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Dear Sir/Madam

Application for the post of Head of Mission / Head of Mission

I wish to express my interest in being considered for the above position as
advertised on Relief web. As my curriculum vitae shows, I possess essential
knowledge, skills, and technique required to perform the duties of Head of Mission /
Head of Mission .

Currently working as senior protection Assistant at UNHCR and my prime

responsibilities include establishment and maintenance of appropriate coordination
structure, mainstreaming protection and application of standards, advocacy and
needs assessment and information management and capacity building.
Previously worked as a Protection Consortium Manager in free town Ebola response
providing technical support, guidance and oversight to the districts in their Regional
area. This position will move between sites provide direct technical input on how to
deal with protection cases and capacity development to the protection and other
actors, and to the consortium group and also conduct monitoring and quality control
visits. Before that, I work as protection cluster co-lead at IRC and my prime
responsibilities include establishment and maintenance of appropriate coordination
structure, mainstreaming protection and application of standards, advocacy and
needs assessment and information management and capacity building. Previously I
work as Team Leader International Civilian Protection Monitor for the Civilian
Protection Component Programme of the Nonviolent Peace Force in the Philippines,
I am engaged in assessing the protection needs of internally displaced persons and
other vulnerable groups, working with various stakeholders, coordinating activities on
civilian protection, monitoring and observing the security of people in different areas
of the community while providing information and creating linkage to service or relief
organizations for people in need of assistance. I am working as Field Team Leader
from October 2010 till date at Maguindano Province; I was responsible for the
programmatic achievements of my field site covering 20 municipalities while
managing the affairs of the team. I ensured timely reporting of field activities and
oversaw field site logistical, administrative and financial affairs. I supervised 8
national and 3 international staff alongside establishing and sustaining work
relationships with different local stakeholders including the military, rebel groups,
police, religious leaders etc. among other responsibilities. Previously, I worked for
the International Organisation for Migration as Human Right specialist I have a hand
on knowledge on issues legal and right based programming. Before IOM I worked
with International Rescue Committee as Protection Manager and Team Leader with
Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) project of the Norwegian
Refugee Council, ERRA project of legal aid, Advocacy and Capacity Building in
Northern areas where I was majorly engaged in providing legal aid, coordinating,
planning, organizing and conducting trainings and capacity building workshops for
different stakeholders especially the Local Government Units, conducting research
and needs assessments, developing training materials and sensitizing the local
communities on rights related topics including taking part in project proposal writing,
project monitoring and attending coordination meetings. I am a Law graduate,
having master degree in international relations and attended several trainings and
workshops on, Monitoring and Evaluation, camp management and IDP protection,
international legal framework and return monitoring, Project Cycle Management,
leadership and facilitation skills, budgeting and needs assessment which knowledge
will be of help in successfully performing my duties if hired. I have experience in
proposal writing, finance, administration, leadership, and community organisation. I
am a quick learner, and I like facing challenges. I am flexible with the ability to work
well in stressful conditions, work under pressure and meet deadlines, prioritise and
plan for work. In my work, I have acquired skills in computer, communication,
analysis, facilitation, planning, organisational and networking. These skills have
enabled me to live and work with multicultural teams, adapt well in harsh and
challenging settings, build working relationships with various stakeholders, conduct
routine monitoring to track project activities, come up with detailed and
comprehensive reports among others. I am also able to train, communicate well,
network and coordinate appropriately with partners and other NGOs. I am a
resourceful person who desires to produce quality in my work that meets and
exceeds expectations of others with experience in field level management. Given my
experience of working with diverse communities under challenging conditions,
coupled with the ability to develop and establish effective working relations, I am
confident that I have both the drive and the competencies to take on the advertised
job I will be grateful if my application meets your kind consideration and I look
forward to hearing from your organization regarding this opportunity

Imran Ullah Jan

Senior Protection cluster assistant
Cell No:+923000652036,+923339162212