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Reflection Journal -- Koans

Expectation for reflection journals -- include a thoughtful,

thorough answer that can be understood by any reader - your
answer should always include explanations that show your
thinking & provide some evidence to support your answer (CER)

when answering a question leave a line of space between the question & your answer &
the next question, have the indention of your entire answer match that of the question, do
not change the font or size, BUT DO change the COLOR

Turning in your Reflection Journal:

This will need to be posted to your weebly on the Blown to Bits section that you set-up for
the class.

After reading Blown to Bits Chapter 1, complete the following assignment:

1. Explain what a Koan is in a few sentences.

Koans are facts that explain the complexity on the use of bits. There are seven different types of
koans that deal with everything from databases, storage capacity, and increased speed of the
processing capability.

2. Give a 1 sentence -- gist -- summary for each Koan in chapter 1.

Koan 1: Any image displayed on a computer screen as well as text messages or wireless phone
calls are formulated by bits.

Koan 2: In today's technological era it has made made it nearly impossible to decipher the
difference between an original item and its copy.

koan 3: The advancement of storing data has made it very difficult to access old information
carried on obsolete devices.

Koan 4: The processing speed of computers are getting faster each year and the different ways
of using bits is allowing new inventions to be developed.

Koan 5: Its imperative for one to be aware of the constant changes of technology in order to
keep up with the industry demands.

Koan 6: More companies are using consumers personal information to gather and analyze data
to make better marketing decisions.

Koan 7: Businesses now work in a global economy because of the transformation of bits
throughout the years.
3. Choose 1 of the Koans & argue if you agree that it is truth & if it will always be a truth

Koan 5 is an accurate statement. The concept of this koan will remain true today and in future
years. With technology constantly evolving there will always be companies out there trying to
stay ahead of the game to invent the next new phenomena. For example every year Apple
releases a new iphone with more capability and features.

4. How does the Koan you chose intersect with your life as a student?
I have personally been exposed to the exponential growth of the computer world. Schools have
transitioned from teaching with paper and pen to interactive computer learning. Even though at
times challenging, transitions to computerized testing and online textbooks have been a positive