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ndi Goswami
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

c o Kailash S eks aria ; 74 Marine Dr i ve ;
J anuary

My Dear Upendra,
Please accept my b l essing s I beg to a ck now ledg e

receipt of your l etter dated November 29th, 1970, along with

encl osures of flyer a.nd ne wb lipping. I am so much glad to
k n ow that you are working dn both you and your wife with
great . enthusiasm to preac h the message of Lord Caitanya to
the fallen s oul s of this age. My Guru Maharaj has declarr.u
that the real life of a man is preaching. If one has at
all got any life in him then he will preach. So 1 am vn:,:,
very pler=sed by your constan t efforts 'to enliventthr. f'"'"''"
in general even in far off lands by the simple metho:l o:
direct flevotiona.l s er vic e to the Lord by chanting His llol.v
We have recently been preaching and holflin S8mk irtans
in s om e small vi ll a g e s and the result is very g0oL '.rhe
simple vill.a..gers are very mcuh attracted by tmn 0Rmkirtan
process r:nd they join with us very nicely and listen 3.ttent
ively. So I am glad that you are also preching in the
outlanrts. Tha t is very nice. Lord Caitanya w a nt e d that
Tiis Movement shoul d be spread everywhere, to every village
and city and now by your kind cooperation H is Holy Desire
is being fulfilled.
Regarding your tenddancy to become angry in publiS
that iA alright pr o vid e d there is positive react i o n Other .

wis we do not w i sh to create any unnecessary enem i e s and you

should c u rb your anger by your advnnced intelligence in
Krsna Consciousness. We have to better correct the faulty
habits of the conditioned souls by persuasive authoritative
prer:chin,g r:nd personal example w:i.thout stop. The m a nt ra to
Ganapati is not bonafide. That i s another nonsense. Your
worhip of Guru-Gourana and Nrsrngadeva is very n ice. PleaP.
make it as attractive and gorgeous as po s si bl e though simple.
The leaves and flowers of Tu l asi may be offered to the
devotees of the Lord for offering to the Lotus Feet of the
L ord Krsna. Tulasi may not be offer e d on the feet of anvone
but Krsna, not even Srimati Radharan i It appears tha t

Fiji is very nice pla c e for Krsna consiousness from the

appearance of such nice flowers and Tulas1 for the worship
of KrsnCJ the re .

Please of f er mv blessings to your good wife.

This will meet you in good hea



c. _

rr.o. vedan ta) 'i w !"' m 1

P.S. Some time back 1dispatched one tape to you by reistered
book post air. I do nnt know if you have received it or not,
pl ease let me know.



Sriman Upendra Das Adhikary

I !"!(CON Temple
44 Baniai Hoad
3uva, Fiji

::::;r-) o'l
' '!! !
I'll I !
..ll N!
...... 0!
z I


c/f.C fiak.tivedanta Swami ILE
cc;)ridandi Qoswami

International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER:l975 So. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

DATE . . . . .4nX"Y. . .J. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19. 7.0

.Ny Dear Hayagriva,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt
of your two letters dated January 5 and 8 1970 resectively,
and I am so much moved from your kind sentiments that you
have epressed for my humble activities. Actually I am not
worthy of any one of the words spoken by you but all of them
are due to my Spiritual Master Who was so kind to me. In fact
I am a worthless person because my Spiritual Master ordered
me to take up this work in 1922 but I did not carry His order
until 1958, when I was obliged to carry out His order by His
arrangement only. This means although I was not very enthus
iastic to carry out His order He forced me circumstantially
to accept it. So this isHis special mercy upon me and I always
think about this with gratitude to this exalted personality
coming directly from Vaikuntha World and we had the great
fortune to meet Him. I think that is the only credit on our
part that we happened to meet Him by some1ajnata sukriti or
unknown auspicious activities. He is so kind upon me that
when I came to your country, where I was completely unknown,
He sent to me some good souls like you unsolicited. So I
accept you all as assistants or representatives of my Guru
Maharaj Who is still helping me because I am so feeble and
unworthy. Anyway, the business which we have taken to work
together is neither your business nor my business as far we
are personaly concerned, but it is the business of Lord
Chaitanya and His bonafide servants like my Guru Maharaj.
Therefore it is the duty of all of us to execute it as nicely
as far as possible within our capacity. In other words, we
shall just try to discharge our responsible duties faithfully
and seriously, then all facilities will come for our help.
The Vrindavan scheme as suggested by you appears to be very
nice. You purchase the adjoining two farms in the name of
ISKCON and leave it to His Holiness Kirtananda Maharaj and the
devotees for further development.
Regarding Krishna book, as soon as it is ready we will
begin to print it either on our own press or in Japan as it
is suitable and we shall not wait for George $19, 000. His
lawyer has put some difficulty in the matter and it is not
yet settled up. Regarding our enlarged, revised Bhagavat
Gita As It Is, if possible you can conveniently give an en
larged introduction also.

Here in Los Angeles
nicely and yesterday
and this also appears
they are
received the blue print of
very nice.
selling our literature very

If Kirtananda Maharaj
amongst the school, college and university authorities and
induces them to recorrnnend this -rsopanisad"for additional
reading by the students either privately or in the library
it will be a great achievement. As you have read it, we have
tried to discuss the nature of God's greatness and our relat
ion to Him as preliminary chapter of Krishna Consciousness.
So this book is the cheapestof all our other books and
they can easily be introduced for mass reading and they will
be benefited undoubtedly.
Regarding publication by r. Ferlingetti, I have got all
approval and tole must take this opportunity for making
publication still more po ular. Please try for it.
11 -wisher,

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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.. .... ....:
.. . ,..


-- __ J
1975 so. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

January 16 70

My Dear Janardan,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of
your two letters post dated 2 and 4 anuary,l970 respectively,
the former redirected here from Boston.
I am pleased to note that although ypu have not yet secured
a Tem ple building you are movi n g our program forward on other
fronts. he arrangement for the composing and printing of BTG
in French and German lan guages is already settled, and if you
all continue to translate my books and articles and write
articles yourselvesJthat will make the work successful. he
peole in general can be reached v ery well by the distribu
tion of our literatures and by the propagation of Sankirtan
in the streets. These are our two mridungas for reawakening
t he sleeping conditioned souls.
I am especially enthusiastic for our Krishna Consciousness
philosophy or the teachings of Lord Chaitanya to e advanced
for the benefit of the learned circle and in this connection
your well received expose at the uniersity is encouraging.
Please continue your efforts to convince them of the great
universal necessity of this scientific philosophy to solve
att the knotty difficulties of life by pra ct ical application
of the \Tedic knowledge according to the Pararnpara prescription
of the bonafide Acharyas.
The ver s e vrh ich you have requested is as follows 1

kirata huna andhra pulinda pukkasa

abhira sumbha ya va nah khasadayah
ye'nye c papa y adupasraya sray ah
su dhyanti tasrnai prabhavisnabe n amah .
(Bhag. 2/5/18)

These are different names of non-Aryans or chandalas, less

than the SudLas. They are called panchamas or fifth grade men.
Brahmins are first grade men; Kshatriy a second grade; Vaishas,
third qradea Sudras, fourth gr ad e. There are many of these
4afferent fifth gade men and it is difficult to find who are
these fiftha grade persons in present society . But the point
is that t hey are all less than S udra .
So these persons are all l e ss than Sudras but Srimad Bhag
watam says even they, under the guidance of a pure devotee.
can also be raised up the the highest standard more than the
Brahmins. If some body questions how it is possible. how the
most degraded of the human secec,n be more than a Brahmini
- 2 -


that is also confirmed in Vedic language that it does not matter

if one is born of lograde f amily or chandalas, if he is a
detee of the Lord, he is first class man. There are other
statments that a man after becoming a devotee becomes immediately
qualified to ex ecu te sacrifical ceremonies. In this connection,
Jeeva Goswami has g iven his mommentation that a person born
even in a Brahmin family is depend ent on the purificatry proces ses
as accepting initiation and sacred thread, but a devotee w ithout
waiting for such recog ni tio n becomes f it to act as a Brahmin,
and this is the statement of Narada Iuni in this v e rse. This
means as stated in the Bhagavat Gita there are different symptoms
of different classes of men - just like a Brahmin is tru thful
clean, self-controlled, equi poised, tolerant, simple, full of
Jcnowledqe, theist, and so on. Similarly a K s hat riya has symptoms
- a tend ancy for rul ing over other s, m artial spirited, c ha ri table ,
does not flee away from the batt l ef ie l d and so on. Simi l arl y,
the symptorr.saffiVa isha is his tenden cy to agriculture, trade,
cow protectmmn and banking. And the Sudras tenda ncy is to wome
way or other work anywhere and get some wages. S
So r arad a I"uni says that these symptoms are not stereotyped

or stagnant; they are flexible. A man may be born in the family

of a Brahmin but he might have the tendency of a K sha triya or
;aisha or Sudra. S imilarly a m an may be born in the f amily of a
Sdra or Chandala but he may have the tendenctes for a Brahmin.
Just like kaballabha was born in a Chandala family but he had
the tendency of a l<:shatriya. Similarly 'liswamitra r-:uni was born
in a family of Jshatriyas but his tende ncy was of becoming a
So t:arada lluni says that m en should be judged by his tenden cies,
notby his birth, and this is also confirmed in Ehagavat Gita by
Lord Krishna that the four d ivisions of Huma n society should be
judged by the qualittetnin actual work. Therefore with reference
to all 'ledic Scriptures our members are all Brahmins and there
fore "'e offer them the xacred thread although they are born,
a cc ordin g to ;edic culture, in the families of other than Brahmins
or even than the Sudrass But that does not mean they cannot be
purified. Actually thay are being trained in such a way, their
hearts are being purified by chanting the aharoantra. And after
some days '\hen the Spiritual .r-:aster seee that one has followed
the regulative principles faithfully and has abs tained hims&lf
from the restricted items
like illicit sex life, etc. and has chanted reg ul arly 16 rounds
then say after a year or six months when he appears to be puri
fied in the judgement of the Spiritual Master he is offered the
sacred thread, and he is given the chance of D e i ty worship in
the Temple. These Smarta Brahmins contest that unless one is
born in a Brahmai,n amily one cannot be given these facilities.
But Narada Muni says noJ a man should be j u dged by the symptoms
of his character. And Srimad Bhagwatam says that the Kiratas,
etc. can be purified by a pure devotee because the influence
of Lord Vishnu is so strong. Prabha Vishnave means trepowerful
Lord Vishnu ; prabha means that the light or heat of Vishnu is
so strongthat it is possible to melt them. Only the devotees
of Lord Vishnu or Krishna can be puriqied, not the devotees
of any d emegod . They will have to wait for thier next birth
according to their own karma.
c.h' ( 'i. '<'
- 3 -

So under this formula the whole European anderican people

who are so intelligent and materially advanced can be converted
into pure Vedic Brahmins,and thus their mission of human life
becomes successful,sand the whole world bedomes a gnrden of
blooming flowers.
Take all these words very serously and t ry to propagate
Krishna Consciousness with all serenity. It will be a great
gift to the human society. You are a learned and intelligent
and young manJ think over the formula and try to execute to
the best of your capacity. That is my request.
Hope this will find you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swarr.i


Sriman Janardan das Adhikary

6,rue Vichelet
94 Fonteney-s-Bois
Paris, France
1975 so. La C ienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

January 24 70

l'"y Dear E}::endra das Erahmachary,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your good
handwriting letter, and I am so pleased to learn that you are
joining the amkirtan Party along with Lirbhadra and Girish.
I shall always pray to Krishna for your spiritual progress
and qood health hundreds of times, and yo u be happy under the
protection of r-ew Jrindavan.
I aiT. so pleased to learn that you are studying arithmetic
so quickly. !ive plus five is equal to ten. Two plus two is
equal to four. So Jrishna plus everything is '/rindavan. Do not
forget :rishna, and you shall a lways be in 1rindavan.
?hank you very mubb.
Your ever well-wisher,

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Sriman Ekendra das Brahrr.achary

:t-:e"' Vrindavan
cc;ridandi Qoswami
JI.C. fiak.tivedanta $wami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER:l975 So. La Cienega Blvd.

Los Angeles, Cal.

' DATE .... .. ......... ......

January 2.9 . 19.70

My Dear Ksirodaksayee,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of
your letter dated 23 January, 1970, and I have noted the contents
I am so glad to understand that you have decided to dedicate
your life for Krishna Consciousness Movement, this is the right
way of perfecting our mission of human life. Many men have
dedicated their lives for many engagements in the name of
philanthropy, altruism, nationalism, humanitarianism and so on,
but all of them will be finished along with the end of life
of this body. Our dedication of life or Krishna-ism, on the
other hand, will continue eternally and give us eternal life,
bliss and knowledge. Try to follow these principles and preach
the message to the suffering humanity. This is my request.
I am so glad to learn that you are in charge of kitchen and
food supply which saves 25 to 30% on food. That is a great
service. To be extravagant is not recommended by Krishna in the
Bhagavat Gita. He says, "Yukta ahara bihara." We should indulge
in regulated habits; that is nice.
I am so glad that you are also looking after the accounts
department. The five point plan: do it by consulting amongst
yourselves, and I have already written to Gurudas about this.
Someway or other, if you can secure that building -v;orth
eo,ooo, that will be a crowned success. In my next letter
to Tarnal I will write to him about the building fund.
Preaching in Hindi may be accepted by mutual consultation,
but the point is that our Radha Krishna Temple in London is
specifically meant for English knowing persons and I think
the Indians know sufficient English. If you speak in Hindi
and sing in Hindi, the English speaking Europeans and Americans
may not derive the benefit out of it because none of them
understand Hindi; but if you speak in English, every one will
derive benefit from it. Therefore, I think English speaing
should be encouraged.
Everyone comes to the Temple for some spiritual enlighten
ment, so why should a section of the audience be denied the
benediction? The same thing applies for Hindi songs also. Hare
Krishna Hantra is understood both by Hindi knm1ing and English
knovling persons; other Hindi songs may not be understood by the
Europeans. I have no objection for .Hirabai's songs, but I think
Hare Yishna is the greatest common factor understandable by
all people all over the world. The chanting is transcendental
and quickly effective.
- 2 -

I a so glad to learn that you are feeling in the Temple that

Radha Krishna is dancing and you are being inspired by His
Lordshj.p to preach this Krishna Consciousness Hovernent to
everyone. Now you have got a very good chance, Sri Sri Radha
Krishna is very pleased upon you.
You have been for the last fifteen years in London, and
you were sincerely working for advancement of your spiritual
life. low Krishna has given you a good chance, a good oppor
tunity for preaching Krishna Consciousness to all classes of
men without any discrimination.
In our Temple all Europeans, Indians, ohammedans, Christians
everyone is welcome. And our presentation is so nice that
everyone will be attractedtoaccept it because we are preaching
love of God. Love of God is the prime function of all living
entities1 vrithout any sectarian understanding.
Regar&ing the Hindi letter, I could not follow the Hindi
scr#Jpt haf.ld\'Jrit:ing. If you send me either a typewritten copy or
the Englsh translation of it, that will be nice. As far as I
could read the letter here and there, I understand that it is
written by some Radheshyam Banka. Sometime in the year 1961 I
was guest in the Gita Bagicha. At that time one boy was taking
care of me. I think he is Radheshyam Banka. Anyway, my relation
with the Gita Press and Hanuman Prasad Poddar is very much
friendly. So letters to them should not be written about myself
which may influence our friendship.
I could not gather why the letter was sent to me, therefore,
I request you to send me if possible a typed copy of English
translation of it so that I can give you my proper reply to this.
Keep good relations with Gita Press because they are good friends.
of ours. The preaching method of ourself is a little different
only because we want to gather one's attention only to Krishna-
that is recomended in the Srimad Bhagwatam and Bhagavat Gita.
In the Bhagavat Gita it is ahrays stressed to Krishna by the
words aham and Similarly in the Srimad Bhagawatam the same
stress is given from the very beginning--Param satyam, the
Supreme Truth. If we divert our attention to worship other
demigods, th=n. our faith in Krishna 't'>'ill be flickering. We Gaudiya
Vaishnavas, unQer the guidance of Lord Chaitanya, want steady
attention for Krishna, not flickering. Therefore, in our line
of thoughts and action there is no scope for worshipping any
other demigod!;
At last, but not least, I would remind you as to how you are
organizing the prospective tour in India with forty of our
devotees next year in February, 1971. Please organize this
party from now so that it can be completed in due time by the
end of this year.
Thank you very much for your service. I
long life and prosperity in

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami

{;ridandi Qoswami
cfl.C fiakjivedanta $wami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER:l975 So. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

DATE . . . . yQ.nuq.;ry. ;3.0 . .. . .

. . . . . . . . . . . 19.7.0

My Dear Jayadvaita,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of
your letter dated 28 January, 1970.
I am very glad to learn that 1.0ectar of Devotion is now
coropleted. You have inquired about the quality number 63 of
Krishna that He is surrounded by loving devotees can be explained
as follows: When we speak of Krishna, Krishna is not alone.
Krishna means His Name, His qualities, His fame, His friends,
His paraphanalia, His entourage--everything included. Just like
when \ole spealc of a king, it is to be understood that he is
surrounded by ministers, secretaries, military commanders
and many other people. J\rishna is not impersonal, so in His
1indaban Leela especially, He is always surrounded by the
Gopis, cowherd boys, His father, His mother and all the inhab
itants of Vrindaban.
Regarding your second question, Pyabhaichary, you have got
31 only out of 33. I think some of the brackets are not counted.
So if the parentheses are removed from 'intoxication' and
'impotency' and they are also counted, the total of symptoms
will come to 33. Simply add commas after the preceeding symp
toms namely prestige' and 'impudence' respectively.
Regarding the third point: all kinds of mellow includes
servitude. Therefore a mixture of servitude and parenthood is
not incompatible. So Ugrasena's mellow is correctly written
as mixed with servitude and parental affection and the state
ment in Part IV should be corrected to state that a mixture
of parenthood and servitude is a compatible one.

I hope this will meet you ,'t n goo health.

t liif(ircv/


' '
A. '-- Bhaktivedanta
c. 5-=Swami -------- ---------


Sriman Jayadvaita das Brahmachary

38-40 orth Beacon Street
Boston, ass. 02134

International Society for Krishna Consciousness Inc.

Acharya-His Divine Grace 108 Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad
New York

s, 1970.
San Francisco February
Los Angeles
Honolulu My Dear Sriman Anil Grover,
Santa Fe
New Vrlndaban. Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt
(COnVnunity project) of your letter dated 2 February, 1970, sent through Sriman Vamandev.
W. VIrginia

I am so glad to learn that you are an educated boy and coming to our
Temple and trying to unders tand our Krishna Consciousness philosophy
very seriously. It is very good sign. Try to continue this attit
ude and whenever there is some question, you are welcome to put it
before me, and I shall try my best to help you.
My life is dedicated for this purpose, and you have no cause for
hesitation; but the proces s of putting questions is service and sub
mission--that is the injunction in Bhagavad Gita. Questions should
be put before a person to whom you can submit yourself and to whom
you can render some service also--that is the way of self-realization.
The Kris hna Consciousness Movement has a basic philos ophy in view,
which is propagation of the ideal of One God, one religion, one scrip
ture, one hymn, and one human society. So far we Indians are concerned,
we are ordered to preach the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness through
out the whole world, after pers onally realizing what it is. This means
that as we have different types of limbs for different functions, but
at the ultimate end all the different limbs of the body cooperate for
the maintainence of the whole body. Similarly, if we accept the human
s ociety as one, then different sections of th human society may act
differently for the one purpose of growth of human civilization.
You have said that you have come to this country for getting
higher scientific education. That is very nice but I think that
if Indians would have come to this country to give the people of this
country higher education in spiritual knov1ledge, that would be the
proper function of their section of the human society. I f the people
of this country have got higher technological and scientific education,
they might go to India to teach them that part of knowledge; and Indians
may come to teach them spiritual knowledge. To maintain proper balance
of the oociety, both sides of education are needed.
If \'lest ern people are expert in technological knowledge, and if
their na.tulal tendency is to develop it, let them do it. But as far
as we Indians are concerned, our people are naturally inclined for
spiritual elevation. Therefore, even in these days also when
there is Kumbha Mela at Prayag or any other place, or there is a
particular function in some pilgrimage like Jagganath Puri, Vrin
daban, Haridwar, etc., millions of people gather without any ad
vertising. So these natural tendencies should not be disturbed,
but the people of a particular section of the world should develop
their indigenous talent, and then exchange with others. So the
Western people may give us their product, and we may give them our
product; and by such exchanging policy, both of us may flourish
in our civilized way of life.
Unfortunatley, in India at the present moment, our blind
leaders are completely neglecting development of our indigenous
talent. Therefore, India is in a position of misadjustment. I
have got practical experience that some of the Indian students in
this country directly criticize this Krishna Consciousness Movement;
so I am very glad that you are giving some serious attention tothis
Movement, and I wish may Krishna bless you for your :further advance
No, coming to the point of questions--your first question is:
"What am 11 Is this body itself matter, or spiritual soul, or a
combination of both?" Answer: You are eternal servant of Krishna.
The body is matter. The spirit soul is difrerent ro1n the body--it
is not exactly combination, but it is encagement. Just like i you
put oil in the water, the oil does not mix up with the water. Sim
ilarly, soul does not mix with the material body; but due to our
material consciousness, we are thinking that the movement of this
body is movement or the soul. Thererore, when the body is destroyed,
we think the soul is destroyed. That is stated in the Bhagavad
Gita, that the soul does not die with the destruction of the body.
With the destruction of one body, the soul transmigrates to another
body; thus the bondage of material existence. Therefore, to train
the soul properly to revive his original consiousness, or Krishna
Consciousness, is the real purpose of human lire.
Then, your second question, 111 this body is pure soul, then
why it gets engaged with worldly matter?" A s explained above, the
body is not the soul, it gets engaged lfith worldly matter due to its
vitiated consciousness. Just like some or us are thinking that 'I
am American', Or 'l am Indian--it is due to vitiated consciousness.
The real consciouscness is that I am eternal servant or Krishna. Or
it is just like a madman who thinks to himself that he is king, he is
:free to do whatever he likes,and talks non-sense; but a sane man
laughs at him.
Our engageme11t in the matter is just like a madman's activities.
When one is treated by the treatment of Krishna Con sciousness, he be
comes relieved from all these designative engagements. When I reel
as American or when I feel as Indian, and act accordingly, that is
the cause or all sorts of anxieties and frustrations. Krishna Cons
ciousness means to come to the pure understanding that one is neither
American or I n d i an , but he is eternal servant of Krishna, and thus
engages himelf in rendering loving service to the Lord. This is
his pure spiritual life.
As long as he does not come to that standard, he is supposed
to be materilly contaminated. Krishn Consciousness Movement means
to engage our senses in the service of the Lord, just opposed to the
materialistic way of li.fe wherein the senses are engaged for sense

Your third question is, "As you have explained in "Two

Essays", that as body is covered by shirt and coat, similarly,
soul is covered by mind, intellience and false ego--if it is
so, than who are mind, intelligence and false ego? \o con
trols them?" The soul controls the mind and intelligence. \IJhen
he is designated, he controls the mind and intelligence in one
way; but when he is free from designation, he controls the mind
and intelligence in another way.
In other words, when the soul is designated, for example,
as American or Indian, he controls the mind and intelligence in
that direction and acts for that particular nation. Similarly,
when he is free from the designations and feels himself as the
servant of Krishna, he controls his mind and intelligence for
that purpose. That is to say, a soul is destined to use his mind
and intelligence for rendering service to others because his or
iginal position is servant. A servant has to render service to
some master, so when he is in designated condition of life, he
accepts somebody as master which is Maya.
Maya is illusion. When a soul renders, therefore, service
as American or Indian or any other designation, he accepts Maya
as his master, because thinking oneself as Indian o American is
illusion. Therefore, one's perfect position of life is to ren
der service to Krishna, and for that purpose control the mind and
intelligence. So, the conclusion is, in either of his statuses
of life, the soul itself is the controller of the mind and intel
Fourth question: "Where does the spiritul life lead us? How
should people recognize whether we do take birth in our next lif'e
or not?" J\nswer: Spiritual life leads us to our original constit
utional position :free from all designations. This is explained in
the Bhagavad Gita as brahmabhuta status. This brahmabhuta status
means :free from all anxieties, without any hankering or lamentation.
At that stage only, one can think of universal brotherhood. And
the next stage is to be engaged in pure Krishna Consciousness, and
thus gradually be transferred to the spiritual world where there is
eternal life full of bliss and knowledge.
In other words, this spirit soul, when he is :fully liberated
from material contamination or designation, he no longer transmigrates
to another material body after death. He is transferred to the spir
itual world for eternal residence in one of the spiritual planets
known as Vaikunthas. The abode of Lord Krishna is the highest Vai
kuntha planet, known as Goloka Vrindaban.
People must understand intelligently that they are transmigrating
from one body to another at every monent. The body is dying at every
moment, and the soul is transigrating to another body at every moment
--this is medical fact. The blood corpuscls are changing at every
moment and new corpuscles are taking their place. The old order chan
ges, yeilding place to the ne\9, This is going on continually. In
thi s way, the soul is transmigrating from baby body to child body,
from child body to boy body, from boy body to youth body. So, at
the end, when the aterial of the body does not act very nicely, the
soul has to take another material condition of body, giving up the
present one. The body is changing, but the soul is there. Everyone
of us can remember our childhood body or past body. That past body
is no longer existing; but I am existing now, and I existed in the
past, and therefore, I must exist in the future in spite of change
of body. These things are nicely explained in the Bhagavad Gita,
and we should take advantage of this knowledge.

