comes from the corner. A Apparently powerful enough to bring all
second man of average build is curled up these SS troops in search of it. (True.)
in the corner, covering his hands in front The officer in the hallway led the SS
of his face. He continually repeats: Please, group. (Lie, Ehrmann is their leader.)
dont kill me. Please stop, we dont know
anything. Please, dont kill me.
Other than the SS guards, thats all he
If the heroes approach him gently, he saw. There are no others. (Lie.)
stops and recognition streams across his
face. Americans! You have saved us! God The trip back to the little house
be praised. entrance is uneventful, but it is best to
If not, the man curl ups harder, have a party member scout ahead and
mumbling God help me. until they do. make Spot checks. Have the group make
A DC 25 Language (French) roll detects Hide and Move Silently rolls as well,
a faint German accent though nothing happens. Ehrmann does
nothing to draw attention eitherhes
Surprise! fairly confident he can handle the
Heres the surprise. The unbound man is Americans and their Resistance friends
Ehrmann Winter, the fext sent by Berlin to on his own.
retrieve the Kabballah so that Hitlers Evelyn Pasionne herself waits at the
Blood Mages can figure out its secrets. It old building. She rushes to the wounded
is his mission to find the tome by any Rabbi and hugs him, giving his frightened
means possible. If you have any question helper nothing but a quick glancea
how to play this scene, rent Die Hard. fatal mistake on her part.
Play up the sincerity to those who fall Ehrmann keeps his face hidden in
for this ruse. The man calls himself Jon shadow as much as possible, a trick that
Ehrmann. If asked, he tells the party he is not difficult in the dark stairway. Once
was captured trying to help Rabbi Reis downstairs, Evelyn hurries the group
complete his ritual. When asked about the inside and takes the Rabbi to a small
ritual he admits he doesnt know what room. She places him on a nearly clean
Reis was trying to do. The Rabbi only mattress to treat his wounds. If asked,
said that it would wreak vengeance and Evelyn mentions that she was a nurse
death on the hated Nazis. before the war.
If there is a medic in the party, he can After checking Reis out, she nods her
attempt to heal the Rabbi. Bones can be head and mentions that he only needs
set and cuts fixed, but no amount of rest now. She thinks some ribs might be
treatment causes the Rabbi to awaken. It broken, but shes done all she can do. She
is apparent the Rabbi needs bed rest and turns and faces the stranger (Ehrmann).
appropriate care. Jon Ehrmann volunteers And you? May I treat your wounds Who
to help carry the Rabbi, or to at least are you?
assist in some way. Evelyn now notices his face and
If questioned about what was asked of recognizes the SS leader.
the Rabbi (and presumably himself), he Ehrmann Winter smiles, a thick book in
answers truthfully. It makes for better lies. his hands. It is old and the cover is thick
In short, Ehrmann does whatever is with age. His other hand points a gun at
needed to assure the heroes hes on the you all. Why, Im the Spider, of course. You
level. (Dont let the party figure it out until must be the flies.
the Third Scene). Even if someone Ehrmann Winter, Fext: (see Weird
detected his slight accent, Ehrmann Wars p.165-166 for more details on fexts)

The Golem
CR 5; Medium-size Humanoid HD: 3d10; hp much nothing the PCs have is going to
27; Init +1 (Dex); Speed 30ft; AC: 12 (+1 Dex, even put a dent in this guy. Evelyn cries
+1 Armor); Attacks: +4 Ranged, +3 Melee; out to stop shooting and when the
Damage: by Weapon; Face: 5ft by 5 ft/5ft; hysteria of the moment is gone, Winter
AL LE; SV Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +1; Str 11, has not moved, but maybe his hair was
Dex 13, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 10 parted out of place by the shot. He stands
Special Qualities: perfectly still, turns his head to reveal a
Immune to non-magical weapons, horrible grin and says, Heil Hitler.
weakness (bullet made of glass, After the first time the party shoots
stake used to tie up a young tree Ehrmann Winter and they witness no
damage, have the party roll a DC 15 Fear
driven through heart)
check. The war just got weird.
Skills and Feats: Driving +4, First Aid +2, If the party doesnt get it and
Hide +7, Move Silently +7, Spot +7; continues shooting, have Winter continue
Automatic Weapons Proficiency, walking towards the door, the bullets
Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank tearing his clothing, but leaving his body
Shot, Rank: Grenadier, Rapid Shot, unharmed in any way.
Simple Weapons Proficiency, Weapon If the party simply follows, Winter
Focus: Kar 98k, Wheeled Vehicle makes it to the door they came from.
Proficiency. Good day. He then nods and leaves.
Assuming the party follows,
Scene Three: Winter makes it to the front
lawn of the house and turns
to face the party. If the heroes
SNAFU decide to shoot the living
daylights out of Winter at
Any sudden moves ends up with this time, let them, but
someone getting shot (Ehrmann has use the same
the drop on the leaderor Evelyn descriptions as
or the Rabbi if you feel that before. All in all, it
might make the group stall means nothing.
more). Evelyn cautions against At this point, or
shooting because there are if the party
families with children behind simply watches,
this wall and door. Stray Ehrmann
shots could kill innocents Winter faces
here. the party
And that would be and
horrible, yes? Winter addresses
purrs with a sneer. I them.
admit destroying those Fascinating
homes piece by piece was book.
growing stale. Thank you Apparently,
very much for not only the Jews have
delivering the Kabballah used it to do all
to me, but also the sorts of awful things.
location of the Ill have a wonderful
Resistance and more time reading it all the
Jews. Happy Birthday way back to Berlin.
to me.
With that he Winter Gets His
opens the door Now the party can
behind him and see what Winter
smiles. Thanks cannot. A giant clay
for the book. man, a Golem, rises
And turns to from the rubble behind
walk off. Ehrmann and towers
If a hero silently over him. Then,
shoots him in the in one sweeping
back, have him roll motion, the monster
as normal, but grabs the man by the
remember, pretty shoulder and hurls him

The Golem
across the yard. Ehrmann soars ten feet in mud. It attacks the heroes and must be
the air and lands roughly on the fought. While tough, the creature isnt
cobblestone street. The book dashes to invincible. If the heroes have a very rough
the dirt and pages spill out onto the time, Evelyn emerges with a few grenades
ground. to help them out.
Winter gets up, disoriented. Who the During the fight, Winter lies crumpled
Hell on the ground. To all intents and
The Golem turns and moves in a blur purposes, hes dead. Not really, of course.
towards the fallen man. In a low voice Hes playing possum until the creature is
that sounds as if it comes through a layer nearly destroyed. At that moment, while
of wet mud, he screams: I AM the party still fights the thing, he bolts
VENGEANCE. I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL. up, snatches 1d6 pages of the ravaged
With that, he grabs Winters arm and Kaballah, and disappears.
begins flailing his body against the street
over and over. The book slips from
Ehrmanns grasp. The creature is
inhumanely fast for its size and bulk. In the end, the Golem lies on the street
Between the creatures clay skin like so much clay. Rabbi Reis hobbles his
glistening in the moonlight and Winters way down the front steps and looks at
body being thrashed around like a rag doll his handiwork and weeps. The Kabballah
(and continuing to live!), the Fear check is destroyed. Its pages are torn, marred
here is 20. That goes for the German with clay and blood. He warned me of
soldiers who arrive now as well. this. Rabbi Loew was great, not because of
the things he had done, but because of
The Big Finale what he could do and did not. Now I
German soldiers race up the street and understand. Much has been lost this night.
begin shooting. There are 20 of them, all Evelyn can treat wounds (except death,
of the Waffen SS variety. Some shoot at of course). A quick transmission to Allied
the Golem while others shoot at the party. HQ sends trucks and the like to the area
At the start of each round of combat for safe evacuation of the heroes and the
from this point forward, roll a d6. On a 1-3, Jewish families.
half shoot at the Golem, on a 4-6 they all This adventure is over, but Ehrmann
do. Confusion reigns supreme here. (Also Winter is still out there, ready to cause
remember that the effects of fear last for trouble for the heroes. The humiliation he
the entire combat). received makes the heroes quite
If used wisely, the ending battle prominent in his mind. And he will have
between the golem and the fext should his revenge. The Rabbi and his book can
make for a very creepy experience, one be taken to HQ for debriefing. This sort of
that will hopefully stick in the players thing attracts the attention of the OSI,
minds for years to come, and create a who now watch the heroes and may
powerful opponent for the heroes in the induct them into their ranks if they
future. Be sure to have the fexts unholy continue to survive against the horrors of
gifts frighten rather than kill the heroes. the Weird Wars.
Nothing can upset a roomful of players
quicker than a villain that they cant
Using Winter
defeat. The rest of the adventures in this book,
The Golems attack is always to throw Test of Worth and Castle Schloss, do not
or slam Winter into something. The other feature Ehrmann Winter as it is
attacks are focused on the SS guards. conceivable the players could kill him in
Once they are gone, the Golem turns and this adventure. Its also a bit contrived
faces the party. Thats when things get that the same officer would appear in all
hairy. three of the teams missions. If youd like
At the start of each turn after the first, to add Ehrmann Winter to these
roll a d20. On an 18 or higher, Rabbi Reis scenarios, simply add him to the list of
appears behind the party. He looks grim. If villains in each Scene. If youd like a
the SS guards are still standing, he slightly less contrived way to have him
watches as the Germans attack the Golem reappear, it could be the SS keeps tabs on
helplessly. He does nothing to stop the the heroes and deliberately sends Winter
Golem. If the Golem attacks the party, he after them. Its your call, War Master. Do
commands it to stopbut it doesnt. whatever you think fits the mood and
As in the classic story of the Golem, atmosphere of your campaign best.
the creature does not want to return to

Weird Wars

Test of Worth
By Otto Cargill

Battered and bruised Sgt. Wico picked arena, half the size of a football field,
himself up off the floor of the dark complete with unfinished stone floors
hallway. The damp, musty oder told him stained with blood. It looked like it was
that he was still underground but he had carved out of a natural cave system of
long ago lost track of where that might be. some kind. Through the dim lighting he
Keep moving swine! shouted the SS could make out openings in the walls high
Soldier in broken English. Sharp pain shot above him with catwalks connecting them.
through his lower back as the guard beat From one of the larger openings, he could
him with the butt of his assault rifle. hear people talking, too many to make out
Apparently he wasnt moving fast enough any of them clearly.
for their taste. He pressed forward as The Sergeants heart started racing as he
quickly as he could. heard a vicious growl and a loud thud
As Wico continued walking down the come from the large steel door at the
hall, the guards conversation once again opposite end of the cavern. Cheers arose
turned to how he would fare against from the opening overhead as the lighting
Claubergs latest creation. For days now, he in the cavern suddenly grew brighter.
had been caged like an animal, beaten into Something large had struck the door. Wico
submission and fed just enough to stay was worried that whatever made the noise
alive. Transported from location to location, was the thing that he would not survive a
caged right alongside the creations of Dr. full minute against.
Clauberg, Wico silently listened to them Bare-chested and unarmed, Sgt. Wico
casually talk about his fate like he was stood silently in the center of this cavern
some rooster in a cock fight. The latest that was soon to be his tomb. He silently
odds were 10 to 1 that he would not even said a prayer to himself as he waited for
last a full minute. It was times like these his almost certain demise. The gears
when he wished he couldnt understand turned, the lock slid open and his heart
what they were saying. skipped a beat with every noise that
Wico stepped through the gate and heard emanated from the steel door. A chill ran
it shut and lock behind him. Walking down his spine when he heard the metal
forward slowly, Wico examined his on metal screech as the door burst open.
surroundings. It looked to be some kind of
Test of Worth
The invasion of Normandy allowed the Stroasburg in Southern France. He
Allies to establish a strong beachhead managed to get a message out where and
against the Axis armies. Searching claims to have vital information on what
desperately, Germany turned to new and these abominations are and what the
terrible weapons to unleash against their Nazis plan to do with them.
foes. They turned to their war machines, Pitr Croteau, a member of the French
the panzers. They turned to the Luftwaffe. Resistance and the OSI, is currently
They turned to their scientists for new located in Luxembourg. Communications
weapons, the V-2 rockets. Finally they with the man have tasked him with
turned to their doctors, mad scientists, gathering a group capable of infiltrating
unethical practitioners and evil-minded the prison, finding Sgt. Wico, and
medical persons. These heinous men took returning with him and the information.
stock of their resources and their
available knowledge, then began creating Getting the Heroes Involved
abominations that no sane man would The adventure begins with Croteau
dare envision, let alone set loose upon contacting the heroes, whether through
his fellow man. mutual connections, messages sent by
Test of Worth is designed for four to six OSI runners or even through OSI agents
4th to 6th level characters. Our stalwart within the military who command the
heroes will have to journey across heroes. Any heroes in the military or
occupied France, dodge Nazi Patrols, Resistance get orders to contact Croteau
sneak into a concentration camp, and and assist him in a top-secret mission,
encounter the evils of the Nazis face-to- while civilians receive offerings of food
face. By the end of this adventure, the and money.
team will have journeyed over hundreds of The heroes must cross German-held
miles and fought against horrid creatures France between Luxembourg and
of supernatural evil. They should also Stroasburg, infiltrate the camp, and rescue
have proved they are worthy of joining the Sgt. Wico. Like any typical mission, this
OSI, the elite secret group of terror one goes wrong and the heroes have to
hunters who strive to protect humanity penetrate deep into the heart of the very
from the horrors of the night. beast that they and the allies fight
If you are using this adventure as a against as they travel from Stroasbuerg to
continuation of the first two in this book, Ravensbrueck. In a camp known for its
Hell in the Hedgerows and The Golem, this grotesque experiments, the heroes there
adventure comes as the team have made a will face the darkness of a lunatics mind,
name for themselves among the top firsthand.
brassparticularly those with ties to the If you are bringing existing characters
Office of Supernatural Investigations. over from your campaign, then it should
If you are running this adventure as a be a simple matter to direct them towards
stand-alone, the player characters should Croteau. While he is not holding a sign up
have had at least one previous encounter in the town square, he knows how to
with the supernatural. contact likely candidates for assistance. If
your characters are brand new, this is an
War Masters excellent opportunity for them to meet
and get to know each other. This mission

Brief provides them with a bonding experience

to help cement them as a group if they
choose to continue together afterwards.
Late July, 1944
The heroes have a long journey in front
Sgt. Ryan Wico is one of the OSIs
of them and strange events happen along
agents within the 101st Airborne.
the way. While they may have encountered
Following a drop behind enemy lines, Sgt.
the supernatural before, this is really their
Wico sent word of creatures; neither man
proving ground for recruitment into the
nor beast, at the end of SS leashes. His
OSI. The OSI agent, Croteau, is watching
unit watched as they unleashed them on
the heroes every step of the way and it is
POWs and other victims behind the wire
by the heroes actions alone that Croteau
fences of Natzweiler-Struthof. OSI
may judge them worthy of filling the OSI
communications with Sgt. Wico were lost
ranks in their battle against evil. While
shortly thereafter and he had been
their goal is to rescue Sgt. Wico, anything
reported killed in action.
they do could cost them the support of a
A few days ago, word reached them
powerful agency.
that Sgt. Wico is in fact alive. He is being
held in Natzweiler-Struthof, outside of

Test of Worth
served to the Nazis sometimes has
Scene 1: grotesque extrassome strike back at the
invaders in their own ways.

From Luxembourg While the bistro is clean and well

decorated up front, the back room is little
more than a storage area for dry goods
to Stroasbourg and dishes. The host is immediately
welcoming and shows the squad straight
to the back.
Luxembourg Croteau is already waiting for the
Luxembourg borders Germany to the heroes when they arrive. He has his cache
east, France to the south and Belgium to laid out on a small wooden table by the
the west, and Stroasbourg, one of its time the heroes arrive. Stacked on the
major cities, has suffered through the war. table are a Thompson machine gun, two
The frequent battles have taken their toll, German Kar 98 rifles, four Colt pistols,
and portions of the city stand only in two Luger pistols, two potato mashers,
ruin. The citys leading families live in six pineapple grenades and enough
exile and even though the Allies have ammunition for three reloads of each
invaded to the north, Luxembourg still weapon.
does not know freedom. The bistro provides a satchel containing
several sandwiches, a few pastries, and
Pitr Croteau croissants (all of it quite clean). Croteau
For over a year, Pitr Croteau has proven has the materials to make up
himself worthy of his superiors respect identification papers for those who are
and support. Serving as the primary traveling without them and civilian
operative for the OSI out of Luxembourg, clothing to disguise them. Pitr does his
his success on assigned missions has best to make the papers, and while he
granted him positive marks and allowed has experience, they are not perfect. Each
the higher ranks of OSI personnel to set of papers requires a Forgery check
overlook his penchant for the ladies. with a DC 15. Any papers that fail are
obviously wrong. If the roll is a natural 1,
Pitr Croteau: Operative for the French the papers look correct to Croteau and the
Resistance; CR6: Medium-size Human; heroes but are missing some otherwise
Class: Res 4, Sct 1, Opt 1; hp 37; Init +2; obvious detail so that any trained and
Spd 30 ft; AC 12 (+2 Dex); Ranged atk alert person checking these papers knows
+6 (+7 within 30 ft); AL CG; Fort +5 they are false. Papers successfully created
Ref +8 Will +3; Str 8, Dex 15, Con 14, grant a +4 bonus to Bluff roles when
Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 14 used.
Croteau starts speaking in French, but
Skills and Feats: Bluff +8, Disable Device
switches to heavily accented English if
+5, Disguise +8, Forgery +3, Gather the characters cannot understand him.
Info +8, Hide +8, Innuendo +6, Listen
+6, Move Silently +6, Open Lock +6, Mes amis, we have a long trip
Search +7, Spot +6, Swim +0, French ahead of us. I have brought you
+5, English +3, German +4, Simple together because you have
Weapon Proficiency, Firearm demonstrated the skills we need on
Proficiency, Light Armor Proficiency, this mission.
Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Eye As you know, the Americans,
British, and Canadians have landed
for Terrain, Dead Eye, Track.
and are pushing back the Germans
Special Qualities: daily, however they still need the
Sneak Attack +3d6: See the Players help of the Resistance. One of their
Handbook page 47 paratroopers dropped to the south
Contacts: Once per Week of us and carries vital information.
Uncanny Dodge: See the Players The Allies do not have any units
Handbook page 48 in the area who can undertake a
rescue, so we must do it for them.
Croteau arranges for the heroes to meet Last we heard, the missing man, a
him in the back room of La Flamberge Sergeant Wico, was imprisoned at
late in the afternoon. The bistro, is Natzweiler-Struthof prison camp,
sympathetic to the Allies, and Resistance located outside of Stroasbourg.
members have long whispered that food

