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ImranUllah Jan

Email;, Mobile # +923339162212, +92916513072


Management and programmatic skills with experience in protection, human rights, IDPs and
relief work in both conflict and post conflict settings. Knowledge in program design,
monitoring and evaluation, as well as capacity building and training of personnel.
Knowledge of project cycle management, financial monitoring and budget control,
experience in participatory approaches and strategies in project implementation, skills in
database management.

Core Competencies;

Programme Management; from past couple of years I am working with different

INGOs in coordination with UN bodies to manage projects operating in the post-
conflict environments and capacity building sectors. This tenure has broadened my
horizon of understanding of managerial insights and also raised my competency level
in professionalism, planning, organizing and communication.
Knowledge Management; I have experience in enabling environment to promote
learning and knowledge sharing, and to effectively linked it to wider M&E
developments in a way that both contributes to and benefits from organizational
M&E Framework Design: I am responsible to develop M&E framework design for
different projects under the main themes of representative governance, rule of Law
and two-way communications. Besides these main documents I am also working with
project team to finalize their Theory of Change and Log frame documents for DFID
Humanitarian & Development Field Experience: I gained an in-depth knowledge of
various social development and peace issues and have worked across a wide range of
humanitarian contexts including conflicts, displacement, and issues of multi-ethnicity,
draughts and refugee repatriation through the Protection cluster. Research experience
with the ability to design and conduct surveys, needs assessments, lessons learnt
compilation, presentation and documentation.
More than 11 years of professional work experience at national and international
levels in protection, human rights, IDPs, including 3 years international work

4 Nov 2015 till date Pakistan
Senior Protection cluster Assistant
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Maintaining Cordial relation with Governments, NGOs, Provincial Clusters ensuring

agreements on key decision and actions.
Design protection cluster advocacy strategies, coordinate and initiate advocacy on
protection concerns.
Design and Conduct Needs assessment and information on local protection
dynamics and durable solutions of displacement.
Ensure strong information management of protection data through reporting,
monitoring and identifying responses to protection concerns.
Capacity building of NGOs/INGOs, CBOs, partner organizations, DPWG and district
authorities on protection mainstreaming and standard applications.
Planning and strategy development, contingency planning and disaster preparedness
and ensure the adequate reflection in overall county strategies.
Develop and maintain effective system on Cluster progress through continues
monitoring, reporting and communication is this different from info management.

Professional Experience
10th July 2015 International Rescue Committee Pakistan Programme
till 1 Nov Serria Lone
2015 Protection Programme Consortium Manager

Provide technical support, guidance and oversight to the districts in their RU.
This position will rove between sites provide direct technical input on how to deal
with protection cases and capacity development to protection and other actors,
and to the consortium group. They will also conduct monitoring and quality
control visits.
Provide technical support and guidance to the district teams. This will include
support on identification, assessment, referrals and district led trainings.
Provide on-going capacity building, mentoring and supervision to the district
level teams on protection mainstreaming.
Ensure that the learning is shared between each RH and goes to the field and back
to the TT and CCU.

Oversee the monitoring and quality assurance of the consortiums activities with
guidance and leadership from the TT and the CCU.
Ensure that M&E is present and active throughout all the consortiums work, and
is supported, monitored and overseen
Act as the direct technical liaison between the CCU, the district lead agencies and
the district mobile teams based in the communities.

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International Rescue Committee Pakistan Programme (KP/FATA)

April 2013 till July
Peshawar, Pakistan
Protection Cluster Co-Lead
Establishment and maintenance of appropriate coordination structures
With the UNHCR and Government co-leads, co-chair the Provincial Protection
Cluster in Peshawar, ensuring agreement on key decisions and actions
Establish linkages and coordination with national and local coordination
Encourage and support NGO and Governmental participation in the
coordination of responses to protection concerns
Support the development and capacity of the District Protection Working Groups
in close coordination with sub-Cluster leads.
Support the coordination of activities among all stakeholders.
Mobilize resources through coordination and advocacy to respond to priority
protection concerns
Represent the protection Cluster at relevant inter-agency, government, donor
and other forums, in partnership with the designated UNHCR Cluster lead.
Mainstreaming Protection and Application of Standards
Establish and implement a strategy for mainstreaming Protection across each
sector/other clusters
Support Protection Cluster members and other Clusters to understand and follow
protection principles and standards
Support the application of international and national protection standards across
all sectors and with local government authorities
Support the design of Protection Cluster advocacy strategies and take a strong
role in coordinating and leading advocacy initiatives on identified protection
Needs Assessments and Information Management
Map the needs, capacities and gaps in service provision
Identify, analyze and report on local protection dynamics and concerns with a
focus on ensuring durable solutions to displacement
Develop or introduce appropriate protection tools for use by Protection Cluster
members to identify, report, monitor and respond to protection concerns
Capacity Building
Develop or make use of existing training tools to train on protection principles,
standards and responses.
In close coordination with protection Sub-Clusters, coordinate and facilitate
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training for Cluster members, local government authorities and other