Fifth question: "To achieve the goal of K rishna, should

we pass our life through matter to spiritual life or direct to
spirital life?" The goal of Krishna can be achieved in a sec
ond if we s imply accept the truth that we are eternal servant
of Krishna. Although I am within this material body, I can im
mediately s top its material function s imply by developing my
Krishna Consciousness, which means to accept that I a m eternal
servant of Krishna.
Unfortunately, all the Karmis, Jnanis and Yogis are think
ing of themselves in different degrees that they are not s ervants
of Krishna. Therefore, it is s tated in the Bhagavad Gita that
after many, many births of different activities under different
concepts of life, when actually one becomes wise, he surrenders
unto Krishna, unders tanding Vas udeva Lord Krishna is the Cause
of all causes. But s uch great soul, accepting Krishna as the
Supreme Master is very, very rarely to be found.
Fortunately, by the grace of Lord Chaitanya1 this Krishna
Consciousness revival is made very easy, simply by chanting the
Hare Krishna l-1antra. Therefore, I advise you to chant this sub
lime Mantra--Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, and be happy in this life
without any frustrations, anxieties, worries etc. , as you have
mentioned in the first part of your letter. This is practical
and very easy to perform. Try it sincerely, and your life will
be sublime.
Hope this will meet you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

February 51 1970

My Dear Shaijl Ha.nwran Prasad Poddar,

Please accept my obeisances. I hDpe by this 'time you.
have received my ackt'loCMledgement dated ye5terday tor YOU%
letter received 26, January 1970. As you want to publish
a rehensive article about my activities in the 11Kalyan",
I think it is proper to gl you a short history oi In)' com
ing to the western world.
Sometime in 'the year 1922, M\en 1 was acting as manager
of Dr. Bose's Laboratory Ltd., I was fortunate enough to meet
my SpS.rl. tual Master 1 Hls Divine Grace Om Vishnupad ParambanSa
Paribrajakachary 108 Sri Srimad Bhaktl Siddhanta Saraswati
ml Prabhupad. On the very first meeting with His Div6ne
Grace, He asked me to preach the message of Lord Chai tanya in
the Western world.
At that time, I was a young man and a nationallst, admir
er of Mahatma Gandhi and c.a. Dass. So I replied Him at that
tie, who would care for the mes sage of Lore! Chaitanya while
we are a subject nation? In this way, I had some argument with
my Spiritual Master, and at the end 1 wAS defeated. But at
that time, because I was already married, I could not take His
words very seriously.
In this way, I passed on as a householder, but, by the
causele&s mercy o my Divine Master, that order of preaching
was iq>ressecl on my heart. I was in! Uated regularly in 1933
t A11ahbad1 ..t\en Sir Malcolm Haley, then the Governor en U.P. 1
opened our Gaudiya Math branch there. Then, in 1936 my Spiritual
Master left this world leaving a message for me that 1 t would
be better sor me to preach in English Language.
So I was thinking very seriously, a.nd then as late as 1944
t started my paper 1 "Back to GocShead". Gradually 1 in 19S4, 1
retired from my t'amlly life and began to live alone in Math\Ua
Vrinclaban. In 1959, I was awarded Sannyas by one ot my God
brothers, His Holiness D.P. Keshav Maharaj.
Then I begfan translating Srimad Bhatam in 1960J and,
perhaps in 1961, I was your guest in the Gita Baglc:ha. You
wel:'e very kind to help me partially or publishing my .first vol
ume of Srirnad Shagwatam th the Oalmia Chazitable trust.
With great cSlfilculty, I then publiShed th@ second and thizd
volumes o Sdnad Bhagwatam until 1965, when I pftPal'ed 11\YSelf
to come to this country with some books .

With great difficulty, 1 was able to get the 'P' Form

passed by the Controller of Foreign Exchange, and someway
or other, I reachC!d Boston on 17th September, 1965. I was
thinking, while on board the ship "Jaladutta", why Krishna
hac:t brought me to this country. I knew that Westem people
are too much addicted to so many orbidden things according
to our Vedic concepU.oo of li fe. Soa out of sent iment 1 wrot e
a long poetry addr es si n g Lord Krishna as to what was His pur
pose in bri nging me to this country.
At that time, I was spons ered by a friend's son, Gopal
Aganal, who is settled up in this country by marrying an
American Girl, Srally. I we.s their guest, ilnd I feel very
much obliged to Gopal and his wife Sally for their nice treat
ment and reception. I was with them for three weeks in Butlex,
near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and then I came t o New York.
I was getting some money by selling my Srimad Bhaguatam, thus
I was maintaining tn)'$elf in New York. After some time, I
rented one apartment at nud>er 100,7lst Street West, but uter
a few months, all my things - typewrl.ter,taperecorder, books-
were stolen. Then for some time one my students gave me
shelter at Bowery Street.
I th en rented one store-front and an apartment at 26 Sec
ond Avenue for $200 per month, but without and source en in
come. I started classes and sometimes, oo SundayS, I used
to chant Hare Krishna Mantra in Tomkins Square Park rom three
to .S P.M. During this time, all the young boys and girls used
to gather round me, sometimes poet Ginsberg would come to $ee
me. In this wa' the Hare Krishna '-1antra cha.nting became very
popular on the Lower East Side.
In thi.s way, the younger generation became attracted, and
gradually many branches were opened one after another. After
New York, the next branch was opened in San Francisco, then in
Montreal, then in Boston, and in Los Angeles. we havo now the
follng centers in the States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and
Australi3s (see insert sheets 2/A,B following page 2)

My activities in London were begun as early as September,

1968. I s ent six o my disciples there, all of thEft young cou
ples,*husband and wife, and none of them more than 26 years old. boys and girls fi rst started Samldrtan Movement in London
and there were very nice reports about them.. Even the "Times of
Lonc1on" printed one article with the caption "Hare Krl.sbna chant
s tart les London."
In London th ere arP many Indians, especially Guzraties and
PunjabieG. All of them were as-tonished to see hOUI American boyS
and girls were preaching Hare Krishna f.1antra. They were in-
vi ted to mo1ny centers both by the .Indians and the Europeans. But
it was very dift"icult to find out a suitable housethere in the
midst of the city. My Guru Maharaj liked to start centers 1n
the busiest part ot a city. So1 forty years ago1 my Guru Maha
raj attarpted to start a tenple there, but s.omeway or other it
was not possible. Still, I cheri shed a strong desi re to s'tart
a tenple in the heart o! the city 1 and by the grace ot Lord Krishna
these boys and girls rented a five-storiro house in the busiest
quarter of central London, at 1 Bury Place, vmich is near to the
*Iget them married personally, as you will find in pictures
and some of them are in charge of a cente1. 1 do not a-llow any
of my disciples to live as boy or girl friend as usually they do
in thi:. country.

British t"c.aseum, London University, Great Russell Stree-t and

Bloomsbury Square. The Brlt ish i sjust a ew stones
away on the left side of our 'Ieq>le. Our activities az:e go
ing on regularly in London. There arc about JS English and
American boys and girls.
Regarding the number o ashrams, our Temples are already
list ed above. The Deity \10r$h!pped in the Tenples are Jag
ganath Swami with Balarama and Subbadra, and Radha Krishna.
\hen we f'irst start a 'Ienple, we start with laggana'th Swami.
My Guxu Ml\hara.j recommended I'les o Jagganath in these coun
tries, so I was inspired to establish irst of all .1a.gganath
Swami because He is k:l.nd even to the mloocha.s. Then, when is opportunity, I establish Radha IC.rishna Murti. So
gcmerc.\lly in all our Temples, .1agganath Swami and Lo Cha1tanya
Samki rtan pictures axe invax1ably thexe, and gradually we a.e
installing Radha Krishna Murties in eachand every center. the
program o the Tetl'{>le worship ls as .follows: .Erly in the morn
ing, be.fore sunrise, there is Hangal .1\ratrik. At 8:00 a.m.
there i s ding and decorating en the altar daily and
breakf'ast. Then, between lla30 and 12r00 N., Bhoga Aratrik.
At s :oo p.m. opening of the door and Ohoop Aratrik as wel as
Boikalik Bhoga offering. In the morning we of.fer fruit s and
milk o the Deities, and at noon we ofer rice. dal, chapa"tties,
vegetables ,, sweet dee, and many other varieties. In
the Boikalik Bhoga Aratrlk we offer fruits again. Then there
is Sandhya Aratrik af te r dusk; and at 9:00 p.m. we ot%er Bhoga D
Puri, vegetL\hle, tr:\lk,swec!tr..eats, etc. Then thexe is Sanyan
Aratrik after which the Deity rests. This is the general pro
gram of worship. we decorate the thrones with profuse flowers,
changing the dress and ornaments daily, and as far as possible
the Dcity platform and the 'Ienple room art! kept neat clean
The tees take bath tce daily.
The Government of u. K. has passed a bill to hand over the
rechtndent churches to other religious sects, but the christian
authorities want good amount of money tor selling those prop
erties. So none of the churches have we been t:1ble to tlquire,
on account of the exhorbitant price, for which I have not gat
money to p01y. But they are availabale. In L.Mdon we saw a
redundant church and also in O>dort1. n1ey are very nice for
our puxposeo, but the negotiation is very slow. Some other
churches are also available in other districts but t he y can
be purchased. The govemament has no such sche1fte 'to place
these unused churches at our disposal.
How can we expect the 90verrment to give us any lnancial
hlp, while our Indian government does not allow any money to
be brought from India for this pu:rpose? How can we ex:pee-t fin
ancial help rom another government'? Our financial buc:lget is
managed by Krishna's Grcw;e only. Undoubtedly we have huge EK
penditures--tor e.Karrt'le in our Los Angeles Temple we spend near
about Rs 20,000 in our Indian exchange per month. But tM devotees,
bo-s and girls , somch:;,w or other collect this huge amount, and
by the Grace of Krishna, we haveno difficulty.
In ft'IOSt of the centers our activities ;ue in rented houses,
only in Boston and Buffalo we have our own houses. In lk>ston
we have got our CMn Pxess, ISKCCN press, where our books and
magazines i:lre published p3rtially. fhe tnc'ljor portion is printed
outsic"..e our press espednll)i in .Japan, where 've have our center,
Tbe government is neither encouzaglng or ng.
Sometimes the police department prohiblts o\.lr Sarnkirta.n Party
when tbey go out in the street. In the United States this
hindrance by the police is not very much but in London they
have pzactically stopped us. and the case is pC!fd!ng. In
Hamburg and Tokyo they are also not very strict. In the beg we have di.fficvlty Z't!. by now. a.s le in
genenl are appreciating ou.r movement--that we at:e devotees
o the Lord, boys and girls of nice behavio and character-
they give as as %ar as possible all concessions. 'Die govel'ft
ment draft boazd has accepted our Society as z-eUgious. so
they are kind upon us. But, do not ge-t any dlzect inancla1
help either t"l:OI'I\ the govemmeDt or big :foundations. neither
have we been able o contact the lcher section of the peq:le.
Our initiation system is as f'ollcus; In out general t.hdc:.e
,classes we chant Hare Krishna Mantxa in the b@ginnlng and
at the end ancS in the mlc1dle we spe3k on Bhagavad Gita and
Srlmad Bhagwatam Rguly. In this class we do no't pralubit
anyone to come within the Temple. everyone i.s welcome. The
only thing we ask visitors to leave thexe shoes at a specified
place and sit dawn i.n the le crosslegged. U somebody
:finds cUfficulty tQ sit cbm crossl.egged, we ofiez him a chair.
So out of the -merrtH!xs o the audience whO come .cegula.%'ly, \'ltlen
one becane-s more interested be is invited to participat-e in
the prog.nm of Krishna Conscious-ness didly life and st.w:ly.
Mter some time of apprecieting our. pxogram and trying to undez
stand our philosophy When someone is very ini:exested and ze
cammended by the 7en;le Commander, for being initiated, X ac
CEPt him and g,;l.veldm first initiation in the form.- Had. Nair.
in a regular ceftl'fOftY with fire-sacdfice. I chant Hcue Krishna
Mantra on the 100 beads and then tbe bead$ are o.fered tn the
disciple witb a change o name as Krlshna.das. He is advised to
strictly follow the regulative o:f 1.) no eating
meat fish or eggs; 2.) no takiag o iotoxica.ate including cofiee,
tea and toba.ccoa .3.) no illicit se.K-li:fe; and 4.) no gambUng C*
ll'leMal specula.Uon.
In thls way, a1ter six wonths at least Mhen he is f'ound
habituated to the Valshnava principles, then hQ inltla
for the second time with the sacred thead. 'Ih1s sacze4 thread
ceremony is recommended in the Ha1 Bbg!tti or tbe Vaish-
naw Smdti, by Sanatan . anatan l arecommencls that
by tbe lni tiatioa process ane is elevated to the position o a
twiee-bom (OW1ja). %his is recoftlmencSed unclu Pancbaratrlka
Slddhl. Unc:lex Vedic BlMd, a student is xequlzec! t o be a
bonU'lde M a Brahmin or twice-born. but according to Sdnad
Bhagwatam, if there are no regular samskacas begil\ning rom
Garbbadhana one is considered as Sudm, but a SUd:ra can be .t
evated to a Bra!mtns position by Pa.nehuat.dka Biddbi. Thts is
instructed by sag(! &.:ada to Yudbisthira in Seventh Carrto of
Srlii'Bd 81\agwatam as follows: , "Yasya hi. yat l.aksnra.m syat va.mabhi
banyakall\ yadt nyatra api dESyet tenelva bWr&.set"
On this verse, Sridhar ami baS given tU.s commenta-ttan
that birtb is ncrt always the cl'ltedon of becoming a Bxahft\tn,
but the quality is most essential . In the Bhagavad Gita also
the caste system is made by the Lord Hlms:elf accCI'ding tD qual
ities and engagements. In the Sdmad Eba.gwatam also it l staed
as mllCM5t

Kirata huna andhra pulinda

adhira sumoha yavanah khasadayah
ye'nye c papa yadupasrayasr
Sudhoa.nti tasmai prabhavisnabe nnmah.
(S.B. 2/S/18)

So our initiation process is executed accoEding 'to autho.d2ed

regulative principles. tllis is the sum and subePtance o our
initiation process. In the heginnirg, they are given Mari Mama
and during sacred thead ceretnDny they arP. given Gayatr1s and
eighteen let t e r shna Na.ntra. The disciple chaM$ daily 'the
Ge.yatri Mantras thdr:e--morn1119, noon and evening. The beads
are chanted a minimul'l\ of sixteen .munclD daily or in other .
27,640 Names daily.
I am enclosing herewith some pd.ntd copies of the rules
and regulations ten kinds of o.fenses etc. wh1ch .:\re J:'fii9Ul
arly observed by the students.
Hq)e this will meet you 1n good he.'"llt."t,

Yours in the sexv.lee of the Lord,

1\.C. B'haktlvedanta Swami


Mis Grace
Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar
Gita Press
P.o. Oita Vatika
Dist. Gorakbupur
o.P., India

P .s s So :far the n:;ames of the books pt!blished aft as c:us:

League o Devcrtees $16.00

1 Paperback Bhagavad Gita
As It Is Collier (MacMillan) 2.95
1 Hardback MacMillan 0.95
1 -:teaehinqs o Lord t@:nya ISxcc:fi Press S.9S
1 ri Isopanisag ISKCOH Press 1.00
1 :;r'\ar at Devotion IS Press
ISI!tCai Press
1 shna 10.00
1 trasy .10\l.f!J!Y to other Plti\!!tt5 League ees
' Two ESS.;l.Y$ !Sto:Qf PRESS
Munthly Mane
''Back to Godhead" ISK<Xtf Press o .so
J'rench Bd. " " ISPCCaf Press
Oern&n Sd " " IS Press
"Zunei!E SU&' Ootthe1t"

Some of these ax-G being enclosro berewi th, and he be.lance wiU
be dispatched from 1'lew Yon along with books.
The mnagement o our dif.ferent centen is made by 'thfte ot
ficers i namely a president Treasurer and Secretary. They ha\le got
separate banking acc:DWts in e.utl center. 1'he checfcs axe signed
by two Dfflcers out ox three. Although in eqch banking ac:couat n.,
name is there as Acharya1 and when r am in a center sometimes I sign
the cheeks, still1 usually I do not . I try to keep mysel.t a
from business transactions; but as tar publication is consexned,

I manage the book Wnd pely.

So our oenters are managed iniV'IciaUy by selling the
books ard nagad.nes and by accepting some voluntary contrib
utions rom the public. Sometimes we ma.nuacture incense and
the visitors gladly pun;:hase it. In this way we manage the
financial aaS rs our society. In London, hollever, we get
some income by sales of ''Hare k rishna "antra" record and sim
ilarly ln the u.s.A. we get sane income by selling "Govi.rm"
records and other simllar recoxds . From Lonjon t.he "HaJ:e Kd.stlna.
Mantra" record has world wide sales . This is maraged by HI:.
gmrge Harrison, the anDus EngUsh Jfbsician, \loho is 11.\y unin
itiated devotee. This has ne recently $19,000 zor I'D)' !dsbna book . 'the \hole an:ount will be xequlred
or publishing the book in Japan.
The names o places v,here our centers are a.lready estab
lished is given above. The o our vad.ous dally
act:ivitles--Klrtans, etc.--are also enclosed herewith.
I am very glad to learn that )'0.1 want to our
activities or: the young men in ln::Ua, But l inc1 that here the
young men are very nuch lrqulsltlve. I do not M\)' in India
the young men are not so nuch inqulsltive.--ft'lll)lbe 'they are very
ftiJd\ e1brrassed to solve eoonomlc problems. Recent17 one Indian
boy, he is a PhD at St. Louis U1lverisity, has joined our St.
Louis center, and the copies his erquiries and answers by ne
are sent herewith for yow: perusual.. So far European and Am
erican young boys and girls are concerned, they also send me
many enquiries by letter anc1 I aDSIIIel' them in the sama .
generally giving reerenc e from the Bhagavad Gita As Jt I$.
These students are very nicely conbatlng e1ements lng
Bhakti school. %here are hundreCJs af 1etters ban them; aB1
i you are serious to nake some agitation aroong Indttln ycu1g
men, then on hearing rocn you, I can send sane the letters
or publication.
On the -M\ole, the Gcxness worl.d situation ls not very sat
isfactory. People in this part o.f the world are :feeUng or this
vacancy, but they do -not knew hcMI to SOlve Uds problem. 'Ihey
think that by n&klng people Godless th@)'WiU solve the question-
this is a utoia p n hope 111\ich will never be :fuUllled. The God
less leaders of the society are blind themselves and their :fol
lowing are also bUoo. So blind men leading blind nDl has no
meaning. But practically I have acperienced that this K.d.shna
Congclousness Movement or to present the losophy o the 81\ag
a\!M Clta A$ It I$ can solve aU problems the worlci. It is
specifically the responsibility o.f thelnd:lans after zeaU.z1ng the
philosophy therrGelves. and I think U such realized souls go to
various parts the world and preach this Krislv\a Conscia.asness
Movement in every nook corner of the \IIOrld, 'then will be a
great reai ssance. I would theret:oze request you to give )'OUZ'
serious attention to this Krishna Consciousness Movement am help
me as far as possible.
I .mt to start a center in lntU.a. at the birth-site of Lore!
Chaitanya Mahap.rabhu especially or accomodaUng non-Indian stu-
dents for taking lessons in this great transcerdental art . \\hen
tncSian young men will see that oreig1 students from England,, Canada, AustralJ.ea etc., taking part and interest in
a re
the spiritual science le1't by the Acharyas headed by Lam Krishna,
then naturally the)' \lll.U also take p1rt. It w.l.ll be a gnat ex
ensive job, but still 1 one hal1 of the expense is borne by the
ln:S:lans I shall manage to send the other hal trcm America And Europe.
As your good se1f has voluntarily offered some ser"1ce on
account of this Krishna Consciousness Movement, I shaU be
very much pleased i you kindly consider this proposal.