Test of Worth
We will travel by foot since alert for anyone in the sewers and are
vehicles only draw attention and authorized to shoot to kill if there is
force us to keep to the roads. By resistance.
going across the countryside, we Patrolling the area are three groups of
can avoid the checkpoints and the guards, each made up of three Wehrmacht
normal patrol routes. Once we soldiers and two veteran Wehrmacht
reach Stroasbourg, we must enter soldiers armed with Kar 98k rifles (Blood
the camp and bring Wico out. on the Rhine 163). Have the squad make
Rescuing Sgt. Wico is absolutely Move Silently rolls, but at -2 due to the
vital and must be done at any cost. echoing tunnels. Any gunfire in the
You must resist the temptation to tunnels alerts the other guards
rescue any other poor souls we immediately, who arrive 1d20 rounds later.
find at the camp. The patrols are concentrating their
Here are your civilian clothes. We search underneath the bistro because the
must maintain our cover while manhole the thief escaped through is on
traveling through German-held the same block. They shout a warning for
territory. Time is of the essence but anyone they see to stop and surrender
we must also be careful. Remember first. If the thieves refuse to stop, make
that Allied forces caught in civilian a violent action, or attempt to escape,
clothing are treated as spies. however the Germans open fire and
Here is our route. pursue. Several recesses and corners are
provided by the sewer to use as cover
Laying out civilian clothing and a map, when anyone is moving down the tunnels.
Croteau shows the route to Stroasbourg. This is a wake-up encounter for the
The heroes must trek over 70 miles heroes as opposed to a serious life or
through Nazi-held territory. In this they death situation. The Germans have
have two choices. authorization to treat the thieves as
By passing through the countryside, the partisans (meaning they may execute
squad can bypass German checkpoints them), but they are also men who have
set up along the roads. There is no been ordered to walk around the sewers
guarantee the heroes can avoid German for several days following a bunch of
patrols crossing in the forests, however. thieves stealing food. Elude them long
Croteau prefers this route, even though it enough and the guards give up and go
is longer. back to their search.
Croteau answers any questions as best
he can, but his intelligence on the Out of the Sewers
Stroasbourg area is limited to how to get The path south towards Stroasbourg
there, where the camp is, and where beckons the heroes once they are out of
Stroasbourg is in relation to the camp. A the sewers and into open air under a clear
sympathizer in the area will help them night sky. Passing through the Ardennes
with the details of the camp once they this way is almost all forest and
arrive. Croteau refuses to name the mountain, so extremely rough terrain
sympathizer until they arrive, so the waits for the squad in their cross-country
heroes had best keep him alive, Croteau journey. The patrols are not difficult to
grins. avoid for the most partout in the open
there is more room to hide. Nature
Le Sewer provides fresh meat for those who can
hunt and the heroes do not have to worry
When everyone is ready, Croteau
about concealing any weapons or
unlocks a hidden door behind the shelf
questionable items.
containing the dishes. This door leads
into the old sewers and provides a faster There Is No Shelter Here
way out of the city. While the first night is clear and
The journey through the sewers is not comfortable, the days following grow
as easy as it looks. A gang of thieves has colder and very unpleasant. Storms turn
been making use of the tunnels as a way from drizzle to downpour in a heartbeat
around the city and the German patrols. and sweep over the countryside. Traveling
The Germans finally grew wise to their in rain and muck makes our heroes cold,
tactics after they observed one of the wet, and covered in mud.
thieves making an escape through a Sight of shelter is welcome after
manhole. Ever since, German patrols delve trudging through this weather for the third
into the sewers daily under orders to day in a row. The shell of a downed
capture the thieves. These boys are on

Test of Worth
British bomber is the nearest that can be covers the hole in its side with the
found. Running along the port side of the halftracks machine guns.
plane is a large gash and its tail is The bomber offers concealment (but no
scattered in debris across the field where armor) for the team, but the gash in the
it crashed. Broken chronometers and side is an easy entry point should the
calendars inside indicate this plane belly- Germans decide to assault.
landed a few weeks prior. The lack of The Germans make every attempt to
rummaging points out the plane has not capture the squad alive so that they can
yet been found by German patrols. Very find out just what these partisans were
little blood and no bodies around indicate up to. If they are successful, the Germans
the crew made good on its escape or at take all of the teams weapons and
least lived through the landing. execute them as partisans. Of course, a
Searching (DC 10) turns up a medics kit, good War Master should provide some
compass, two K-Rations and assorted opportunity for escape should this seem
personal items. No maps or intelligence likely.
items remain in the bomber as the crew In the unlikely event that no shots are
collected them before they departed. fired and the heroes manage to hide any
Characters with knowledge of planes can obvious weapons (or perhaps fool the
deduce that dumping the heavy manned guards into thinking they are simply
machine guns before crashing lightened hunters), their papers are checked. If these
the plane enough to clear the tree line are in order, then they walk away after a
south of its resting spot. No bombs short but brutal series of questions.
remain in its belly.
Croteau suggests the squad stay the Mensch-Baer
night in the bomber to escape the After escaping the Germans, each
buckets of rain coming down. Lighting a passing step brings them closer to
small fire inside is not a problem and the Stroasbourg. Around late afternoon on the
heat given off is enough to make the day after the fight at the bomber, the
plane comfortably warm. operatives get the distinct feeling they are
being watched. If the heroes search the
Trouble in the Rough area, all they find are large boot tracks.
Unfortunately, the plane was spotted by That feeling of being watched is all too
a patrolwho promptly gave chase to the accurate. Leery of the heroes persistence
escaping crew and lost them in the and distance behind German lines, the
woods. Now the Germans have one man Nazis have unleashed a patrol of brutes
watching the plane to see if the crew into the woods. These angry creatures
returns. trail the party relentlessly, tracking them
The heroes only chance to spot the through day and night until they catch the
scout hiding in the woods nearby is to scent.
make a successful Spot check against the Late in the afternoon of their final full
Scouts Hide of +10, plus a situational day of travel to Stroasbourg, the heroes
modifier of +10 because of his prepared find travel upon a small side road running
and camouflaged position. south through the forest. The whole area,
The scout calls in his squad mates though wooded, has become quiet. Not
immediately on seeing any weapons on even the birds in the trees chirp. Alert
the civilians (assuming they are heroes (Listen of 15 or more) may hear the
Resistance), or any Allied uniforms if any sound of crunching grass (or snow
of the heroes are not disguised. The same depending on the time of year). As the
occurs if the heroes press on past the path narrows and the heavy noise behind
bomber as wellthe scout simply trails them grows closer, the heroes should feel
them (Move Silently +10) and vectors in a anxious and hunted, especially as night
squad to intercept somewhere else in the falls.
woods. The brutes have now found the heroes
The German patrol that shows up is and prepare to attack. There is one brute
composed of a veteran Wehrmacht officer per character. Half of them circle wide
armed with a MP38 SMG and Lugers, and forward to surprise the team from
seven veteran Wehrmacht soldiers armed their front. The other half continue to
with Kar 98k rifles, and a Sdkfz 234/2 stalk the heroes from the rear.
with a full crew. Once the trap has sprung, the brutes
Assuming the heroes bed down for the attack relentlessly. They fight to the death
night in the bomber, the German patrol and wont run regardless of how bad they
drives straight up to the bomber and appear to be losing the fight.

Test of Worth



Guard Barracks

Hall Command House
Guard Towers

Prisoner Barracks Gas Chamber

Scientific Enclosure


Prison Camp

Nazi Brutes: CR4; Medium-size

Humanoid; HD 4d8; hp 28; Init +1 (+1
Dex); Spd 30ft; AC 14 (+3 natural, +1
Scene 2:
Dex); Atk: By weapon or 2 claws +6
(1d6+4), Bite +2 (1d4+4); AL LE; Fort Into the Dark
+5, Ref +3, Will +0; Str 18, Dex 12, Con Stroasbourg is a quaint little town,
17, Int 6, Wis 10, Cha 4 exactly the type tourists visit and walk
Skills and Feats: Hide +4, Move Silently around during more peaceful times. Red-
+4; Power attack roofed houses, little trinket shops and a
Special Qualities: small railroad station make up some of
Darkvision, scent the more traveled areas of the town. The
locals, cowed by the obvious German
Possessions: Kar 98k (2d8 damage;
strength nearby, shun newcomers to the
Range 120), bayonet (1d6+5 area. Croteaus only contact in the area is
damage), 24 rounds of 7.92mm the baker, a secret sympathizer.
ammo, 1 stielhandgranate (4d6 Turew Andersdorf, the baker, delivers
damage, Range 5). fresh baked goods daily to the prison
camp. He sees how the prisoners are
These brutes are slightly tougher than treated and this has turned him against
the usual batch. They have a few more hit the German cause. On occasion, he has
points as well as darkvision and scent. passed local news and information on to
The latter is the sense they use to find Croteau. Recently, he witnessed several
and hunt down the heroes. men in American uniforms unloading at
Brutes are pure evilwhatever good the camp. The last he knew of them, they
once dwelled in the subjects once-human lived in the POW barracks with the rest
heart was baked out in the creation of the war prisoners. Turew says a couple
process. A character who is downed of them wore the 101st Airborne patch on
(between 0 and -10 hit points) makes a their uniform and according to Turew, one
very attractive target for the creatures. of the men matches the description of
They delight in bayoneting the unfortunate Sgt. Wico.
soul, and must make a Will save (DC 10) If the heroes cannot come up with a
not to do so, even if there are other method for sneaking into the camp by
targets nearby. Only a direct attack on the themselves, Turew offers to play sick the
brute forces it to abandon its prey next day so the heroes can make use of
otherwise. his delivery truck to sneak themselves
inside. While he is not going to take any

Test of Worth
huge risks, the truck serves as a good between the headquarters and the
cover story for the squad. It might also be prisoner cabins.
possible to simply hide in the truck. Once inside the fence, staying low-key
Turew claims the guards have inspected is the only way to avoid the guards. There
his cargo once or twice, but most often are many prisoners and guards moving
do not. around inside during the day. The
Getting into the camp by any other prisoners work, dig ditches, tend what
method wont be easy. If any of the little farmland is available inside, and
heroes speaks German, they may be able repair the cabins with any material they
to steal some uniforms and fake their can find. The guards keep a watchful eye
way in, but the guards are suspicious of on everyone, but so long as the heroes
regular line troops who attempt to enter. look busy, they should blend in with the
They demand orders, papers, and proof crowd. Some cautious questioning about
the disguised soldiers are supposed to be Wico, especially near the POW cabins,
there. Heroes attempting this approach points them toward the scientific
must talk fast and convince the guards enclosure. During the night, all of the
they have some important purpose at the prisoners are in their cabins and guard
camp. The truck normally runs at 10:00 AM patrols increase to ensure there are no
to deliver the fresh food and returns again escapes. The central headquarters remains
at 5:00 PM to pick up empty bottles and active until late night with German
crates for restocking. If someone other officers and soldiers eating in the mess
than Turew drives the truck, the Germans and the occasional strain of music
most definitely ask why and check drifting over the area. The scientific
papers. If there is any suspicion enclosure remains dark and inactive by all
whatsoever (the hero fails his Bluff roll, appearances.
for instance), the guard opens the back of According to prisoners from the POW
the truck and gives it a cursory glance. cabin, Sgt. Wico and several other
With extreme suspicion, he searches more prisoners were moved from their regular
carefully and automatically finds the cabins to the enclosure several days ago.
heroes unless they have hidden Not one word has been heard of them
themselves in a sealed container or other since. This has generally been the same
device. for anyone transferred to the enclosure.
They have seen trucks from other camps
The Camp arrive, enter the enclosure, and then leave
Each of the camps gates remains a day or so later, but none of the
guarded day and night. The external fences prisoners are ever used to load or off-load
are electrified with hoops of razor wire these trucks so no one knows whats in
across the top, completely enclosing the them (or is put in them). Rumors about
perimeter. Watch towers stand every 50 the enclosure include a gas chamber, an
yards and are armed with spotlights, incinerator, medical experiments, or an
heavy machine guns, radios, and alarms. interrogation room since only POWs have
Between the external fences and the camp entered it so far. (Remember that the
is another set of fences which make up atrocities committed at the Death Camps
the dog run. The dogs have hutches further east are not widely known yet.)
located approximately half way between If the heroes entered the camp
the watchtowers and about 30 dogs are in disguised as German soldiers, the
the run at any given time. The area prisoners do not speak to them willingly.
between the dog run and the exterior The camp population does not trust the
fence is 10 yards of open ground with no guards and any prisoner seen passing
cover at all. Any loud commotion in the information to the guards is shunned
perimeter raises the alarm 1d6 rounds completely by the rest of the prisoners.
later. Accidents also have a habit of happening
The camp itself would drive a to prisoners who betray one another in
claustrophobic person insane. The this method. Heroes wearing German
prisoner cabins are arranged neatly in two uniforms must find ways of convincing
rows of six, with mess halls to the north the prisoners to talk to them. Fast talking,
and a crematorium to the south. The showing dog tags, revealing their mission,
headquarters consist of the staffs offices and most other methods can be effective,
and quarters, guards quarters, mess hall, but compromise their secrecy. Once the
and a medical building. A scientific prisoners are convinced the heroes are
enclosure surrounded by a ten-foot tall who they claim to be, they must be
cement wall with a wrought iron gate sits convinced not to let this information slip.

Test of Worth
Anyone who knows who the heroes truly Unless they have brought flashlights or
are is a liability and should only be can manage to find the light switch at
trusted with this information for a short the bottom of the staircase, the entire
time. lower area is pitch-black, barring whatever
For such a fearsome reputation, the light filters in from the stairway. Mounted
enclosure is guarded lightly from the on the wall alongside the bottom of the
outside. While a pair of guards walks the stairs is an electrical panel with several
perimeter of the building, they take their switches. Throwing these switches
time and spend it talking and swapping activates the various electrical outlets in
cigarettes instead of paying attention. the bunker including the lights, which
With the stories the prisoners are telling, illuminates the entire inside of the bunker
this should seem very unusual to the as well as the tunnel.
heroes. It seems the guard dropped heavily The lower area has been sectioned off
after some noisy ruckus and gunfire was into a dozen cages large enough to hold a
heard from the area two nights prior full grown bear. A medical area holds
(Claubergs enclosure was evacuated). various pieces of equipment and an office
If the heroes snuck in using the truck, made out of a temporary and flimsy
they have to be very careful moving wooden partition sits on the east end. At
outside of the mess area. The guards the west end is a door, the type used on
arent going to be friendly to any bakers vaults, half open and revealing a long,
caught around other buildings, though dark tunnel behind it.
some fresh pastries and fast talking The cages are completely enclosed on
might get them into the officers quarters all sides and the top by very strong bars,
and offices. If the heroes somehow snuck but in some areas the bars are noticeably
in by other methods, they may be able to bent outwards. The floors of the cages are
get closer to the enclosure but it is still bolted securely into the concrete and on a
not going to be easy. whole appear to have held up against
The heroes play a dangerous game here. whatever was contained inside. The
Outnumbered and under-armed, they concrete floor in all of the cages show
stand very little chance of escaping in gouges and scars, the marks strongly
one piece if they start trouble. While resembling the slashes in the wall
attempting to rescue the prisoners is surrounding the staircase down into this
noble and good, it is not what they are room.
here to accomplish. They do not have the The medical area itself is the main
resources for a full-scale rescue, and even source of the wretched smell that hangs
if they did manage to get the whole place over the bunker. Small pools of dried
sprung, they are still deep in enemy blood and other evidence of poor surgery,
territory. Guiding the whole lot out to including leftover surgical towels and bits
safety is impractical and, unfortunately, of unrecognizable meat cover the tables
not on the menu for this mission. and fill the bins around the area. Bits and
pieces of medical equipment are still here,
The Enclosure mainly in wall-mounted bins. Any medic
The doors to the enclosure remain can replenish 1d6 healing supplies from
locked by a simple tumbler, easily picked these bins. The metal door into the
with little effort (Lockpicking DC 15). If crematorium is convenient for the quick
the team somehow finds a way inside, disposal of experimental surgeries gone
they find it has a dirt floor and thick awry.
concrete wallsmore like a bunker than a With the lights on, a watchful character
research facility. The stink around the might also notice strange symbols
area, especially the crematorium, smells painted on the walls in blood at each of
less of ashes then is usually expected the cardinal points of the compass. To
and more of rotted meat and death. those who can read them, the runes are:
The inside of the bunker looks Uruz, for control of the creatures, Thurisaz
amazingly like the outside, all gray for the destructive power the creature
concrete and brown stained walls. Ten feet possess, and Wunjo for the fury they
from the exterior door is a wall made of possess in their attack. A Nazi blood
prison bars, with a single door leading mage showed Clauberg how to add these
through. This door hangs open and behind small magics to his bizarre surgical
it is a heavy steel portcullis that lifts up experiments.
from the floor, revealing a small spiral Inside the incinerator are nothing but
staircase leading down into the darkness. ash and the occasional bone with the
exception of one skull. Even charred and

Test of Worth
blackened by the fire, this skull strongly
resembles a human skull, only with the
jaw supporting fangs instead of normal
teeth and a quarter-sized hole drilled into
the base of the skull. Scratched deep into
the bone, the skull also features the same
runes found on the walls of the surgical
In the office drawers hang open, a very
cold cup of tea sits on the desk. The
desk itself is empty, save for a few office
supplies in the center drawer.
In one corner is a small metal trashcan
with a pile of ashes inside. The piled
ashes have cooled completely by the time
the heroes find them and anyone digging
through them or making a search check
(DC 15) of the office finds a half burnt
notebook. The notebook is Professor
Claubergs himself, and his name is inside
the cover. According to the notes,
Claubergs experiments run the gauntlet of
the profane and unholy. Working with
combining creatures to create monstrous
amalgamations, the Nazi scientist is
seeking the perfect balance between
intelligence, cunning, power, and terror in
order to create a new warrior for the
Fhrer. The notes run the gambit of his
ideas in the development of his
creatures. Due to the book being burned
however, much of this has been lost and
only a few tidbits remain. A character
who makes a Language (German) roll (DC
15) roll, finds notes on what sort of
animals Clauberg has used, mainly bears, left no guard, the first indication they get
wolves and cougars. There is no mention that things have gone wrong are the
of how they crossed the creatures with shouts from above as the guards summon
humans but if the evidence in the reinforcements and prepare to kill the
medical area is any clue, it was not pretty intruders. Claubergs tunnel, used to move
or painless. the creatures secretly out of the camp for
At the end of the book is a partially transport to Ravensbrueck, provides the
destroyed note about the Fhrer inviting most immediate exit. With the entire camp
Clauberg to Ravensbrueck for a on alert above them and two-dozen
demonstration of his new creations. guards making their way into the bunker,
Folded into the back of the notebook is a it is the only safe way out.
decoded message. It sets the date of the Unfortunately, Clauberg was afraid his
transfer at the same day the other creatures might one day break free. To
prisoners last saw Wico. It reads, in stop them, he had several traps
German: constructed along the length of the
tunnel. These are simply two foot deep pit
Transfer experiments to traps with sharpened stakes in them.
Ravensbrueck. Stop. SS to provide They are designed to hobble and slow a
escort. Stop. Meet with command creature, not kill it. Every 10 yards traveled,
in three days. Stop. have the characters make a DC 15 Reflex
save. Of those who fail, the lead character
steps into a trap and suffers 1d6 damage.
Escape His movement rate is also halved for the
If the heroes left a guard at the next 1d4 days or until the damage is
entrance, he had better be a fast talker healed. The DC of the Reflex save is
because one of the patrols coming on reduce to 10 if the heroes walk.
duty goes to check out the bunker. If they

Test of Worth
wise to hang around the area for too long.
While the only guards who knew about
the exit underneath Klaus and Sons left
with Clauberg, it does not take the guards
that chased the heroes through the tunnel
long to make it past the traps. Once they
reach the elevator, they use it to enter and
scour the building.
Receiving communications about the
intruders, the German soldiers in town set
up stations to check everyone trying to
leave. The soldiers detain anyone without
proper papers or a good reason to be
traveling and a curfew is set for sunset.
The last northbound train departs just
before the curfew is enforced. This train
travels north to Hamburg, stopping at all
points in between.
Croteau has a contact in Hanover with
at least some knowledge of Ravensbrueck
camp. He had spent several months there
as a guard before defecting. Considering
that Sgt. Wico may be in more immediate
danger than originally expected, time is of
the essence and the train is the fastest
way there.