humanitarian actors
Provide ongoing capacity building and skills exchange with the protection
District Working Group Chairs and with their members.
Provide capacity building and training for provincial and district authorities on
protection response and application of standards
Planning and Strategy Development
Prepare and update strategic action plans, disaster preparedness and
contingency planning and ensure that these are adequately reflected in overall
country strategies.
Represent Protection concerns in cross-sectoral discussions on strategy, policy,
prioritization and resource mobilization
Monitoring, Reporting and Communication
Put in place a system for reporting on the progress of Cluster members activities
for effective monitoring and evaluation
Map the projects, finances, funding sources, and scope of all actors working on
Protection within KP/FATA
Develop and maintain effective communication and information sharing within
the Cluster and among other sectors/Clusters.
Ensure a high standard of reporting on identified issues and production of
regular situation reports

International Civilian Protection Team Nonviolent Peace

Oct 2010 April 2013 Mindanao Philippines
Field Team Leader
Oversaw development and implementation of weekly and monthly activity
plans and budgets
- Ensured coordination, consultation and collaboration among all field staff
- Provided line management to UCPs and to all field office support staff
- Involved in team's day to day field activities such as workshops, community
visit, monitoring and verification missions, IDPs profiling and assessment,
emergency response for safe evacuations of civilians caught in between violent
conflict, mediation between conflicting parties, etc
- Delivered strategic guidance to focal persons for child protection, civilian
protection component, EWER, CBHR and supported them identifying key
partners, stakeholders and critical areas for program activities
- Conducted capacity building trainings on conflict mapping and risk
assessment for local partners, IHL sessions for military and armed groups
- Established and maintained professional relationships with relevant
stakeholders including CBOs, P/LGUs, Military, Armed Groups, Religious
Groups, Youth organization, INGOs and UN Agencies
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- Relevantly coordinated local and international relief agencies in various IDPs

assessment missions for relief operations and shared political and security
updates of the AoR
- Coordinated all security related issues with MO timely and effectively
- Efficiently and effectively completed proper documentation of all field
activities to the main office in compliance with protocol
- Addressed and managed field level staff grievances and interpersonal conflicts
within the field team
- Carried out submission of personnel action documentation such as leaves,
appraisals, disciplinary actions, and personnel movement
International Organization for Migration, Pakistan Programme
July 2009 to Sept 2010 FATA/KP, Peshawar, Pakistan
Human Rights Specialist
The FATA Development Programme Government to Community (FDP-GC) aims to build
confidence and trust between communities in FATA and their local, provincial and national
government entities. This will occur through planned, systematic, and ongoing engagement
on multiple levels involving numerous stakeholders. The outcome of this process will be
increased stability in FATA as the relationship between the Government of Pakistan and
FATAs communities improves. The FDP-GC will foster consultative processes between the
GOP and communities through the joint consultation, identification, prioritization,
implementation, and monitoring of quick impact projects at the community level. Visible
small scale infrastructure and other projects in support of the GOPs FATA Sustainable
Development Plan will be implemented through a small grants mechanism but the emphasis
of the FDP-GC will be on the consultative process. Creating enduring positive linkages
between the legitimate government entities and the citizens of the tribal areas is of
paramount importance for the immediate future stability of Pakistan and will be a rationale
for project selection
FDP-GC is supported by Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) of United Sates Agency for
International Development (USAID).
Main Responsibilities :
Secure and maintain a firm grasp and understanding of Program strategy, goals
and objectives with respect to the programs community and government small
grant activities.
Secure and maintain a firm grasp and understanding of on-going events and
trends (developmental, political and security) relevant to the Program strategy,
goals and objectives.
Secure and maintain a firm grasp and understanding of existing Government of
Pakistan regulations and policies with regards to human rights, media and
broadcasting and work to keep the Programs ongoing and new projects in line
with these regulations and policies.
Advise Program leadership, over the course of the program, on implementation
of human rights related activities and coordination with any additional
specialized implementers.
Develop, advance and manage relationships and activities with new and existing
programmatic and strategic partners to advance the Programs human rights
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Provide guidance, training and support to Program staff in Peshawar and the
Agencies regarding development of possible human rights components in
support of other Program activities .
Prepare, edit, and collaborate on regular and special reporting on
activities status, outputs and efficacy for Program leadership as needed.
International Rescue Committee Pakistan Programme
Nov 2008 to July 2009
Peshawar, Pakistan Protection Manager