Thanking you in ant1clpatlon,

Yours !n the service the Lord,

I could no-t folloVl the r.!c:c:.mii-;<_; o;
the J<.. :;t lir: c.. - '/OljT I,rcr,
"IC look forWc.L:-d to the sr<.;c::: US "/ocr :.oly
d.:1y HhC::"f..'ou
Instructions for I.ord Ch a i tc.n'i..l s :..:.irl:<..'.r:." l:l you r:.2<L-. by

this lin e about the \iorl(l .S<<n 1'2!.--':./, th...:: ::: ;:.ay i:. .::orr':
you that for this purpose y ou Hill hz,v'-; t.o vlai for sof.c
time more. The purpose of -Jo rld t.unl<irtt:tr. P<.1rty Hill be to
establish iJ. c e nt e r in each ar.d e;vcr' cit.y and villar;e; o: the
HOrld rl'his idCLl. iS taking practict.J.l !;hiJ.l_:JC in V<lriouS c e n t e rs
Just lik e you started for London Yatra c..:.;.t:t nou after one year

it has talen a s ha pe , si mi l arly in Ce;r;-c;:iy ulso it has taken

a shape, but in l-'ari s . i t ' h a s not tu.Jcen u.:::; yet. r;he;refore ftJorld
Samk:irtan Party mcu.ns to cstabli!:.:h u. center evc;ryvrhcrc vlC go.
I do not mean a conc e rt party or rr.usical pilrty that rr.ily go
to a city, have so11e performances and co ll ect some money vli th
out any permanent effect. purpoe the Uorld SarrJ-:irtan
For this
Party can impress s piritual
should consi-st of members v1ho
ecstasy in the heurts of the p e o ple so thu.c sorne of them rnuy
come forward and aqree to establish a center v7here the Sam
kirtan Party may go .,n,,v.-..1.-J

From Krishnadas letter it appears that in Carmany there is

good prospect for op en ing many centers.
fuen you lust went to
Germany it was very effective. 1y not f irst of all start a
center in Paris and a few other centers in Germany and then
think of the Hqrld Samkirtan J?arty or. the bais o: s tartin g a
center wherever you go. Doth amal and yourselZ, Gurudas and
Shyamsundar think over this idea, and in the E1ear.tinc, as you
are yourself a musical instructor, you can teach the newcoDers
in the I<irtu.n p e r forman ce for future pros:rrara.

Hope this will meet you in'. good health.
\; Yo;u:r; \ ever vlll wisher, /

t t / /({j t0ft

LCi(\,Cl LL'U L L;
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Sriman l( u kunda das Adhikary

7 Bury Place
London w.c. 1

d - f.
V '-. ./!,

.. ,1__
\; rv ( ( /

ridandi Qoswami
J!.C. fiaktivedanta $wami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER:l975 So. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

DATE ....f.):{+.:.\+. ..l ...... ........19.7Q

tly Dear I\irtanananda laharaj,

Please accept my blessings. I am so glad to receive
your letter dated 12 February, 1970, along with your check for
$50., and thank you very much f:or this.
Your touring in different places and preaching Krsna
Consciousness is fulfilling my dream. May Krsna bless youon

and on for being engaged in such exalted work. In the Bhagavad
GTta, last portion o:F eighteenth chapter, it is said that
nobody is dearer to I<tta than anybody on the earth except the
person who is engaged in preaching the most confidential
philosophy of life, namely surrendering unto Ka, leaving
aside everything material or spiritual.
In the Vedic literature there are many recommended
processes for spiritual realization, and Lord Ka says that
all of them can be avoided and if one is simply engaged in
the transcendental loving service of the Lord that is the
highest perfectional platform.
There is a great future for this K?a Consciousness
movement in every part of the world, and I am getting such
indications from every where. So please continue these activ
ities by travelling on your good truck, assisted by some sincere
devotees like Jadunandan and others, and I am sure you will
be successful in your mission.
Now I am hopeful that our New Vrindaban will be an
exact relica of Vrindaban in India. I think it was ordained
by Krsna that you went there, took your Sannyas order of life
in the"presence of Rupa Goswami and Jiva Goswami, and now you
have got the opportunity to execute their will. Perhaps you
may remember that after you accepted the Sannyas order many
hundreds of people congratulated you, and you were looking so
beautiful at that time that some of them were murmuring that
this Sannyasi is looking exactly like Sri Caitanya. So all
these utterances are the blessings of Sri Sri Radha Damodar Jew,
So carry on this work more enthusiastically and you
will feel more and more jubilant in transcendental bliss.
So far I am concerned, because our relationship is father and
son, so nobody will be roo.t:e satisfied thnn me by seeing your
succeasful preaching worJ. Nobody in th.1.::; world likes to be
defeated by somebody else, but the father when he is defeated
by the son feels more pleasure. Therefore, I may once more
r equest you to try your best to construct New Vrindaban an
exact duplicate of Vrindaban, and that will give me the highest
plea su re.
- 2 -

S i de by s i d e , p l e a s e try to i n trodu c e our book s in

the d i f f er e n t u n i ver s i ty curr i cu l a , and tha t w i l l be another
suc c e s s . I have in formation f r om Gargamu n i that ma jor por
tions o f my TLC are n o t yet s o l d . Of cou r s e s u c h l i t e r atu r e s
are n ot me ant f o r ord i n ary pu bl i c , I a m s u r e i f you
but ry t to
i n troduce i n the u n i ve r s i ty c ir c l e ; I have got many te s
timon i a l s o f my book s a n d thu s they can b e i ntroduc ed ,.ti thout
any d i f f i c u l ty .
By the by , I may i n form you that you d e s i re me to go
to :t:-: ew Vr indaban d u r i ng Janma s tami d ay s , and I s ugge sted to
organ i z e a f a i r ,.,i thin our c ampu s . Do you think it i s pos s ibl e

to do so wi thin s uch short period? But if you c a n do so , e i ther
thi s y e a r o r n ext , I am s u r e many people wi l l come to see such
fa i r , a n d that wi l l be a gre a t impetu s f o r d e ve l oping the l and .
The mo s t important thing i s e a s y tran sport .
Ho pe this wi ll
me e
s he

------- -----

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami

ACBS a db

H i s Hol i n e s s Kirtanananda Maharaj

N ew Vrindaban
RD 3
Houndsville , West Virginia
2 6 041
1 .e f l tR ID 5'JK4fvftf5U\ '1..1 i(J;t RIJ 2tJAs
L- fJ<!Jr->1 fI< A E/'I lA PA DA-
J l'T' a :_. r e pe a t a 0 a i n , t h a t e ve r y l i v i n a en t i t y h a s a d o r rr. a r , t
r ; o p e l s i t y o f l o ve f o r s om e bod y e l s e . T h a t i s e ; h i t: i t ed n o t
o n l y i n huma n s oc- i e t y , bu t a l so i n t h e a n i m a l s o c i e t y . '":' h a t
] vc i s e x h i b i t e d pr i r a r i l y i n f i ve k i n d s c f r e l a t i on s h i p -
L S e c i l l v a s l'T' a s t e r a n d s e rvan t , a s f r i e n d a n d f r i e n d , s
? r er t s a n d c h i l d r e n , a n d a s l o ve r a n d be l o v E d . T h i s s to c k o
.L o ve - i n e ve r y l i v i n a e n t i t y i s d o rm a n t e t e rn a l l ove f o r : ::- :-; r. a ,
ut b e c a u s e t h e l i v i n g e n t i ty ha s f o r g o t t e n { a s i n c e a r y ,
ve r y l o n g t i m e , e ve n b e f o r e t h i s cr e a t i o n Wi?. S m a n i f e s te d , t he r e
f o r e a l l o f u s a r e i s pl a c i n g t h a t dorma n t l o ve i n a pe r -- c t ec
" u : . " ' h ere f o r e there is a lways f r u s tr a t i o n . E v e !" s o - c a l l e el
' s incere ' love be twe e n l o ve r and t he be l ov e d or hu s b a n d ann wi f e
r ever1 oa r e n t s and c- h i l d r e n are s o many i n s t n c- e s o ru s t r v t i ar .
1 ' ' , P r e f' o r e the onl y r el'!le d y for thi s r e pe a t e d f r u s t r a t i on of ou r
l ife a f ter l i fe is revival of ori a i n a l
V r s n a Con s c i o u s n e s s .
A s soon a s we r e v i ve f ( r Q a in anv or or
t ha t l ove o
t. 'I c f i -rc pr i r..a r y r e l a t i o r. s h i p s , as we have con $ti tut ional
a r t i t u cl e , i rnm ed i a t e l v we b e c ome i ;o t he f a c t , bu t
h a ppy . This
t r e q u i r e s l i t t l e t ilT'e to come to t h i s po i n t. by t h e p r e s r-: r i r er'
! t hod a s we h a ve to u n d e rgo p at i e n t l y a t r e a tm e n t f o r t h e
c u r e o f o u r d i s e a s e . T h e r e f o r e t h i s K r s a Con s c i o u s n e s s o
r: r ,. t i s t h e on l y s o l u t i o n f o r a l l k i n Cl s o f f r u s t r a t i on s a n o

You can gi ve thi s idea a s we l l a s expl a i n

to G eorge
:r .; - r pr a c t i c a l e x1:>e r i e n c e p a c t i c u l expe r i e n c e a l s o ,
pl u s his
t he n a n i c e f o r eword m a y c ome o u t . Whi l e he ha s a i v e n e
c c t t r i bu t i o r o f t. l S , 0 0 0 f o r pu h l i c a t. i on o f m y book , l :r s n a , 2
t h i n k r e h a s n o t d o n e i t f o o l i s h l y . He i s v c r v i n t e l i-:f:-UB t l: o v ,
u . .- r e f o r e I an s u r e h e h a s a l s o . s ome p r a c t i c a l a p p r e r i a t i O! ' o f:
t .-u s : r ; n a Con s c i o u s r. e s s movemen t . E u t my a t-ove s u 9 : e s t i o r. r(7 , '
t L J . i_ 1 G e o r q e a d Jo hn l e ad t he pr ? c e s s i or. . or: Lor d C a i t a n " ? ' ) )
t_ ;., r tt -- a ; , th t: w 1 l l be ve r y , v e r y n 1 c e . :
Re?a r d i n a the sma l l book l e t , Ja i a d va i t a f rom :-:: a s ton
h " sent me t wo o a g e s wr i t i n g \-lh i c h I am enc los i n q he r ew i t h .
Sn w i t h a d d i t i on a l a l t e r a t i on o f t h i s i d e a , p l u s yo r i d e a ,
1 y o u wr i t e a s u i t a b l e i n t r odu c t i o n , t h e n we s h a l l pr i n t t h e -
w i t h s o: => p i c t ,, r e s on n i c e p a p e r a s man y c o p i e s a s you r e ? ,J i c
r pu t t i n g t hem w i t h i n the p a pe r cove r i n g of the record s , r
t na t 'VJi l 1 be a g ood i n t r od u c t i o n . B u t o n e t h i r c , ! TT1 1..' S t \ ; c-. .... -- . ,0
:i. t h i s cor. n e c t i on t h a t t h e s e r e co r d s a r e d i s t r i bu ted arnc. r : >t
t e e n age r s , t he r e f o r e t he l a n gu age and pr e s e n a t i on s hou l d e
s u i tabl e for t !ie i r u n d e r s ta n d i n g . I think you wi l l u n d e r s t .: r ' c
me r i sr l,i- in thi s conr. e c t i on . So , after wr i t j n g the J)arnph l t
a n 1 i ' po s s 1 h l c n t t i ng i t c d i tcn amon c:-r G t yo l l r- s <?. J. V"' , ' '0 1 ' - ;:- n
:..; P r i t h e o n i e 9 on e t o me a n d o n e to l3 o f; t o n fot !J r i n t i r. n . ..... o
t !-> 1 s i s my i d e a , novl you c a n wo r}: u pon i t a s vou t h i l" i t-. i j !: .
Ye s , be f o r e you r t r a ve l l i n g a r o u n d r i t a i n , i f t hc z
na:n nh l e t s a r e d i s t r i buted , 1 a1:1 su r e very e a s i l y yo1 1 t.-l i ] 1 ,. . c
a .., l e to s e l l o u r EtQ boo: . he i e n t e r u i l l a ..: - : c ':" t ' :
+- c you r d i. r ec t i or. W l t ho u +- f a i l i r. t h i s rnn n e c- t i on . : ?o r e .. , , . . . ; , . r,
. .

vou r r e :t lon o e r l e t t <? r a s rr e t i on e r. i f' vo 1 r l e +-. t ..:: r J n r r. r. ,_ , . " .

T h a n k i r:<:Y yo\.0 , a n :) !) l f' C! S P. (" 0 T' V E' y n ' V t. h a r k. s t o a l i'.! ; . ('

h e r n 1 r P l r:- t l:' P. r . J s h a l l r e p l y i t i r. o u e c o u r s e .

R e o a rd i r. c t h e cou r t r a F e , I a s e n d i n o he r e v- i t " ') t

' ' l' t t i r: how t he y t1e r e r e J P. C! S e "'l i '"' 'J c t:. r o i t . : eP a r L' j n .::
- t- 0 r o r l c r a t i 0 '"' Or q h 2 r P E t i v ct l , i i
r '

1_ , j- i l +- ' -:. r F" \ 1 r 0 i c 1 : r o- j ,.


' I 1 ? .Q J"l . ' CH"f , " c; t- : , :)


,_ , , r r a +- i::l " c' T c' , 01 J J n P '!_ C , t h "' r" J :-. r c l c o r. . ' : ' \ ' '
ridandi [josva1ni

Jl.C fiaktivedanta Swami

Founder -Acharya :
I nternational Society for K r i sh na Consciou s ne s s
CENTER : l 9 7 5 S o .

La C i enega Blvd .
"- I Lo s Ange l e s , Cal . 90034
- \ \
. -_,_ I t

' . t - - -
l -.

DATE . . . . .February. . 2 7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 9 . 70

My Dear Jagad i s ha ,
Please accept my bl e s s i ng s . I beg to acknowl edge rece ipt
of your letter dated 21 February, 1 9 7 0 , and have noted the
contents carefu l ly .
I am glad to l e arn that after d e l iberation between
Jayapataka and Raktak , you have been asked to become the
pre sident of Toronto templ e . The idea i s that whoever i s
competent to manage affai r s wi l l accept the po st of pre s ident
by mutual consen t . Our mai n bus ine s s i s to be f i xed up i n
Krsna Con sc iousn e s s b y keeping steady i n the prescribed
du l e s of devotional s ervi ce . So I have got all approval
for your being e lected presiden t J that i s n i ce .
I am al so g l ad to learn that alre ady you have got
a temp l e and enthu s i a st i c and eager devo te e s there . Thi s is
very encouraging . P l ea s e pu sh our S amki rtan movement and
improve the program o f Deity wor ship as the centers of your
activiti e s , and see that a l l the devotees remain steady in
the i r execution of daily chanting of s i xteen rounds of beads
and strict adherence to the four pr i n c ipl e s of spi r i tua l l i fe
and all other regul ative principl e s , thi s wil l keep them
strong in Spi r i tual power . And you may note that when the s e
regu l ative duties a r e performed, and the devotee becomes ful ly
absorbed i n K{
a activi t i e s , Kfa as S uper- soul wi l l
di ctate from wi thin the answe r s to a l l que stion s and wi l l
give the needed i n t e l l igence to progre s s more and more i n
Consciousn e s s
Please see that the program for studying our l i ter-
atures i s a l so undertaken very seriou s l y by a l l the devote e s
there . Everyone of u s mu st become thoroughly qquainted with
our phi losophy, so that cur preaching work may be carri ed
out ni cel y .
There i s n o harm i f the devote e s chant i n the
temple during the t ime when the D e i t i e s are re sting . You
may have heard that here at the L . A . T emp l e , they are holding
Kirtan and chanting 24 hours i n the templ e , and the program i s
very encouraging to a l l the devotee s . O f cour s e , that i s on l y
po s s ibl e in a very l arge center s u c h a s L . A .
Regarding what to do with the eyes whi l e on S amk i rtan ,
your sugge stion to l ook into the face s of people and try to
con v i nce thc::: m o f t.he e 1 n c e r 1 t y of onr mo v ement ;l s b e s t: . There
i s n o need of r l: i f i c i a l th i n g s l i J{e R e e i ng t h e s p l r 1 t s o u l .
We t a l k . ann wo t a l lc on K r s n a top i c s--th r=t t i fJ a l l . When we
ch n t . we m u s t con c t:> n t r ,_ t n o u r rn l . rH1 on l: l 1e r.U.H t n .l v .t hr a t t o n
- 2 -

and in that way everything wi l l be revea l ed on e after another ;

the form, qu al i t i e s , p a s t i me s , e tc . of the Lord . And thi s is
the way of cul t i va t i ng spi r i t u a l r e a l i zation .
Regard i n g your qu e s t i o n s con c e r n i n g the spirit s ou l s
fal l in g i nto 1aya ' s inf l u en c e , it is not that tho s e who
have developed a pas s i ve r e l at io n s h i p with Kr s n a are more
l i ke ly to fall i nto n e s c i ent act ivi t i e s . U s u a11 y anyone
who has developed his r e l a t i on ship w i t h K ' Q a does not fall
down i n any ci rcumstanc e , but becau s e the i ndependence is
a ways there , the soul may fal l down f rom any po s it ion or
any r e l at ion shi p by mi s u s i ng hi s i n d e penden c e . Bu t his
r e l ation s hi p wi th Q is n eve r l o s t , s imply i t is fo rgotten
by the i n f l u en c e of M aya , so i t may be rega i n e d or revi ved
by the proce s s o f hearing the Hol y Name of Kr s n a an d then the
e L
devotee engages hims e l f in the s ervi c e of th ord whi c h i s
h i s original o r con stitutional po s i t ion . The r e l ation s h i p of
the l i ving entity wi th Kr s n a is etern a l as both Krs n a and the
th l i ving ent ity are e t ern a l J the proc e s s i s one
r ev i val
on ly, nothing n ew .
Astanga Yoga i s better than Karma Yoga and Jnana Yoga
i s on the l e ve l of Astanga Yoga . But t he Bhak t i Yoga is the
u l timate goal of a l l Yoga s . In other words ,
Yo ga , Jn ana Karma
Yoga , and As tanga Yoga by pro er execu t i on c u lminate in
Bhakti Yoga . So f ar yogi s who meditate on the Paramatma form
of the Lord wi thin the i r heart s , if they see H im in that way
actual l y they become pure devotee s , but if they do not perfect
the proce s s they may remai n on the l ower l evel of incompl ete
real i zation or P aramatma real i z at i on .
I am happy to l earn that your S amki rtan party i s very
succe s s fu l . If you have some extra mone y , you can contribute
to the book fund because I am contribu t i ng to purcha s e a l arge
church here to the extent of 2 0 , 0 0 0 dol l ar s ; and try to

send the mainten ence charg e s to me r e gu l a r l y .
Pl e a s e offer my bl e s s ings to your good wi f e , Laxmimon i ,
and to a l l the other boys an irl here i n Toronto center ,
Hope thi s wi l l meet you in g o lt

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami

ACBS a db

S riman Jagadi sha Das Adhikary

I SKCON Temple
40 Beve r l ey Street
Toronto , Ontar i o
(i)rid<JJt!i [juswnnu
JI.C GJ3fiaktivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER:l975 So. La Cienega Blvd.

. . .. . . . . .
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

f\lE DATE . .. Mrh. . .. . .. . .19. 7.0

My Dear Mr. DDD,

Please accept my blessings. I have just received your
nice letter toqether with pict.ures drawn by you. 'rhank you
very much. I am so happy to see how you are drawing the
activities of KfQ and His devotees the Pandavas and Jagannatha
das Babaji. And I am glad to see that your letters are drawn
nicely also.
It is very encouraging to me that you are regularly
chanting your twenrounds of beads daily. Be careful never
to decrease but increase the number and you will become
more strong in K$Qa Consciousness. So countinue to tend your
Deities first-class and be happy in Kras service.
I am very glad to know that you are learning your
arithmatic in school, but I do not know if you are staying at
New Vrindaban for study because your letter is sent from
Montreal, Canada.
You have written that you are sending seventy dollars
for my book fund, but I have not received the seventy dollars
enclosed with your letter. Has it been sent by separate mailt
Please let me know what has happened to it as soon as possible.
Always remember Kra Who is your dearmost friend and

always serve Him just to please Him, and He will give you all

( i t )1r
intelligence how to be a first-class devotee. Just try to learn
all about KfQa, chant Hare KQa, and yruwill be a great

preacher of our Krsna Consciousness movement. .
I hope thiswill mee , I

h !

.d \ .(!flj (tCl{)\%( ta
A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Sriman Dwarkadish Das Brahmacary

3720 Park Avenue
Montreal, Canada
1975 Sd'. la Ciene<;a Blvd.
Los Angele, Cal. 90034

r:arch 9 70

r-. y Dear Hayagr iva.