Scene 3:
Searching for Sgt.
The most expedient way north is via
The tunnel is one hundred yards long
the train that runs from Stroasbourg to
and leads to a small garage outside of the
Hanover. By cutting across country,
camp. It is illuminated only by whatever
passing through Wittenberg and then
light the heroes carry. This same tunnel
straight on to Ravensbrueck, Croteau
previously witnessed the loading of the
hopes to recover Wico before Clauberg can
caged creatures into trucks.
end his existence with his twisted
The guards know about the traps but
medical experiments. Walking will take
do not know where they actually are, so
too long with this distance and the roads
they hang back at the entrance and fire at
are dangerous, thanks to the recent
the heroes until they either kill them or
increase in air attacks from the Allies and
the traps take them down. If the heroes
the constant checkpoints.
are well on their way to escaping, the
guards send a small detachment down the The Train
tunnel but move slowly so as not to step The train feels like a sardine can. The
in a pit trap. accommodations are moderate, with
The tunnel, after a few twists and overhead nets for baggage and bench
turns, leads to an elevator installed seats for everyone. If the heroes have
beneath Klaus and Sons Garage, a front snuck aboard the train instead of paying
set up by Clauberg in order to have a for tickets, then the baggage car is
hidden escape route on hand. The garage suitable for hiding but very cramped.
is empty except for a cage and some Germans lightly patrol the platform in
packing gear. The whole place feels Stroasbourg while auditors stand by the
abandoned. The garage is outside the passenger doors to check papers. Anyone
south end of the camp and a side road found without proper papers is detained
leads to the main road that connects the for investigation. A half-dozen guards
camp and Stroasbourg. assigned to the train do their duties
With the camp on alert and guards quickly and without too much concern
doubling at every post, it may not be

Test of Worth
unless trouble starts. They spend most of The creature lives here! and
their time smoking in the caboose away Your field hand is the monster!
from the other passengers. As the train
pulls out of station, it steams forward Nikolaus waves his arms, trying to
and north to Hanover. calm the crowd and talk to them.
Train Checkpoints Only me and my farmhand live
Five stops await the heroes between around here. We did not see
Stroasbourg and Hanover. Each takes anything last night. Youre chasing
nearly an hour to pass through thanks to shadows! Hans would not do such
guards boarding the train and checking for a thing!
papers. Detainment and a rough trip off
the train await anyone whose papers are Crouching behind Nikolaus is a very
not in order or found to be false. The large man, his face covered in burn scars
guards drag off the train and imprison and his muscles stretching his work
anyone who resists too strenuously. The clothes. Pitr sees his friends dilemma and
guards are not mindlessly cruel, but tries to help Nikolaus explanation (in
neither are they willing to let potential perfect German), but the crowd only
Resistance members slip through their argues louder, some of the more direct
fingers. members waving their torches towards the
At each of the five stops, a German cowering Hans. Pitr and Nikolaus cannot
officer and two guards board each hold them off forever. The heroes must
passenger car. Shouting orders and step forward and defuse the situation
demanding papers, these men move down before the people with torches get eager
the car row by row. When the officers to burn something down.
reach the heroes, they check and The crowd remains determined though.
scrutinize their papers as closely as On the other side of town, there is
everyone else. If the papers are out of definitely a dairy cow torn to pieces and
order, incorrect, or missing, the guards partially devoured. Sightings of some
immediately arrest the team. If the heroes flying beast started after Hans arrival. In
try to cause trouble, the guards are under addition, rumors and secondhand news is
orders to stop them as quickly as running rampant so the heroes had better
possible. Gunshots and loud fighting move quick and come up with a good
bring 2d6 other guards from elsewhere in reason for the crowd to leave. Threatening
the train within 1d6 rounds. violence can work but is guaranteed to
get the heroes reported to the police and
Hanover, Germany Germans in the area. Talking down the
Croteaus contact in Hanover is crowd is a far more peaceful and low-key
Nikolaus, an ex-guard formerly stationed approach. Only allow Diplomacy rolls to
at Ravensbrueck. He has been living in be made after the players come up with a
Hanover since his stint with the German valid argument for the crowd or if they
army ended. Collecting his pension and are completely stumped.
setting up a small farm outside of Once the villagers disperse, Nikolaus
Hanover is all he really wanted, but when gladly welcomes the heroes inside and
something started stalking his farm and prepares them a hot meal.
chewing up his livestock, he set out to
stop it. Croteau arrived on the second I thank you for helping us. After
night of his vigil and together the two of the stories of some monster
them chased the creature down and cropped up I thought it was only a
finished it off. Ever since, Nikolaus has matter of time before you came
helped Croteau with local special around, Croteau. Hans has nothing
problems, though he is not formally a to do with this, but the villagers are
member of the Resistance. scared and he is still new. They
The farm is a kilometer outside of the want to blame anything they can
town, and when the heroes arrive, a large for the attacks. Whatever these
crowd has gathered around the front door. things are they only showed up
Nikolaus is standing on the porch facing about a week ago and Hans only a
the group of angry villagers with torches few days before that.
in hand. Shouts echo around the area as
the Heroes approach.

Test of Worth
Nikolaus Heftig constantly SS on patrol around it until
Professor Clauberg was reassigned to
Nikolaus had a medical discharge from
Stroasbourg. Shortly following this,
the German army after an accident while
Nikolaus was injured. Claubergs return to
transporting munitions left him with only
Ravensbrueck does not sit well with him,
his right arm and a severe limp on his left
especially if there is evidence he has
side. Considering the state of the others
taken POWs with him for experimentation.
in the accident, he got off easy. He then
traveled to Hanover, and using the money
The camp is laid out in an L
he received after his retirement, started a
shape near the Schewdt-See with
small farm where he intends to spend the
warehouses along the north side, a
rest of his years. The farm itself should
railway station in the northwest,
eventually produce enough for him to live
and SS workshops in the center.
on and that is all he was interested in
Fences and another railway divide
until Croteau showed up. While he is
the Mens and Womens camps. The
patriotic to Germany and served proudly
women all work in the SS
in the Wehrmacht, he was not a member
Workshop while the men split their
of the Nazi party and strongly disagrees
numbers between the Siemens
with what sort of experiments and
Factory and the Forced Labor Camp
conditions exist at Ravensbrueck. He has
at the south end. To the southeast
pride in the Fatherland but shows his
is the Uckermark, where the
contempt for what the bad elements in
greenhouses stand and several sand
charge are doing. His disgust with these
pits wait for the disposal of
acts is the only thing that motivates him
executed prisoners. The bunker that
to help, along with his gratefulness to
Clauberg worked in is at the far
northeast end, just south of the
Hans Grubbermen railway station and within sight of
The scars on his face and body do not the SS housing. This bunker is
reflect the good heart within. Burned and probably where he is and where he
silenced during a firebombing on his has imprisoned your comrade.
hometown, Hans traveled for weeks before The bunker always had several
arriving at Nikolaus farm. In the short SS stationed around it and only one
time since Hans arrival the two have entrance at the north side, facing
grown into good friends. The same attack the railway station. Whatever
that burned his body also destroyed his Clauberg is doing, he is doing it
voice and he is unable to speak, though inside there. If your friend is there
he does write just fine. While the then he does not have much time
townsfolk shunned him, Nikolaus left, if he is still alive now.
welcomed him in and gave him room and The fastest way there from here
board in exchange for help with the is to cross the countryside and go
chores. Hans is friendly and does his best through Wittenberg. The British
to be helpful. His natural strength makes have taken out many bridges all
him an excellent hand on Nikolaus farm. along the river and Wittenberg is
Croteau looks in on Nikolaus every the only place I know of that still
month or two and Nikolaus helps him has any intact. Once you are across
with problems in the area by providing the river, the road to Berlin passes
what information he can. He rarely very closely to Ravensbrueck and
divulges anything about the regular army you can find your way there with
only those elements he feels engage in ease.
supernatural or evil activities.
Fortunately for Croteau, Nikolaus Nikolaus offers his barn for a place to
knowledge of the terrain between Hanover rest through the night if the heroes wish
and Ravensbrueck is nearly encyclopedic. to take advantage of it. Hans sleeps in the
Nikolaus shares what he knows about back room of the house and the barn has
Ravensbrueck with the heroes. He has no a large hayloft. The next day, the best he
actual maps of Ravensbrueck but recalls can offer is a good breakfast and a ride to
the layout of the camp as it was when he the other side of Hanover so that the
left nearly a year ago. This includes the heroes can quickly return to their journey
special fenced in bunker located next to on foot.
the camp but outside the camps fence.
His orders never allowed him into the
bunker firsthand but there were

Test of Worth

The skull and crossbones painted on

Over the River and the sign indicate a minefield. The
minefield is a mix of antipersonnel
Through the Woods and antitank with the occasional S44
The country leading to Wittenberg is a thrown in for good measure. Make a
landscape of hills crisscrossed by second roll to determine the density
streams, rivers, and valleys. The weather of the minefield.
remains overcast and cool, punctuated by 1-2: Low Density Rating of 6
the occasional shower and rainstorm as
3-5: Medium Density Rating of 10
the heroes march over the wet grass and
shallow streams. The countryside between 6: High Density Rating of 15
Hanover and Wittenberg is not empty. 4: Air Patrol. A pair of BF-109es
With the front pushing east every day it cruises over the horizon, scouting for
has become busier than ever. Patrols of the armored division moving towards
Wehrmacht soldiers roam the hills hunting Wittenberg from the east. The
for downed pilots and resistance groups. fighters make a slow circle around
While the squad hikes through the area, the squad before making their way
roll 1d6 every six hours for encounters: west.
5: Cattle. The heroes stumble onto
1: Panzer! A Pzkpfw IVJ rolls over a
some locals farmland and a herd of
nearby hill, four Wehrmacht soldiers
cattle greets them. The cattle watch
riding on top. If the team looks
the party pass, doing nothing but
suspicious, the tank stops and the
chewing their cud and mooing. A few
soldiers disembark to check their
dead cows lie stinking nearby,
victims of a recent air raid.
2: Wehrmacht Patrol. Sounds of an
6: Refugees. A group of refugees
engine coming over the horizon soon
escaping the city bombings camps
give view to a Sdkfz 251 half-track
nears the squads position. Tents and
with six Wehrmacht Soldier and a
small fires surround the area while
Waffen SS Officer. The patrol stops
mainly women and children gather
for a routine inspection of the partys
wood or scrounge for food. Aside
from the elderly or infirm, there are
3: Mine Field. The heroes come upon
very few men in the camp. The
a wooden sign displaying Achtung!
refugees have very little to trade and

Test of Worth
no real information on the area other The creatures wait until nightfall before
than what direction Wittenberg or making their attack, using the darkness
any other city is from the camp. The as cover to help them keep the element
people can provide a hot meal of of surprise. Descending from the cloud
cover, a trio of these beasts dives on the
soup and bread if the heroes are
heroes. If successful, the creatures gain
friendly towards them and have surprise and make swooping attacks with
something to trade. their powerful hind legs. The creatures are
each strong enough to lift a struggling
666th Airborne human. These creatures randomly attack
One of Professor Claubergs earlier on the first few passes and then
experiments with the creatures was to concentrate on whomever appears the
grant them some form of flight. This weakest, whether through obvious
made for better maneuverability and wounds or because he is not fighting
easier travel when released. A trio of the back. During these attacks, two of the
creatures, tagged and released by things try to distract the more powerful
Clauberg, has been hunting the hills characters with feigned attacks and fancy
between Hanover and Wittenberg for flying while the third tries to snatch the
weeks. After a recent run in with a weaker one and drop him some distance
shepherd, their appetites have changed away. Once a squad member is dead, they
and any wandering human, traveler, or fly the victim back to their nest where
soldier makes for an easy snack. These they feast on the warm corpse. The
are the creatures preying on the Hanover horrors retreat if badly wounded (quarter
farms near Nikolaus. hit points) or one of their own is killed.
Read the following when the fight is
666th Airborne: CR 6; Large over and someone examines the creatures
Humanoid; HD 5d10+10; hp 38; Init +3; corpse.
Spd 15 ft, 60ft fly (average); AC 16 (-1
size, +3 Dex, +4 natural); Atk 2 Claws The creature is definitely the
+8 (1d6+4), bite +3 (1d8+2); Face victim of some sort of Nazi
5ft.x5ft./5ft.; AL NE; SV Fort +6, Ref experimentation. It was certainly
+7, Will +1; Str 18, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 5, once a man, but its hind legs have
been augmented somehow to be
Wis 11, Cha 7
incredibly strong, and a pair of very
Skills and Feats: Hide +7, Listen +4, large canvas wings have been
Move Silently +8; Fly By Attack painfully riveted onto its arms.
Special Qualities: The poor subject must have been
Improved Grab, Darkvision, +8 to driven mad by the surgery by the
Move Silently and Hide checks way it fought.
when flying
Combat: When the creature hits with a
claw attack, it immediately gets a Scene 4:
free Grapple check. If successful, it
latches onto the character and rises
at least 50 ft into the air. The next
Currently holding the largest population
round, it drops him for 5d6 falling
of female prisoners in Germany,
damage. The only thing a character Ravensbrueck proves an ideal setting for
can do while flying the unfriendly Claubergs plans. Part of his research is
skies is attempt to grab onto the into the various methods and applications
things ankles and hang on for dear of sterilization techniques on the
life. Should a character attempt this, imprisoned women. Most of the women
make a second grapple check. If who undergo them die during the testing
successful, he hangs on. If not, he is or shortly afterwards in great pain. Any
shaken free as above. The exact who survive undergo further study and
those who die become fodder for other
distance he falls is up to the War
experiments. The German physicians
Master. conduct pseudoscientific medical
Ranged attacks against the flying experiments that utilize thousands of the
horrors receive -2 to hit because of camp prisoners without their consent,
their constant movement, high speed, most of them Jews, in addition to Poles,
and unpredictable flight patterns. Russians, and Gypsies.

Test of Worth

Inside the Wall

The camp is laid out close to what
Nikolaus described, with Claubergs
bunker at the far west end of the camp,
just south of the train station and
surrounded by barbed wire and heavy
fences. The ground surrounding it is
nothing but empty dirt. A watchtower
stands sentinel, sweeping its spotlight
across the area after dark. SS squads
patrol the bunker itself, with two pairs of
men and a dog circling the area and
keeping watch on the immediate areas
while the tower guard keeps a broader
overview of the landscape.
During daylight, the camp is alive with
labor and the occasional gunshot as the
guards intimidate or execute another
prisoner. The female prisoners are lead to
the factories and work areas with small
groups taken from the population and
moved down into Claubergs bunker. The
men are on the far side of the camp and
are not visible to the heroes at all unless
they travel to that side as well, but their
routine matches the womens closely.
The railway station is currently devoid
of trains, but a small connecting storage
yard houses several work trucks for
hauling loads around the camp, and even
a single half-track for moving small
numbers of prisoners to destinations too
close to warrant the train. Otherwise, the
train station is very quiet this day, with
extend underground. With this operation
no new prisoners arriving or departing,
being more directly under the Fhrers
simply working the same tasks in the
view, the areas received a drastic upgrade
factories they did the day before.
in materials and services. New areas
If the heroes wear German uniforms
devoted to the storage and display of the
and try to sneak in, their Bluff check
creatures line the walls of the hall leading
bonus becomes zero. The SS on guard
to the arena. Clauberg hopes that by
duty are under orders not to allow anyone
proving his creatures in an arena of
other than the scientists into the bunker.
combat in front of the Fhrer he is
SS uniforms, on the other hand, give the
certain to gain approval for the mass
heroes a bonus of +2 to their Bluff as
creation of more abominations, a process
long as they have a good cover story to
he is working on even now.
get in.
With the SS Housing areas not more
Professor Clauberg maintains his own
than 200 yards from the bunker proper,
special compound outside of
fighting their way in is not going to help
Ravensbrueck proper to continue his
the players at all. Waiting for nightfall
experiments in privacy while still having
brings an additional guard unit out but
a ready supply of bodies, living and dead.
also gives them the team the cover of
The Bunker darkness. After surveying the area from a
nearby hill, Croteau recommends that
Located exactly where Nikolaus said it doing just this is probably the best course
would be, the bunker is nearly identical of action as Sgt. Wico is bound to be in
(at least above ground) to the one seen at the bunker somewhere.
Stroasbourg. This time there are actually The inside of the bunker is barren,
guards on patrol immediately outside the barring a heavy steel door with a crank
bunker. Much like the bunker in handle in the back wall and a few
Stroasbourg, most of Claubergs areas abandoned work desks scattered around

Test of Worth
the large concrete room. Behind the door Claubergs Mutts
is the stairway leading down into Die
The mutts are rottweilers with a
Grube (see below).
machine gun and ammo hopper mounted
Die Grube along their spine. The trigger is wired
Worse than the bunker at Stroasbourg, directly to the dogs skull, and the dog is
Die Grube (the Pit) is where the Professor trained to jerk its head down to fire.
houses all of his latest experiments, When it does so, the gun fires to its front.
waiting to unleash them at the Fhrers These mutts are kept by Clauberg in Die
request. Descending the staircase found in Grube to run the corridors at night,
the back of the bunker leads directly into hunting for potential intruders. While their
the Pit. The walls, hewn directly out of accuracy is very poor, facing these mad
the earth absorb sound easily, masking dogs in a narrow corridor is deadly.
the noise of the creatures from anyone
passing overhead. Cages line the walls. A Claubergs Mutts: CR 3; Small Beast;
dozen of them hold creatures, some HD 3d8+6; hp 20; Init +4; Spd 40 ft.; AC
stalking back and forth, some sleeping, 19 (+4 Dex, +1 size, +4 natural); Atk +4
and others with bizarre new attachments bite (1d6+2), +3 MP40 (2d6); AL LE; SV
hanging off of them cowering in the Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +2; Str 14, Dex 19,
corners. Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6
Corridors and rooms divide Die Grube.
Skills and Feats: Listen +3, Spot +2,
Much more advanced than the operating
area at Natzweiler-Struthof, the entire
Swim +2, Wilderness Lore +11; Track
place is a labyrinth of medical areas, Special Qualities:
supply rooms, specimen storage and a Scent
single large, dirt floored underground Weapon: The dogs fire is erratic. Treat it
stadium called the Arena. These rooms as firing at innocent bystanders every
and tunnels are all part of a natural cave round in combat. Every victim in the
system below the lake and resemble corridor ahead of the dog is a potential
such, with smoothed walls running the victim.
length of the corridors and condensation The mutts are solitary hunters that
dripping from the ceilings. avoid one another as much as possible.
Other than Clauberg and his chosen They are trained to respond to and head
surgeons and doctors, no humans live or toward any gunfire they hear, as well as a
work inside Die Grube, except for the the command Come! Either command
occasional prisoner. His own specially draws the entire pack in 1d6 rounds. The
modified and trained creatures keep guard mutts on guard are the only five who
for him, patrolling the halls and rooms have survived the surgery and healing
freely and heavily armed. These creatures process.
are even more modified than what the Every soldier, doctor, and scientist is
heroes have previously encountered, under orders not to enter Die Grube after
mounting powerful weapons in and on dusk. Recognizing only Clauberg, the
their bodies to supplement their strength Mutts chase and attack anyone other than
in hand-to-hand combat and frighten Clauberg when loose in the complex. This
anyone who views them. The mutts, as evening, Clauberg released them early to
Clauberg calls them, are almost perfect help insure his dinner party with the SS
guard animals, ready to attack and kill officers remains uninterrupted.
If the heroes infiltrate the bunker
Doctors Offices
during the daylight hours, surgeons and The doctors offices are very similar to
doctors are on hand, working in the each other. Each has desks, piles of
offices or attending in the surgical areas. paperwork, and notes and charts on how
During the night, usually only Clauberg various subjects are adjusting to their
and his creatures are present. Clauberg procedures and implants. During the
spends his nights revising and studying daytime, doctors work on reports for
the days experiments and planning the Clauberg on everything from sterilization
next revision to his creatures. Tonight tests to experiments on how long the
though, only the creatures are present, as subjects lasted. The information in the
Clauberg is having his dinner party with files covers almost every sort of medical
the SS. perversity possible, and it is obvious
these doctors have been at their work for
a long time already.

