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Millimeter Wave Object Detection and People

Con Tecnologa

GEN 2 technology by Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc. is composed of a real-time Radiometric

Scanner that images electromagnetic millimeter wave energy, an integrated full-motion video
camera, on-board computer, and sophisticated, intelligent video detection engine. Using the GEN
2 value-added detection engines capability, your security screeners will automatically be alerted
and can easily pinpoint concealed objects without intrusive, time consuming, personnel- intensive
and potentially dangerous physical searches, while allowing security screeners and law
enforcement officers to perform virtual pat downs from a distance without direct contact. GEN2
provides an effective means to manage threats before they become harmful incidents.
GEN 2 Characteristics and Benefits of Passive Millimeter Waves (PMMW)

GEN 2 Passive Millimeter Wave GEN 2 systems detect both metallic and non-metallic objects as follows:
(PMMW) systems detect objects
Weapons and Explosives Chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear
concealed under the clothing of
devices. Fire arms, knives, nun chucks, hand grenades, lasers, bombs.
human subjects. The systems
use a radiometer (radiometric Drugs or Medicines Marijuana, cocaine, pill bottles, syringes, pill foil packs,
sensor) and optics to present an liquid prescriptions.
image of the naturally occurring
Handheld Electronics Cell phones, electronic games, music players, reading
Millimeter Wave (MMW) energy
devices, digital cameras, GPS devices.
present in the Field of View
(FOV). All objects emit MMW Media Accessories CDs, DVDs, phone cards**, game cartridges.
energy of varying characteristics
Apparel, Health, and Beauty Belts, cologne/perfume, wallets, cigarette
based upon their temperature
packs, razors**, cosmetics.
and molecular composition.
Using the energy emitted by Food and Beverage Bottles, flasks, packaged goods, plastic bags, canned
humans as a backlight, the goods, meat
system displays anomalous . Border and Customs Applications
areas of contrast (difference)
between human subjects and Anlisis
New technologies suchteclado.
inteligente desde as passive millimeter wave whole body scanners are being
integrated into customs checkpoints in airports and at border access points across the
Sistema inteligente de reconocimiento de voz.
These systems are passive and globe.
do not use any form of active
Transferencia de datos de alta velocidad va USB2.0.
radiation or emissions to Gen 2 systems emit no radiation or energy to the person being screened, but
illuminate the subject. The simply receive
Software de post the bodys
proceso natural millimeter wave energy. With the ability to read
PMMW systems display a
silhouette-like image of the through clothing, GEN2 systems detect objects blocking this millimeter wave
Interface USB OTG (Para Ethernet, impresora, mouse, etc.).
person present in its FOV and energy.
do not display anatomical
Sin necesidad de Licencia de Exportacin.
details of the body. Objects The GEN 2 Borders & Customs solution delivers high throughput scanners that can
made of metal, plastic, ceramic,
be easily integrated into existing security procedures. Security personnel are
or composite materials present
on the person and concealed better able to perform their duties by effectively managing traffic flow,
under the clothing may be minimizing time delays at checkpoints, eliminating health concerns, and
displayed as areas of protecting privacy
Innovative Detection/Screening Solutions

Every day, GEN 2 cutting edge object detection/people screening system offers
unsurpassed technology meeting security challenges in high threat environments.
The GEN 2 powered and manufactured by Brijot Imaging Systems, combines
innovative engineering, quality materials, workmanship, outstanding customer
service, and competitive pricing to bring you exceptional value.
Functional Considerations
Standard Deployment: Indoor and Imaging Capabilities: Metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, glass, liquids, gels,
outdoor environments. Some indoor explosives, weapons, currency, tobacco goods, and wood including those commonly
settings and all outdoor deployment used to construct weapons and explosive devices.
may require Minimum Object Size: Imaged pixel size: Approximately 5 cm x 5 cm (2 in x 2
environment altering as specified by in). Detection engine optimization: Approximately 7.6 cm x 12 cm (3.0 in x 5.0
certified implementation personnel. in)
Large Object Detection: Systems detection engine can be programmed to treat
identification of large objects differently. Systems alarm utility can be used to configure and
Indoor Deployment trigger specific actions upon detection.
Considerations: Ambient air Simultaneous Processing: Detection engine processes multiple simultaneous detections. GUI
temperature not to regularly exceed displays up to 3 detection or
26 C (80 F). Anomalous heat Large Object icons at a time and features a contiguous running event log.
sources Fully-Integrated On-Board Computer: Pentium-based processor enables stand-alone
behind walls and beneath floors. operation without external PC connection. Microsoft Windows XP Operating System
Sources of energy including sky integrates with local area networks for remote viewing and control via GEN 2 Application
access and reflective interior Software and APIs.
surfaces. Anti-Tamper Software: Applications actively prevent, detect and react to
tampering and reverse engineering. Imaging Speed: MMW radiometer 4 to 12
frames per second (FPS); CCTV 30 FPS
Other Deployment Considerations: Detection Engine Indications: Boxes in three colors appear at the location of detection on
Traditional CCTV deployment subject video image. Detection box features a black outside line, a white middle line and
considerations apply. Minimize one of the following colors as the inside line, determined by the user-defined detection
saturation Avoid facing system settings: Blue: [D2] level detection (warning) Yellow: [D1] level detection (alarm) Red:
directly into sunlight (CCTV [L] large object detection. A corresponding colored box also appears on the Detection
camera consideration) or at the sky Status area of the GUI with D1, D2 or L detection status icons.
(millimeter wave system
component consideration). Though Interfaces
the radiometer can operate in low-
or no-light settings, the integral Analog Video Output: NTSC or PAL, BNC connector
CCTV component requires lighting Monitor Output: D-sub 15 (VGA) connector (1024 x 768 72 Hz default)
the FOV for effective video Control, Setup and
imaging. Monitoring: 10/100
Ethernet, RJ45
Peripheral Interface: Two
USB 2.0; two IEEE 1394a
Combined PS/2-type
mini-DIN connector
Discrete I/O: 10 Position Phoenix connector; three user-defined outputs (dry contact
Form C relay) and two user- defined inputs (opto-isolated)
Audio: One 3.5 mm jack for LINE OUT; one 3.5 mm jack for MIC IN