Fease accept my bless1ns. I beg to acknowledge receipt
of your letter dated 4 Narch. 1970, along w1th the edited copy
of the Foreword to KRSNA. . .
Thank you very much. The few alter-
ations of nates is approve0 by e1 so it is alright.
Regarding you question do the Vedic histories refer to
this planet only?. No. Veic history means of this universe.
Our history begins rom the beginning of the creation because
the creation takes olace with the birth of Brahma from the
abdomen lotus flower of Lord Vl.snu. Then nrahrna gradually
c re at es . u begets so many sons kno'Wn as !'raja:paties who are
supposed to be the generators of 11 enti, and there
f ore the h!etory begins frorn Bro:hTr.a. In the Bhagav-ad Gita
this is confirmed in the 15th chapter. It is sa1d there that
the root of thi s big universal banyan tree 1s on the top;
theref ore history begins from the top
Yes. This planet comes later on. We can tak the
idea from the tree--the tree grows gradually, and the differ
ent fruits, branches, and twigs gradually appeatTherefore 1t
is to be understood that this planet has gro'Wn later on,
Besides thas we understand that although the planetaWjlS later.
on grown up, it was covered with water--prataye p!Y,odh1 jale
merged into the ttater after devestation. "'l"h en gradually it
emerges from water. That we can experience,that gradually
land is coming out o f the oceans. Because of its being
rnerged into water, it is natural to conclude that the be
ginning of l i fe was aquatic. This is confirmea in Padma Purana
that the species of l i fe evolved from aquatics to plants,
vegetables. trees; thereafter insects, reptiles, flie s, birds,
then beasts, and then human kind. This is the gradual process
of evo l ut i on of species of lif e .
But we do not accept Darwin's theory. According to
Darw*n's theory. homo sapiens carne later on. but we see that
the most intelligent personality, Brahma, is born first. So
according to Vedic knowledge, Darwin or similar menta spec
ulators are rejected so far the fact is concerned.
I am so glad to learn that the G ita is going on
nicely. Perhaps you know that r-andali Bhadra want.s to trans-
- 2 -

late into German, so as yo u finish one chapter you May send :" .

one copy to him immediately for being translated into German. "';:. ;. :
Vayapur is the birth-site of Lord C aitan ya . It is a :' ..( J
small villager You canr.ot find i t on the rnap, but near Calcutta l:.,
you may find the place 'Nabadwip', a nd Mayapur is part of this
ldwip district. So far your planning go go to India, not
ony yo u , but I think several oth ers, in c lu d ing Kirta nanda
iaharaj and other advanced students,wirlll go to India for
preaching Krsna Consciousness. That will be a lesson to our
so called "secular" government. I came here \-lith this purpose,
so you have to fulfill my desire. I think it is coming to be
t ru e by the will of Lord Caitanya.
Achyutananda is getting good opportunities to move
amon g s t enlightened circle in Calcutta, so if some of our
advanced students go to India for th!t purpose1 t ha t witl be
a <;Jreat achievement. I am t hi nk i ng of tha t plan always. In the
meantime, let us publish as many books as possible within this
year. I wish to go to Ina for this purpose in the beginn i n g
of next year.
So far ife-size Deities are con cerne d even if you
do not that c an be imported. We have gJit add r esse s of
supplle r, and if you give me the size of the Deity you want
that can be imported. In the roeante you try to construct
some temples in l!ew Vrindaban .. :r want to publish one
cat alogu e of yon IS.!<COH movement, giYing pi ctures of all
important cent ers and especially o.f }ew Vrindaban. This idea
I gav e you long ago wh I was in Kew Vrindaban. I have advised
Brahmananda also in t hi s conectmon. So et thts catalogue
printed s early as possible.
Another import ant thing is our theistic school in g:ew
Vri ndaban. If you can establish a nice educational center, I
know many parent s of yo u r country will be glad to s end their
chilren in :tew Vrindaban. But we have to create a nice
a t mosp he re and eBucational system there. Satyahhama is very
much enthusiastic in this connection. So you organize thSs
in s titut ion systematically.
Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Sr1man Hayagriva Das Adhikary

ISK'CON Temple
318 East 20tn Avenue
Columbus, OH
t;rid;IIJ(,. ( jos\vanzi

cfl.C fiaktivedanta Swami

International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER:l975 So. La Cienega Blvd.
Los geles, Cal. 90034

DATE ... Jl9-.:t::'9.J:l. )..4.... . ... . ..........19. 7.0

My Dear Chandanacarya,
Please aept my blessings. I than you very much for
your nice letter of appreciation. '1:he kir.dly Hords that you
have used in this connection are very much pleasing, but all
the credit goes to my Guru aharaj. He asked me to take up
this job as soon as I met Him in 922; unfortunately I was so
"Vlorthess that I delayed the matter until 1965, but He is so
kind that by force He engaged me in His service; and because
I am very much worthless, therefore He has sent me so many of
His nice representatives--the beautiful A.'llerican boys and
girls liJ(e you. I am so much obliged to you that you are all
helping me in the discharge of my duties towards my Spiritual
!,!aster, although I \vas so much reluctant to e}:ecute it. After
all, "Vle are the eternal servants of Kpa, and by the Divine
vlill of Srila .Bhaktisidohanta SaraS"VJati Thalcur "Vle are nmv
combined together, although originally we are born in differ
ent parts of the world, unknown to one another.
'T'his is the way of Kp:r:a transaction; so let us, "Vlith
great enthusiasm, preach this cult all over the world and make
the people happy. 'I'hey are missing the central point, K:;;t;a,
and our duty is to remind them--then everything will be alright.
So follow the path chalked out by our predecessors, and success
is sure.
I am very much pleased to learn that the Columbus
center has been nicely organized since you have gone there and
hings are goin on nielv. In the r.eantime, I have received
news from Boston that Aravinda alone cannot make the layout
business very quickly. I think, therefore, if you sometimes
ao there, help them in this connection, and again come b ack,
that will be very nice. If you so desire, you can remain in
Boston and take up the charge of layout business. And some
times you may go with l\irtananda tiaharaj. 'I'hat \:ill be nice.
l\ow we are gro"Vling, and if ....e \vork co-operatively, our
strength will also grow, and then the mission will not be
checked in its progress.
Hope this will meet

----------- ---------
-- -- -----
-- --- - .

A. C. Bhalctivedanta S"V1ami
u1C ci3Fal(jivcdanta
"(.)'ridandi Qus\v;uni

International Society for Krishna Consciousness

CENTER: 3764 Watseka nvenue
Los hngeles, Cal, 90034

DATE . . ... . ; . !H:r; .i l .......... ...19. 70

l y Dear Satsvarupa,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowl edge receipt
of your letter dated 1st April, 1970. I am very to kno...,r
that you are busy now in the press a ssem bl in g the new book
J(rishnu Consciousr.ess the '!'opmost , that is ver y nice. I
a.rn sending 2, 400 next \1eeJ as Advaita has request e d .
Reqar d i ng the pro po sed m a r r i age of t an Lohini and
Sri dama, Yes, I have alreudy s e n t Sri Dama sanctioning th i s
marriage and o ffering my bl e s sin gs . Subal has already got
nractical e xperi ence, he has performed tvlO marriage cer crr. o ni es
and he has sent me a x e roxe d which I
copy of the pr o c e dure
have approved . I illn enclosing herewith one copy and you can
perform the we d ding in votemple. E ver yone , at least all the
presidents, should be exper ienced in performing marr i age
cer em oni es.
I am also glad to learn that you are engagin g Viswa
Karma to construct an en la r ged altar for the new Deities.
That is very nice. Then when the De ities arrive you can send
the $400 to me here for my hook fund. Regardingthe pictures
from the first volume of K:?J:i'A, they should be all sent here
and I have advised Rrahmananda in that connection.
R egarding your first questi o n , there is no difference
of . the svayamvara ceremoni es of Droupadi and !aksmana, they 're
almost a l ike . The only difference was that the fish was covered
vli th a cloth in the r.ase of I.aksmana, but the fish Has naked
in the case of Drouadi.
Regarding your second question, when hlood stands for
some time ib-coagulates and the coagulum subsides leaving the
serum or water. Eo the lakes then become full with water.
Regarding the third question, generally these airplanes
are constructed in the shape of a swan with wings and beak and
tail,etc. and on the back the y pu t a dome like on a chariot for
sitting and driving. I h ave drawn you one pictuto convey
the idea, please find it enclosed herewith. You are at liberty
to make many questions like that. So l ong I can, I mu st make
answers to your questions, but when I fail, I shall ask you
to excuse me.
Hope this will meet

A. C, Bhaktivedanta S\.J"ami
A. c. Bhaktivedanta S w ami 12th April, 1970

I t h ank you verv much for your l ett er .

As you have liked to know mo re about the temple, the

wo r s hi ppers, and the scriptures, I beg to inform you that this
K ri shn a Consciousness movement is ba s ed on the Vedic scriptures.
Ved a means knowledge and th ere are two kins of knowleae--one
mundan e and another transcendental. Vedas are c onsi d e r e d to be
original ly tr ansce ndenta l b ecau se the y ar e com ing from the
platform which existed before the creation. his transcendental
knowledge was impreqnaged in th e heart of the first c r eat e d
living being, and t h en he distributed t h e knowle dg e both for
material and spiritual purp oses.
This Vedic knowledge was stated in the A t har va 'leda.
Later on, j ust on the heqinninq of this milJenium, t h e Kali yuga ,
Vyasadeva, who is the supreme a\J t hor ity of Vedic k nowled ge ,
con side r ing the degraded c o n dition of men in this age, divided
the whole Veda into departmental k nowle dge and some of his
di sci pl e s were e ntru st e d with a particular type of departmental
k n ow led ge. In this way the whole Vedic k nowl edge de velo ped into
four Vedas, 108 U pan i s ad s, 18 Puranas, t hen summarized in Vedanta
S u tr a, and then a ga in to benefit the less intelligent class of
men like 1o me n, workers, and th e d egra ed descendents of the
h ighe r class he made another fifth Veda known as t-iahabarata
or the great history of India.
The origi n a l Bharata and modern India are not the same.
The ori ginal Bharata me ans the whole ear th ly pl an et . G ra d u ally
being se c ti oneo , the modern India is only a fractional part of
the o rig i n a l Bharata. So the knowledg e is di st r ib uted in s o
man y departmental Vedic k nowledg e , but the whole process is
aiming at God-realization.
w i thi n this material world are
The livinq entities
supposed to be souls who disregarded the
rebellious condi tioned
order of the Supreme L ord , and they lost t heir spiritual ki ngdom .
It is s ometh i ng like ilton's idea of 'Paridise Lost.' This
mate r i a l world is created, developed, maintained, pr o duc es many
b yprod u c ts, th en qr adually dwindles, and at last it is dissolved
or annihilated. he spi rit sou ls or living b e i ng s are hy nature
eternal. This condition of lif e for the living beings, namely
to go t hrou gh r epeat ed births and deaths, is unnatural for him .
Therefore whol e Vedic knowledge is de vised to r egu l at e the
life of the liv ing entities not in the animal form of life, but
in the human form of l if e, so that he can fulfill his material
desires, but at the same time he becomes elevated to his o riginal
sp iritu al posi ti on. This process of evolution from the lowest
aquatic life up to the stage of brahminical c u ltu re is del i n i a ted
in the whole Vedas. Thi s is c al led kno wl edg e , and when on e is
liberated fr om the material contamination, the same k n o wl e dge
further ad v anc ed becomes transcendental knowledge.
T his pr oc ess of ele va ting oneself from different
platform s of understanding to the hig hest status of 1Jfe is
called religion. Arcordinq to Snakrit langun, rliqion is
not, l:'l. Vind of' I alLh, bt1l: U :J F1 .:1 prescrib{'-)t.l form of dut.ies to be
y Dear Shyamsundar,
Please arrept my blessinqs. I bq to acknowledqe receipt
of your letter daten 11th April, 1970.
RegarC'I ing your furt h e r statement ln the matter of
George's introduction, I thin'tc as h 1:::. not settled up in his
conclusion, he wants to change it. either we should wait for
his f inal descision or it may not be adr'Jer'J. For the tirr.e bei ng
I am holding its publication. In the meantime, I hope you have
received my yesterdays lttr.
Regarding the prsenre of God, both the theist an d
atheist h av e practical exper:J.0n'e in two different ways. They
are as follows: The atheist s hyr>ocrit t:.hat he sats there is
no God. T here is IJresenre of C'.od l>oth for th theist and atheist.
The vi vid example of this presE-nc-e of 0(1 both before the theist
and atheist siultaneously 1s ford s1nqhaeval !ord rsigha
deva appeared before the athe.lst. t.Hranyakaapu as Death a nd He
appeared before Prahlad Faharj the theist as tl1e aenedictor of
So God has two features of appearnce--to the atheist
He a ppear s as Death and to the devotee-theist He appears as the
Supreme Beloved. The hypocrit athist says that he does not
believe in C-or1, hut he C"annot say that he does not believe in
death. Our definition of God is that He is qrPat. hat the atheist
does not believe in God me<"m5 t:h,:-r_ is qre.=1t'er tha him--
he is God himself, but he in enorced to believt t ha t Death

is qreater than him. In other words, Death is the representation

of God before the atheist.
The athe:tst t.hretically can deny the presence of God,
but the presende of Cod in the form of DPllth is present be f ore
him despite his f l ou t ing. You have setn the picture of Lord
Karayana--He has got four hanCis, t.wo hands are for the at heist
and two hanos are for the theist. For the theis t-devotee the
Lord has the Lotus-flower or bloomin<J f')eace and prosperity, and
the Conch-shell dissipatinq all inauspicity hy its vibration.
But for the atheist there is the nig Club for hammerriqg on the
head of the atheist.. or seprat the hed of the atheist by the
shappened edqe of the DisC'.
In the Bhagavad Gita the Lorn says that He descenes
in e ver y millenium to qive prot::-cion to the ait:hful and to
annihilate the m1 srreants. o r.:;od has qot always the se two
features of His uuthorlty, namely p ro t e c t i o n and death.
So the the1Bt io hypocr1t himself when he says that
he does not believe in God. He has to helieve in God in the form
Jl.C GJ3hakjivedanta Swami
CC3ridiJndi (joswiJmi

International Socie t y for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 3764 Watseka Avenue

Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

DATE . . . . . . J. f>.th. h:r.:i. l- . . . . . . . .

. . . . . 19..7.0

_t\Jy Dear Gurudas,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt
of your letter dated 6th April, 1970, and the informations
therein are all very encouraging. It appears that under your
management everything is going on systematically. So by the
grace of Krsna both your wife and yourself are endowed with
great responsibility. Kindly manage thinqs very intelligently
and always feel yourself completely dependent on Krsna's
BTG is my life and soul. Please therefore try to
distribute BTG as many as it is possible. I started this
magazine in 1947 in my householder life. I was spending
Rs.300 to 400 at the time ($300 to 400 in your exchange), and
I was distributing this magazine without any consideration
how much I was getting in return. Practically the whole money
was spent without any return. But ten years after, from 1954
to 1959, the struggle was very hard because at that time I
had no money and alone I was editing, publishing, and securing
money for publication. So it was a great struggle. y ambition
was that I would publish P-TG in huqe quantity so that people
may understand tr anscendental blessings of Lord Caitanya.
Now, since I have come to your country, I have
entrusted the matter to my beloved American bovs and girls, and
I wish to see that this magazine is published and distributed
in the American way like 'Readers Digest', 'Life' etc., published
in millions and distributed all over the world. Actually the
position of BTG should be more important than an'( mundane
maqazine because it contains the quintessence of human necessities.
You c a n immediately transfer rr.y maintenarr.e fund to
Pico-La Cienega Branch (308), Bank of America, 8501 West Pico
Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90035; account No. 3081-61625

JC+ .:..''-.:.,v,
So far incense business is concerned, you can do very .
nicely as they are doing it here. Gargamuni will co-operate
fully in this connection, and both Jivananda and Kukunda are
very intelligent boys. So do it nicely.
Regarding Sanskrit class, it is very encouraging that
Nr. Parikh is helping you in this connection, but the chief aim
for learning Sanskrit would be how to pronounce the Sanskrit
verses especially in our published books just like you have
already chanted the Govinda verses in the record. Similarly all
the verses you have to chant combinedly and melodiously along
with musical instruments, and t will be a great charm to the
- 2 -

p eople of the Horld. vhen we shall lead our ;-.rorld Sarnkirtun

Party at that time if we ran demonstrate the chunting of the
mantras as they are statPd in I soanisad, Bha?avad Gita, Srimad
:::haq;;v;;ta:-:., !"ar_rr.a So,.... hi tc;., that Hl.ll .l::;8 our u::iqt.:E: p os iti on .
'.':r.:.r;-:_" t; :-.:; .. :...;i:""J ;;::_ ':. :.:""'.:: ::::.:-:-.:::/:!'"i"-Y r:ls ::::-.,.,;ld ::.e !:C".-l

. :: !: :i7 i 2 !"cr ac. is ot our

ai to 8oc a anskrit sholar.
Regarding the three couples staying with George, I
think if there is no contemplation of starting a new Hadha
Krsna tem pl e there, simply to take advantage of staying there
is no good. Temporarilv we may take advantaqe of it, but as
soon as possible the devotees must live t ogether and execute
our Krishna Conscious business in right earnest. So I hope
you shall altoaether consult and do the needful. ot a single
moment should be wasted--that is very important thing. We shall
not act anything which has no connection directly with Krishna
Consciousness business.
Regarding Digvijaya and Pritha, if you have decided
to get them married as fit match, then I have all my blessings
and sanction.
\1hen Trivikram comes to this side, my books which I

r'!,ur' t:Vr ;
have left in my room may be sent along with him.
Hope this will meet you in ood health.

li .\ ( '/ .!; i r'r {( ) _(, ' / t/ ( !!(( l. /(I.?1i)(,( fit!(U (i( a

I W<c l wisher, .
, !
' II \ . . ' . \ \ . . I . '/ J L
. . '
'. .
' I \ A' ' ' - '.' .

I ' . -'--- --- --- ----- --- -

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Sriman Gurudas Adhikary

ISKCON Temp le
7 Bury Place
London, w.c. 1
J!.C fiaktivedanta Swami

International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 3764 Watseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

DATE . . .. . . l.7.tb . . Apx:il . . . . . .. ... . . . . 19.70

My Dear Brahmananda,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt
of your letter dated 14th April, 1970, and I am very much encour
aged to learn that things are going on there very nicely
specifically in the printing department which is now the most
important department in our Society.
Regarding Georges introduction, it is now d efinitely
decided not to be published. We have already mentioned his
contribution in the preface and that is sufficient for the
Regarding Devahuti, sometime before I had some discussion
with her that she will go to India and help in constructing our
temple there. So now we are getting our land there and if she
is able to help in this connection, then her going to India
will be a great service to Krsna. I understand that she has many
American lady friends, and if she approaches them, then we can
build at Mayapur a place for retired American ladies to live
there peacefully in Krishna Consciousness.
Yes, if the BTG can be published in the States it will
be a great facility because we can print every month. So try
to get things done very smoothly by mutual arrangement, and that
will give me great satisfaction.
In KRSNA chapter #8 7 , on page 4, the last line, it is
said, "known as budbuvasa, which is manifested by Govinda." I
do not know what is this editing. The correct word is
Bhurbhuvarsvar as it is in the Gayatri mantra and everybody
knows it. This'budbuvasa' is an extraordinary word, neither it
is Sanskrit nor English, so how it has avoided the vigilance
of the so many editors? So if none of the editors knew this
word, why was it pushed( There should be no such negligences
like this, nothing uncertain should be pushed. Now what other
discrepancies theremay be like this( Or what is the use of such
editingr Everything must be done very carefully and attentively.
Hope this will meet you n g d health.

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


,... rC,";
-1 !. '' .. .

I,. ' ?-r.

1 ,

I '
t '
: <
.. !.C

3764 Watseka Avenue

Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

18th April 70

Y Dear Berti,
Please accept my blessings. I am very much glad to receive
your letter because sometimes I was thining of you. You are
a very intelligent boy, so I was impresse by your talking
when you were walkino with me on the street of Hamburg.
You have got a stromg tendency to accept the Buddha
philosophy, but you shoul know it also that if you want to
accept Buddha philosophy you should act practically for this
purpose. Lord Buddha was the embodiment of renunciation. He was
in the princely orer, grown up very luxuriantly, and he
accepted the order of a mendicant, devoting his whole time to
meditation. I meet many people who talk of Buddha philosophy,
but their practical life is different.
Our philosophy is that we must apply in practical
life what we believe. In this age no other phi&osophy or
process of self-raalization will be practical and effective as
Krishna Consciousness is. So I wo uld adeet you to come and
live with our devotees in Hamburg and join the Samkirtan Party,
try to understand the philosophy, eat with them, sleep with
them, talk with them, and chant Hare Krishna. I am sure you will
be happy and will be relieved from the present disturbances of
your mind.
I would have been glad to ask you to come here, but I
do not know whether it is possible for you to come here. But
if you live in our temple in Hamburg, I am sure you will be
If you have got any drugs habit you must give it up.
The drug habit is killing the soul of the younger generation
in the Western world. So if you live with the devotees, you will
get strength to give up this bad habit, and if you live separately
you will never be cured of your present diseased mental condition.
Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


c/o ISKCON Temple
2 Hamburg 6
FilE 3764 Watseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

18th April 70

t-.y Dear Bahulasva,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt
of your letter dated lOth instant, and the information therein
is very encouraging.
I understand from your letter that people have been well
impressed, so this is a good opportunity for advancing our
missionary activites. Actually we are creating the most peace
ful persons in the world. Krsna is so nice that anyone who
takes to Him becomes the first-class peaceful man. You can know
from the example of Arjuna how much peaceful he was. He did not
mind to forgo his claim, and he remained non-violent and peace
ful. Personally he was not in favor of fighting, and whatever
he did was only to satisfy Krsna.
Yes, that is a very nice proposal that you rr,ay cornbinedly
San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Jose hold festivals throughout
the summer, so do it. Whatever you do by combined consul-ation
is approved by me.
Regarding Paramatma Das, I think he should simply push
on with his school work as much as it may be necessary and
the remainder of the time he may spend with the devotees in
our Krsna Conscious activites. Certainly he is feeling some
inconvenience doae to the poor association at the karmi school
but this is not a permanent situation. In the past many of our
devotees like Leelasuka, Kanchanbala, Indira, etc in New York,
Slsadia in Boston, some others in Buffalo, and in other places
also have finished up their required education in the public
schools in spite of continuous feeling of disturbance by the
non-devotee students an faculty. So if he finishes up his
education in this way remaining under your care at the temple,
then the unwanted association will not be harmful, just see that
he is strictly executing his prescribed duties and that will
keep him strong in spiritual life.
Please increase the sales of literature. That is our
great Samkirtan--Brihat Mridanga. The correspondence with
Dr. Staal published in the Daily Californian was very much
interesting, so we shall publish it in our BTG.
I am very glad to learn how you are improving the
tEmple with new altar, proper '.'yasasana, etc. I have already
ordered Radha Krsna Deities for you, and when hey arrive
They will be installed. . .

h.-t M'<J>I"j

3764 Watseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90G34

19th April 70

r, y Dear Robert and Karen,

Please accept my blessings. I am very glad that you
hnve come to our Uewndaban retreat and try to remain there for
some days. Attend our classes and routine work, and I am sure
you will find the place very nice.
The truth within this material world is relative. 'I'he
Absolute Truth is outside the relative world. Just like when
a child is born, he is relative--he i s born by hi s father. hen
you go on researching and you will find that his father is also
born of his father and so on. In this way if we go on searching
out the Absolute ruth, you will find Him, the Supreme Person,
not imperson. Just like the child is a person, therefore &he
agent or the truth which begot the child is taken without any
hesitation as a person. Therefore the Absolute Truth cannot
be imperson--that is a fact.
Impersonalism is only a solace for the fru strated.
When we are frustrated by t he relative personalism of this
material world, we try to find out, in material way, t he
opposite number. Ju st like a patient who is suffering in diseased
condition tries to find out something opposite number. So thi s
is a long course, explanation, but actually irnper sonalism cannot
give us the answer to our eternal search after peace. So far
we are convinced from the \edic literatures, God is a Person
exactly like you are a person, I am a person, but His personal
i t y is very great, full with six opulences, and none of the
living entities beginning from the h ig h est like Lord Brahma
down to the ant, nobody can be on the equal level with God.
These things are all explained in our boolas, an d I vlOuld
reque st you to read these books espec ially the recently published
I sopr-nisad.
There are many irnper sonalists within our experience who
renounced this world to merge into the impersonal existence,
but being baffled there they come down again to the materia l
world to find out engagement as altruist, philanthropist,
communist, etc So there is no stand on personalism, but t here
is steady stand in Bhakti cult because in thi s cult God is the re ,
the devotee is there and the devotional service &etivities are
there, and when they are joined together that makes us able to
stand on the Absolute platform.
The physical activites in Vrindaban are not material
activites. Just like Arjuna, in the beginning he declined to
fight , and Krishna apparently induced him to fight. But does
Robert and J(aren
Page 2

it mean that Ar juna after understanding Bhagavad Gita became

a violent fighter( If that is the ae sult of understanding
Bhagavad Gita, then no gentleman would read it ever. herefore
the real thing is that in Bhakti cult the activities a ppear
to be like those of the Karmis, but actually they are all
devotional services. In New Vrindaban everyone is engaged in
rishna's serv i c e , they have no interest in material a ctivit ies ,
but they are always ready to act anything for Krishna's sake.
Your ever w ell-wi s her ,

A. c. B hak t 1 ved anta swami


Robert and Karen Rhall

l''ew Vrindaban
RD 3
I.onndsville, \'1.1
- l _: :..