Test of Worth
Surgery Rooms The Professors notes seem dedicated
to the procedures the prisoners undergo
Blood, gore, and the stench of death
before their transformation into creatures.
fills these rooms to the brink. Used
Details on the surgical procedures used
medical tools and pus-covered rags are
and information on dark rituals that took
strewn about on every surface. The metal
place to ensure the success of each
beds are from a local mortuary and
creature are contained in the files. Some
feature a blood drain at the end, some of
new theories on expanding the available
which are still wet with the life fluids of
weapons that can be mounted on the
the doctors victims. The tools
creatures and new areas of research on
surrounding these beds are standard
the modification and alteration of
medical fare, scalpels, scapulas, clamps
subjects, such as the creature that appears
and drills, but in pans next to these are
human until ordered and then projects
what look like bears claws made out of
several hidden weapons from within its
steel, bundles of wiring, and even an
own body. Claubergs office is the only
unarmed flamethrower adapted to be self
area where files this in-depth are found,
and they are invaluable to the OSI.
Mounted in the wall behind the tables
is a heavy metal door about waist high Creature Comforts
from the floor. This leads directly to the These creatures were once pathetically
incinerator, though this one actually human. Now they are little more than
contains more than ashes. A twisted pieces of bloody flesh horridly patched
body, belonging to todays experiment, together in haphazard fashion. Grotesque
still lays unburned in the incinerator. animal appendages sewn where their
Upon opening the incinerator, a Will Save normal arms and legs should grow
vs. fear (DC15) is in order. demonstrate the extent of Claubergs
The same runes painted on the walls at madness. Hands and feet have been
Natzweiler-Struthof hang here. They are replaced by oversized animal paws bearing
more carefully applied then the previous steel claws, jaws have been removed and
marks but they remain done in blood and replaced with muzzled fangs, and vicious
are again painted at the cardinal points of weapons have been installed into their
the compass. bodies.
Supply Rooms The creatures that have survived the
procedures necessary to install the
Stocked with various medical supplies,
different animal parts and control
including flammable gasses and liquids
equipment in their bodies are kept in
used in experiments, the stock rooms are
cages barely large enough to contain them
large and hold shelves from wall to wall.
but strong enough to resist their pain-
The supply rooms contain nearly
induced fury against the bars. Each
everything to help ensure that the staff
creature is incapable of speech and
very rarely runs out of necessary
cannot communicate, though they
materials. Among them is also a pantry
understand a few command words in
with emergency power generators, food,
German. Most of the cages contain a
and barrels of water. The bunker is
specimen, each one unique and all of
equipped for a siege lasting up to a week
them more human in appearance than any
with these supplies.
of the creatures previously encountered,
The stores also serve as temporary fuel
but each also bear severe operation scars
storage for the camp, with one room
around their skulls. Some also have bits
containing nothing but drums of gasoline.
of wiring extruding from these wounds.
These drums are stacked two high and
three deep along the walls. There are
roughly a dozen of them in this storeroom
The Arena
and they are all full and capped shut. At the furthest corner of Die Grube is
the staircase leading to the balcony that
Claubergs Office oversees what Clauberg calls the Arena.
Claubergs private office appears An open testing area where the creatures
tastefully attired. Despite this, the area is rage against prisoners and each other, the
just as cluttered as any of the other Arena is Claubergs hidden proving
offices in the bunker. The skulls of grounds. A heavy steel door to the left of
various dangerous animals line the the staircase leads directly into the arena
shelves directly behind Claubergs desk. If where even now, the heroes can hear the
the heroes can take any of it, than these snarls of some creature through the door
papers are invaluable to the OSI. and the laughter of a dinner party above

Test of Worth
them. The arena is roughly 40 feet wide by +6, Diplomacy +5, Driving +3, Hide +3,
80 ft long with the balcony overlooking Knowledge (arcana) +16, Knowledge
the far end. A walkway leads from the (medicine) +7, Listen +6, Move
staircase, above and around the arena Silently +2, Profession (weaponsmith)
floor and directly to the balcony area that
+6, Search +7, Spellcraft +16, Spot +6,
is large enough to hold the dining table
and party of Clauberg. Use Magic Device +14; Simple Weapon
This evening, Professor Clauberg is Proficiency, Firearm Proficiency, Light
entertaining a select group of SS officers Armor Proficiency, Rank, Automatic
who have shown an interest in some Weapon Proficiency, Run, Extend
aspects of his work. He is hoping that Spell, Heighten Spell, Flamethrower
with their support, swaying the Fhrer Proficiency, Spell Penetration
will be even easier. Full reign over an even Special Qualities:
larger scale version of his current creature Create Runes: see BotR 119
experiments would be his, allowing him
Attuned: see BotR 119
to oversee a veritable army of surgeons
and their monsters. Inscribe Runes: see BotR 119
His current dinner plans include a five Runes: Professor Clauberg knows 9
course meal for the dozen attending runes. Uruz, Thurisaz, Wunjo,
officers, carefully prepared and served on Fehu, Laguz, Isa, Mannaz, Kenaz,
the balcony overlooking the small arena Gebo
he had workers dig out and create before Blood Magic: see BotR 150
sending them off to the surgeons. He is
planning to release a very special Clauberg arrived at Natzweiler-Struthof
specimen he has devoted his time to in in December, 1942 after spending some
order to demonstrate the incredible time in Ravensbrueck. Shortly thereafter,
effectiveness of a creature against its he received the entire scientific enclosure
fellow prisoners, both in battle and as a for his own base of operations. He also
morale weapon. A dozen veteran Waffen received access to any prisoners he
SS officers attend the party in full wanted, regardless of race, creed, or
uniform. religious orientation. Claubergs
motivations are more suspect. He is a
Professor Clauberg slightly built man with a bully streak a
Having always had an interest in the mile long. Underneath his professional
workings of the human body, as well as demeanor, the prisoners and subjects
every other natural creature on the face of under his control are the ultimate victims,
the planet, Professor Clauberg delved into powerless against any painful experiment
dark studies that eventually led to his he wants to perform on them. He is a
banishment from a professorship at the coward, lashing out on anyone weaker
University of Berlin. During his pursuits, than him, but quickly capitulating to
Clauberg joined the Nazi party and bought anyone obviously stronger than he is.
their line on Aryan history completely. His
own thoughts took these ideas and Sgt. Ryan Wico,
skewed them into what are now his
pets. In 1942, an assistant of Heinrich Airborne, 101st
Himmler, who already had some Sgt. Ryan Wico is a born and bred
information about Claubergs research, patriot. He volunteered for the first
recruited him and gave him the means to American unit shipped to Europe. He
extend his experiments into new realms. joined up with the 101st and quickly had a
These included training in the basics of squad of men placed under his command.
Blood Magic, something that Clauberg has Later, he encountered some of the Nazis
managed to meld with his own scientific brutes, and after defeating them and
meddling. several other horrors, was recruited into
Professor Clauberg: CR10: Medium- the OSI. After the unsuccessful drop near
size Human; Class: Exp 1, Med 2, Ofr 1, Stroasbuerg, he quickly gathered the men
Adt 6; HD 1d6+3d8+6d6+20; hp 58; Init he could and went north to make trouble,
+0; Spd 30 ft.; AC 10; Atk ; AL LE; SV successfully stalling a supply convoy
Fort +7, Ref +2, Will +14; Str 12, Dex 10, before his capture. Inside his head, he
Con 14, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 12 holds detailed information on Claubergs
experiments, a good number of the other
Skills and Feats: Alchemy +16, Bluff +5,
doctors involved, where they are located,
Combat Medicine +7, Concentration

Test of Worth

and how the creatures hunt and fight.. previously seen. The walkway leading
Returning him alive, with or without from the stairway to the balcony hides
Claubergs papers, gives the OSI a huge traps similar to those found in the escape
advantage in stopping the continuation of tunnel at Natzweiler-Struthof with the
these atrocious experiments. addition of drop floors that swing open
and drop anyone who is standing on them
Sgt. Ryan Wico: Male Human Grt 4, and fails a DC20 Reflex save into the
Sct 2, Opt 1; CR 7; Medium-size arena itself to face whatever creature is
Human; HD 4d10+3d8+21; hp 57; Init +7; loose.
Spd 30 ft.; AC 13; Atk +9/+4 melee, Upon spotting the intruders, Clauberg
uses a radio control to activate the traps
+11/+6 M1 Carbine (2d8+9); AL NG; SV
found along the walkway and sets the
Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +4; Str 14, Dex 16, trapped floors to drop when anyone steps
Con 16, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 12 on them. The SS officers themselves carry
Skills and Feats: Bluff +2, Climb +4, Lugers and the serving staff is completely
Disguise +2, Gather Information +2, unarmed, panicking and running at the
Hide +9, Innuendo +1, Jump +4, Listen first sign of combat between the SS and
+6, Move Silently +9, Open Lock +4, the heroes.
Search +7, Sense Motive +3, Spot +6, Down in the arena, the cage opens and
Swim +4, Wilderness Lore +4, English the largest, ugliest, and most dangerous
of the creatures emerges, ready to
+6, German +4; Improved Initiative,
slaughter Sgt. Wico and anyone else who
Parachute Proficiency, Automatic falls into the arena regardless of uniform
Weapon Proficiency, Point Blank Shot, or rank.
Rapid Shot, Dead Eye, Rank, Track, Croteau recognizes Wico and leaps into
Weapon Focus (M1 Carbine), Weapon the arena to help as soon as the action
Specialization (M1 Carbine) starts. The heroes can follow him, but in
Special Qualities: the arena, they have no cover from the
Sneak Attack +2d6: See the Players Germans on the balcony, all of which are
Handbook page 47 concentrating their fire on whoever
remains on the walkway since anyone
down below has the creature to deal with
Gladiator and it is sure to triumph over them.
Sgt. Wico stands unceremoniously on Arena Creature
the arena floor. One of Claubergs
This beast is twice the size of any
creatures paces behind a second barred
creature previously seen by the heroes
door, even larger than any the heroes have

Test of Worth
either in the wild or within these very kill the creature, it dies spectacularly,
walls. Metal plates have been crudely writhing and twitching on the ground
bolted into its skin, blades extend from then going still with a peaceful, almost
its elbows, a variety of iron spikes run human, appearance on its face. Otherwise,
the ridges of its shoulders, and each hand if they cut and run as soon as possible,
ends in wicked claws. Froth drips from its the creature and eight of its brethren stalk
enlarged jaws and the madness in its eyes them through the bunker. The creatures
shows that this creature can last. The follow them above ground if the heroes
creature is strong, fast, and brutal in its do nothing to slow or stop them. Their
attack, using its blades and claws when attacks follow the heroes all the way to
close to Wico, Croteau, or any hero it can the surface.
reach to bash and slash them fatally. The release of another half dozen less-
advanced creatures into the arena makes
Arena Creature: CR 9; Large the going even more difficult, but it also
Monstrous Humanoid; HD 8d8+32; hp opens up the steel door that leads back
68; Init +3; Spd 30 ft.; AC 22 (+3 Dex, to the bunker. The heroes can make a
+4 Natural, +6 Armor, -1 Size); Atk break for it if they leap into the arena as
well, grab Wico, and run for it.
+15/+10 2 claws (1d8+9), +10/+5 2
Clauberg himself takes cover behind
Sturmgewehr 44s (2d8-1); AL CE; SV the table for most of the battle, letting
Fort +10, Ref +9, Will +2; Str 14, Dex 16, his creatures and the SS do the fighting
Con 18, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 6 while he cowers under cover. His life is
Skills and Feats: Climb +12, Hide +3, more valuable to himself than that of the
Jump +11, Listen +4, Move Silently +7, creatures. He can always make more and
Search +4, Spot +5; Automatic even if all of the creatures die and the SS
Weapon Proficiency, Firearm surrender or suffer similar fates, he does
Proficiency, Improved Initiative, not touch a weapon if it means exposing
himself to danger.
Simple Weapon Proficiency, Weapon
With SS officers pinning them with
Focus (Claws) gunfire and the monster and its
Special Qualities: companions in the arena below, escape
Hidden Guns: If the creature is losing, through the steel door may be the only
hatches open in its chest and a option for the player characters. Once they
pair of Sturmgewehr 44s extend are out, a quick raid on the supply room
into its hands. This is a move and its fuel barrels could provide the
equivalent action. distraction to throw the creatures and
Armor Plating: If a weapon with a officers off their trail while they make for
the vehicle housing by the railway station
positive PV is used, treat the
or simply run for the hills on foot.
creature as AC 15. The heroes escape is bound to alert
the guards around the area, especially if it
Sgt. Wico, bare-chested and unarmed, is a hasty one with wounded and Sgt.
refuses to go down without a fight. With Wico in tow. Soon after they are spotted
Croteau and any heroes by his side to or gunfire is heard, alarms raise across
help him, he is even more ready for this the camp and any available guards come
battle, whatever the outcome. Bellowing a running towards the bunker in 1d6 rounds.
war cry, both Wico and the creature The heroes can make a break for the
charge one another and grapple in vehicle storage across a long yard before
combat, even though Wico has a definite any of the other guards arrive, but the
size disadvantage. three SS release their dogs and open fire
Clauberg deactivates the locks on the on the heroes. If the creatures have
other creatures cages and opens the door followed the heroes up, the guards split
to release them into the arena if it their fire, having never seen Claubergs
appears the heroes are winning. Though handiwork before, and run like hell if the
these creatures are smaller, they are still creatures decide to take an interest in the
deadly and easily match the heroes one- guards themselves. A fast drive across the
for-one. German countryside in a stolen vehicle
If the heroes leap into the arena, they awaits the heroes if they take this route
can provide covering fire for Wicos battle. on their return to safety and freedom for
The creature shifts focus from Wico to Sgt. Wico.
them, using its blades and machine guns
where necessary. If the heroes manage to

Test of Worth
operatives for the Office of
Scene 5: Supernatural Investigations, or OSI,
an organization tasked with

The Return to guarding the world from things like

Clauberg and his experiments as
well as things you cannot even
Luxembourg imagine. Hitler and his Nazi thugs
are unleashing something terrible
Croteau informs the heroes that he has on the world and we must do
a safe house in Luxembourg where they everything we can to stop it.
can hide out while waiting for his Croteau has informed us that you
superiors to arrive and pick up Sgt. Wico. all are fit for the role of OSI agents.
The journey back can go north and follow You may never get to speak of
the coastline, taking advantage of the what you see, you might never
occasional rebuilt bridge to cross the truly know the full extent of the
rivers. evil you face, and someday you
Once they have returned to might be eaten by something you
Luxembourg, it is only a day before a never knew existed. Nevertheless,
group of OSI officers arrives, with the OSI, you can help stop the
congratulating Croteau on another darkness from swallowing the light.
successful mission. Without a word about If you accept the responsibilities of
who they are, they quickly set to grilling the duties that you may be called
Sgt. Wico for all of the information he has upon to perform, then I welcome
on Claubergs experiments. Separated for you to our ranks.
their individual debriefing, the heroes
receive questioning on what they saw, Any hero found lacking does not
how the creatures operated, and the participate in this ceremony. The hero can
various types of creatures encountered. look forward to an extended stay behind
Any papers the heroes took from bars if he refuses to cooperate and keep
Claubergs files are confiscated and the the events he witnessed secret. Heroes
whole process is very orderly if who return to the world spouting off
somewhat rushed. everything they saw are watched and
Croteau gives the OSI officers his likely put six feet under, by either Croteau
assessment of the heroes. His critiques or the newly recruited OSI heroes. This
and observations determine whether the could lead to an interesting Test of
heroes receive positions with OSI. Any Worth mission where the Heroes are
hero who has been lax during the asked to search out and permanently
mission, was involved in actions that silence their former squad mat. Being
were flagrantly in violation of OSI members of a secret government agency
standards, or endangered the mission or has its responsibilities after all.
its secrecy is excused from the rest of
the proceedings and escorted out of the
safe house for detainment elsewhere.
Once everyone has finished with their
questioning, Croteau and the OSI officers
gather the heroes in the dining room. The
older officer, with a streak of gray
running through his hair, steps forward
and addresses the heroes.