Actively coordinate with Monitoring and Knowledge Development section to

ensure that appropriate monitoring and impact assessment mechanisms and tools
are being implemented within child protection component.
Seek formal and informal technical expertise from the Technical Advisory Group
and other thematic managers and senior colleagues in discussing work plans, any
new initiatives, reports, and in requesting them to provide support through field

Preparation of training module for training for child organizations.

Coordinating with government departments, NGOs and community based
Written and verbal reporting of project activities.
Monitoring of various project activities at the field and documenting success
Observing the field situation in child rights perspective and reporting any abuse
to the coordinator.
Support in arranging trainings orientations for CBOs on child protection issues.
Carrying training events for CBOs as well Child organization for sensitizing and
making them aware about Child rights mentioned in CRC.
Raising awareness on early marriages, birth registration and negative impacts of
corporal punishment on children.
Collect information relating to protection problems, including information about
population movements, security issues, criminal activity resulting due to the
emergency situation (such as kidnappings or trafficking of women and children).
Identify and pay special attention to Extremely Vulnerable Individuals including
orphans, displaced and unaccompanied children (especially females), chronically
ill or disabled, elderly, female headed households and alone females.
Monitor program activities to ensure all relief work is free from any form of abuse
and exploitation.
Direct efforts towards ensuring the physical security of vulnerable individuals
especially unaccompanied children and alone females.
Coordinate efforts with relevant organizations to assist individual victims who
have been separated from families. Provide this information to general public to
help them locate their separated family members.
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Norwegian Refugee Council, Pakistan Programme

Nov 2007 to Nov
Mansehra, Pakistan
Team Leader ICLA

Area of responsibility (AoR) and will report to the ICLA Programme Manager for
on all programmatic issues. The TL is responsible for the overall planning and
implementation of the ICLA project in their field office. The PC will:
Have professional and budgetary responsibility for the ICLA project in their AoR,
including establishing, planning and implementing the project in accordance with
plans and approved budget
Contribute to the development of ICLA Pakistan as well as NRCs general country
strategy, advocacy agenda and activities plan
Identify, hire, manage and follow up (including necessary capacity building) of
local staff for the ICLA project in their AoR
Monitor, evaluate and suggest changes and improvements of the ICLA project
based on observations and discussions with the ICLA staff and the ICLA
Programme Manager
Prepare monthly narrative and financial reports, to be forwarded to the ICLA
Programme Manager.
Conduct regular monitoring/assessment of protection issues in their AoR and take
part in the work of the local protection cluster, including coordination of
humanitarian/protection response
Ensure good cooperation and exchange of information with the rest of the ICLA
project in , as well as partners and other relevant external actors
Represent NRC, and present ICLA advocacy issues, in a professional manner in
meetings with humanitarian partners, authorities and beneficiary communities.
Prepare applications and budgets for submission to relevant donors
Prepare reports for the donors in accordance with agreements applicable to the
individual grant
Analyzing and assessing partners for project implementation.
Monitoring progress and activities against indicators and reports;