3764 Natwel<a Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

21st April 70

liy Dear Satsvarupa,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt
of your letter dated 17th instant.
I am glad to know that you are about to enlarge your
altar and throne to aacomodate the new Deities. However, you
should not put the Vyasasana in the rear as they are doing in
L.A. L.A. has got a different arrangement.than you have got in
Boston temple. So you can put the Vyasasana along the side
of the Temple room and that will be nice. I also thbk that you
cannot make the same arrangement as L.A. for separate doors
for each of the three altars, so simply expand your present
altars to fit the new Deities. on the basis of the old style.
Regarding organizat6on of the atists, there is no
need of wasting time for learning the art from study of texts.
We should always remember that our time is very short. I think
our artists should be satisfied with whatever they have learned
already, that is sufficient. They should be simplbe engaged
in painting pictures always, and that will teach them the
art sufficiently.
In the beginning I was seriously corresponding with
Indian friends to get some good mridanga players, but when I
found t too difficult to get a man from India some of my
students were given the rudimentary lessons in playing and
simply by practive they are pulling on Samkirtan Party every
where. hy Guru haharaj used to say that in a foreign land where
you cannot speak the language with the natives very nicely,
what do you do when there is a fire in your house1just to get
their help? In such emergency one has to express himself
somehow or other to his foreign friends and get their help
to extinguish the fire. But if he wants to learn the language
first and then talk with the foreign fr*tnds to get help, then
everything in the meantime would be finished. Similarly if we
have to learn and then paint, it will be a long term affair.
but immediately we wan t sommany pictures for all of our books,
so all the artists may always be engaged in painting works and
that paining itself will gradually teach_thern-how to make
-t--hings nice.
Regardinghow the art department should be organized,
that *s to be managed amongst themselves. I do not know the
technical details, I want only that they may be always engaged
Now t is up to them 1.-w to manage these things. As you have
suggested, you may make any suitable arrang emaat and that is
approved by me however you make it fit. The only thing is the
- 2 -

artists must be always engaged fulltime in their painting work.

You may inform Devahuti and the others that I am
always satisfied with their work. I am satisfied only to see
that everyone of us is always engaged in his respective duties.
As the teacher wa nt s to see that the students are engaged in
their handwriting work. Who is writing good hand, that is a
secondary question. The teachertduty is to see that everyone
is engaged in handwriting work. So if all the artists are
always engaged in painting, that will satisfy me, and that will
gradually make them experienced for making good paintings.
Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your everwwell-wisher,

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Sriman Satsvarupa Das Adhikary

ISCON Temple
38 North Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02134


v006 1 sTa5uv s
anuahv asM P9L
cfl.C. GJ3fiaktivedanta Swami
79ridandi Qoswami

International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 376t1 .Vatseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

DATE ... . .. Z5:th. . .. .. . ... ....19. 7.0

!)y Dear Jagadisha,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt
of your letter dated 20th April, 1970, along with a Canadian
money order for 278, and thank you vry much for this.
I am very glad to know that your kaha-samkirtans with
coordination of Buffalo are so successful. Please continue
this proqram as you have suggested and surely Krishna Hill
see that your more vigorous efforts to spread His movement are
successful more and more.
Regarding Brijbasi posters, just take out pictures
portraying <rishna Nith cows, 'Iilith Gopis--just r:rishna pictres,
no pictures of demi-gods. Those pictures are alright.
Regardinq your questions about ho\-1 and from where did
the conditioned souls fall, your first question if someone as
a relationship with Lord I<:r!}r:a on Krr:aloka, does he ever fall
down: The souls are endowed with minute independence as part of
their nature and this mdnute independence may be utilized
rightly of wrongly at any time, so there is always the chance
of falling down by misuse of one's independence. But those who
are firmly fixed up in devotional service to I'(:r!}\la are making
proper use of their independence and so they do not fall down.
Regarding your second question, have the conditioned
souls ever seen Ia were they with the Lord before being
conditioned by the desire to lord it over material nature(
Yes,the conditioned souls are parts and parcels of the Lord
and tba.s-they-were '"'i th I<r!ilt;'a before being conditioned. Just
as the child must have seen his father because the father
places the child in the womb of the mother, similarly each soul
has seen Krsna or the Supreme Father. But at that time the
conditioned.souls are resting in the condition called pti
which is exactly deep sleep without dream, or anesthetized
state, therefore they do not remember bein with Ka when
they wake up in the material world and become engaged in
material affairs. I hope this will satisfy your questions.

Please offer my blessings to your good wife, Laxmi
moni, and to all the other girls and boys there.
Hope this "ilill meet you in good health.
yo ver wel -wisher, lr

ll01w11t ft&; /am

A. Bhaktivedanta Swami
-- ---... - --- -

p.t.o. c.:..-..-- ..---.--------

296 attka Avenue
Los Angeles, cal. 90034

29th April 70

r:y Dear Prayumna,

Please accept my bles sings. I beg to aknowledge
re ce i pt
of your letter dated 'nil'.
R eg ard i n g your questions about the calender-almanacs
1 . Herapanami is correct ( 9 July 1970).

2. ;hen there i s an important Dvadasi , the Ekadasi fasting is

transferred on the Dvadasi, and this is called hahadvadasi.
26h Qctab9r1 1Q701 ie aually Ddasi , so t he fasting
is observed together, o Ekadasi fasting i s di sreg ar ded , and
the Dvadasi (t ahadvadasi) i s t aken as important.

You ,.;ere give this o l d Panjika just to consult the

names and spelli ng only. The dates are different, so whatever
date I have given , that is correct. Why you are search,ng
Byanjali Dvadasi in this last yearjs Panjika? What I h a ve
given is from this year's Panjika, so e veryt hi ng will not
3 ,....._

3. The word is 2Hrs That is called Odan-h andi

the date i s 14th necerr.ber, 1970. That is correct' even if you
do not find it in the dicti onary. he 0ictionary rna not have
e very \olOrd

5. 7the February, 1971--''araha-Dvadasi, I have explained the

position in regard to #2.

6. So far determ in i ng Ekadasi it is counted 11 days after ee

full moon and 11 days after the new moon, but sometimes it so
happens as you have noted one day later. However, what I have
giv e n is correct.

The Panjika which I gave you is old Panji k a , our

calendar i s for this new year.

Regarding the Prayer bo ok , I did not ask you to

tran slite r at e this--somebody else has u nderlin ed , I have not
underlined it. I have received both the prayer book and the
p a nj ika also with your lette r .
29th April, 1970
Page 2

Rega rding your work on the Staal e orr e spond ence, lo ati ng
r eferenc e s to dhpte r and verses and add in g appropriate
translations after the Sanskrit, that is alright as you have
done it
On page 13 of Three Essays, man i sinah is the correct
. . . "'ICtAe * ' '
word. . 11
You must always ask the Lord's grace to maerann
the ri ght position. It is not for your sense gra t if ic ation , it
is for the Lord's service. For the Lord's s ervi ce we can ask
for His grace and mercy a hundred times, but for our sense
gratification we c ann ot pkay or ask anything--that is pure
devotion, f ,-':::1
I have also received a note from you, and reg ard ing
KRSNA chapter 31, page 4, top , the word Hrdaya is corr ect .
Hope this will meet you in health.
Yonr ever well-wisher,

A. c. B hak tived an ta Swami

y Dear Erahrnananda,
Please acc ept my bless in gs. I beg to acknowledge
receipt of the text proof for BTG #3 2 . I am l ook ing through
it now, and will return it to you soon.
Hope th is will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wi sher,

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Sriman Pradyumna Das Adhikary

SrimaaaBaahmananda Das Brahmacary
38 north Beacon street
Boston, 1-!A 0 2 134

bridandi Qoswami
cfl.C. GJ3fiak.tivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 3 764 Watseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

DATE . . . . . . ls:t.l':iay
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.10

.rv:y Dear Tarnal,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your
letter dated 26th April, 1970, and I am so pleased to note the
contents which are exactly befitting your mane Tarnal. Perhaps
you know Tarnal is a nice tree in 'lrindavan, and because the
color of the tree exactly resembles that of Kf a, therefore
Srimati Radharani always used to take rest underneath the
Tarnal tree when she was feeling separation from a.
So for European activities, I have sent you there,
and for its nice organization I am counting upon you very much.
You have so kindly written to say, "Please order me in any
way Your Grace desires, everything I have including myself
belongs to You, and Your Grace may do with me as You wish."
So it is my desire that in Europe you will kindly occasionally
visit the three countries--England, France, and Germany--and
see that the things are going very nicely.
In England your suggestion to open a few other Temples
in big cities like Birmingham, r:anchester, and Liverpool, is
very much welcome. For constructing Temples in England,
especially in London, I have got very good support from a very
rich man in India. Not only he, but also many others will be
ready to pay for our construction such Temples, but I want
the Temples should be constructed by the local natives--that
is our success. If I bring money from India and construct a
'l.'em!?le here in.a Western country, that is not very creditable.
Now this Temple of Los Angeles is completely undertaken by
your countrymen and that is a good credit for me.
Anyway, if I go to India for some days, I am sure I
shall be able to collect a considerableamount of money for
this purpose, but I wish that people from this part of the
world should be sympathetic with my movement. This means
good organization to convince the people of the Western countries
that we are doing something which is very, very much bene
ficial for everyone, and especially for this part of the world.
Regarding a place in Paris, you write to say that there
is accomodation, but you are in want of money. If this is a
fact, then immediately find out a nice place for our Paris
center, ,and if you let me know how much you require, then I
may try for it. But I am very much hopeful from your statement
that in Paris we have got very good prospect of organizing
this movement. Simply by your request only so many young boys
and girls joined--this is a very good sign. I have information
lst i' ay, 1970
Page 2

from reliable sources that in France this a Consciousness

hovement has very good chance.
So far translating our literatures, if you simply
send the matter, our press will immediately give you so many
books. You can print books in small sizes and distribute them
profusely. Small books like 'Easy Journey to Other Planets'
and 'Isopanisad" will be very quickly sold more than the larger
volumes of TLC and Srimad Bhagavatarn. So if Suridas and
Woomapati engage themselves five hours for translating work,
there will be no difficulty to publish our French language
books immediately. So arrange for this.
I have received one copy of the latest French BTG,
published from ;ontreal. It is printed in our ISKCON Press
in Boston, and they have done it very nicely. If for the
present this BTG published from Montreal can be useful? I
am sending by separate air mail one copy which you can
examine, and if you think they are useful for your purpose,
you can immediately ask them to send you as many copies as
you need.
Your suggestion for Hurari's opening a center at
Amsterdam is very much welcome. His wife, Lilavati is very
intelligent and both of them can do the preaching work very
diligently in that place, so try to give effect to this
Regarding this Temple, actually it is simply K7 a's
grace that we have such a nice place very suitably arranged
for our all purposes. Both the devotees and myself are living
very comfortably, and the Temple is in the center between us.
The kitchen is very nice and the frontage with a small garden
space, as well as sufficient place for parking , on the
junction of very important roads--all these facilities make
the position of this building unique. Besides that, the banks, .
stores, laundry, medical house, everything is within easy
reach, so we must consider this as K{Qa's gift.
Regarding the appointment of Suridas to the post of
president, that is a very good proposal. He is intelligent,

sincere devotee, and similarly his wife is also.

Regarding your question about annarnoya, pranarnoya, etc.
Yes, they are different stages of consciousness. Different
living beings are situated in different consciousness, Some are
satisfied in the matter of eating and sleeping, they are on the
annamoya stage. Pranamoya means those who can simply survive
in the struggle for existence. t-:anomoya means philosophical
speculation. Jnanamoya means self-realization, vijnanamoya
means application of that stage in practical life, and when
there is the right perfection of life that is anandamoya stage
or a Consciousness.
So by the grace of Lord Caitanya, in this age our
movement is giving diretly the anandamoya stage, and anyone
can visit our Temple and see how our students are in blissful
life. Haturally they are in jolly mood by chanting, dancing,
and taking Prasadam.
lat lay, 1970
Page 3

Your regular chanting of Mahamantra ami eaa1g Qf books Will

keep you always fit for U$hlnq on thts nov _ nt Tid$ "iorrntda
should be rigidly followed by everyone ,of us...
In conslusion I may 11'lform you that b.yutananda has
given publicity in an important newspaper that nxt year. .I am
going to India with forty students, so tor the next year
have got sufficient margin of timE!--eig'ht montbs--so what do
you think '? shall we be able to have our Wor1d samJd..rtan by that
time? That will be very nice. All our selected studel'lts like
yourself I Hansadutta, l>luk:unc3a' Shyamsundar' woornapati, etc ..
alonq with their wives, and some of the studen:ts from here
may join, then we can go to ndia via Africa and then after
a few days in India., we. an c.ome baclt Via Japan-, So l"''1 ltaw
to consult o ver thi-s matter a1 because 1 t is a.ireay
advertised in India ..
I have also just reoei ved the second -c:QJ?Y of 1\tts letter
sent by you.
Hope th is will meet you in good hea; Please c>ffer
my blessings to Woomapati and his new Wife Ilavat.i l)aS-1-y an
to a l l the other boys and g1rs t e ln ris center.
. \.

A. c. Bha'ktivedanta swara.t


Sriman Tarnal Kra Das Adhikary

c/o Woomapati Oas Adhikary
American Center
261 Bd Raspail
Paris 14e, France
Tridandi Goswami 3764 Watseka Avenue
A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

. .. ..., r ':W 3 rd J.lay, 1970

c. li 1 .:;

I , ti ! -:1

1 1 l'\ i\

1 '
. --
., :-:_ ...: ..

My Dear Lilavati,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge
receipt of your letter dat ed 28th April, 1970, and the
report of our Samkirtan .r-.ovement in London is very much
I think each couple of our students may try to open
a baanch in England. Our first branch of London Yatra was
opened by Jviukunda, Gurudas, and Shyamsundar and the1:.t wives.
They tried very hard, and now our London Temple is nicely
situated. Similarly many other Temples can be opened in
places like Amsterdam, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester,
etc I have received report from Tarnal that preaching in

Paris is going nicely. In one day they recruited about 14

devotees simply by requesting who will join this Ka
Consciousness movement. So you all also recruit members,
English boys and girls, in that way. Our Movement is a
declaration of war against f'',aya, that you can understand
very well, so we have to recruit many fighting soldiers,
--so do it vigorously.
I am glad to learn that the children are feeling
very wll in open atmosphere, so let them enjoy life for
some time.
George has rendered some valuable service, so
Shyamsundar is trying to do some good to him. This is our
duty, anyone who has rendered a little service to Krsna
should be given all facilities to take it up seriou s . iy
Regarding your question, Yes, l{Qa is always
inceeasing in so many ways, so there is no question of
decrease. The verse in question stat ing that Krsna is

devoid of increase and decrease is from Srirnad Bhagavatam

and it is given with specific reference to the devotee.
The purport is that if Kf9Qa gives himself to any one of
His devotees, although He is Purna or the Complete Whole,
still there is no decrease in Him. Similarly we may give to
Krsna everything, but still He is not increased.

Please offer my blessings to all the boys and girls
there. I hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Srimati Lilavatidevi Dasi

7 Bury Place
London, w.c. 1
0ndcJndi yuswanu

cfl.C GJ3fiak.tivedanta Swami

International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 3764 latseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

f\lE DATE ...... 3.rd . l J a y....

. ..............19. 7.0

Hy Dear Ekayani,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt
of y0u.r. encoL'rac;rtng letter, dr-.t.ed 8th April,. 1970 # ancl I am
so }'-i).ppy to note your steady enthusiasm to Hark harder in
I <:pn:a's service. So this enthusiasm is
very qood sign, and if
you continue to become more and more enthusiastic to be al'r.1ays
strictly engaqed in devotional service while observing carefully
the rules and regulations, I<.r:r::a 'I.Till surely bestovT upon you
full success in I(ra Consciousness and thus your life will
be happy and sucessful.
Regarding the color of Balarcji, He is colored like
mille \-7hite v1ith little bluish tint and rosy luster. Our idea
of 'l.<lhiteness is of the mill-( foam. :.i.egarding -;.rhether ivary is
offerable to Kp;;a, yes, ivory is pure. Although it is a bone
of an animal, still it is as pure as the conch shell which
is also the bone of an animal.
The si:={ armed form Hhich Lord Caitanya disclosed to
Sarbabhouma :Ohattacarya had t'7o hands of Lord Ram Chandra,
two hands of Krsna, and two hands of IJord Cai tanya. Perhaps
you have seen the !?icture in our re"' York temple \-lhich was
brought from India by !.<irtananda Svrami

Your question why Lord Shiva \>las ordered to appear as

Sankaracaryaand teach the I' ayavad philosoph' to turn the
people to atheism and thus increase the population, that
nobody can understand. If K:t;!?Qa desired Lord Shiva \..o do like
that, so he had some plan which we n e ed not understand. Ee is
the Supre;ne Lord, and He is maintaining the huge universal
affairs, so hovr does He do things and :':or v1hat purpose He
does them, it is very difficult to understand. Just liJce
He planned the hattle of I(urucetra and Ee induced His friend,
a great devotee, .i."tr juna, to Jcill. So why does He plan to rr.a1ce
others atheist, it is knom to him.
Our business is to glori::y Him alvrays, either He
plans to dance vith the Gopis, or ae maJ(es a I?lan to lill
others on the battlefield of !(uruJclietra, or Ee plans to do
something Hhich is not very good from materialistic point of
vie\lr. Our onlv business is to remain steadfast devotee to
Irsna in all
,.( ...
onditions. '?hat is the instruction given in
;:,iksastal, ;herein it is, "Ey Lord, "tolhatever ou liJce

You can do, but unconditionally You are my only object of
worship." That is pure devotion.
I (
, \

International Society for Krishna Consciousness Inc.
Acharya-His Divine Grace 108 Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad
3764 WATSEKA AVENUE LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA 90034 Telephone: 213-836-0966
14th l'!ay, 1970


los Angeles


l':y Dear Shyamsundar,

london Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge

receipt of your letter dated 7th f'ay, 1970, written

on Hare rishna stationery of George Harrison. ry
hearty thanks are to George Harrison because now he
is r.hanti ncr Hare Yrsna so enth11siastir.all v. T''nv Krsna

bless him more and re, and he may advan e in K{
Sydney consciousness.
So as suggested by you I am deleting the

New Vrindobon, West Virginia words "of the famous Beatles", and simply putting his
name and his present transcendental change by chanting
Hare KQa. In the Preface the one p aragraph is being
replaced by the following words, suggested by him.
"If there is a God, I \vant to see Him. It's pointless
to believe in something without proof, and Yuishna
Consciousness and meditation are methods where one can
actually obtain 'God perception'. You can actually
see God, and hear.Him, play with Him. And He is
actually there, actually with you."
Regarding your invitation to visit you in
England, in this connection you can read my circular
letter recently sent to all the Presidents. But when
there is absolute necessity, there will be no difficulty.
It is very encouraging to hear that you have
converted the very nice chapel to a splendid Temple
and you have arranged to hold public kirtan one night
a week in Henley. Please continue to expand these
developments because the outlook is very bright. Yes,
the village folk are not so much contaminated. The
qreat: English poet, Fr. Cmvper, said, .. 'T.'own is made
by man, and village is made by God."
So if from your center the surrounding
villges are drawn to the attention of ljl)a conscious
ness simply by the distribution of Prasadam and
chanting of Hare K[jQa antra, it will be a great
uccess. It is not necessary always to be officially
Shyamsundar Page 2 14th Lay, 1970

initiated, but if they participate in the group chanting of

Hare Kra antra and taking of Prasadam weekly or daily as
it is possible, that will fulfil our mission.
Thank you verv much for sending me the two Apple
posters for 'GOVINDA, it is a very good advertisement and
I have suggested that it may be shown in the temple bookstore
here. I have noted the french newsclippings also and they are
very much encouraging, so I am satisfied that everything is
going on well there.
Regarding your question about the term 'unmanifest' in
the Bhagavad Gita 8/2 1, there are two words in Sanskrit-
aprakata which means "unmanifest" or "non.-manifest" and
prakata which means "manifest". K:rQa's Lila in V:rndavan
is prakata or manifest Lila, and the same is going on eternally
in the spiritual reu.lrn which is know7'1 u.s _pralGltu. or non
manifest. Actually KrQa's planet and Kas pastimes are going
on eternally, and the same is manifested before
the conditioned souls at certain intervals, that is to say once
in one day of Brahma, exactly as the sun is visible for 12
hours lnce in a 24 hour cycle of day and night. When the sun
is visible it is called prakata, and when the sun is not
visible that is called prakata or unmanifested. Non
manifested therefore does not mean there is no existence, but
the terms are used in relation to the visibility or non
visibility to the limited conditioned souls.
Kfa by His causeless mercy manifests Himself along with
His form, name, qualities, entourage, and pastimes in order
to attract the conditioned s6uls to the eternal blissful life
of knowledge. Thus by understanding Krsna in His manifest Lila
one is attracted to His eternal Lila, "and that is the highest
success of life which is explained in the latter part of the
yam prapya nivartante
tat dhama paramam

"Going, no one ever returns from that, i',y Supreme Abode."

Please offer my blessings to Srirnan George and all the

other Prabhus there. I am marking that George has the servinn 7

f r
spirit, and that is making him .advance gradually.