Men, these past few days you

have seen, fought, and won over
creatures that no man has ever
encountered before and escaped
from. Of course, you already know
this, as I am sure none of you has
ever dealt with events like those
before either. It is not often that
people come into this type of
knowledge and live for long
afterwards. However, you have done
us a great service. Croteau and I are

Weird Wars

Schloss Fenris
By Gareth Michael-Skarka

A small fire crackled in the hearth, possible as he hustled to get the two
warming the main room of the inn against officers their drinks. The two Nazis looked
the wind whipping through the mountains. around the room at the undisguised hatred
Despite the warm summer days, the wind glaring in the eyes of the inns patrons.
up in the mountains filled the air with an Good evening. One said sarcastically.
unseasonable chill and rattled the The innkeeper silently served the beer.
windows of the small building. Viktors eyes widened as Uwe got up, and
Viktor Laslo sat by the fire, nursing a walked over to the two jackbooted
warm beer. No sign of them yet, Uwe. soldiers. What was the man thinking?
Uwe shrugged. Theyll show soon Uwe put on his best country-bumpkin
enough. He nodded in the direction of the smile. Wellheroes of the Reich! Allow me
rest of their men, seated around the room. to buy those drinks for you! The Nazis
Some were talking amongst themselves, looked him over with suspicion and
others were playing cards or even catching obvious contempt.
a quick nap. And when they do, we can What brings you so far up into the
finally start to turn the tide. The Nazis will mountains? Are you lost? Uwe was laying
abandon Austria soon enough. on the loud peasant act a bit thick, Viktor
Viktor grunted. Hopefully. Although the thoughtbut he began to see the mans
Germans in Austria might have some other intent. He was checking to see if the two
ideastheyre the ones who invited them in SS officers were alone, or part of a larger
after all. group who might be outside.
The conversation was cut short by a No, not lost. Said one of the Nazis.
burst of wind as the door flew open. Two Were stationed at the castle.
men entered, wearing the distinctive Viktors heart leapt to his throat. The
uniforms of Hitlers Waffen SS. The deaths castle! Why were they here? Were they
heads and lightning bolts gleamed in the sent? Did they know of the rendezvous? He
firelight. The room fell silent. watched the eyes of his men around the
The SS men swaggered across the room room, reflecting the same questions that
to the bar. Innkeep! one barked. Give us now raced through his mind.
two beers. The innkeeper had obviously worked up
The innkeeper tried to look as busy as enough courage to approach his new
Castle Schloss
customers and speak. Timidly, he said the adventure may prove to be a short one
Would you like anything to eat, for the unfortunate party.
gentlemen? I didnt hear any motor outside Note that the Weird Wars supplement
and I know that the walk down from the Dead From Above is necessary to play out
castle mustve made you hungry the first scene. If you dont have that
The Nazi smiled. A horrible, knowing book, you should simply have the battle
smile. A smile that made Viktors flesh fought as a normal ranged combat
crawl, for it seemed to have too many teeth between the Baron and the heroes and
within it. Too many sharp teeth. describe the aerial maneuvers narratively.
Ja. It is quite a journey. We are quite
hungry. One of the Nazis hands flashed Adventure Summary
outward, impossibly fast, catching Uwe Chapter One: The characters are flying
about the throat. The other Nazi, with in a C-47 Skytrain, through the mountains
equal precision, grabbed the top of the near the Hungary/Austria border. The
innkeepers head like a great melon. plane flies low to avoid detection by the
Viktor watched his friends eyes bulge as Luftwaffe, for the mission it undertakes is
the Nazis hand began to squeeze, and long of the utmost secrecy. Even the player
jagged nails (which Viktor hadnt noticed characters are not informed of the details
before) began to tear into the flesh. Blood until they are well underway. Broome, a
splashed over the countertop and the floor British OSI officer, briefs the characters
as Uwes neck broke with a wet snap. The on the darkened plane as it weaves its
innkeeper whimpered like a small child at way through the jagged peaks.
this sight, before the other Nazi silenced The OSI has learned that a member of
him by tightening his grip on the mans Hitlers inner circle, one of the most
skull. It caved in with a pulpy, hollow powerful of the Nazi hierarchy, will be
sound. making a visit to a castle in the Austrian
The Nazi turned to face the rest of the mountains near Vornau, near the
room. The one that killed Uwe licked the Hungarian border. Spies in Vienna
blood from his hands. His companion confirmed the arrival of Heinrich Himmler
pounced up on the blood-slicked earlier in the week, and reports indicate
countertop and idly pawed at the ruined that his motorcade left for Vornau earlier
skull of the innkeeper, slumped over the this evening. Intelligence indicates that his
bar. Oh yes He said quietly, almost in a destination is a castle known as Schloss
whisper. Quite hungry indeed. Coarse, Fenris, where he is to personally decorate
black fur sprouted from the Nazis skin, and an honored SS unit for bravery in combat.
their eyes glowed yellow in the dimly lit Given the rumors that Himmler has
room. dabbled in black magic, it was decided
A howl burst forth from them. Viktor that an OSI unit would be best equipped
thought it sounded like somebody to handle any supernatural eventualities
screaminguntil he realized the screams of the mission. Their orders are simple:
came from him. assassinate the Reichsfhrer.

War Masters Suddenly, bullets rip through the

fuselage as the aircraft comes under
attack. The C-47 appears to have been
Brief discovered by an old-fashioned Fokker
triplane. As the attacks continue, it
This adventure takes place in late becomes evident that the attacking pilot
summer of 1944 and assumes the player is not a normal flier but rather the
characters have been initiated into the undead spirit of Manfred Von
OSI. Given their past experiences with the Richtofenthe Red Baron of World War I,
supernatural (particularly if they played summoned back into hellish existence by
the adventure, Test of Worth), theyve now dark magics. The player characters must
been assigned to specifically deal with a find a way to defeat the air wraith, as
horrific threat. This mission will lead the normal weapons are useless. The situation
characters into direct confrontation with becomes more dire when the pilot of the
one of the most infamous figures of C-47 is killed, and the plane begins to fall
Hitlers inner circle: Reichsfhrer Heinrich out of the sky. The characters (along with
Himmlerthe master of the SS himself. Broome) are forced to bail out of the
The adventure is intended for 4-6 crippled aircraft.
characters of levels 6-9. At least one Chapter Two: The characters must
player capable of wielding magic is survive a low-altitude parachute jump
recommended. Without magical back-up, into heavily-wooded mountains, and then

Castle Schloss
get a fix on their location, which turns veteran unit of the Waffen SS (including
out to be only a few miles from their several Blood Mages). There are 13
scheduled rendezvous with members of Wehrwolves here as wellHimmler has
an Austrian resistance group. During the brought them here as part of an
overland hike through the night, the party experiment to see if they can be used to
must avoid detection by the Red Baron create more of their kind by wounding
flying overhead (assuming that they were volunteers and infecting them with
not able to defeat him in Chapter One). To lycanthropy (So far, the efforts have been
make matters worse, the characters must marred by the bloodlust of the
deal with forest encounters such as a Wehrwolvesit is difficult for them to
pack of dire wolves (normal wolves that stop at merely wounding a target).
have been warped by proximity to the evil Additionally, Himmler and the Blood
of the castle) while trudging through the Mages have raised Von Richtofen as an
woods. air wraith to protect the castle. The
Eventually, Broome leads the party to a player characters have their work cut out
small roadside inn, where they are for them.
supposed to meet their contacts. The At the climax of the mission, the
sight that greets them, however, is one of player characters discover that Himmler is
unremitting slaughter. The inn is empty, not Himmler, but rather a Dopplegnger,
save for the bodies of patrons who have following the Reichsfhrers orders.
been literally torn limb from limb. The Himmler is aware of the efforts of the
player characters hear a creak of the OSI, and subsequently does not leave the
floorboards upstairs, and upon borders of Germany any longer, preferring
investigation, discover a wounded man instead to send dopplegngers bound to
hiding in an upstairs closet. He is Viktor, his service. The players efforts were for
one of the Austrian patriots who resent naught, in the end, though they at least
the German occupationa resistance learn Himmlers secret. They must fight
group that works as a fifth column their way out of Schloss Fenris, and find
behind enemy lines. He tells the party their way back to Allied territory and
that the inn was visited earlier by two SS relative safety.
officers from Schloss Fenris who changed
into powerful wolf-men and
systematically killed everyone in the inn.
Scene One:
They were wehrwolves.
With the sun coming up, Broome A Wing and a
suggests the party lay low and hide at the
inn until nightfall, where they can proceed
to the castle and complete their mission
under cover of darkness. The party must The player characters find themselves
sleep in shifts, posting guards to defend on board a C-47 Skytrain (known as a
against discovery. As night falls, however, Dakota to British characters, and
the player characters must deal with a nicknamed Gooneybirds by grunts
wolf in the fold. Viktor, it seems, has everywhere). The C-47 is the standard
contracted lycanthropy from his wound. paratrooper transport used by the Allies
He changes into the hybrid wolf-man at this point in the War. The Skytrain is
form and in an uncontrolled frenzy, running darkno lights at all, even
attacks the player characters. During the lighting cigarettes is discouraged. The
fight, he mauls Broome pretty badlybut plane is crewed by a pilot and a co-pilot,
the British officer survives. Knowing what but in place of a jump master, the third
awaits him, he begs the party to kill him crew member is Captain Josiah Broome, a
before he changes. The choice of what to British officer attached to the OSI.
do is a burden that is borne solely on the
PCs. Capt. Josiah Broome, OSI CR 6:
With nightfall, the party moves on to Medium-size Human; Class:
Schloss Fenris and the horrors that await Ofr 3/Opt 3; hp 43; Init +3 (Dex);
them there. Spd 30ft; AC 13 (+3 Dex); Atk Webley
Chapter Three: The party must
+5 (2d6-1) Ranged; AL LG; SV Fort +6,
successfully infiltrate Schloss Fenris. The
castle is a focus of evil in the area, and Ref +5 Will +5; Str 13 Dex 16, Con 16,
has been for hundreds of years. Currently, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 17.
the castle is one of Himmlers centers of Skills and Feats: Driving +4, First Aid +4,
occult research. It is headquarters to a Hide +6, Leadership +9, Move Silently

Castle Schloss

wicked creatures, eventually destroying

+5, Search +6,Spot +4, Swim +4, them. The OSI discovered this, and soon,
Language (German) +5, Language Broome was promoted to Captain and
(French) +2, Demolitions +3, Bluff +4, seconded to the organization, where he
Escape Artist +4, Open Lock +5, has served with distinction ever since.
Firearms Proficiency, Automatic Captain Broome is young man,
Weapons Proficiency Parachute hardened by war beyond his years. His
Proficiency, Garrotte, Command sandy blonde hair is beginning to thin on
Voice, Tactician, Rank: Captain. top, and is perhaps a little longer than
regulation permits. He affects a pencil-thin
Special Qualities: Sneak Attack +1d6,
moustache in an effort to appear older,
License to Kill but it is the steely look in his eyeseyes
Possessions: Webley Mk4, 60 rounds of that have seen far too much for a man his
.38 ammo, Garrotte, uniform agethat truly give him the maturity he
Josiah Broome is a career military Pilot/Co-pilot CR 4: Medium-size
officer, from a long line of distinguished Human; Class: Plt 4; hp 20; Init +6 (+2
service. His father fought in the Great Dex, +4 Feat); Spd 30 ft; AC 12 (+2
War, his grandfather fought at Dex, +1 Armor); Atk M1911 +5 (2d6+2)
IsandalhwanaBroomes have excelled in
Ranged; AL CG; SV Fort +1 Ref +6
the army since one served under
Wellington (as Broome will tell anyone Will+2; Str 10, Dex 15, Con 11, Int 12,
with half a moment to listen). Wis 12, Cha 11.
Josiah had his first run-in with the Skills and Feats: First Aid +6, Leadership
supernatural while serving as a young +8, Piloting +9, Spot +8, Swim +2,
Lieutenant in 1940. Broomes familial Automatic Weapons Proficiency,
history and connections had gotten him Barnstormer, Firearms Proficiency,
an assignment with the Ministrya Improved Initiative, Rank: Lieutenant,
relatively cushy office jobor at least it Simple Weapons Proficiency, Seat of
was until the Battle of Britain began. A
the Pants, Single-engine Aircraft
local band of goblins, long dormant, was
awakened by the fear generated by the Proficiency
Blitz, and began to use the opportunity to Special Qualities: None
feed on the inhabitants of Broomes street, Possessions: Colt M1911, 2 full magazines
picking off neighbors as they cowered in of .45 ammunition, uniform
their homes. Broome unwittingly
discovered the plot, and bravely fought the

Castle Schloss
The pilot and co-pilot are a mixed afternoon, apparently headed to a
crewone American and one English. They castle in the Austrian Alps, near
have flown for the OSI on past missions, Vornau and the Hungarian Border.
and are considered able to be trusted. The castle is known as Schloss
Their names are Smith and Jones (no Fenris.
C-47 Skytrain (Allow rune-using characters to realize
that Fenris is the Norse/Thule word for
Armor Class 12 (-2 size +4 Speed) wolf. If they say anything, Broome nods in
Damage Points: 75 agreement, but continues his briefing
Size: Huge Maneuverability: -2 unabated.)
Engines: 2 Range: 1600 miles
Weapons: None Bombs: None Apparently, Herr Himmler is
Crew: 3 (pilot, co-pilot, loadmaster) there to personally decorate a
Armor: Wing 2 Fuselage 2 Cockpit 4 veteran SS unit for bravery in
Engine 4 combat. Thats where you chaps
come in. Youre to parachute into
the mountains and meet up with
The player characters boarded the plane
the members of an Austrian fifth-
at an Allied airfield outside the newly-
column resistance group at an inn
liberated city of Rome. Sent there under
outside of Vornau. Theyll guide
orders of the OSI, the characters currently
you to the castle and arrange for
have no idea of their mission. They were
your escape after completion of
met at the airfield by Broome, who then
the mission. You are to infiltrate the
led them to the C-47. The plane took off
defenses of the castle, locate
just after dark, headed north.
Reichsfhrer Himmler, and
The party has been flying now for
assassinate him.
around four hours. Any character who has
Allied intelligence feels that
the Navigation or Piloting skills can figure
given the rumors of Himmlers
out that the plane is currently somewhere
interest in magic and other occult
near the Hungarian/Austrian border, flying
practices, OSI operatives are
low through the mountains to avoid
perhaps best equipped to handle
detection. Characters without those skills
any of the eventualities that may
will only know that a) theyve been flying
arise during the completion of the
for quite a while, b) flying in the dark is
mission. Now thenany questions?
scary as hell, and c) those mountains
look awfully damned close.
Allow the players to ask any questions
At this point, Broome sits down with
they wish. Sample answers are listed
the characters and begins his briefing.
below. Any questions not covered below
Read or paraphrase the following:
should be answered with fairly correct
answers Broome and the OSI are
I suspect you chaps are
operating under reliable intelligence
wondering why youre here. Well,
reports. After the third question, Broomes
ladsits no exaggeration to say that
briefing is interrupted (see Ghost Rider
you are now engaged in what may
in the Sky, below).
turn out to be one of the most
What sort of resistance should we
important operations of the war.
expect at the castle? Schloss Fenris is
Intelligence reports indicate that
currently operating as headquarters for a
a high-ranking member of Hitlers
veteran company of the Waffen SS. Expect
inner circle arrived in Vienna earlier
near to 100 men, plus command group,
this week.
some vehiclesno armor, as far as we
At this point, Broome hands the
How are we to identify our
characters file photographs of Heinrich
contacts? The contacts are a small squad
Himmler. Himmler is such an infamous
of fifth-columnistsAustrian nationalists
figure that all characters recognize him
who resent the German occupation. Theyll
with a DC 10 Intelligence roll.
be at a mountain inn two miles north of
Vornau. The person who is humming the
Thats right, Reichsfhrer
tune to Eidelwiesse is your man.
Heinrich Himmler, commander of
Is the OSI expecting supernatural
the SS. Weve got reliable reports of
resistance? It is a confirmed fact that
his motorcade leaving Vienna this
Himmler has headed up the Nazi occult

Castle Schloss
research efforts during the war. Given that, on sight. The bullets that rip through the
we must assume that he has learned some cabin are sheathed in an unearthly green
magic. glow, which lingers slightly, following the
What is our exit strategy? The fifth path of the shot like a streak of
columnists will act as your guides, and watercolor in a childs painting.
will attempt to take you to a private Investigation reveals that the C-47 is
airfield outside of Vienna. There, you will under attack by what appears to be a
contact a pilot by the name of Strassen. He triplanea World War One era Fokker DR-
will fly you to Italy. In the event that the 1, to be precise. Introduced in late 1917, this
Austrians are unable to help, or if you are style of aircraft had not only three wings
compromised in any way, you should but a supplementary airfoil on the wheel
attempt to get out via air if possible. carriage. These features enabled the
Barring that, the overland route to Allied Fokker to out-climb and out-turn almost
territory should be your last option. any contemporary Allied aircraft. A skilled
What method are we to employ in pilot in a DR-1 enjoyed an almost unfair
the assassination? That aspect of the advantage over any other opponent of
mission is to you. Your squad leader (the that time.
ranking member of the party) has final Give the player characters a chance to
authority on the ground. notice that the Fokker is painted a
What sort of equipment will be distinct red color, and adorned with Iron
provided? As a clandestine operation, Crosses on the wings and tail. Those
youll be limited to the equipment that you markings are unmistakableit is the livery
can carry. Feel free to load up from the of Manfred Von Richtofen: The Red Baron.
materials weve got on board here. You Of course, the Red Baron was shot
should definitely take some silver bullets down over St. Quentin in April of
as Himmler is likely to have a few 1918over 26 years ago. That would
wehrwolves on hand. probably explain the unearthly greenish
glow that surrounds the air craftand the
The cargo area of the C-47 is loaded horrible, flaming skull that rests where
with a pallet that contains the following, the pilots head should be. This is not a
from which the player characters are human airmanthis is an air wraith!
welcome to take whatever they wish:
12 Entrenching Tools, 6 Garrottes, 12 Air Wraith
knives, 2 Browning HP, 4 Colt M1911A1, 2 Huge Undead (Incorporealincludes
Enfield No 2 Mk1, 4 M3 Greaseguns, 4 plane)
Sten, 2 BAR, 100 rounds 9mm ammunition, Hit Dice: 8d12 (55 hp)
100 rounds .38 ammunition, 500 rounds .45 Initiative: +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved
ammunition, 200 rounds .30 ammunition, Initiative)
20 rounds of 9mm silver ammunition, 20
Speed: 40 ft., fly 200 ft. (good)
rounds of silver .45 ammunition, six small
satchel charges, three large satchel
AC: 15 (+3 Dex, +2 deflection)
charges, four 500 spools of detonation Damage: Spectral guns (2d8) and
wire, 4 spools of rope (50), six sets of energy drain
climbing gear (hammer and pitons), four Special Attacks: energy drain,
small detonators, 36 Mk2 Pineapple frightful moan, horrific appearance,
grenades, 12 Survival Kits, four medics corrupting gaze
kits, and enough survival rations for each Special Qualities: Undead,
of the party members for 1 week. incorporeal, +4 turn resistance,
Ghost Rider in the Sky unnatural aura, sunlight
As the player characters engage in their Saves: Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +7
briefing with Broome, they are suddenly
Abilities: Str , Dex 16, Con __, Int 14,
interrupted by the tell-tale chatter of
machine gun fire peppering the hull of Wis 14, Cha 15
the aircraftthe C-47 is under attack! Skills: Tactics +12, Pilot +10, Listen +13,
The initial barrage blows a few holes in Search +10, Spot +13
the fuselage, but has no real effect, save Feats: Alertness, Fly-by attack, Combat
to let the player characters have a change Reflexes, Improved Initiative
to observe the eerie green tracer effect Climate/Terrain: Airborne
accompanying the weapons fire. This is Organization: Solitary or gang (2-4)
no normal tracer round, as any Challenge Rating: 10
experienced military man is able to tell