Innovative Detection/Screening Solutions

Every day, GEN 2 cutting edge object detection/people screening system

offers unsurpassed technology meeting security challenges in high threat
environments. The GEN 2 powered by Brijot Imaging Systems, combines
innovative engineering, quality materials, workmanship, outstanding
customer service, and competitive pricing to bring you exceptional value. 17 Topaz Drive, Nashua, NH 03062

Phone: 1-603-888-6806
General Specifications

Specification Type Details

Power Supply Requires 12 VDC, 10 A
External 100 to 240 VAC, 4763 Hz, 120 W power supply provided with system

Power Consumption 75100 W typical (may vary depending on ambient temperature)

Operating Temperature -10C to 50C (14F to 122F)

Environmental temperatures, including room temperature, should not regularly exceed
26.7C (80F)

Operating Humidity 0 to 100% RH condensing

Dimensions (H x W x D) 82.6 cm x 34.4 cm x 38.5 cm (32.5" x 13.5" x 15.2")

Excluding mounting bracket

Weight Net weight: approximately 37.8 kg (83.4) lb. (excluding mounting bracket)

Shipping Crate Dimensions 41.75" x 24.38" x 25.5" (106.5 cm x 61.93 cm x 64.8 cm)

Shipping Crate Weight Net weight 100 kg (220 lb.)

Detector Millimeter Wave 80 to 100 GHz (90 GHz center frequency; 20 GHz bandwidth)

Number of Sensors 16

Nominal Focus 3.0 m (9.8 ft.)

Field of View Horizontal: 18

Vertical: 36

Imaging Area Horizontal: 0.9 m (3.2 ft.)

(at Nominal Focus Distance) Vertical: 2.0 m (6.5 ft.)

Interfaces Analog Video Output (NTSC/BNC)

Monitor Output (D-sub 15 VGA, 1280 x 1024 resolution, 70 Hz default)
Control/Setup/Monitoring (10/100 Ethernet, RJ45)
Peripherals (2 x USB 2.0, 2 x IEEE1394 Fire wire)
Discrete I/O:
o 10 position Phoenix
o 3 user-defined outputs (dry contact form C relay)
o 2 user-defined inputs (opto-isolated)
o 1 x 3.5 mm jack for line out
1 x 3.5 mm jack for microphone (audio in)

Uninterruptable Power The GEN2 system is powered by a 12VDC External UPS. There are no hazardous
Supply (UPS) voltages present with the GEN2 unit and as such is exempt from most Electrical
Certification requirements. Such UPS are UL, CE, TV, and GS listed electrical
devices suitable for worldwide deployment. 17 Topaz Drive, Nashua, NH 03062
Phone: 1-603-888-6806
Table 1: Environmental Specifications

Specification Type Details

Indoor Use Environmental temperatures should not regularly exceed 80F (26.7 C)

Interior Sources of MMW Energy Must be shielded from interior sources of MMW energy (direct or hidden),
including sky access and reflective surfaces

Outdoor Use Not designed for outdoor installation or operation

Rain/Moisture Not designed for use in wet environments

Distributed by:

Thermocom, Inc.

17 Topaz Drive, Nashua, NH 03062
Phone: 1-603-888-6806 17 Topaz Drive, Nashua, NH 03062
Phone: 1-603-888-6806