Hope this will meet you i op hea t

l t f/ 1]rr . ,,.--';,r:n11lF. , cll(tlft[

'.'- {Lit6C.ttt
y u1
? L
., I \ \' \.... ,j
, ____________

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Sriman Shyamsundar Das Adhikary

c/o George Harrison
Friar Park
International Society for l(rishna Consciousness Inc.
Acharya-His Divine Grace 108 Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad
3764 WATSEKA AVENUE - LOS ANGELES CAliFORNIA 90034 Telephone: 213-836-0966


PAN AMERICAN 16th Z..lay, 1970


los Angeles



!<y Dear Gurudas,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge
receipt of your letters dated Eay 8th and 14th, 1970,
Mayo pur
respectively. Previous to this I received one letter
from Yamuna dated 8th 1-!ay, 1970.
Regarding the letter dated 8th 1'-iay, you write
therein "the enclosed are hurnble offerings from all
of your disciples here," but I have not received any
New Vrindobon, West Virginia
I am very glad that Trivikram is helping you
there, and he may stay as long as he likes. Rather
I would like him to stay there to assist you. So
regarding my books, you may keep them packed, and \<!hen
he comes back he can bring them, or if I require them
urgently I will rrite you, for the present there is
no haste.
It is very good news that you have now received
permission for the Rathayatra f_l?tival and 1-:urari and
Shyamsundar are construcing the Ratha. But I do not
know if you are preparing three Rathas. In San. Francisco
they are preparing three Rathas this year.
If .r-:r. Dindayal is impressed, and he \<lants
to start a nice Temple of Radha-Krsna in the British
Guinea, certainly we will be very ch pleased, but
the Temple should be on the principle of our London
Temple Hhich is not for any particular sect of persons
but for all human beings. Anyone who takes to K.rQa
Consciousness is welcome--that is our mission.
Regarding the proposed trip to Kenya, the next
step I have already advised to Tarnal in this connection.
I understand he is coming to London very soon, and
you can discuss with him. But one thing is that !:r.
Parikh was talking of this Skirtan Party to Africa
Gurudas Fage 2 16th l'ay, 1970

since a very onq tin8. here is no direct 2orrespondence

with us. It is difficult to say how it will be a fact
in future.
Regarding requirements and recorrmendations in the
'edic system of selecting partners for marriage, there is
a ;edic system, but that cannot be done here. It should be
made under the guidance of the guardians and the selection
should be made on the basis of astrological equilibrium.
So it is not possible to introduce such system in the present
age. The only selection is that both the boy and the girl
should be Krsna conscious, and the boy may be older than the
girl at least"by 2 to 5 years.
Your first question about the jiva 's f orm '"i th
!)articular reference to Bhagavad Gita 8/18 purport "during
the nighttime they have no form." "During the nightime they
have no form" means there is no material form. The simple
understanding is as we are transmigrating from one material
form to another, so actually in this material world we
have no fixed form. Similarly when we are spiritually perfect
we develop the spiritual form to live ternally in the
spiritual world. In the spiritual world there are exactly
the same things as we see here;narnely the land, water, trees,
birds, beasts, human beings, etc., and all of them are
spiritual as all the varieties here are material.
So these things can be understood when one is
advanced in self-realization. The real form of the living entity
is eternal servant of K{Qa. Now th is spiritual form is developed
,.,hen he enters into the spiritual world.
Regarding your second question, "\'/here in our
scriptures is there mention of Lord Jesus Christ as recognized
and what is the purport't"--'i'1e do not find in the scriptures
Lord Jesus Christ's name. here is mention of Lord Buddha's
name which is described in our Srimad Bhagavatam. So far ,.,e
are concerned, we have all our obeisances for Lord Jesus Christ
because His vhole life was devoted to the service of the Lord.
With reference to your letter dated 14th Kay, I am
surprised how you allowed J.:r. Par-ikh to sit on the Vyasasana.
You know that Vyasasana is meant for the representative of
Vyasadeva, the Spiritual !':aster, but Er. Parikh does not come
in the Parampara to become the representative of Vyas, neither
he has any sound knowledge of Vaiava principles. I understand
from youlletter that sometimes discussions on Aurobindo
philosophy are done by lr. Parikh from the Vyasasana, so I am
a little surprised how did you allow like this. I think you

should rectify imrnedtely all these mistakes as stated by you
in ths last two lines of your letter, "I think the best thing
to do is stop his class. Ionsens
_ e ought not to be tolerated."
Hope this will meet yo \ in good health.
" ':fp ..
LL Oire
1e.J.e .isher


we l

1 l \[L 0- 1 A ( l/(li( (

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami
,. (I
ll \\,
r 1 "G c;;, ([-
., '
,., ,, r! , -"]
:.;...- _ \' '\ I J , lf,. '
"" [l "'"'" ""-{!

' I

nternational Society for r<rishi1a Consciousness rnc.
Acharya-His Divine Grace 108 Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad
3764 WATSEKA AVENUE LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA 90034 Telephone: 213-836-0966
17th Eay, 1970


los Angeles

Toronto Iiy Dear Yamuna,and Gurudas
EUROPEAN Please accept my blessings. I am in due rece ipt
London of your very nice letter date d 8th I:ay 1 1970, and
souTH ASIAN noted the contents with interest. Thank you for your
Moyopur de termination. For the vlay in vlhich I am trying to
FAR EASTERN expand I require so many sincere assistants.
Tokyo So the program which you have listed for
souTH PACrFrc the students and your daily schedule are very nice,
Sydney and your schedule is fully approved. Just see that
coMMUNITY PROJECT everything--}\ratrik, Bhoga offering, etc. is done
New Vrindaban, West Virginia strictly on time. Hhen eve ry moment one is engaged
it is called ayyarta kalatvam which means not to
spoil even a single moment of life without a
I am so glad to learn that you are re gularly
observing the listed holidays in our Caitanya
almanac.The roaring kirtan, offering feast to the
Dei ties vlith special preparations is our simple
mode of cele bration, and there is no special_
other program, this is standard, and that is our
It is good news that Sriman Tirthapada has also e ngage d
one carpenter to help rebuilding our London Te mple
house. As he is giving service, gradually he will
come to a Consciousness. His giving service is
his qualification. As we accept valuable metal like
gold from a filthy place, similarly "'e should
allow any I<armi to work for Krsna.

Regarding Rathayatra, ja ganath starts on the
second day of the moon, and on the fifth day there
is no me eting, but there is some controversy with
Lakshmi's servants an
agganath's servants--that is
He rapancami. Jagganath returns back on the tenth day
of the moon.
Yc.munadevi Dasi Page 2 17th Fay, 1970

Thank you very much for the silver for sweetmeat

preparations and also the milk massala of ginger base; I
have kept it for future use as you have suggested.
Yes the Bbat S aman is meant for the demigods-
devotees are demigods, --but people are not so advanced that
they can sing Bhat Saman so nicely in this age, therefore
Hare Krsna 1-antra is recommended to be chanted without
diversin. You have already mentioned yjnanam jpj'smi
on the head of your letter, that the Hare Krsna antra is the
. ..
best ya jna sacrifice.

Hope this will meet you in good health.

\,:\I \/


v,- 1 if !rJtZ- f(JIUk
Your ever well ".'isher,

H LK \) U {(

71( ;;
i I
....... " ..... _



A. C. Ehaktivedanta Swami
l?)ridandi Qoswami
J!.C. GJ3fiak.tivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 3764 Watseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

DATE . . . . lJ.ay. . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . 19. 7.0

'y Dea:r ,;::mo.l,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge
receipt of your letter dated 21st I:ay, 1970, and noted the
contents carefully.
Regarding the Sanskrit class, I think it was only
a plea, but he v1anted to teach us s omethirg- other philosophy.
Our ::.'emple is meant for our men, and we may have our own discuss ions
amongst ourselves, no outsider needed. It is definitely con-
cluded that we have not got to learn anything from any out-
s ider beyond the jurisdiction of Gaudiya "a i9Qava philosophy.
Our philosophy is established on sound ground of the con-
clusion arrived at by :)yasadeva down to Jiva Goswami,
Jisvanath Cakravarty, Bhaktivinode Thakur, etc.
The other day one Indian boy came here to take
permission for chanting s ome bhajan, so I indirectly refused .
'Iry to understand our own philosophy described in so many
books, but I cannot allow you to hear from the mental speculators
without any solid knowledge.
So it is very encouraging that London Temple is
being managed by one pair of husband and wife very n icely.
Similarly each pair should take care of a center; and if you
love me at all, then all of you try your best to open at
least 108 centers during my lifetime.--that is my special
request. At the same time, we must be very careful to see
tha every cener is going pr.oprl. Or possessing own building
is not so important as it is important to see that everyth ing
is going on nicely in order.
Yesterday I rece ived one very important magazine
'I<:alyan' from India in which the editor has described about our
activites so nicely, but at the end it has been remarked whether
in future the standard shall continue. Of course we are not
very much concerned with the future; at least in our presence
who are the floating members of this Society we should like
to see thinqs are going on properly.
You have d is cr ibed Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha
Kfa at London Temple as wonderful. Yes, that is the test of
standard service. If we see the Deities in very pleas ing mood,
that will certify our service unto the Lord. So ever1here we
shall see the Deities in such pleas ing mood. As soon as we
see the Deities in a different mood we must immediately
Tarnal Krsna P age 2 27th Hay, 1970

understand our discrepancies.

Reg arding y our pr o pos ed agreed upon progr am to
send each hous e hold er cou to a diferent European city
to open a c enter there, and then havin9
. the center firmly
established, join the World Samktrtan Porty is very good.
This program is approved that first we esta blish some more
centers. ly mi ssi onary act i vi tie s are especially meant for the
Western countries. To go to India s a eecondary question,
the primary thing is that we establish our institution
firmly in the Western countries. So when we are sound in our
preaching war in the W es t ern countries, that news automatically
goes to I ndi a as 1t is already pUbl1c1zed.
So if Krsna desires, we may qo to India next ye ar with
our party, but i"ill
prefer if Georqe taes the responsibility
of this touring party. If he is serious
about lt, I can g1ve
my suggestions about how it will be done.
As you have listed t.he prospted cities ith the
respective cou les of householders to go there, these
program s are very encotJraging. In England there are some
very important cit i es like ancheste. Liverpool, Glasgow,
etc. so these may be gradually incorporated in -your proqam.
Regarding the members cotnpr1s1rig the World Samkirtan
P a ty , i
on the whole I w sh that 40 membe will qo, one
h a l f from E rope and one half from Anter1ea or as it m.ay be
suit ab l e, there is no definite restr.i.c:tion-.
So far the proposal of the arachi Gujurat Hindu
Union and the :arahrna Samaj to take O\lr devotees to Af.r!ca,
if they give return fare we will go to Africa., but I am not
very much hopefui of the %nd1.ans there. They my be of the same
type as they are in England. The difficulty with the Indians
is that they are under the impression that they know every
thing and t hey have not got to l e a rn anythinq from us, but
faetually most of them have lost their original culture and
they have to le arn so many things from this KffQa Consciousness
R egarding decre asi ng t he number of cop i e s of KRSNA
book ordered by Shyamsundar, no, Shyamsundar must sell at
least 2,500 KRSNA books, that is a lready decided. He c an sell
them at the best priee, it does no t matter whether it is the
pr i ce mentioned on the book cover.
So if you want to see a Spanish edition of BTG, then
you e
go to Spain and open a branch, th n we g e t Spa i sh edition n
also--it is n ot d ifficult. It is very good news that several
new boy s and girls have joined the Paris Temple, so utlize all
these newcomers--whatever capacity they have got try to utilize
it f or Kfa's service--that will be good f or them and qood
for us.
Regarding your two ques t ion s , the first, Sri Gadadhar
is expansion Radharani and Srinivas is the expansion of
Narada Euni, or in other words they are the internal and the
devotional ener gy re s ec t ive l y . The second question, Ye
'1. amul : :rsna Page 3 27th iiay, 1970

Goswarni is a Gopi by the name of Rupamanjari, but not all the

six Goswamis of Vfnda van are Gopis. The following is a list
of some of the principle Gopis, the first eight are called
1. Lalita 2. visakha
3. Sucitra 4 . campakl at a
5. Ranqadevi 6. Sudevi
7. Tungavidya a. Indurekna
9. Ruparnanjari 10. Ratirnanjari
11. Labangamanjari 12. Rasamanjari
13. M.anjurnali 14. Kasturika etc.
You can sing individually the names of the Gopis, there is
no harm, but when we sing the prayer "Sri Radha K;"sna. padan
sahaguna Lalita Sri Visakha nitarnsca this includes them all.
Please offer my blessings to your good wife, Madri Dasi,
and all the boys and girls t Paris center.
Hope this will meet y in g health.
u} 1- isher,

A. c. Bhakti vedanta swami

S rirnan Tarnal Krsna Das Adhikary
c/o S e rge Elbeze
B. P. 113
Paris 14e
7;Jridandi Qoswami

Jl.C GJ3fiak.tivedanta Swami

International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 3764 Watseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal.90034

FilE DATE . . . . . .4th ..Juo.e . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .. . . 19. 7.0

My Dear Yamunadevi,d Gurudas

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge
receipt of your letter dated 23rd April, 1970, with enclosed
pictures of Lord Caitanya's Birthday procession as well as the
Calcutta magazine section. I have immediately asked our
magazine editors to publish the London pictures. This letter
was mailed by ordinary surface mail, so it reached here just
after one month. So in future send by areogram or air mail.
It is very, very encouraging to learn that London
temple is receiving so many inquiries form the different
European countries. So open branches there. When there is
inquiry, the people are receptive. It is now already experimented
that wherever we may open a center, Hare KrQa mantra will be
chanted with great delight. Our Japanese center is doing very
well. They have got very many television engagements. Brahmananda
has gone there, and he says that in those parts of the world
there is very good chance of spreading K{Qa consciousness.
f-':ost probably Brahmananda will op0n a branch in Hong Kong.
One Indian gentleman has taken very active interest, and he is
paying $50 per month. So if there is possibility of opening
centers in the places from where you have got inquiries, do it
as far as possible.
I am so glad to read the line wherein you write to say
that there is no room for nonsense. That we want. We don't
want to give any chance for l'-1aya to enter in our business. That
should be our motto, and we should be very much vigilant.
In the meantime, while writing this letter, I have
received your letter dated 1st June, 1970, and I am glad to
know that the program for Rathayatra is well under way.
Regarding your first question, the bathing ceremony
of Lord Jagannatha is observed by His Lordship standing in
a bathing tank while each of the devotees in turn offers prayers
and obeisances, then pours water to bathe the Lord, then offers
obeisances and the next devotee follows the same procedure. All
the other devotees are holding kirtan throughout the bathing
ceremony which takes place on June 19th.
Regarding your second question, after being bathed,
Lord Jagannath catches fever and at that time you may carry
Him along with Balaramaji and Subhadra to my room for
recovering. During this time, up to Rathayatra, any repairs
may be made. In Jagannath Puri during this recuperation period
the Deities are completely repainted. But that is especially
Gurudaa Adhikary
Yamunadevi Dasi Page 2 4th June, 1970

in Jagannath Puri that this is done so. Then Lord Jagannath

reappears on the day of Rathayatra festival. During His
convalescence Bhoga is offered as usuall, hut no visi.tors
are allowed to see the Lord.
I am so pleased with the continuing expansion ot
London center's opplence for Deity worship, and that is the
mercy of Lord KIJa for attracting so many visitors who will
become devotees.
Hope this will meet

'! . . ,.. . .. .-...

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Sriman Gurudas Adhikary
Srimati Yamunadevi Dasi
7 Bury Place
London, w.c. 1
0grding t h e Rathayatra procession in London, the
procession should he made like thisz


0 1:21
(: : J
'The arrangc::rr.ent is for severo } J.rtan parties, or if you do
not have enouuh men, four parties. Each orty must consist
of seven men s followsz two m { d ang a , four kartals, and one
dancer. One of the kartal players is lead singer, and the
o.:1ncer dances freely up and dmm betvleen the two lines of
players three on each side as in the d rawing . If there are
only four parties, the arrangement should be that one party
is on each s ide , and in back and front of the Ratha:

< - r:=l
So the dancer should
dance very freely, you may distribute
Prasadam and especially distribute our literatures from some
small tables on wheels for the purpose.
(!)ridandi Qoswilmi

c/f.C VSfiaktivedanta $wan1i

International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 3764 !atseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

filE DATE . . . . . . .l..3tb J\me .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.7.0

y Dear Rebatinandan,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of
your letter dated 6th June, 1970, alonq
- with a cheque for
$100, and thank you very much.
Regarding your question whether you may go to Ratha
Yatra festival, yes, you may go because in your present
temple the Deities are not regularly installed. So you can
close the temple for a few days keeping-in front of the Deities
some dried fruits and a tumbler of water. When the Deity is
installed it is called niyama seva. That means the routine
seva prescribed after installation you cannot stop. But Lord
Caitanya Mahaprabhu is very kind to the fallen souls of the
Kali Yuga and He is satisfied with chanting of Hare Kl?t:a
mantra. And for chanting the Hare Krsna mantra there is no
hard and fast rules and regulations s o if you are absent for
chanting Hare Ka mantra somewhere else, it is as good as
to chant the Hare Kfa mantra in the temple. Your chanting
may not be stopped; it does not matter where you chant.
The next question,about the living entities falling
down in this material world are not from the impersonal brahma.
Existence in the impersonal brahma is also within the category
of non-Krsna consciousness. hose who are in the brahma
effulgence they are also in the fallen condition, so there is
no question of falling down from a fallen condition. When fall
takes place, it means falling down from the non-fallen
The non-fallen condition is Krsna consciousness. So
long one can maintain pure Krsna cons i o usness he is not fllen
down. As soon as he becomes out of I:rsna consciousness immediately -
he is fallen down. It does not matter .where a living entity
stays. In the material world also there are different stages
of living conditions, and to remain in the brahma effulgence
is also another phase of that fallen condition. Just like in
the haqavad Gita it is stated that conditioned souls by
their p ous activities are elevated to the higher planetary
system, but as soon as the stock of pious activities is
finished he again comes down on the earthly planet. Similarly
those who are elevated beyond the planetary system to the
Sriman Rebatinandan P<Jge 2 13th June, 1 970

brahma effulgence, they are also prone to fall down as much

as a living entity from the higher planetary system.
As such those who are thinking that they are liberated
by being situated in brahma effulgence are described in the
Srimad Bhagavatam as impu re l y intelligent. In other words,
they are actually not liberated, and because they are not
actually liberated they again come down to the material world
as much as a living entity elevated to the higher planetary
system comes down to this earthly planet. So we do not accept
anyone elevated to the brahma effulgence as actually liberated.
I hope this will clarify the matter for you.
Hope this will meet yo j in go9d ealth =

CJtOJ171a ,cc/''ril-(1rftrr
A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami

------ ------ -

Sriman Rebatinandan Das Brahmacary


Santa Barbara, CA
(?)ridandi Qoswami
cfi.C. GJ3fiaktivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 3764 Watseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

FilE DATE . . . . 4:1:.1;. ..Ynf!! .

. . . . . . .
. . . . . . . ._. . 19. 0

lJy Dear Tarnal,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt
of your letter dated 18th June, 1970, sent by Special Delivery
Air Eail.
KfQa philosophy is understood as it is stated in the
yasya deve para bhakti yathadeve tatha gurou

tasya ete kathitha hi artha prakasante mahatmanah

"One who has got unflinching faith in the Supreme Lord and
similar faith in his Spiritual J'la ster to him only the imports
of :edic knowledge become revealed."
A Spiritual aster is alwas liberated. In any
condition of His life He s hould not be mistaken as ordinary
human being. This position of a Spiritual Master is achieved
by three processes. One is called saqfhan siddha. That means
one who is liberated by executing the regulative principles
of devotional service. Another is krip! siddha, one who is
liberated by the mercy of K{Qa or His devotee. And another
is nitya siddha who is never forgetful of Krsna throughout
his whole life. These are the three feature s of the perfection
of life.
So far Narada I,uni is concerned, in His previous life
He ws a maidservant's son, but by the mercy of the devotees
He later on became siddha and next life He appeared as Narada
with complete freedom to move anywhere by the grace of the
Lord. So even though He was in hs previous life a maid
servant's son there was no impediment in the achievement of
His perfect spiritual life. Similarly any living entity who
is conditioned can achieve the perfectional stage of life by
the above mentioned processes and the vivid example is Narada
So I do not know why you have asked about my previous
life. Whether I was subjected to the laws of material nature?
So, even though accepting that I was s ubjected to the laws of
material nature, does it hamper in my becomeing Sptritual
!-.aster. vlhat is your opinion? From the life of Narada 1'-uni
it is distinct that although He was a conditioned soul in His
previous life, there was no impediment of His becomming the
Spiritual t'aster ':"'his law is applicable not only to the

Spiritual '1aster, but to every living entlty

r; amal Kre\la Page 2 2 1st June, 1970

There are thousands of example s explained in our books

that the conditioned soul is never affected with the material
body. t
It is said i n the ' led as as illl\ a ayarn pu ru a which means
the l i ving entity is always unaffec ed wlf:O'h matHSr.. Another
example is qiven that the reflection of he on wate
appear-s to be rnov1nq, but actually the moon ts not mov1nq it
is fixed up. So any livinq entity ls like thaf! lits refl(:t.i,.on
on the ater1ai body ppears .to be cba:nr;lnq, but the s pir t.t.
soul is fixed up, therefore t.movement is called 1llus1.
Liberation means liberati.c;n rom th;Ls c haQ qing condition.
So fp I am concerned, I c:annot t what I was in my
previ o us liye, but one qreat astrologer calculated that I was
previously a physician and my life waa aiftteaa. Besides that,
to corroborate te statement of Bgavad G!ta sut:im
gehe abhrrst! samrayrte" which1means an unfinls a yoq1
t akes rth n ri-ch am ly or born cf a or pious f-ather.
By the qrace .of K;a I got these two oppc;i'tun i t.ies in the
present life to be born of a piou!; father ahd brouqht up in
one of the richest, aristocratic farniles of calcutta (Kai-nath
tvlullick). The Radha K:rioa Deity in this family called me l;lLl>J
meet Him, and therefore time when 'X was ih cal.'C'Utta.1
stayed in that ternple along with "'Y American disciples. Altho)\
I had nse opportunities to indulge fn be fo pr1ncipls
of si nfu l life because I was connected with a very aristocratic
famil y K;;oa alway$ saved me, and throuq.t ft.lY whole -life 1
qo not know what is 1111c1 t sex , 1ntoxieatton41 tneat-eatinq or
qambliP<}. So far my pre s ent life is concrne(! , I do not
remembr any -of my life when l wa.s fo_etful of l<;Q
So it is very qoOd neW5 t'hat your centers are doing well.
And the proqram for opening several more new c;:enters is most
encouraqinq to Jne. In the meant imf;! , I am eagerly .awaiting to
see the French and German ed it i on s of our lTG prind. so
please send me copie s as soon as they are printed. Hansadutta
has also just written to me in this connedtion of airinq
our own European priting press. But 1 think that for the
pre s en t there is n ot enouqh capi-tal t:o advance for: tl11s pur.pose ..,
Also , unl- e s s we have very good press equit- it Js nQt :vetY
practical to pri n t
our literatures ourse.,l.WS'-, t .\n
if the opportuni.ty is there, then . we . shall eonside.r .furhe;-;.-
R-eqding the .1tw1taton from Afriea1 l.. -ha not heara _

anything about this from Gurudas unt1'1 now, tn;lt _ I - JU$t .Jee4
him for the nfbtion
Reqarding ,Y9ur question ho,.r _t-o ear yOur De-.itie.s to
di f ferent piace$ with you, you should of course atys :earr.y
Them lf -at al.l po s sibl e 4,Jl a small bOx t" cab1t
for the purpose. Then when you cOrite to another temple you
Jllay place Them on the altar with the other Petties. That i.s
Regarding your s econd que$on: what determines whether
a devote e goes to a vaikuntha plan e t or to Goloka Vrndavan?
Those devotees who are following biddhi rnar9 are meant for
going to '1aikuntha planets and thOse who are following r t
are meant for going to I(f!l}aloka. It is gener ally t
tnefollowrs of Lord Caitanya are .<J oing to Goloka v;ndivan.
There is no difference betw ee n the ?aikuntha plane s and t
Kff9aloka, it is a matter of p er s onal taste onl y .
Tarnal 21st June, 1970