Castle Schloss
Treasure: None distance of 100ft. They do not willingly
Alignment: Lawful Evil approach any nearer than that, and panic
Advancement: 8-14 HD if forced to do so. They remain panicked
as long as they are within that range.
Sunlight Powerlessness (Ex): Air
Air wraiths are the undead spirits of
wraiths are utterly powerless in natural
pilots who have been damned to hell, and
sunlight, and flee from it. An air wraith
resurrected by means of dark magic. They
caught in sunlight dissipates until the sun
patrol the area that they are commanded
goes down again.
to by the mage who brought them back
A C-47 is aptly named a gooney bird.
from the dead.
Even against a real-world Fokker DR-1, it
An air wraith looks like a man with a
would be hard-pressed to survive. The
flaming skull in the place of his head.
plane is ungainly and intended for
Instead of being seated within the
parachute delivery, not air combat. The
cockpit of his former aircraft, the body of
matter is made even worse by going up
the pilot appears to be growing out of it
against a creature like an air wraith. The
the airplane itself is actually part of the
spectral guns of the air wraith can do
air wraiths incorporeal body. In death,
direct damage to the plane, or to the
the pilot becomes as one with his plane
passengers and pilots within (at the whim
of the gamemasteralthough give
Combat passengers hidden from view within the
In combat, the air wraith attacks with plane concealment and a bonus to their
its spectral gunsghostly versions of the AC of +3).
armament of their craft during life. The The party most likely attempts to
attack of these guns drains the life of return fire with whatever weapons are
those they strike. The air wraith also available, given the fact that the C-47 is
makes use of its incorporealityflying not armed. None of the provided weapons
through obstacles and opponents alike.
Energy Drain (Su): Living creatures hit
by the air wraiths spectral guns must
make a DC 15 Willpower save or lose one
Frightful Moan (Su): The air wraith
can emit a horrible, tortured wail once per
day. All living creatures within a 100-foot
radius must succeed at a Will save or lose
1d4 points of Strength, 1d4 points of
Dexterity, and 1d4 points of Constitution.
A creature that successfully saves against
this effect cannot be affected by that air
wraith again. Lost attribute points return
at the rate of one per day.
Corrupting Gaze (Su): The air wraith
can wither living beings with its infernal
gaze at a range of up to 30 feet. Creatures
that meet the air wraiths gaze must
succeed at a Fortitude save or suffer 2d10
points of damage and 1d4 points of
permanent Charisma drain. This is a free
action for the creature.
Undead: Immune to mind-influencing
effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning
and disease. Not subject to critical hits,
subdual damage, ability damage, energy
drain, or death from massive damage.
Incorporeal: Can be harmed only by
other incorporeal creatures, +1 or better
magic weapons, or magic. Can pass
through solid objects at will.
Unnatural aura (Su): Both wild and
domesticated animals can sense the
unnatural presence of an air wraith at a

Castle Schloss
are affective against the air wraith due to and had been heroically continuing,
its incorporeality. The creature is affected clutching his bleeding wound until he just
only by magic or through any magical couldnt continue any longer. (Lay it on
items the player characters may have thick. Think of the heaviest volume of
accumulated from their past missions. pathos from the best war movies you can
During the Barons first run of attacks, remember.)
have him kill off one of the pilots. That Regardless of how it occursthe
way, one of the player characters will be aircraft now has no pilots (save, perhaps
forced to take his place, allowing the any member of the party with the
players to take a more active role in the appropriate skill), and begins losing
scene. altitude rapidly. Even if the player
For the purposes of air combat (as characters are able to fly the plane,
described in the supplement Dead From Broome points out they need to bail out
Above), the air wraith has a anywayall of the squad is needed for the
Maneuverability of +6. If a player happens mission, and Broome himself is unable to
to take the yoke of the C-47, play out the fly. So the squad and Broome need to
air combat. Otherwise, fudge it (just dont parachute from the C-47 before it plows
let the players know!). into a mountain (in 2d4 rounds)
The Red Baron harasses the hapless C- If the players dont remember to grab
47, diving and strafing again and again. materials from the equipment pallet, well,
Some of the air wraiths favorite tactics dont remind themtheyll hate you for it,
include: naturally, but those, as they say, are the
Playing Chicken: The air wraith breaks. If they do think of it, the team
flies straight towards the C-47, making the can either try to grab what little they can
pilot dodge to avoid a collision. Of course, before jumping, or instead they can try to
being incorporeal, the Baron knows that a affix extra chutes to the entire pallet and
collision isnt possiblebut the pilot of chuck the whole mess out of the jump
the C-47 doesnt. To avoid chickening out doors to recover it after landing.
takes a Will Save at DC 15. If the save is The jump from the crashing C-47 is
failed, the pilot must make an immediate incredibly difficultnot only is the terrain
piloting skill check (DC 15) to avoid losing below heavily forested, but the jump takes
control of the aircraft. The aircraft loses 1 place at a much lower altitude than
position per turn unless the pilot can normal, raising the DC of the Dexterity
make a successful DC 15 check to regain check to 20. A failed landing results in the
control. Dropping below position 0 hero taking 3d6 points of damageand at
requires a DC 25 check or the plane the WMs discretion, ending up dangling
crashes in 2d4 rounds (as described in from a tree.
Dead From Above). After a few minutes of rummaging
Gaze Attack: The Baron flies parallel around in the dark, the members of the
to the target aircraft, matching speed with party manage to find each other and
his prey, and unleash his Corrupting Gaze, recover whatever equipment they managed
Horrific Appearance, and Frightful Moan to escape with. As the echoes of the C-47
on the inhabitants. If the player characters exploding against the side of a mountain
have methods by which they may attack fade, the squad finds itself deep in the
the air wraith, this is probably their best heart of the Austrian Alps, with a
opportunitythe Barons purposefully mission to fulfill.
matching flight bestows a +3 to hit to any
trying to attack him during this maneuver.
The minute the Baron realizes the
Scene Two:
player characters represent a threat, he
turns his attention from bringing the Over Hill, Over
plane down to directly attacking the
characters themselves, strafing fire into
the cabin of the plane.
The combat with the undead spirit that The heroes spend the next period of
was Manfred Von Richtofen continues time finding their companions without
until the air wraith successfully kills the drawing the attention of any locals or
remaining NPC pilot. Note that if the German troops that might be in the area.
players are able to defeat or drive off the Finding a member of the party requires a
Baron, fudge a bithave the remaining Search with a DC of 10. Make this part of
pilot reveal (in a most dramatic fashion, the adventure rife with tension: ask the
naturally) that hed been injured early on, players specific questions on how theyre

Castle Schloss
looking and what noise theyre making.
Occasionally roll the dice and act as if Random Encounter Table
youre consulting something. Ask the Roll (1d10) Result*
players to make the occasional roll, and 1 to 4 No Encounter
dont tell them what theyre rolling for (its 5 to 6 What Big Eyes You Have!
actually just to make them paranoid, but 7 Good Witch or Bad Witch?
they dont need to know that!) 8 Night of the Living Dead
The third or fourth player attempting a 9 Lair of the Beast
roll finds Captain Broome, who landed 10 SS-Search and Destroy
roughly and is snagged in the branches of
a tree. Getting him down requires a DC 10 *The encounters are detailed in their own sections, below.
Climbing roll. Failure causes 1 point of
damage from minor cuts and scrapes. A
critical failure (rolling a 1) means the dire wolves get a surprise attack. If the
climbing character falls and takes 1d10 check is made, the pack is revealed, and
points of damage from bouncing off of initiative is rolled as normal. When the
branches and hitting the ground. The wolves are revealed, read or paraphrase
whole time, Broome isnt being the following:
particularly quiet, which should have the
players freaking out, convinced that You see a pack of what appear
theyre going to be discovered at any to be wolvesbut youve never seen
moment. specimens this big before. Each
Once the heroes have managed to get wolf is huge nearly 8 feet long,
together, they must then try to get a fix and looks to weigh somewhere in
on their position. Checking against the neighborhood of 700 pounds.
compass readings and their map of the Their eyes gleam with an unnatural
area, the party is able to determine that light, and saliva drips from their
they are in the forest approximately eight fanged muzzles as they approach
miles north of Vornausome 6 miles away with grim and deliberate purpose.
from their rendezvous point. An overland
hike appears to be the only option. Dire Wolves: A pack (1d4 +4) of wolves
As the player characters travel through that have been warped by centuries
the heavily forested mountains, they may of exposure to the evil of Schloss
have to contend still with the air wraith
from Chapter One, assuming that they
were unsuccessful in overcoming the CR 3, Large animals, HD 6d8+18 (45
threat earlier. If the air wraith is still hp), Init +2 (Dex), Spd 50ft
around, travel for the player characters AC: 14 (-1 size, +2 Dex, +3 natural)
become very difficult. The Red Baron flies Attacks: Bite +10 melee (1d8 +10)
just above the tree level at an unnaturally AL: N SV Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +6,
low speed for an aircraft, and occasionally Str 25, Dex 15 Con 17, Int 2, Wis 12
flies below the tree level, eerily passing Cha 10
through the trees unharmed as his hunt Skills: Hide +5, Listen +6, Move Silently
for the heroes continues. The Baron
+5, Spot +6, Wilderness Lore +1
continues to hunt the player characters
until such time as either a) he succeeds Special Attacks: Trip
in killing all of the heroes, b) he himself Special Qualities: Scent
is destroyed, or c) the sun rises
(approximately five hours from the time The dire wolves attack with some
the team landed). degree of intelligence. They attempt to
Regardless of any harassment from the flank the party so that they are able to
Baron, the hike to the rendezvous point attack individual characters without
takes four hours. During the overland having to bunch up within the range of
travel, roll on the following table to check automatic weapons fire.
for encounters, once per hour:
Good Witch or Bad Witch?
What Big Eyes You Have The heroes come upon a cottage in the
The player characters are making their woods, which at first might make them
way through the woods when a DC 10 believe that theyve arrived at their
Listen check reveals a low growling rendezvous earlier than anticipated.
coming from the tree line up ahead. If the Broome, in fact, pours over the map,
players miss the Listen check, the pack of attempting to verify the partys position.

Castle Schloss
Read or paraphrase the following: Save to avoid puking their guts out when
faced with the evidence of their own
No, this cant be it. Were unintentional cannibalism.
nowhere near the rendezvous point. At this point (or if at any point the
This isnt it, Broome says, re- player characters refuse the old womans
stowing the laminated map of the invitation, or question the odd
area. In the clearing ahead sits a coincidences of her hospitality) she
small ramshackle cottage, with a reveals herself as a witch and attack the
trickle of smoke rising from the heroes.
stone chimney, carrying with it
smells of home cooking and Alpine Witch: CR 3, Medium-size
comfort. humanoid, HD 5d6(17 hp), Init +1 (Dex),
The front door of the cottage Spd 20ft
opens, and a small old woman AC: 11 (+1 Dex) Attacks: by spell AL: CE
ushers a couple of cats out into the
SV Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +4, Str 9, Dex
night. Shoo, shoo, loveliesout for
the night. See you for breakfast. 13 Con 11, Int 12, Wis 13 Cha 12
She chortles in Austrian. Skills: Knowledge (arcana) +5, Listen +6,
Move Silently +5, Spot +6, Wilderness
Regardless of the heroes attempts to Lore +1, Sense Motive +5,
remain hidden, the old woman spots them Concentration +4
and cackles in broken English. Feats: Dodge, Enlarge Spell, Extend
Eh? Soldiers, hmmm? Allies? G.I. Special Attacks: Spells, Polymorph
Joe! Doughboys! Good, good, good!
Special Qualities: Silver weakness, 9
Down with the Nazi pigs. Ptui! she
spits. She calls the squad forward. runes: Ansuz, Ehwaz, Eihwaz, Kenaz,
Please, pleaseyou must be Laguz, Mannaz, Sowilo, Teiwaz,
careful. There is a Nazi patrol Wunjo.
nearby. They passed by here a short
time ago, and I think they might be Alpine witches are creatures of legend
coming back. You can hide hereI and fairy tale. They live in cottages deep
have food and drink for such valiant in the alpine woods, and waylay travellers,
Allies. devouring them. They can appear to be
kindly old women, but the minute they
The squad has the option to take the are revealed as witches, their true, hag-
old womans invitation or not. If they do, like appearance is revealed.
read the following: Witches know the rune magic of the
ancient Thule, and can also polymorph.
The old woman leads you inside Polymorph (Sp): Witches can change
her home. The interior of the their shape into one specific type of
cottage is the very picture of the creature. A black cat is the most common
rustic alpine lodge. A stewpot variety. The witch can also make herself
hangs on a hook over a small fire in look just like a specific person, or, most
the hearth. A few hand-made chairs commonly simply disguise her hag
can be found through out the main appearance. The change only lasts for an
room, along with a rough-hewn hour, and if the witch touches anything
table which currently has exactly silver, she instantly changes back into her
enough place settings for each true form.
member of the squad. Silver weakness (Su): Only silver
weapons can kill a witch. A witch killed
See the accompanying map. by any other means simply rises again
The old woman attempts to serve the with full hit points, after two rounds. For
player characters a mealthe stew she is this reason, a witch refuses to handle
cooking. Give the player characters a DC silver coins or objects, and flees from
10 chance to notice something odd about silver forcefully presented.
the stewone of the bowls of steaming If the player characters are successful
meat appears to have a bit of shiny metal in destroying the witch permanently, and
in itmetal which turns out to be an SS search her lair (DC 15), they will find a
lapel badge. Upon this revelation, if any of trunk that contains three magically
the player characters have eaten any of inscribed items:
the stew, they must make a DC 20 Fort

Castle Schloss
1) A key with a knock spell inscribed, Zombies: CR 2, Medium-size undead,
able to open any door HD 2d12(14 hp), Init +0, Spd 50ft
2) A ring of invisibility AC: 10, Attacks: 2 claws +2 (1d4+1), bite
3) A wand of magic missiles 1d4 AL: NE SV Fort +0, Ref +0, Will
+3, Str 13, Dex 11 Con , Int 6, Wis 9
These are items the witch had
inscribed herself for use against any prey Cha 6
who prove to be too much trouble. In fact, Skills: Climb +5, Hide +5, Listen +5,
if the player characters present Move Silently +5, Spot +5, Swim +5
themselves as a viable threat, she Feats: Multiattack
attempts to retrieve her trunk and use the Special Qualities: Undead, fearless,
items against the heroes herself. hunger
Additionally, there are other items in the
cottage which the witch might use as These zombies are the results of dark
weapons: A carving knife (used to prepare experiments performed by the SS Blood
the stew) which does 1d6+1 damage, and Mages of Schloss Fenris. They were
knitting needles (kept with her yarn) looking into the possibilities of extracting
which do 1d4+2 points of damage. a longevity elixir (a formula provided to
Night of the Living Dead Hitler by Dr. Fu Manchu, his ally in
Southern China) from the bodies of local
The player characters are continuing
peasants. Unfortunately the process kills
their trudge through the wintry forested
the donorand turned out to be
mountains when they are come across a
worthless as well. The result were these
band of 2d4 zombieshapless victims of
zombies, who the Nazis simply cast out
the SS Blood Mages negative energy.
into the woods.
When not engaged in combat, the
These zombies are lightning-fast and
zombies simply sit as if they were frozen
ravenously hungry, driven by a fierce need
corpses in the snow. Roll for surprise
for human brains. In addition to the
should the party approach within 10 of
standard special abilities of reanimants,
the scene.
they also have the following Special
These are local peasants whose dead
bodies have been brought back to a
Hunger (Ex): Once a zombie has
shallow mockery of life. None of them are
brought a victim down, it must make a
armed with any weapons. They burst from
Will save at DC 17 to keep from stopping
the snowy ground and get a free attack
to devour its victims brain.
on the heroes with surprise.