International Rescue Committee Pakistan Programme

Oct 2005 to Nov 2007 Mansehra, Pakistan
Protection Officer
Collect information relating to protection problems, including information about
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population movements, security issues, criminal activity resulting due to the

emergency situation (such as kidnappings or trafficking of women and children).
Identify and pay special attention to Extremely Vulnerable Individuals including
orphans, displaced and unaccompanied children (especially females), chronically
ill or disabled, elderly, female headed households and alone females.
Monitor program activities to ensure all relief work is free from any form of abuse
and exploitation.
Direct efforts towards ensuring the physical security of vulnerable individuals
especially unaccompanied children and alone females.
Coordinate efforts with relevant organizations to assist individual victims who
have been separated from families. Provide this information to general public to
help them locate their separated family members.
Coordinate and share information with all IRC programs active in the field to
ensure timely and adequate response to any health, sanitation or other concerns.
Develop and maintain network with other relief organizations as well as
government officials in the area of operation to refer victims needing specific
assistance that IRC may not be able to provide.
Provide constant feedback to field office to assist developing future program
Sarhad Rural Support Programme Govt of KP
June 2004 to Oct
Peshawar, Pakistan
Social Organizer
Leading the team of community mobilizes
Preparing monthly work- plans.
Making progress reports regarding different activities.
Facilitating communities in need identification and prioritization.
Facilitation of social feasibilities in consultation and collaboration with other
Identification and selection of problems related to social sector.
Establishment of linkages between community organization and Govt line
Attending monthly co- ordination meetings with the DIUs, GLAs and
District/Town and Tehsil SOUs.
Establishing close contacts with the communities reporting their problem and
other related issues to the DPO
Regular co-ordination with the DPO regarding social mobilization.
Facilitation of IST Dialogue for Female Social Organizers.
Social Mobilization of the Communities through participatory development for
the poverty reduction.
Identification of contact person in the village.
Arranging dialogue for DPO, DIU and Line agencies.
Programme introduction to the communities and also its objectives and approach.
Formation of community organization of the willing people.
Preparation of village profile through collection and analysis of data of the
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Preparation of TOPs and signing them with the communities.
Maintaining the CO/WO/VO record.
Identification of community members for other Programme activities like HRD,
Credit, NRM, Enterprise, Health and Education etc.
Maintaining the SOU record.
Ensuring/Safe-guarding SRSPs Interest.
Writing weekly diary / NFR.

Trainings and Workshops attended

FPL training In Budapest from 24-29 April 2016 from Global protection Learning
TOT of Protection mainstreaming Budapest 24-29 November 2016
IHL training at Beirut from 3rd to 9th March 2015 organized by Finish Red cross
Five days TOT from 9th till 14th December Protection Mainstreaming training in
Bangkok Organized by protection cluster.
Certificate of participation in Protection Workshop on Internal Displacement
arranged by UNHCR, Peshawar in Social Welfare Department, Peshawar on 03 rd
May 2010.
Certificate of participation in Training arranged by IRM on Disaster Risk
Reduction from 28th-30th March, 2012 at Peshawar.
Certificate of participation in Training arranged by Child Protection sub Cluster
on Child Protection in Emergencies and coordination on 04 th -06th July ,2012 in
Certificate of participation from Noor education Trust on arranging one day
seminar on Curriculum development for youth in Peshawar on 26 th February,
Certificate of Participation in workshop arranged by Global Cluster in Islamabad
on 17th June, 2013 to 21st June 2013 in Islamabad on Protection Cluster
Certificate of participation in Training of Trainer arranged by Age and Disability
Task Force on Age and disability in Emergencies on 27 th August,2013 in
Certificate of participation in 02 days training on Child Protection in Emergencies
and public system organized by PDMA in collaboration with UNICEF,Peshawar
on 27th -28th January,2014
Civilian Protection Preparedness Training Jan 2010 (Nonviolent Peace force
Financial Management and Budget control- Jan 2009 (IOM)
Legal drafting and developing training materials March 2008 (Norwegian
Refugee Council)
Project Monitoring and Evaluation August 2007(LUMS)
Camp management and IDP protection training workshop (Norwegian Refugee
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Protection, Legal framework and return monitoring (Norwegian Refugee

Project Cycle Management December 2008(International Rescue committee)
Facilitation of Participatory decision making and training march 2009 (IOM)
Regional Workshop on Leadership, Project Planning and Management skills
March 2004 (SRSP)
Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation June 2004 (Sarhad Rural
support Programme)


University of Peshawar, Peshawar Pakistan

Bachelor of Law (LLB) 3 Years Programme, 1999 2002

University of Peshawar, Peshawar Pakistan

Master in Arts International Relations, 1997 1999

Valerie Svobodov Mohammad Khater Niloufer siddqui

Cluster Coordinator Programme Manager Programme Manager

International Rescue Nonviolent peace force International organization for

Committee Peshawar Philippines Mindanao migration(IOM)

Cell:+923459076543 Cotabato Cell # Cell# +920300-5846741