I have heard that the Ratha is almost completed in

London and it is expected that the Rathayatra Festival will .be
very, very magnificent. so as you ha1ie suwested. t:his '-d'll
also be thE best .oppprtun1ty for the several pl',mS. to .b
estahlis by mutual consultatiof\ atf1DI19St y4arse1-ve- yourse.l.f,
Gurudas, Sbyamsun.t, Jians.tdutta, M\J)cun,. et.o. So pl,ease
manage eryth1n very nicely and Jq'oa Will provld,. .all
opportunities fot expandlnq His mcwedlent thouqtuNt the European
countries. So see that everything' .1 done cooperat.i"\lf!1y. Then
it wi ll be very nce.
Hope th i will meet

A. C hakti vedanta .SWlt\i


Sriman Tamal KfQa Das Adhikary

c/o Serge Elbeze
B.P. 113
Paris, 14:e
3764 Hatseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

23rd Jun e 70

l... y Dear
To san Krna,
Pl eas e acep t my blessings. I beg to acknowledge
r eceipt of your l atter dated nil.
!<e gar d i ng tew Testament. we can simply agree that
the Nev7 ' es t amen t accepts God is great and the c reation came

into exis tence by His Word. I do not know the d e t ai ls of New

rtestament, bu t I know so fat that 1 t is sta t e d there that
all creation is made by C-od. So this statemen t is \Tedic
stat em en t. In the tedanta ph i l o sop hy also the same thing
is s tat ed that the Supreme Erahrnan is the cause of a ll
creation , rnaintainence and destruction.
So on the principle that God is nae, God is
Gr ea t , I do not think there is any diff erance of opi n ion
between us and the Christians. But the :edic literatures
being &lder and disseminated by many, many superior acaryas
we can find out how C-od is great, how the creation took
pl ace one after another. These details are not found in any
other scriptures in the world.
So on the Rhol e if an yo ne accepts that God is greater
than everyone and nobody is equ a l to Him, then we welcorre such
st atement. And if he is sober and intellioent then he vlill
try to learn from /ed iC" l iteratu r e how God .. is grea t er thab
everyone and how nobody is eqqaalto Him. his knowledge is very
c l early defined neginning from the Bhagavad Gita. So if you
meet such pe rsons who are staunch christains you can humbl y
put this argument before them for consideration. But if some
body is dogmati and blind follower, then avoid to discuss with
him. Better spend that time for e n ligh t en in g a person whcb is
innocent. Do n ot try to enter into the details of New Testament,
but simply sa t that we agree on the principat t h at God is great.
Ho pe this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Sriman 'I' os an Y.rna D a s Brahmacary

IS.t<COL't 'J ernple

61 S eco nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
3764 Watseka Avenue

Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

24th June 70

!'y Dear Upendra,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge
receipt-of your letterddated June, 1970.
We must stick yo our KfIJa consciousness busness at
all circumstances. "his determination will make us successful.
Although according to :edic system there is restriction that
boys and girsl should not freely mix, the brahmacariee are
strictly prohibited to talk vlith your:.g woJ'T'_en, but in the
'.'!estern countties this rul is not balid. As such, "'e have
to accept both boys and girls in the se standard. But if
each of us follow the regulative principles and chanting of
the mantras hardly there will be any chance for sex indulgence.
So 1,11e have to be little careful about it and lft}a will help us.
I do not know why you wife l'"Es not yet got her visa.
The devotees '.Jlho are trying to join our movement ma
be called by some edic names, but ultimately change of name
will take place after first initiation. In the meantime
there is no ham in calling them by some suitable good names.
Speaking or anything all depends on practice and study.
I remember i-rhen I \vas first aa1l:eed for speaking by one of my
senior God-brothers. I felt very much hesitating because I
waW not practiced to speaJ(. Later on by speaking and hearing
or reading I got experience and now we can speak 45 minutes,
50 minutes or one hour at a stretch. So you have to read our
toks very nicely and gather thoughts, then you can speak for
hours without any difficulty. It requires practice. So read
your books carefully, especially N'ectar of Devotion now
published, and practice speaking. It will be alright.
he complete edition of the Bhagavad Gita As It Is is
not yet published. It will be published soon. If you cannot
procure mustard seed oil, you may use olive or sese oil.
'J'he transikating work cannot be trasferred everywhere.
It isnnot possible because for my regular work I require
reference of the books which means I shall have to carry with
me so many books and other things. So I have no objection to
do this, but by such action the work "'ill suffer. But I can
go to Australia when you are fully equipped for some time and
again coe back. I have never seen Australia, so naturally I
am inquisitive. But in that case you will ave to provide fr
at least two men's double journey. I wias that you center may
be strengthened more and more, and if by next January as you
have stated pou like me to go there, certainly I shall go for
( -

sor.1e tirne.
(!)ridandi Qoswami

Jl.C GJ3fiaktivedanta $wami

Founder -Acharya:
I nternati onal Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 3764 Watseka Avenue
los Angeles, Cal. 90034

FILE DATE . . ... $.th. J.\l.J.Y. .

. . . . .. . . . . . . . .. 19.70
. .

l y Dear ::>ri Dama,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge
receipt of your letter dated lOth June, 1970, and have noted
the contents with qreat interest.
I am so happy to learn that you have been so well
received in Provincetown by the young boys and girls. It
is a act that the hippies are our best clients. I had very c::mod
reS!Jonse in San Franr.isco durina natha Yatra festival. I sav1
that they were taking up the chanting of Ha re KrQa maha mantra
very feelingly even without the presence of any devotee to
lead them. 'J'hey appreciated my lecture and I appreciated
their attitude. hey joined in Ratha Yatra very enthusiastically.
So try your best to convince them by very nice preaching an.d
in particular very nice Samkirtan party and distributim of our
It is very good news also that you have received per
mission in Providence for chanting and di stributing literature
and incense as v1ell as collecting. l':ow you should crncentrate
to develop your spiritual power to attract the fallen souls
to Kr?a consciousness. 'J.'he daily regulative duties must be
performed by everyone very strictly, the beads chanted sixteen
rounds, and our literatures read and discussed. In this v1ay
everything should be done very nicely. Samkirtan should be
done by you in the streets and at gatherings and in this
manner display what is this KtQa consciousness movement
and how it is for everyone's eternal welfare and happiness.
So you do all these with great enthusiasm and very
carefully. Our all activities must be open so that no one
may criticize our Mission, so all dealing must be to the
standard of '!aisnavism. Ne cannot mis..-represent ourselves
for the purpose of taking monies from the public, tut as
everything is undertaken forthrightly in KfQa consciousness
v1ay, then Lord Kr"Qa \vill be pleased to provide all facilities
for aiding our such sincere service.
Regarding your closing the temple in Providence during
the very cold winter months and going to Florida at that time,
yes, you may do it, but in that case you may not install any
Deities in the temple. Norship of Deities means special
care must be there for reqular uninterrupted service and the
Deities cannot be moved from place to place. So you must
have picture of Panca Tattva for worshiping and. making offerings.
Sri Darr.a Page 2 8th July, 1970

his picture along with Acarya pictures may be carried from

one place to another. Lord Caitanya is very kind and He
accepm the simplest worship or si111ply sincere chanting of
the Holy :Names of I<:roa.
Pleaoffer my blessings to your good wife and to
riman anda Kiore and his wife. Hope this will meet all
of you in good health.
I am very glad to knoH that you are selling our
Bhagavad Gita AS IT I S; so keep the accounts for book and

B'l'G sales daily, and issue a checl< for pa,mtent Heekly
according to the amount of iterat es sold. /

}JIr1 w{(fi;wX f1Jr

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Sv;ami

C::_:__- Sri Dcma Das Adhikary
I SICOl\' Temple
104 Bradford Street
Provincetmm, r A
FILE 3764 \Vatseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

19th July 70

Ly Dear Jaya Pataka,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge
receipt of your tvoteet6areddated 29th June and 2nd July,
1970, and noted the contents with great pleasure. In the
meantime I have written two letters addressedUroboth you and
Achyutananda in which I wanted to know if you have changed
your place. In you letter dated 29th June you write to say,
"\..Ye shall move into our apartment the next day after or
tomorrow, Achyutananda S a ys , " but in you lettee dated
2nd July it appears that you have not gone there, so I am
surprised lwhy the delay. It isnnot possible to stay at the
Gaudiya l1ath because we want to organize our preaching worl:
in our wwn way which we are following here. So in the
Gaudiya L ath we will not get any facility eEKept for stayin g ,
neither they will be abl e to accornodate more men who are in
intending to go to India.
About the land in l,:ayapur, I ha ve already advised
Achyutananda to purchase the land at all risks. Tbab will
kindly send me repct of your aceivities at least twide
I am very glad to learn from your letter dated
2nd July that both yourself and Achyutananda went to Babu
Ghat for chanting Hare !<.ff)a. I am very glad to lemmitt.,
he same process I adopted in your country when I started my
SruWcirtan in Tompkin Square, ew York. Ka was so kind to
send to me all these bo ys and girls who are helping me now.
Babu Ghat is a very nice place. Similarly, in front of
Babu Ghat there is the Eden Garden that is also a very nice
place. After all it is not the question of the place, but it
is the person who chants which is important. A sincere soul
like you, so much devoted to Spiritual Haster and KfJJa. is sure
to be successful anywhere. So you adopt the same principle as
"re are doing here.
So far collectiis concerned, if somebody offers
money there is no reason to refuse it. Certainly there are
many pseudo-aisnavas collecting money for sense gratification,
but that does not mean that a pure 'faisnava will not collect.
Yes, get naga Samkirtan orgainized, it is very nice
program. It is all encouraging. r:ityananda Prabhu was doing
this although He was attacked by Jagai and l:adhai. In spite f) (J . ')
of His being injured by them, Lord Nityananda tlettaped these
two brothers. That is the way of preaching. Certainly there
will be thousands to follow a large Samkirtan Party,laeybbaftO J
like that. (J
Jaya Pataka Page 2 lOth July, 1970

Regarding the
th, naturally because they are getting great
name and fame yourthey will not like you to leave,
but if more men go where they will live. I do not know why
there is hesitation still. He must have our own place. I
hope you have replied this pcint in my previous letter.
As soon Se you settle up in your own place, we shall send
many magazines and books for distribution.
So your first example of service has very much satisfied
me. I have all my blessings upon you. Kindly continue this
program and please keep me informed at least t'Y1o times in
a week.
Regarding your feelinS of burning impatience, these
things are very explicitly explained in the Nectar of Devotion
in the chapter on ecstasy. These are symptoms of ecstasy,
that is not bad.
Hope this will meet you in ggod health.
Your ever-well-wisher,

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Sriman Jaya Pataka Das Brahmacary

35 Satish Mukherjee Raod
Calcutta 26
I ,. '

3 7 6 4 Watseka Avenue

Lo sAngt&es , Cal iforn i a

1 6 th Jul y 70

Dear Sri Nevati a j i .

P l ease accept my greetings . I thank you very much for your

letter dated lOth July, 1970 , and noted the contents . I am
surprised that the mai l parcel con taining the fo&lowi ng
arti cles has not reached you . Maybe it i s del ayed , but st i l l
if it i s not ye t arrived I shall send you a s econd atch on
hearing from you . There was a copy of a letter addre s sed to
Hanurnan Pra sad Poddar which cove r s a l l your que stionaires . so
I am s ending herewith an other copy which wi l l cover al l your
que stions . Furthermore I am also giving you answers i n sort
of your que stionaire & .

1. Before 1 9 5 9 I was hou seholder . Calcutta i s my bi rthpl ace .

Our hou se wa s at 1 5 1 Harri son Road , now t-ahatma Gandhi Road .
Thi s house wa s original l y purchased by l ate S i va Pra s ad
Jhun jhun M u l l i ck and I think at present the Govinda Bhavan i s
s i tu ated there . hi s wa s done long , long ago .
At ther pre sent moment I am seventy-four ye ars o l d
compl ete . I was by profe s sion chemi st and dgcri st , and i n the
beginn i ng I wa s man ager in a very big c e cal f i rm of cal cutta .
I was educated in S cott i sh Churche s Col l ege , appeared for my
B . A . in 1 9 2 0 and then oined Gan dhi ' s movemen t and gave up
education . I rnet my uru a n 922 . I was born in a
va i s.nava fami l y--perhaps you may know Kainatha!-. u l l ick
Thakurvat i-- s o by the grace o f Krsna from the very begi nning
of my l i fe I wa s Kfa con sciou s by . family tradition and my
father ' s caretaking .

2. ; Spiritual Maste, Srila . Bhakti siddhant s rsvati .

Thakur, advi sed me to preach the K{Qa consiousne s s movement
in the Western world on my first meeting with him and I was

preparing to come here in the Western world since a long time .

I met late P andit Jakh'IIatuliehru , Dr . R adhakri s hnan and the
l e Lal Bahadsr S hastri for thi s purpose . I was convinced by
my Guru t-! aharaj that in the present status , of c i vi l i zation
there is not'b.erci ty of anythmlg . except KpJQa con sciousness .
So i stributi t i on of Krsna consci ou snes s i n the best service
to the human so ciety, so I tried first of all to start this
vement in India. but friends wee . not very much sympathetic .
Tnerefore , th great difficulty I came here in 1 96 5 . In 1 9 6 6
I regi stered the Society with the he&p of some friends and
Sri s. G. Nevatia Page22 16th July, 1970

disciples, and the movement was started regularly in 1966,

July, from New York.
Gradually it developed and at the present moment we have
got 32 branches all over the world. We have got very llae- hvqe..
expenditure for maintaining these establishrnents9 for example
in Los Angeles,we are spending near about $3000 per month,
which is in I ndian exchange 400000 per month. Similarly we R-tvI ooo
have got expenditure in London, New York, Hamburg, Sydney,
Tokyo, etc. the souree of income is generous contribution by
the public and a little profit webto6selling our magazines
and books. We do not get any lump emmub u ntrition from any
of various foundations, but our boys and girls work very hard
and we maintain our establishment. The main source of income
is Hare K.fl;la.
I think very confidently that this Krsna Consciousness
Movement will olve all the prpblems of the worl--political,
sotial, economic, etc. I am .writing books and articles on this
subject strictly on the line of Acarya Pararnpara and I have a
already published some books, a list of wh1h is enclosed

3. The s
a religio=n
I am trying to get this institution regestered in I ndia also.
So far, up to date, actually I am the only superior controller,
but as the boys are getting experienced! shall very soon
transfer the administration to them, simply keeping myself as
an overseer guide. Because I am old man, so I am trying to
maintain this standard of management uniformay with the
assistamce of my grown up students. But actually what we need
is to render sincere service to the Lord because ultimately
K{Qa is the supreme manager. ekao bahu vidhadati karnan,
"The Supreme One supplies all the necessities of all the living
entitis." Actually this is our constitution.
All the devotees strictly follow our regulative principles
of 1)-n oe eating of meat, fish or eggs, 2) no illicit sex-life,
3) no taking of intoxicants including mafffEfB?, tea, tobacco and
alcohol, and 4) No gambling. I n each center we have a president,
secretary and treasurer who manage the local affatrs.

4. I am sending the list of temples on separate sheet.

5. Specific information about our schedule of general and

specific activities you will find in the letter addressed
to Sri Hanuman Prasad Pddar.

6. The boys and girls here naturally they are born of

rich nation and materially coultured families, but there i$
no spiritual guide. According to Vedanta Sutra this human fmfa
ms meant specifically for spiritual understanding. So a person
or a community or a nation when in the top position of materiel
enjoyment and still does not find any peace, he searches after
something better. That is the position of the Western countries.
But they aavenOIDI!..mtiOmmadt-1-oR what is that better Therefore,
h {;l. '1/ e. 0 i + r- Matt'CI"f
Sri s. G. Nevatia Page 3 16th July, 1970

the younger generation especially they are turning to be

confused and frustrated and they are generally known as
hipptes Here in thie Krsna consciousne-ss movement, because
the actua solace and remedy is there, they are finding it
very nice and gradually they are bing attracteQ Some b6
them actually experience that before coming to this movement
they did not know what piritual life. So there is a
great potency of spreading this movement all over the world
The India Government has a apartment for Cultural Affairs, if
V\10.-. +
they would have taken this cultural movemenesa8hehe background
of Vedic civilization, then the whole world would have been
happy, and India's glories would have been magnified many
thousands of times than by simply imitating the Wetern techno-
logy which is on the verge of failure.

7. Regarding and S waminies, you have been misinformed.

Among my disciples there is only one swami or sannyasi, but
there is no Swaminie. Woman is never offered Sannyasa in the
.redic c ulture. Up co Varnaprastha stage the woman may remain
with her husband as assistant or friend without any sex
relation, and When a man takes Sannyasa the woman has no
connection with him. I am very sorry to aorm you that there
t 1 are some Indian iiftmxbms- in this country who are living with
so-called .. Swaminies, .. but so far we are concerned we follow
the vedic principles.
.....trictly Al
ur students are follo\oing
the regulative principles as mentioned in Section 3, paragraph 2.

8. As refeeeed to above we have got only one Swami, but no

Swaminies. Rather I encourage the boys and girls to get
married and live regularly on the Vedic principles. They are
followin this instruction and they are happy and advancing in
YQa consciousness.

9. The Americans are veryiintelligent and qualified b9Ys and

girls so they understand the principles as genuine and thus they
accept them. They understand that KfI}a Consciousness fvlovement
is neither I n r Hindu but it is a cultural movemen for

the whole human socieyy alt oug of oourse because it is

coming from India it has Indian and Hindu touch.

10. Kindly refer to section 2, paragraph 3.

11. We are.expanding every month. Recently I received one

letter from my disciple in England and bhe report is very
favorable. In the villages of England they are very much
receptive to this movement and even children in gr ammar school
are chanting Hare Krsna,
We have got many records and record albums out of which
some produced by one renowned musician of London, George
Harrison, has become very popular and many people from all
parts of Europe are coming to see our temple in London.
Recently we have opened two branches,ione in Amsterdam and
one in Copenhagen and another in Edinburgh.

12. New Vndavana, a transcendental community progect, mod!led

on tne Vfndavana site of Lord Ktoas pastimes, is developing
nicely in the mountains of West Virginia. The primaxymessage
Sri s. G. Nevatia Page 4 16th July

of Lord Krsna to surrendr all one's activities unto Hip that

is to carry out one's duty for the sake of Krsna, as it is
delivered in the Bhagavad Gita is practically undertaken in
Ne\'l Vrndavana. All work in v.rndavana is specifically executed
in full knowledge of its being transcendental loving service
to Ma the supreme propeietor of everythin. and all souls.
This natural environment for living in pure Rf9a consciousness
or plain living and high thinking developes the spiritual
character of the inhabitants an especially the Society's
children who are concieved, born, raised and educated in
KrQa science or natural sprrituallconsciousness. New
vrndavan shoal system provides education for children which
is both practical and spiritual.
This site situated in the midst of the Beautiful-ii JJa +-
O!Jivi-1-\.ttt.:.. 7irginia -mocntJilamssprovirles an ideal setting for demonstrating
the simplicity of naturalistic living based on brahminical
e and-cow protection in KfQa consciousness. Cow
protection practically so"lves the problems of sustinence and
the greater portion of time of the devotees,being not engaged
in the frantic scramble of materialistic competition or
food and shelter, is kept engaged in the pursuit of spiritual
The activities are centered on the temple schedule of
Aratrikas (six daily, very regularly), klrtanas and classes
in the Vedic scriptures. Work is in the fields of agriculture,

horticulture, dairy and construction as well as devotional
I am sending the description as it will appear in our
Kf9a consciousness handbook which is just now being printed.
The complete and finished Handbook will be sent later on.
Along with the section on New Vrndavana there is also a two
page feature on our ISKCON Press.

13. Jbur re wned and operated by the Society is housed in

our BOStc5rltemple buthldings. Presently we are_printing 1
books regularly and our monthly magazine BTG is being pr nted
innglish, Rrench, German and Japanese editions with Spanish,
Hindi, Bengali, Dutch and Danish forthcoming. --The English
edition is understocked at 125, 800 copies per month and the
other editions are printed at the rate of 10,000 per month.
The public demand for our literatures is international and
so much greatly mncreasing that although pntnting department
(editing, transcribing, composing, layout, photography,
printing and binding as well as sales) is full time engaged
and the press is kept running almost 24 hours daily we are
unato meet che demands for literatures and so we must
also go to outside printers like Japan.
See pages on ISKCON Press in the Krssa


14. atha Yatra festival was celebrated in three major cities-

San Francisco, London and Tokyo-with great pomp and grand
success. The transcendental festivities organized for large
public participation have drawn admirable comments fDm the
city authorities regarding their unprecidented joyous nature
hared by otherwise unmanagable numbers of peop l e. The
Sri s. G. Nevatia Page 5 16th July, 1970

San Francisco Ratha atra was given all facility bdr

full cooperation 6/the City and public advertisement was
extended by the City via the newspapers, radio and television
and posters in all the public transportanD vehicles as well
as large banners lining the main streets. Over 20,000
persons attendedd for a full day of chanting and dancing as
they eagerly drew the Ratha cars five miles to the sea.
At the endiof the procession Prasadam was sumptuously
distributed co everyone and the distribution of Prasadam
was extended through the next several days. Also at the
end of the procession route a capacity attendance filled a
standing auditoriourn to attentively hear the spiritual
master speak. His reception was well mannered and very
enthusiastic including participation in dancing samkirtan.
In the accompaniying packet are enclosed some prints
from this year's various atha Yatra festivals and also
issue No. 29 'Back to Godhead' which was a special issue
on last years festivities.
Other major celebrations are_Janmastaroi d Lord
.Cainanyas ABhirbhava on Phalguni Purnima. These are
especially celebrated gorgeously at New vndavana and New
Navadwipa respectively. For its lavish Ratha Yatras yearly
for the last four years San Francisco is now commonly known
as New Jagannath Puri. We are gradu&aly increasing the
size of major festivals and eventually there will be twenty
four or two each month. The public response is always very

I will enclose in the accompanying air packet the

several photographs you have desired as well as several other
items which you may find helpful in preparing your article.
If there is any further questionaire which you may need,
please drop my a line and I will be very glad to supply the
required informations.

Yours very sincerely,

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Sri s. G. Nevatia
I ndustry House
159 Churchgate Reclamation
Jl.C fiaJ{ii'd;;t-a Swami
Fou nder-Acharya :
I nter national Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 376t.l 1/atr.;a i"en,,e
Lo s liT'qeles, Ci1. 90034

FILE DATE ... . . . . .Jnl- . . ..... .19. "J.O

1 './ uear Yoaesvara,

Please accel)t my hlessi t:Jg s. I beg to acJno,lleCl':le
P:''?cei)"t of vo11r lett.'?.r nater'l Lt.h J J.v, 1 <?70, r.1 lonr; ,.,i th orP.
poer. Hhic::h I have reud and sent on to the ccl.i to rs of :. 'G .