Castle Schloss
Lair of the Beast a grapple as a free action without
provoking an attack of opportunity (See
As the heroes continue their way to
Grapple, page 137 in the Players Handbook).
their rendezvous with their contacts, the
A successful hold does not deal any
lead member of the party must make a
additional damage, but gives the Troll a +3
DC 17 Dex check to avoid falling into the
to hit with its bite attack or a chance to
hidden entrance of a cave, covered over
launch its rend attack.
with fallen branches and leaves. The
Rend (Ex): A troll that has a hold of a
falling character takes 1d4 points of
victim can tear the flesh apart,
damage from bumps and bruises, but no
automatically delivering 3d6+9 points of
serious injury occurs. Characters making
damage. This attack releases the hold on
the Dex check uncover the cave, but do
the victim, as the flesh that was being
not fall.
held on to is essentially torn away.
The cave is the lair of a trolla creature
of legend that has always existed in this
Scent (Ex): Trolls can detect opponents
area, spawned by the aura of palpable evil
within 30 feet by sense of smell. If the
generated by the castle. It will attack the
opponent is upwind, range increases to 60
party as soon as it discovers they are in
feet; if downwind, range decreases to 15
the area, either by attacking the player
character who has fallen into its cave, or
If the characters take the time to
by bursting forth from the lair and
search the trolls cave (a full search is DC
attacking the group.
13, a cursory search is DC 20), they will
find the bones of around a dozen victims,
Troll: CR 8, Large Beast, HD 10d10 +70 ranging in size from adult through child.
(125 hp) Init +0, Spd 30ft There are scraps of bloody uniforms
AC: 19 (-1 size, +10 natural) Attacks: bite (German) and civilian clothing, a few
+12 (2d6+6), 2 claws +7 (1d6+3) dozen coins of various denomination
AL: NE SV Fort +14, Ref +7, Will +4, Str (German and Austrianall paper money
23, Dex 10, Con 24, Int 3, Wis 12 has been ruined, however), several rusted,
Cha 8 broken, or otherwise useless weapons,
Skills: Hide +7, Spot +8 and the following usable items:
A Sturmgewehr 44 and 4 complete
Special Attacks: Improved Grab, Rend
magazines of 7.92k mm ammo
Special Qualities: Scent Six Stielhandgranate potato mashers
Three runestones: Gebo, Perthro and
Trolls are immense humanoid beasts, 10 Algiz
feet tall and covered in coarse grey fur.
They have massive six-fingered hands Search and Destroy
that are tipped with razor sharp claws, The player characters encounter a small
and a gaping maw of a mouth with razor- unit of SS on patrol from the castle. The
sharp fangs and two jutting sabre-teeth unit is searching the mountains
from the lower jaw. They live in dank specifically for the player characters,
caves up in the mountains, or sometimes having been in the area when the air
under bridges. They are of animal wraith shot the plane down. They have
intelligence and eat anything that crosses not yet reported back to the Castle, and
their path. so are alone in their knowledge of the
Note that this troll is not the standard heroes presence in the mountains. Have
rubbery-skinned, regenerating troll with a the player character who is on point or
weakness for fire damage that most D20 acting as a scout make an opposed Spot
players are used to, but rather the troll as check against a Move Silently roll by the
it appears in alpine legends. This fact may approaching Nazis. If the hero fails the
cause confusion when players attempt to check, have the Nazis make the same roll
deal with this threat. It is up to the War to detect the player characters. If that
Master if they wish to add to this check fails, have the player characters
confusion by referring to the creature as a check again, and so on. The checks
troll, or rather just describing the creature continue until one side or the other
physically. makes the detection.
A troll attacks without any quarter or The unit is comprised of five Waffen
mercyits strategy is to overwhelm its SS soldiers, one veteran SS soldier, and an
target with massive amounts of damage. SS Blood Mage in command of the group.
Improved Grab (Ex): If the troll hits Their statistics follow:
with a claw attack, it can attempt to start

Castle Schloss
5 Waffen SS Soldiers (SS Grenadiers Possessions: Sturmgewehr 43, 4 full
Kahnert, Telscher, Kohl, Schmidt and magazines of 7.92mm ammunition,
Reinhart) helmet, uniform, 2 stiehlhandgranate
CR 1: Medium-size human, Class: Grt 1; 24.
hp 6; Init +1, Spd 10, AC 12 (+1 Dex, +1 SS-Scharfhrer Mueller is a veteran of
Armor); Attack: MP40 +3 (2d6), AL: the eastern front. Mueller was part of the
LE, SV Fort +3 Ref+1 Will+2, Str 12, SS units that rolled across Poland, and
Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 10. now has been transferred to duty at
Schloss Fenris. He is a loyal Nazi, but
Skills: Driving +2, First Aid +2, Hide +5,
feels some degree of guilt at the fact that
Move Silently +5, Spot +5, he is here while members of his old unit
Feats: Automatic Weapons Proficiency, are fighting and dying on the Russian
Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank front.
Shot, Rank, Simple Weapons SS Blood Mage (SS-Standartenfhrer
Proficiency, Weapon Focus (MP40), Helmut Von Freigang)
Wheeled Vehicle Proficiency CR 12: Medium-sized human; Class: Ofr
Special Qualities: Devotionthe devotion 6/Adt 6, hp 63; Init +1, Speed 30 ft,
of SS members to the Nazi party AC 12 (+1 Dex, +1 Armor), Attack: PPK
gives them a +2 morale bonus to Will +10/+5 (2d6), AL: LE, SV Fort +3 Ref
saves. +3 Will +8, Str 11, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 16,
Possessions: MP40, four full magazines Wis 17, Cha 18
of 9mm ammunition, helmet, Skills: Bluff +11, Concentration +13,
uniform, two stiehlhandgranate. Diplomacy +11, First Aid +9,
Leadership +10, Move Silently +9,
These men are some of the newest Intimidate +10, Knowledge (arcana)
transferees to the unit stationed at +15, Sense Motive +10, Spellcraft +15,
Schloss Fenris. They are fresh-faced young Spot +9, Swim +6, Use Magic Device
idealists, fervent in their belief in the
precepts of National Socialism. Most are
18 or 19 years old, fresh out of the Hitler Feats: Command, Command Voice,
Youth units back home in Germany. Their Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Firearms
primary purpose at the castle is to act as Proficiency, Heighten Spell, Rank,
the subjects of the lycanthropy Simple Weapons Proficiency,
experiments of the SSthese are the men Toughness, Weapon Focus PPK,
who are placed in rooms with frenzying Wheeled Vehicle Proficiency
wehrwolves to see if they can contract Special Qualities: Blood Magicthe blood
lycanthropy from the attacks. mage suffers no fatigue cost from
casting spells.
Veteran Waffen SS Soldier (SS-
RunesThe blood mage knows 9
Scharfhrer Oskar Mueller)
runes: Ansuz, Ehwaz, Eihwaz, Kenaz,
CR 4: Medium-sized human, Class: Grt 4;
Laguz, Mannaz, Sowilo, Teiwaz,
hp 24, Init +1, Spd 30 ft, AC 12 (+1 Dex,
+1 Armor); Attack: Sturmgewehr 43
Possessions: Walther PPK, 2 spare
+6 (2d8), AL: LE, SV Fort +5 Ref +2
magazines, 30 rounds of 9mm
Will+3, Str 12, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 10,
ammunition, helmet, uniform,
Wis 11, Cha 10
Skills: Driving +2, First Aid +2, Hide +8,
Move Silently +8, Search +3, Spot +8
Feats: Automatic Weapons Proficiency, Von Friegang is a fanatic. He embodies
all of the ideals of National
Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank
Socialismand worse. He feels that he
Shot, Rank, Rapid Shot, Simple represents the true Aryan Superman, and
Weapons Proficiency, Weapons Focus: that his adherence to the ancient ways of
MP40, Weapon Focus: Sturmgewehr Thule set him above even other Nazis. He
43, Wheeled Vehicle Proficiency. represents the elite of the Aryan race, by
Special Qualities: Devotion: The devotion his way of thinking.
of SS members to the Nazi party It is Von Friegang who summoned the
gives them a +2 morale bonus to Will air wraith. The presence of a C-47, flying
Saves. low and unlit through the mountains led
Von Friegang to believe that a secret

Castle Schloss
is a rough-hewn wooden
representation of what appears to
3 be a mug of beer, although the
2 paint is worn away, and there is no
name visible at all. A fire is burning
in the hearth, if the wreath of
smoke trailing from the chimney is
any indication. Lamps are lit on the
1 first floor, and the light is visible
through the heavy glass windows,
although the windows on the
second floor are dark. Despite the
lights, there are no sounds of
activity coming from
withinalthough it is somewhere
First Floor around four in the morning, so that
The Inn is not that unusual.

The characters can make a

reconnaissance of the areathe zone
around the inn is clear. Allow the
4 characters to make a spot roll (DC 10) to
8 determine thisit adds tension to the
proceedings if theyre not sure if their
6 search was effective. There is no way to
see into the inn from the outside
decades of greasy cooking-smoke and the
9 pipes and cigarettes of the patrons have
covered the thick glass windows with a
yellowish film, effectively obscuring the
view of the interior.
Once the player characters decide to
Second Floor
enter the inn, however, they are met with
a scene of visceral horror. Read or
paraphrase the following:
operation of some kind is underway
which is why a man of his rank is out The interior of the inn is like
here on a simple patrol. He knows that walking into a slaughter house. The
something is up, and wants to be at the floor is slick with blood, which
forefront of any effort to uncover it. covers the entire room from wall to
Slaughter at the Inn wall. Pieces of human bodies litter
the floor, the tables, and the walls
Eventually, the player characters arrive
looking for all the world like
at the roadside inn that marks the
somebody set off a half-dozen
location of their rendezvous with the
anti-personnel mines within the
Austrian fifth columnists. As they
confines of the room, if not for the
approach, read or paraphrase the
fact that there appears to be no
damage to the structure of the
room itself.
The forest thins, and you find
Its hard to tell, with all of the
yourselves walking along the side
parts strewn to and fro, exactly how
of what passes for a road up in
many people died here. The only
these mountainslittle more than
thing that can be told is that they
two wagon-wheel ruts in the dirt,
died horriblyand fairly recently,
although there are some signs of
given the fact that the blood has
recent motor-vehicle trafficand
yet to dry.
thankfully no sign at all of any
tracked vehicle traffic.
Following the trail of the road When the player characters view this
for a short distance brings you to horrific sight, they must make a Will save
the doorstep of a small two-story (DC 15). If the save is failed, the character
roadside inn. The sign over the door becomes shaken (-2 to all attacks, saves

Castle Schloss
and skill rolls) until they successfully CREEEEEEAAAAK! Suddenly, the
manage to overcome an opponent (and floor boards above your heads
thereby re-establish their confidence). creak under the weight of
Critical failure of the save results in the something moving around on the
character panicking and fleeingthe second floor.
character must be stopped by another
hero and calmed down (the other hero This should prompt the players to
must make an opposed Persuasion roll). examine the upstairs of the inn more
Broome is in a bad way. He fails his closely. For the characters search of the
save (although not critically). Read or property, consult the map of the roadside
paraphrase the following: inn and the descriptions below:

Broome stands in the middle of First Floor

the blood soaked room, shaking 1) Main Room: The description that
visibly. He goes for his pack of was read above gives the main view that
cigarettes, but fumbles with them, greets anyone entering this roompieces
dropping one on a nearby table top. of meat thrown about and blood
He reaches for the cigarette, but everywhere. The room is dominated by a
changes his mind, noticing that it long bar with beer kegs behind it (as well
has soaked up some of the blood as a door that leads to the kitchen/
that covers every surface in this pantry area). The rest of the room is filled
room. Nervously, he grabs another with hand made tables and chairs,
from his pack, places it between his arranged at various points throughout the
lips and lights it. As he drags room. A dartboard is hung on the west
heavily from the smoke, the wall. A stairway on the north wall heads
glowing cherry-end of the cigarette to the second floor.
dances and shakes like a firefly on 2) Kitchen/Pantry: This room serves
a summer night. as food storage for the inn, as well as a
Well, lads. His voice quavers, cooking area for the rudimentary meals
This appears to be whats left of served by the proprietor. There is not
our friends in the Austrian nearly as much blood in this area,
resistance. He chuckles slightly, a although any character who thinks to
nervous, out-of-place sound in the look into the oven will discover the
grave quiet of the inns main room. ruined head of the innkeeper sitting in a
pan filled with apples, in a macabre
display of humor. (Again, make a Will save
The characters obviously have
at this discovery (DC 10), failure and
questions at this point: What happened to
critical results as above)
the resistance members? Were they
3) Stairway: a flight of stairs, heading
discovered? Was the troll responsible for
to the second floor. There is a large
this carnage? The wolves? The witch? The
portion of a corpse at the top of the
stairs, and his blood has covered the stair
The War Master should allow the player
from top to bottom. Characters climbing
characters some time to ask these
the stairs must make a Dex check at DC
questions amongst themselves, building
10 to avoid slipping the slick blood and
up the paranoia and fear of immediate
falling down the stairs (1d4 damage from
discovery. Any characters astute enough
to closely examine the bodies sees they
appear to have been torn apart by Second Floor
something with claws, and partially The second floor is complete dark
consumed as well, given the tooth marks none of the lamps are lit. Characters must
on some of the flesh. (Characters who use flashlights or carry a lantern from the
faced the troll in the woods realize that first floor.
whereas the troll was certainly capable of 4) Hallway: A single hallway occupies
this level of carnage, the wounds are of a the top floor, with three doors along the
much smaller scale than would be caused west wall (the first of which is smashed
by such an immense creature.) and splintered, the third of which is open)
If the characters decide to search the and two along the east (both closed).
inn (or for that matter, if they dont, and 5) Room One: This rooms door is
decide to head out), read or paraphrase obliterated, torn practically off its hinges
the following (LOUDLY): and ripped to shreds. The room beyond
appears to have once been a guest room,

Castle Schloss
although the bed has been thrown across story), because he is lying along the floor
the room and smashed, as was the of the wardrobe, not standing.
nightstand and wardrobe. A body is lying As the doors to the wardrobe are
on the floor as well, and, compared to the opened, read or paraphrase the following:
carnage downstairs, is relatively intactits
throat has been torn out and its heart has The doors open, and out falls a
been ripped from its chest. man dressed in civilian clothing. His
6) Room Two: Another guest room, but legs are wounded and bloody, and
this one is untouched. A moldy mattress he clutches a civilian revolver in
(unmade), a rickety nightstand (with a shaking hands. His eyes are wild,
porcelain water bowl) and a moth-filled and there are blood spatters and
wardrobe are the only features of the smears all over his clothing and on
room. his face and hair.
7) Room Three: The door to this room Oh Thank God! He exclaims.
is open. It is a guest room (like all of the
others on this floor). Blood covers the Questioning the man reveals that he is
floor, surrounding the torn-apart body of Viktor Lazlo, the head of the Austrian
one of the resistance soldiers. Three large fifth-column resistance unit that the OSI
rats are currently gnawing on the remains. operatives were supposed to meet here at
These rats are not normal ratsthey too the inn.
have been warped by proximity to the Viktor Lazlo CR 3: Medium-size
castle. They are larger than normal, and
Human; Class:Res 3; hp 4 (normally 11);
have no fear of man. They attack anyone
disturbing their feast. Init +3 (Dex); Spd 30 ft; AC 13 (+3 Dex);
Atk Civilian revolver (2d6-1);AL CG; SV
Dire Rats: CR 1/3, Hit Dice 1d8+1 (5 hp), Fort +1 Ref +3 Will +1; Str 12 Dex 17,
Initiative +3 (dex), Speed 40 ft, AC 15 Con 11, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 11.
(+1 size, +3 Dex, +1 Natural) Attacks: Skills and Feats: Driving +2, Hide +2,
Bite +4 (1d4), AL: N, SV Fort +3 Ref +5 Leadership +3 Firearms Proficiency,
Will +3, Str 10, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 1, Automatic Weapons Proficiency
Wis 12, Cha 4 Special Qualities: Sneak Attack +1d6,
Skills: climb +11, Hide +11, Move Silently Contacts 1/week
+6 Possessions: Civilian revolver and four
Feats: Weapon Finesse (bite) rounds of ammo.
Special Attacks: Disease
Special Qualities: Scent Lazlo is able to tell the player
characters what happened, but only does
8) Room Four: This is one of the large so in response to questions due to the
guest roomsthe bed is larger, and it has fact that he is in shock. If asked, read or
two night stands and a larger wardrobe. paraphrase the following:
Allow characters who are searching a
chance (DC 15) to discover a false bottom We were all here, about a dozen
in the wardrobethis is a weapons stash of us, I cant remember exactly how
used by the fifth columnists. The stash many. Myself, Uwe, Hans, young
contains: two civilian revolvers with 50 Dieter, some others. We were
rounds of .38 ammo, two sawed-off waiting for the rendezvous. Thats
shotguns with 18 12-guage cartridges, and when THEY arrived. Two SS men
two small homemade satchel charges from the castle. I dont think they
with fuses. There are also maps of the knew about usit just seemed like
surrounding area, including the location of they werehunting, and just
Schloss Fenris. happened to find the inn.
9) Room Five: This is the second large Theychanged. They became wolf-
guest room, identical to Room Four, above. men (At this point, Lazlo gets
While the characters are searching, allow visibly upset)creatures from Hell!
them a Spot roll (DC 10) to hear movement They sprouted fur and fangs and
within the wardrobe. The resistance claws and then there was tearing
member Viktor Lazlo (from the opening and biting and howling and
fiction), is hiding, wounded, within. If the running and slicing and screaming
players fire into the wardrobe before and screaming and screaming and
opening, the shots miss (fudge this screaming and screaming and
rollLazlo is kind of important to the screaming..

Castle Schloss
At this point, he trails off into near Broome starts up the stairs but is
catatonia. A persuasion roll of DC 15 is suddenly struck by a massive,
required to snap him out of it to answer clawed arm, knocking him back
any further questions. down the flight. The single swipe
Lazlo tells the heroes he was wounded of the massive talons tears open a
during the slaughter and played dead section of his gut, leaving him
lying under the bodies of his comrades as bleeding and broken on the floor.
the wehrwolves tore into them. Once the Standing at the top of the stairs
wolf-men left the inn, he found himself a is what was once Viktor Lazlo. His
place to hide in case they came back and clothes are still recognizable,
prayed the player characters would arrive. although they hang in tatters over a
(Any players familiar with werewolf much larger frame. Course black fur
legends may realize that Lazlo, having covers his skin, and his head has
been attacked but not killed, has been transformed into a lupine aspect
infected with lycanthropy himself. pointed ears, yellow eyes, and
However, unless the character has snarling, fang-filled muzzle. A
encountered werewolves before or has a werewolf.
Knowledge (arcana) skill (Check at DC 15),
there is no way they know this.) Viktor Lazlo, Werewolf: CR 6:
Broome points out the sun is now Medium-size Humanoid; Class:Res 3;
rising, so approaching the castle is hp 55; Init +3 (Dex); Spd 50 ft; AC 15
extremely dangerous. The approach is best (+3 Dex +2 natural ); Atk: Claw +8
made in the dark and intelligence
((1d6+3), Bite +8 (1d6+3) AL CE; SV
indicates that Himmler is planning on
staying there at least another two days. Fort +8 Ref +3 Will +6; Str 14 Dex 17,
Broome recommends the party hide out in Con 15, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 11.
the innhis logic is that given the Skills and Feats: Driving +2, Hide +2,
murders that occurred here, this is the last Leadership +3 Firearms Proficiency,
place that anyone would expect to look Automatic Weapons Proficiency
for them. He is open to argument however. Special Attacks: Curse of Lycanthropy,
Regardless, the party needs to find a Trip
place to hole up until the sun sets again, Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 15/
and Lazlo must come with them.
silver, Wolf Empathy
The next 12 hours pass uneventfully. If
the War Master is feeling particularly
nasty, have the players make the Lazlo is a fledgling werewolf, and
occasional Spot roll while on sentry duty, subsequently not nearly as powerful as
to no real effect other than to make the the SS Wehrwolves. He has no control
players nervous. The real fun doesnt begin over his transformation, and is driven by a
until the sun begins to set. blood rage that he doesnt understand. He
has the following abilities:
A Wolf in the Fold Curse of Lycanthropy: Any human
As alluded to earlier, Viktor Lazlo is wounded by a werewolfs attack must
now a werewolf, having been wounded, succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 15) or
but not killed, by another lycanthrope. contract lycanthropy.
When the sun sets for the first time after Damage Reduction 15/Silver: The
his attack, he transforms into his wolf werewolf ignores 15 points from every
man form and attacks the player attack, unless the attack is silver.
characters. Trip: A werewolf that hits with a bite
Read or paraphrase the following: attack can attempt a trip as a free action
without making a touch attack or
As the sun sets, Broome begins provoking an attack of opportunity. If the
to round up the squad for the final attempt fails, the opponent cannot react
approach to the Castle. Everyone is to trip the werewolf.
ready to go, except that apparently Wolf Empathy: The werewolf can
Viktor is still upstairs. communicate and empathize with wolves
Ill get him. Broome says, and dire wolves. This gives them a +4
exasperated. Should be racial bonus to checks when influencing
understanding I suppose. Hes been the animals attitudes and allows the
through a lot, and its not as if hes communication of simple concepts.
regular army Lazlo the werewolf continues to attack
the party until he is killed.

