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The intelligent safety and security

management system

FlexES Guard
FlexES Guard turns
information into intelligence
The flood of data we face today practi- The FlexES Guard management system
cally everywhere we turn is often too provides the key components. With its
much to handle. We need filters to help state-of-the-art software design it meets
us make sense of it. This is no less true all the challenges of hazard management
for safety and security technology. When today. FlexES Guard features integrated
danger occurs, its vital to respond with interfaces for data recording, task-
the right measures fast even in the specific preparation of information,
most complex systems to protect automation and a great variety of output
people and property in the building or, channels for distributing information.
if losses are inevitable, to limit the
consequences as much as possible.
The information necessary to evaluate
the danger must be clear and available
to the right people at the right time.

2 FlexES Guard FlexES Guard 3

Progressive expansion of a building complex

Welcome to Security 2.0

The newly developed software kernel it offers each user the choice to run the
of FlexES Guard is based on JavaTM, client in the browser or with the desktop
offering an ideal foundation for displaying application. Automatic update functions
messages on any platform. All data can ensure that all nodes on the network are
be accessed from anywhere on various kept synchronized. Furthermore, the full
mobile end devices (such as PCs, range of functions is available regardless
First stage Second stage
tablets and smartphones). Integrated of whether the program is run in the
rights management allows views and browser or on the desktop.
functions tailored to users individual
needs. Client access via web browsers
offers additional benefits. For example,
if a multiple monitor view is desired, One system fits all:
scalable to your needs
The flexible licensing of FlexES Guard And the FlexES Guard import and export
allows the system to expand whenever functions provide further tools to facilitate
your needs do. As the scope of a project operational startup.
increases, additions can be made to
satisfy the new requirements precisely.
The FlexES Guard licensing model
enables cost-effective expansion through
the entire range from small properties
to the largest industrial premises.

4 FlexES Guard FlexES Guard 5

The interfaces: from
comprehensive integration
to standard interfaces Built-in flexibility
In a management system, interfaces are One of the key tasks of hazard manage- FlexES Guard has a powerful engine for
key elements for integrating subsystems ment is to provide relevant information scripting and defining workflows. It can
as well as data communication and when particular events occur. Thats the initiate and apply actions based on
alarm signaling. FlexES Guard provides only way to assess the situation properly preinstalled standards as well as your
a growing range of interfaces. and issue targeted instructions for own defined processes. The sequence
organized action that follow the agreed controller for alarm processing receives
Standard interfaces include BACnet,
protocols. Fully automated actions such these instructions and triggers the
OPC, ESPA and SNMP. This enables
as printing fire brigade routing cards appropriate actions automatically. In the
bidirectional integration with building
can also be started this way, for example, future, such workflows will be supported
control as well as process and auto-
in the event of fire. not only by the integrated program
mation technology, and data exchange
interface but by a graphical user interface
with communication systems.
as well. Simple tools enable a program-
mer to adapt FlexES Guard to your
particular requirements.

Service is our speciality!

Management systems deal with a huge range of project sizes, from small ones
with one or two fire detection systems to large installations such as those in
airports, industrial plants or office complexes with the full range of safety and
security technology. FlexES Guard can provide effective assistance in all these
scenarios to assess dangers quickly and take proper action. But we still see
the planning requirements involved in each project as unique.

We provide system training at various levels to ensure successful implemen-

tation of FlexES Guard in projects to manage hazards. We also support our
customers with advice and planning assistance as well as implementation and
operational setup.

6 FlexES Guard FlexES Guard 7

Dynamic data management
for greater security and

Automatic detection and evaluation of new system components

New detector

FlexES Guard is flexible enough to adapt There are comprehensive functions If changes are made to the system, automatically. If a new detector is
to the requirements of existing IT envi- available for import and export in ongoing they are available online as soon as they triggered, FlexES Guard evaluates the
ronments. The system can be operated operations. These enable entire data- have been saved in the database. Most information the new node has sent about
with the standard database included with bases (including application charts, changes do not require the system to the fire and executes the assigned alarm
delivery or with another SQL database detection points and log data) to be be taken offline a decisive advantage programs properly. All of this occurs
on an Oracle or Microsoft SQL server, exported for backup. Or they can be to increase availability of the system. fully automatically, with no additional
for example. The database to be used is imported to another FlexES Guard configuration.
This is a big edge in reliability and securi-
simply specified during installation, and database, which allows projects to be
ty particularly when subsystems undergo
FlexES Guard is configured accordingly. combined easily.
changes. If, for example, new alarms
or fire detectors are added to a system,
FlexES Guard identifies and adds them

8 FlexES Guard FlexES Guard 9

Administration and service
with integrated remote access
The functions of FlexES Guard are The separation of functions into these
organized in three software modules: three modules means a clearly structured
interface which allows you to access and
Central control console
control the individual functions simply
This is the application the user works
and reliably. The well-organized display
and intuitive operation are a real plus.
Configuration module
Central control console All the functions of the configuration
All system administration is handled
module and editing client can also be
here, including user and rights manage-
used in standard web browsers such
ment, drivers, data point management,
as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla
licensing and client administration.
Firefox. That means with FlexES Guard
Editing client you can carry out all administration in
This module is used to set up the ap- a browser on a tablet PC or other device.
plication for the central control console.
Graphics and detection points can be
added and programs integrated here.
The editing client allows configuration in
every aspect for your specific require-

Configuration module

Less is more: flexible notification filters for

simple operation
The FlexES Guard system not only offers all the options for hazard manage-
ment but also supports your daily work routine, enabling semi- or even fully
automatic handling of recurrent processes to be carried out with associated
disciplines. Whats more, FlexES Guard helps sort out information so you
can keep an eye on the big picture; it can handle log data or detection point
information, for example, and convert it to well-organized charts that can
be exported. Then filters for users or views can be applied to show the key
information each user needs.

Editing client

10 FlexES Guard FlexES Guard 11

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