Castle Schloss
After the battle, the players are going to Sneaking in is probably the most
have to consider what to do with the advisable option, since a direct assault is
characters that have been wounded but near suicidal, as the detail of the castle
not killed. Do not tell the players the DC and its defenders will show.
of the check for lycanthropyso, they
have no way of knowing who is infected Castle Environs
or not. What should they do? The castle known as Schloss Fenris
Broome makes the matter worse by sits upon a peak, surrounded on three
insisting that someone shoot him. You all sides by sheer cliff walls. Any attempt to
saw what happened to that poor bastard. climb these walls requires a climbing roll
He pleads,And its not going to happen to at DC 20. Failure indicates that the
this man-jack. Ive made my peace, lads. character falls the length of the cliff,
Pleasedo the act. Put me down. taking 20d6 points of damage from
The players have to make the final call. banging off the rocks all the way down to
After that, all that remains is a castle the jagged points below. A critical failure
full of Waffen SS, wehrwolves, SS Blood indicates that not only does the character
Mages, and Reichsfhrer Hienrich Himmler. fall, but he knocks into 1d4 of his
No problem, right? companions, forcing them to make

Scene Three: additional DC 20 Dex checks to avoid

falling and suffering the same fate.
If the player characters somehow scale
Schloss Fenris the cliffs, they then find themselves at
the walls themselvestwo story high
From here on out, the plot of the stone walls that must also be climbed
adventure depends solely upon the these are DC 15 to climb. Failure indicates
actions of the player characters. It is up the characters fall to the base of the wall,
to them to decide how they will approach taking 2d6 points of damage, and must
and penetrate the castle, then assassinate make a DC 10 Dex check to avoid falling
Himmler. This chapter details the area off the cliff as well. Critical failure
surrounding the castle, the castle itself, indicates not only a fall, but making
and the opposition that the player enough noise to alert the guards in the
characters can expect to find within. From towers (q.v.).
hereits all up to them. The south approach to the castle is a
There are several ways that the player single road. The land on either side of the
characters are most likely to choose to road is a minefieldA high-density field
approach the castle: attempt to sneak in (rating 13) of Bouncing Betty S-Mine 44s
surreptitiously, attempt to grab some (6d8 damage, 30 foot burst radius).
uniforms and walk in unnoticed, or a Detonating any mines not only ravages
direct assault (not recommended, but you the characters with flying shrapnel, but
never know what players will come up also definitely alerts the SS unit within
with). the castle.
If the players decide they need to grab Anything coming straight up the road is
some uniforms, the only chance they spotted by the guards in the towers and
really have is to ambush a patrol. One the gatehouse. Theres no chance of
patrol leaves the castle in the morning, sneaking up that way.
and another leaves at night. This patrol is
made up of five Waffen SS soldiers and Castle Defenses
one Waffen SS veteran (see the stats from Schloss Fenris is surrounded by a two-
the SS Unit encounter in Scene Two). The story high thick stone wall, with a
player characters would have to ambush matching gatehouse and four-story high
the SS and manage to get the uniforms towers at each corner of the wall. Each
without damaging them too heavily. tower is manned by five men, who are
If they manage to do so, they can manning two MG42 machineguns (2d8
attempt to bluff their way past the guards damage) and a panzerschrek rocket
at the gatehouse. This requires that a launcher (6d8 damage).
player character be able to speak German The gatehouse is a two-story structure,
(obviously), and only succeeds on an with a portcullis on the outer wall and
opposed Persuasion roll (inflict a -2 another on the inner wall. It is manned by
penalty if the uniforms are battle a squad of six SS soldiers on the outer
damaged or bloody). Of course, any magic- gate (armed with MP40s and
users in the party may decide to devise Stiehlhandgranates (see standard
magical means to get past the guards. template), and another group of five on

Castle Schloss
the rooftop, armed with two gives them a +2 morale bonus to Will
panzerschreks and a carriage-mounted Saves.
20mm cannon with AP rounds (3d10 Possessions: MP40, 4 full magazines of
damage). 9mm ammunition, helmet, uniform, 2
Just inside the walls, in the main
stiehlhandgranate 24.
courtyard of the castle, is the vehicle
compound. There are several vehicles (To shake up the players a bit, you may
currently parked here: want to occasionally have some of
the SS soldiers armed with
Four Opel-Blitz troop trucks (AC 12, nonstandard weaponry, such as
Damage Points 40, Cruising speed 75 Sturmgewehr 44s, flamethrowers, or
Weapons: none, Armor: Upper Hull 2/ panzerfausts)
2/2, Lower Hull 2/2/2 Deck 2,
Suspension 20) 10 Veteran Waffen SS Officers CR 4:
Medium-sized human, Class: Ofr 4;
Two Kubelwagen (jeeps) (AC 14, hp 24, Init +1, Spd 30 ft, AC 12 (+1 Dex,
Damage Points 20, Cruising speed 90 +1 Armor); Attack: Sturmgewehr 43
Weapons: none, Armor: Armor: Upper +6 (2d8), AL: LE, SV Fort +5 Ref +2
hull 2/2/2 Lower Hull 2/2/2, Deck Will+3, Str 12, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 10,
2, Suspension 20) Wis 11, Cha 10
Skills: Driving +2, First Aid +2, Hide +8,
One Sdkfz 234 armored car (AC 14, Move Silently +8, Search +3, Spot +8
Damage Points 50, Cruising Speed 75, Feats: Automatic Weapons Proficiency,
Weapons: 75L24 cannon (turret) and Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank
MG34 (flex mount on turret) Armor: Shot, Rank, Rapid Shot, Simple
Turret 35/10/10, Upper Hull 40/10/15, Weapons Proficiency, Weapons Focus:
Lower Hull 20/15/20, Deck 6,, MP40, Weapon Focus: Sturmgewehr
Suspension 30, Special: Smoke 43, Wheeled Vehicle Proficiency.
mortar) Special Qualities: Devotion: The devotion
of SS members to the Nazi party
Himmlers Staff Car (AC 12, Damage gives them a +2 morale bonus to Will
Points 20, Cruising Speed 90, Saves.
Weapons: none, Armor: none) Possessions: Sturmgewehr 43, 4 full
magazines of 7.92mm ammunition,
In addition to the soldiers listed above, helmet, uniform, 2 stiehlhandgranate
the castle has the following inhabitants at 24.
various locations throughout. In the event
of a firefight or any other loud combat, In addition to these standard SS
these men are alerted and will come in soldiers, the castle also boasts the
waves against the player characters in 2d4 following additional threats:
Three SS Blood Mages
45 Waffen SS Soldiers CR 1: Medium- SS-Standartenfhrer Helmut Von
size human, Class: Grt 1; hp 6; Init +1, Freigang (unless he was killed
Spd 10, AC 12 (+1 Dex, +1 Armor); during the forest encounter)
Attack: MP40 +3 (2d6), AL: LE, SV
Fort +3 Ref+1 Will+2, Str 12, Dex 12, SS-Standartenfhrer Klaus
Con 12, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 10. Schumann
Skills: Driving +2, First Aid +2, Hide +5, CR 12: Medium-sized human; Class: Ofr
Move Silently +5, Spot +5, 6/Adt 6, hp 57; Init +1, Speed 30 ft,
Feats: Automatic Weapons Proficiency, AC 12 (+1 Dex, +1 Armor), Attack: PPK
Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank +10/+5 (2d6), AL: LE, SV Fort +3 Ref
Shot, Rank, Simple Weapons +3 Will +8, Str 13, Dex 12, Con 13, Int
Proficiency, Weapon Focus (MP40), 17, Wis 17, Cha 16
Wheeled Vehicle Proficiency Skills: Bluff +11, Concentration +12,
Special Qualities: Devotionthe devotion Diplomacy +10, First Aid +9,
of SS members to the Nazi Party Leadership +13, Move Silently +9,

Intimidate +10, Knowledge (arcana) SS-Sturmbannfhrer Markus
+15, Sense Motive +10, Spellcraft +13, Kreiger
Spot +10, Swim +6, Use Magic Device CR 12: Medium-sized human; Class: Ofr
+12 5/Adt 6, hp 49; Init +1, Speed 30 ft,
Feats: Command, Command Voice, AC 12 (+1 Dex, +1 Armor), Attack: PPK
Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Firearms +10/+5 (2d6), AL: LE, SV Fort +2 Ref
Proficiency, Heighten Spell, Rank, +2 Will +7, Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int
Simple Weapons Proficiency, 18, Wis 16, Cha 18
Toughness, Weapon Focus PPK, Skills: Concentration +10, Diplomacy +9,
Wheeled Vehicle Proficiency First Aid +8, Leadership +9, Move
Special Qualities: Blood Magicthe blood Silently +9, Intimidate +9, Knowledge
mage suffers no fatigue cost from (arcana) +12, Spellcraft +14, Spot +10
casting spells. Use Magic Device +12
RunesThe blood mage knows 9 Feats: Command, Command Voice,
runes: Ansuz, Ehwaz, Eihwaz, Kenaz, Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Firearms
Laguz, Mannaz, Ingwaz, Teiwaz, Proficiency, Rank, Simple Weapons
Othala Proficiency, Weapon Focus PPK,
Possessions: Walther PPK, 2 spare Wheeled Vehicle Proficiency
magazines, 3 0 rounds of 9mm Special Qualities: Blood Magicthe blood
ammunition, mage suffers no fatigue cost from
helmet, casting spells.
uniform, RunesThe blood mage knows 9
runestones. runes: Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Kenaz,
Nauthiz, Pertho, Ehwaz, Mannaz,
Possessions: Walther PPK, 2 spare
magazines, 30 rounds of 9mm
ammunition, helmet, uniform,

Thirteen Wehrwolves
CR 9: Medium-sized human; Class:
Grt5/Com2, Hit Dice 7d10 (68 hp); Init
+6 (+2 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative/ +8
in wolf form, Speed 30 ft/60 ft, AC
13(+2 Dex, +1 Armor) AC 17 in wolf or
hybrid form, Attack: MP40 +11 2d6,
Claws +13 (1d6+3), Bite +13 (1d6+2), AL:
LE, SV Fort +8 Ref +3 Will +6, Str 14
(16), Dex 15 (19), Con 15 (19), Int 12, Wis
13, Cha 12
Skills: Climb +5 (+6), Control Shape +5,
Demolitions +4, Disable Device +4,
Driving +5(+7), Hide +12(+14), Listen
+11(+15), Move Silently +12(+14), Search
+8(+12), Spot +12(+16), Wilderness Lore
Feats: Automatic Weapons Proficiency,
Blind fight, Deadeye, Endurance,
Firearms Proficiency, Improved
Critical: MP40, Improved Initiative,
Improved Unarmed Strike, Point
Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Simple
Weapons Proficiency, Weapons
Finesse (bite), Weapon Focus

Castle Schloss
MP40, Weapon Specialization MP40. Spot +10, Swim +5, Use Magic Device
Special Attacks: Curse of Lycanthropy, +15
trip Feats: Command, Command Voice,
Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 15/ Extend Spell, Firearms Proficiency,
silver, Wolf Empathy Heighten Spell, Natural Born Leader,
Possessions: Walther PPK, 2 spare Simple Weapons Proficiency, Spell
magazines, 30 rounds of 9mm Penetration, Tactician, Weapons
ammunition, helmet, uniform, Focus: Luger.
runestones. Special Qualities: Himmler knows 10
Curse of Lycanthropy: Any human runes: Dagaz, Othala, Raidho,
wounded by not killed by a werewolfs Mannaz, Sowilo, Wunjo, Algiz,
attack must succeed at a Fortitude save Eihwaz, Thurisaz, and Uruz
(DC 15) or contract lycanthropy. Possessions: Uniform, Luger and 4
Damage Reduction 15/Silver: The
complete magazines of 9mm
werewolf ignores 15 points from every
attack, unless the attack is silver. ammunition, SS Blood & Honor
Trip: A werewolf that hits with a bite Dagger (+3 magical weapon, 1d6+3
attack can attempt a trip as a free action damage plus energy drain (1 level per
without making a touch attack or strike))
provoking an attack of opportunity. If the
attempt fails, the opponent cannot react
to trip the werewolf.
Wolf Empathy: The werewolf can
Castle Locations
communicate and empathize with wolves
and dire wolves. This gives them a +4
First Floor
racial bonus to checks when influencing Towers: The towers have their
the animals attitudes and allows the entrances on the first floor, but are
communication of simple concepts. entirely given over to a massive spiral
These 13 Wehrwolves are the special staircase going up to the guard station at
unit that Himmler is here to honor. the top.
Actually, hes also here to oversee the Gatehouse: As stated before, the
Blood Mages experimentstrying to get gatehouse has two portcullis, one outer
the Wehrwolves to attack but not kill SS and one inner. The mechanism for opening
volunteers in an effort to transform them the portcullises is on the second floor.
into lycanthropes themselves. 1) Main Hall: This is the great room of
And, of course, Hienrich Himmler the castle, dominated by massive
himself. The following are the stats for tapestries and a huge marble staircase
Himmler are providedhowever, if the going up to the second floor. Along the
player characters are somehow successful walls are displays of suits of armor
in killing him, the following stats are not (standard D20 plate mail) and medieval
actually Himmler (unless the War Master weapons (use the stats in the Players
has no problem with altering history in Handbook for these, if anyone should
his or her own campaign), but rather a chose to use them for some reason).
Doppleganger sent by Himmler (who is 2) Kitchen: This is where the food of
now paranoid and never leaves Germany the castle is prepared. It has been
himself). converted from a gourmet kitchen to one
capable of feeding over 100 always hungry
Reichsfhrer Heinrich Himmler
3) Servants Quarters: Originally, this
CR 15. Medium-sized human; Class: area was where the butlers and maids
Ofr8/Adt7, hp 75; Init +1, Spd 30 ft, lived. Now, it serves as one of the areas
AC 12 (+1 Dex, +1 Armor), Attack: where the soldiers are housed. All of the
Luger +9/+4 (2d6), AL: LE, SV Fort luxury fixtures have been removed, and
+3 Ref +3 Will+8, Str 11, Dex 12, Con 12, the area filled with cots and trunks.
Int 16, Wis 17, Cha 18. 4) Enlisted Mess: This was once a fine
Skills: Bluff +11, Concentration +13, dining room, and has been converted for
Diplomacy +9, First Aid +10, use as the enlisted mens dining area.
Long tables with folding chairs are the
Leadership +12, Move Silently +9,
only feature of this room, apart from a
Intimidate +11, Knowledge (arcana) few massive paintings, which were kept
+15, Sense Motive +9, Spellcraft +15, on the walls because Himmler likes them.

Castle Schloss
5) Additional Housing: Another room sticks. There are teletype machines here
converted to sleeping quarters for the that are wired down to the
soldiers. communications suite on the second
6) Officers Mess: This former drawing floor, relaying orders back and forth from
room has been converted to a dining area Berlin to units in the field. Player
for Himmler, the Blood Mages, and the SS characters who get this far might be able
officers. to grab some of these telexes and provide
7) Officers Quarters: This area houses valuable intelligence to Allied operations.
the sleeping quarters for the SS officers. 2) Experiment Room: This is the
room where SS Volunteers are exposed to
Second Floor the fury of raging wehrwolves. There are
1) Communications Suite: This room blood stains on the walls and floor
has been converted to the despite the best efforts of the staff to
communications center of the castle. It is remove them.
filled with the machinery for the wireless 3) Laboratory: This is the room where
broadcaster (radio, Morse, etc). Any Nazi the Blood Mages attempted their other
unit in the European theatre can be experiments, ranging from attempting to
reached from this center, and there is also distill longevity elixir from peasants
a hotline to the ReichschancelleryHitlers (accidentally creating zombies) to
office, in fact. summoning demonic entities.
2) Additional Enlisted Quarters: This 4) Weapons storage: this room has
second floor room is reserved as a perk been converted to a weapons locker,
for certain enlisted men. where all of the armaments for the unit
3) Wehrwolf quarters: This room is are stored. Lugers, MP40s, Sturmgewehr
the sleeping quarters assigned to the 44s, MG42 machineguns, all necessary
wehrwolf unit. They sleep together, like a ammunition, landmines, Panzerschreks
pack. (with rockets) and grenades are stored
4) Blood Mage Quarters: The three here, and able to be grabbed by desperate
Blood Mages are quartered here. Should player characters.
the players find themselves in this room, 5) Empty Room: This room is unused
OSI mages find books that teach them an by the current occupants of the castle.
additional 1d4 runes. Formerly, it was a bedroom.
5) Himmlers Quarters: These are the 6) Meeting Room: This is the room
rooms given to the Reichsfhrer when he where Himmler, the Blood Mages, and the
is at the castle. They are the finest SS Officers meet to discuss operations
appointed rooms in the castle. (once per day, 0930 hours). It has a long
6) Library: This room is the library of oak table, with lamps and crystal water
the castle, filled floor to ceiling with carafes.
books. Most of the books are of an occult 7) Empty Room: This is another
nature. War Masters who are feeling unused room. Formerly, it was a bedroom,
particularly mischievous may choose to although now it is filled with sheet-
put certain recognizable occult tomes on covered furniture and paintings from the
these shelves, just to tempt the player other rooms on this floor.
characters into taking them along with
them. Getting Out of Dodge
7) Prisoners Quarters: In the event
Whether the characters are successful
the unit stationed at the castle takes any
in their mission or not, the surviving
prisoners, this is where they are locked. It
members of the party must work their
is completely empty, save for barred
way back to Allied territory. If the
windows, a couple of rough wooden
characters asked the right questions, they
benches, two porcelain bedpans, and a
know there is a pilot by the name of
metal water bowl.
Strassen waiting for them at a private
8) Storage: This room is where the
airfield outside of Vienna. They can
Nazis throw the furnishings from the
attempt to travel to that rendezvous, at
other rooms they have converted.
which point Strassen is able to secret fly
Third Floor them back to either Italy or France.
1) Command Center: This is the If they are unaware of that rendezvous,
stereotypical war room youve seen in a then its up to them to figure out a way to
hundred movies, complete right down to get out from behind enemy lines.
the big, lighted map which attendants Sounds like a good excuse for an
move unit markers on with long croupier adventure. But that is a tale for another

Tower Tower Tower

2 3 2 3

4 1
5 4 5 Third
6 7 6 7
Courtyard Courtyard

Gate Tower Gate Tower
House House

First Floor

Tower Tower

1 2

3 4 5 6

7 8

Tower Tower

Second Floor

Tower 81
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