:orne tiTi' hac!-: yo11 sent another poe+:rv Hhi r. h I hc:tve u lso sent
+:.he er1i tors; ''hS8 noetics C' nir::e., hut now if vo1J
'JoPl<i ,._ri t:r:> soT!1e c:J rti c l e s for ollr p G +:hut 'rill he ev en
httr. ; oH vou have qot sorne c;roocl ,.n.., derstamHnq of our

.rYJa r:-onsr.j_ot,sncss so YO'J v1rite it f o r nn"l)lication.
I am vcrv alad to J:now that. you h ave got the
=pcrienr:eancJ ta lent as Hell as the desire to \lrite 1:-r!Ja
co n s c io us r:hi 1 0 re n s boos. I have very enco :. 1rac;ring report
froTT1 Shya'T!Stlnr:'lar that t-.he qrarn.rnar sooo.l children in the
vi 1lcr"!eS of ''o1:h .rlond and Hollr.nd tire ver:r ce1.r-ycr <md rady
-For J c:<Or,:i.I ' -::- -::: :' '' ..)PSr::iot,sness
. anc'l t:hi .....:- instrtH;:tors arf!
- . . - vcrv 0.nthusistir to int.:r:-od>1r0 otYr D:t'or-trB:"il. . o YO\J
r;:;n uri t0 an' hQo's fo:r children ancl i n s e rt !1icturcs, the n
t:hey Hill ';e <1 sure sucress.
''he :boo1s should t'>e ,,.1ri in sir.ple lancr1arre. Fir s t
of all try to "1.-lhat i s God,
ther ,.,hat is the reJ.a.tion
shi p of Go-J \lith the \lorld and the li vinC] enti t.ies. 'hen
c'::>lain uhat is our duty in that relatior.ship ,.,ith God. In
this \my \.'rite th subjects very cl ear l y. Hhat one l earns
as c hild is not lost. t hrou c;r hout the life. So th is is a very
im1::>ortant husiness. Please execute it "1.-zi t.h qreat care and
seriot.,sness of pt,rnose. i ay :::_:r1;a blAss vour sinc e r e endeavor
ir his r:-r.,_,5_,... '1'}y> rT"Ot"A ,.o,., :1ork f or Vrsl'"'u, t:he rrorr fie
- . ,
.-1ill "bsto,., a.lS!::>irio,,s intelli<?"('mce uDon yoLl for fu rthe rin g
your lovirn servic-e 1.1nto Him.


':((J1/V tit;LU
i o o

:\1{; JcG} ct/("


(.,,{>' , s "m

l '
{\il>,{({j i( A")- )ltf.
.. l w
i\. C. i1ha(t.i ve d anta 6vm!11i


::;ri, xor:resvura 1.1as :Jrahrnacary

r;:;:.-;:cc:. '. cn)J.e
7 :_'.urv Place
London, 1'7. c. 1, nglann
bridandi Qoswami
JI.C. fiaktivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 3764 Watseka Avenue
Los Ange, CA 90034

DATE . . . . . . . . 2.5th .J.uly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19. 7.0

My Dear Ekayani Dasi,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt -of
your encouraging letter dated 19th July, 1970, and noted the
I am so glad that you are now happily combined with
Sriman Gopal Kfa, and I think this match is just suitable for
you both. You were wanting a very nice responsible devotee
husband and now Kfa has so blessed you, please utilize this
opprtunity nicely and advance mutually in K{Qa's transcendental
loving service and be happy.
Yes, it is very good work that you are doing by
making children's books on Krsna conscious subject matter.
We have got so manichildren now in New Vrndavana and it i s
also learned that i n England and Holland the young grammar
school boys and girls are eagerly taking to this process of
chanting Hare Kfa. So what is learned in the early years of
life will not depart for the whole life, therefore do this
work very carefully to explain simply and directly Who is
Krsna, who we are, what i s the material world, what i s the
reitionship of KfQa with the living entities, how we s uld
act in that relationship, etc. And if you can illustrate these
books with pictures they will certainly become very, very
popular in the schools. Sriman Yogesvara i s al so doing this

work in London. So in con sultation with your husband make

some nice Krsna conscious children books and we shall then
see to prin tin g them. You are also a skilled painter so I
think this venture will be sucessful.
Yes, I am so glad to know that the St. Louis temple
is doing so well. I know that Sriman uamandev and your sister,
Indira are a very exemplary couple in Krsna con sciou sness
householder life, so you kindly . follow"t heir example.
Regarding your questions, the first answer i s that it
is correct that the body transcendental of Krsna
and Krsna
Himself are nondifferent. so what is the diff1culty to under-

stand that the soul of Aghasura merged into the body of Kfa
In otherwords Krsna benedicts the demon s Whom He kills
personally with" te impersonal liberation of merging with Him.
There is a difference between the activities of Kr sna
which are exhibited to the perception of the conditioned

souls in this world and His activities in Goloka Vrndavana.

Because Krsna was playing as an ordinary human being, His
activities"here appear ju st like ordinary human activities,
butin the Spiritual Sky there i s no such requirement. There
in the spiritual sky Krsna has His activities also but they

Srimati Ekayani Dasi Page 2 25th July, 1970

cannot be understood by the conditioned living entities how

they are going on without any resemblance of the mechanical
workings of things in this material world.
In the Spiritual sky and in the material sky also
there is no question of separation from Ka. Ka is all
pervading, so where can one be out of His presence? Whatever
has to do with Ka is on the spiritual platform and on that
spiritual platform there is no difference between being
together and being apart from Krsna. So even in the feeling
of being separated from Krsna, Krsna is there.
So far the Avatars" are concerned there are two types.
One is called nitya and the other is called naimittic. Nitya
means eternal and naimittic Avatars appear for some specific
function in the material worlds. Nitya Avatars have their
eternal abodes in the spiritual sky from which they may sometimes

descend to the material worldi> but naimittic Avatars are

expansions of uityCl Avatars for some timely purpose. - So the
non-human forms of Avatars do not have their planets in the
spiritual sky.
Yes, Mahesha Dama is in the spiritual sky. That is
described in the Srimad Bhagavatam and Brahma Samhita. At
the time of dissolution of the material worlds, Lord Siva
remains in His spiritual abode while the cosmic manifestation
merges in to the body of Mahavisnu.
Regarding the activitie such great sages and devotees
like Parvat Muni and Parasara M ni begetting ehildren, such
activities of these elevated souls are not to be questioned by
us. They have a higher purpose which we cannot determine,
therefore it is said in the Srimad Bhagavatam that one should
not try to imitate the actions of the Isvaras or those who are
very powerful, but one should follow their instructions.
I am very glad to know that you are reading our
literatures and you are very thoughtful about them. I am
always happy to answer your questions, but you should practice
to get the answers from your husband and try to find them out
by reading further in our books. All questions will be
clarified if you simply read our books very thoroughly and
follow the simple process of devotional service as we have
given it to chant regularly and rigidly observe the rules and
regulations. This is our principle that the spiritual science
becomes revealed to the devotee from within the heart according
to the degree of his surrender to Kfa. You are a very hopeful
student and intelligent devotee, so you continue to pursue your
devotional activities patiently and Krsna will open your path
of Krsna consciousness so you will pro gr ess more and more.
Hope this will meet y
g ealth.

A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami

ACBS a_drn
_ p. t. o.
'i -
ridandi [Joswami
.i)":Jf.C. GJ3fiaJ<tivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
: 3764 Wa tseka Avenue
Los An geles, CA 90034

DATE 7.t.b JJJ

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19. 7D

My Dear Satsvarupa and Uddhava,

Please accept my blessings. I thank you for your
express letters and have noted the contents c aref ully .
You are all my children and I love my American boys
and girls who are sent to me by my spiritual master and X
have accepted them as my disciples. Before cominq to your
country I took s annyas in 1959. I was publishing B.T.G.
since 1944. After taking sannyas I was more engaged in
writing my books without any attempt to construct temples
or to make disciples like my other God-brothers in .India.
I was not very much interested in these matters because
my Guru Maharaj liked very much publication of boo ks than
constructing big, big temples and c re ating some neop hyt e
di sci ples. As soon as he saw that His neophyte di s ciples
were increasing in number, He immediately decided to leave
this world. To accept disciples means to take up the
res ponsibility of absorbing the sinful reaction of life of
the disciple.
At the present moment in our ISKOON campus politics
and diplomacy has entered. Some o f my beloved students on
whom I counted very, very much have been involved in thls
matter influenced by Maya. As such there has been some
activity which I consider as di srespectful. So I have
decided to retire and divert attenti o n to boo k writing and
nothing more.
The ISKOON Press was specifically es tabli shed
exclusively for printing my books. Please therefore give
me an idea how you can help me in getting all my man uscrip t s
printed as soon as possible. Whenever Advaita is submitting
an estimate for printing my book s, I am supplying the money
immediately. So far the finance is concerned, K;oa is
supplying. Therefore if you simply print my books in the Press
incessantly, that will give me great delight.
Please therefore let me know how far you can all help
me in this connection and what are the manuscripts ready for
printing. I think I shall now stop all other activities
except publishing of my books. Kindly enlighten me per return
"(;)ric Iandi qo.'"vanJi

Jl.C GBfial;ivedanta $vva1ni

International Society for K r ishn a Consciousness

Augu st 4, 1970 70
DATE - - - . ... . .. .. . . .19 ... .

My D:l:' Upendra,

f'.tr:<1se accept my blessings. Thank you for 't:'llr ll"tter

d;:t,...J Jul, JIJ, 1970. I am glad to hc<1r that nur Syrln,.y
Trrpl i$ ging ni c e ly .
garrlig ynur questions, th e snnyasins ar nnw d
'Jf'':r-,1 fn.lly to travelling and preaching work, fllan;el!".l""t
i l.ft tt\ the lncal Temple presidents a nd the
rf th Govrrning Uody Comissio.
f,!' w r.;)k <:dvancf"f11.cnt, offenses should lH nr-n"lly
Hr:inishen; c> rl v a n c e d devotef"s, in .fc-t :->11 c1vot ... ,..-: shoulr-1
t:nr:1y hnw to do this very carefully in t h e Nectar nf [1r
\'ti"_!\ 17,... Cr)n ur.derstand the Absolute T r uth hy -l1<:_!}9,
trt i hnw we can beCO"'"! pt:>rf":ct. Sl!!'n]" hv h""'';r:' ;-nn
ch;-.,1;,-:-' -th ... "11"-r-i"" of the ::iupc:-:-m: L"rd fr;;;: '..->- :IL!:l
f\h:><'<:v:;;<:w " "" can bl!cone p-rfect, this xample :i.s 5h-:wn
l'y !1\a Gn;;1"':i 2.d l\bh0r0j fariksit.
Th,.. r.0y;d,f js ch a n te d l!'!nrning, afternoc:on, yr>r1 -' T1r ("Jj-,:i. chants Ga yatr i at each offdng. lr0;rl

- fhr- s-y"'ftllna' crer.">w:. r 1hat part ':'f th ;ar
1 f ; \"'"'r h,.1 !t"" .hey rour '.'l').t .. r r.ixr-d wit h .,.il'-: - --r

: : !'!I l ,.,
. 1 . C,... r i ': 1. s a Sa -:'t a:"'.. :.-
.. " .

... . .. . . . . . :
'' . .
' .... . . . :_ ., .._ ., ,.. 5 ... ! :--.: "': .. '. :. , ':,:, - .
.. -

"" . ' . ' ,

. : \ l " ' "::""'"'- '"":' .. . .. ... . -

. . ' . . .. t .; : '" !' -- . .. . ! . ' .. !' t , :: :. - p t

n:uld 11:\r 1- .. . tt lrC: J:1s '-rist

, : . .- < ,. ,. r1 1"

the particular r.i l:rl r-

L<-' ncting a r:'\ rt suitable fe-r


It is a nice story about the police sargt:


r:-f thC tlC'vr-tE'I!S. That tl'n

11:--1 . " .r-Jlrl.dr.'] thl"' examplE':
ally impl y tr: r-:.:1
f.::!":-'. t1't-l"'' :lr t"Vt"ryl'r f"tr-rn
> . , rr: r ,.. , : :- 5.,1::...-LW .,_.... ,-,. .... r-r . . _.,. cJ'
-.:-: !-:-
:rl = !rr_--:r:rr. :=-"Y:r-: :tr r r
, 1: . : : !'

! ! . .: :-: ! : :... I :- :: : :
.. '"! 1 :. . : ' r:- : : :7 ! 't _:

:,.. ,. :..a:.' _-_,':a"r-, foli-;-;!5 l'ire 3annyasin !! .:t 11t

all r.( tl!"..-.

Tl-etnk you "'r::( again and p l ea s e convey my blssings
tt" :: J
J J th Prahllus there. I hope this l'leets you in gf'nd
. ,'

):lt{J;;'Q;tC( :ji.
y:;ridnndi Qoslvami
Jl.C. GBflakj)vedanta $wan1i
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: 3764 Watseka Av-:-rn!!
Los Angeles, California

DATE {\'!9.':1.- -' . ... . .. ...... .. . .19.70

flt":as,. <ICC(":pt my b les s in g s . I am in re c e ipt f yr11r

l.l!'ttr:-r d;:trl 1\ugust 4, 1970 and h<we examined th e cr':lnt.ents.
A rply t yur last letter was previously sent.
rw a ll !'".)' disciples r-ust wcrk coll'lbinedly and with co;:tinn t r> this S a mki rta n Novel"':ent. If y ou c.::n
t wnrk tnather then my w o r k is stopped up. Our SnciPty
is lik one big family and our rlationships should be bas
rd nn le-v"! ;,d tn1st. \ve r:tus t givE':' up the fi9htina ririt
0ncl ''" nnr :i.nt.cJ ligence to push ahead. You should :1ccr-pt
hrlr fr'"> your Gr.(l-brothers.
N\'l I have st up the Governing Body Comr'lissier. tr.
1.-:>rHlJr. re.3C\gener.t, questions of phi loso phy , and prsrr.1l
T'rrhl:::;. Tht!',. things are too much botheration fnr "e,
I sirly want tl to writ e books to satisfy "'Y Guru
hraj. If Balinarrlan Frabhu has gon e to c p e n still a
nr-thl- th<lt is c er t ai nl y gond news. Kindly rM;:in
ther and tach Upanandadas by nice example and wnrk to
g-t!,c:r with all th rl e v ot (!: e s there. If we work hard for
lr:sr.a with_-,ut prsf'ln;\1 CC"nsideration or a mbition , thn
we ar assurerl of succss.
Tr.-nrrC'w I a !" l e avin g for llawaii on the wa y 1,.. J<p<n.
After ne tim ur Snnkirtan Party, i nclud i n g !iv .,f y
icipl, will r n tC" preach in India. Meanwhil,
kindly push Dn ur SaMkirtan prograr. and dis tr ibut "s
nch li ti"J:atur c>nd p ra s a d as pns5:i.ble.
I hope this reply finds y ou in good mo od .

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

J\CB :rna
C EN Tr.:n : 3 7 64- \'ln t s e k a .'. ve n u e
Le s tn r e l e s , C a l i f o rn iA .

de a r S r iman Vy e. s ,
Da t e : Augu s t 6, 1 970.

P le a s e b l e c; s ln g s .
a c c ep t my I am in re c e i p t o f y our
l e t te r da t e c'l <Ju ly 1 9 70 anc1 i t s c on t en ts h ave b e e n c a r e fu l ly
n o te d . Ye s , v o u R. re c o r r e c t wh e n y o u 8 R Y t h C. t f or a true
d e v o te e of the S 1 l "!1r e m e P e r so n a l ! tv af G o d h e a d L o r d Sr i K r s n a
the o re t i c a l p e c u la t i o n s a r e a v o i d e d . No t on ly i s d e vo t i on a l
s e rv i ce th e s i m p l e s t way of G o d re a l i z a t i o n , a s y ou h av a g r e e d ,
i t i.s c le a r l7 p o in te d ou t bv L o r d K r s n a in the JIB!ixxznt.-"igi:t:arlx
Bha.'! nva d-!i t a in e ve r' cha p t e r th a t He C ffl be a c h ie ve d on ly
by f i n a l ly e n g a g i n r-; d i r e c t lv in d e v o t i on a l s e rv i c e , or bb a k t iy o p; a ,
t h e h i he s t s t :1 g e i n y og a p ra c t i c e . In the F i r s t C an t o ,
s e c on d c h n t e r , ve rs e s e ven o f the Sr im3 d Bhaava ta , i t i s
c l ear ly s t c:- t e d tha t by th e p ro c e s s of a p p ly in g de vo t i o n al
s e rv i c e un t o th e P e r s ona l j ty of G o d head Va su deva (Krsna ) ,
the i mm e d i a t e re s u lt i s tllf'l. t c au se l e s s lm o w le d g e an d de t a c hme n t
f o l l ow . The re f o re the r-u r d en of ns e le s s t he o r i e s c an be avo i de d ,
s imp ly by f o l l o w in g the S a s t r:- s .

Any o n e c an un d e r s tan d thn t b e h in d the b e au ty of n a tu re ,

be h in r1 the suc c u l e n t f ru i t s a nn ve g e t a b l e s , and b e h in d the
wo n d e rf u l h e a t m d l i r h t of the sun , the re is a Frie n d . So
we sb o n l c1 c on t q c t th a t De 9.. rm o s t F r i e n d , K r sn a . Any t:" a s o n a b le
:rm n w i l l a c c e p t th i s a r gu m e n t . Tha t i s ra t i on a l th ink i n g o
In t re s e c on rl c h Ft p t e r o f t he Dhar ::tvR Cl- i t a , Lo rd K rs na s ay s
t ha t "One wh o re s tra in s h i s sen s e s a n d f ixe s h i s c on s c i ou sn e s s
u p on Me i s Im own a s a man
o f s te a dy in te l l igen c e . " O t he rw i s e
t he re c an be n o c on v i c t i on . Row d a n a m an b e c on v in c e d who
wi l l no t a c c e p t? K r sna s ay s he a r f rom me , " ta t s rnu " .

We a re go i n g t o !J O J1u la r i z e our S aml d r t an M ovemen t by

f o l l owin.; s t r i c t ly t h e f o o t s t e p s of Lo r d K r sna C i ta ny a J.. I a ha a
pra l:Jhl an d d i s t r i bu t e K r s n a c on s c i o u s n e s s l i t e r a t u re throu gh
- ou t I n oia n s we l l a s t h re s t of the wo r l d . A l l of our
r e s o urc e s are u s e d fo r th i s )1u r p o s e . Our S o c i e ty i s i n t e n de d
for the i n te l l i e n t c l a s s of n en , s o y o u a re i n v i t e d to j o in
th j s Samld r t a n }.! o veme n t .

Y ou r s Eve r We l l-W i she r ,

o C . B hak t i ve dan ta Swami )
(!)ridandi QoswCJmi

cfi.C. GJ3fiaktivedanta $wami

Founder -Acharya :
I nternational Society for K r ishna Consciousness
CENTER: 6-1 6 , 2 - c home , O hh a s h i
} e gu r o - ku , 'Tokyo , Ja pan

DATE . . . . . . ;l.E?.t; "\1. A l)_gp $ ' . . . . .

. . . . . . 19 . 7.0

My Dear S a t svaru pa ,
Please a c ce pt my bles s i ngs . I beg to a c k n oil ledge
rece i pt of you r letter dated lOth Augu s t , 1970, a long w i t h a
list of s chedu l e f o r T em p l e act i vi t i e s . It is very n i ce p r ogram .
If you s im p l y f o l l ow t h i s program , then t he s pe l of M a ya wi l l
not be able to e n t e r i n to you r con s t i t u t i o n . All Qu e s t i on s
and an swer s are p r ac t i c a l l y g i ven in our book s .
I have rece i ved two B hagava tam c ha pter s , " P u re D e vot i on a l
S e r vi c e z t he Change in Hea rt " and "The Lor d in t he He a r t " . In
"Pure Devo t i o n a l S e rvi ce " the arcan program is very n i ce l y d e
s cr i be d in ve r se n u mber 22 s pec i f i c a l l y . So thse boo k s are so
va l u a b l e for pub l i c re ad i n g , but some w a y o r o ther they are not
be i n g i n troduced in proper c h an n e l n ame l y t h e s c hoo l and
co l l ege for r e ad i n g .
I have n om i n a te d yo u as one of t he membe r s of the
Gover n i n g Body be c a u s e I know you are a very Jo od s ou l and I
sh a l l be very mu c h p l e a s ed if the m i s t ake wh i h has already
crept in our S o c i e ty c a n b e r e c t i f i ed b y you r c om b i n e d e f fort .
I have not he a r d a n yt h i n g a bo u t the a c t i vi t i e s of the four
S an n ya s i s , n e i the r I have r e ce i ved a n y l e t t e r f rom t hem .
I have n o t yet r e c e i ved a n y l et t er f r om R u pa n u g a a bo u t
t he pre s s qu e s t i on s , bu t as y o u know as I have s e ver a l t i me s
men t i o n e d that t he pre s s is my h e a r t and sou l and it s hou ld
work con s ta n t l y to produ c e l i te r a t u r e for w i de di s tr i bu t i on .
S imi l ar l y I am t r y i n g to engage t he D i a N i ppon Pres s for pr i n t li. n g
o u r work s . ves terday I h a ve p l a ce d w i t h t hem $ 3 2 , 0 0 0 worth
bu s i n e s s . We have n ow stock of NODs 5 , 000 at $4 a pi ec e , s imi l a r l y
KR S NA at $8, so b y boo k e s t imat i on you have got more than
$ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 worth book s i n s to c k . S o i f we co l l e c t on l y o n e f ou r t h
o f i t and p a y t o D i a N i ppon t hen we ge t a n o t he r $ 1 0 0 0 0 0
worth book s . Of c ou r s e , it is not bu s i nes s pro po s a l , b u t- it
is a s c heme for d i s tr i bu t i n g w i d e l y o u r l i te r a t u r e s . T ha t is
my progr am .
So I ho pe you are all mee t i n g in N eh ".;-n davan a and try
to me ake a s trong progr am ho w our m i s s i on ary ac t i v i t i e s can be
pu s hed on with great stride .
I h ave advi s e d Karan dhar to col lect all book funds and
send t o D i a N i ppon whe re i n I have open ed an a c co u n t ' ' Bhakt i ve d a n t a
Bool< F u n d D e po s i t " . The more they rece i ve amoun t s , the more
we pr i n t boo k s for d i s t r i bu t i o n .

n ame doe s

Ho pe
t he T h i r d Chapter
l o o k very we l l .
this wi 1 1 meet ?oJ r'1
bl ack

border u n derneath

!" t . o . lN. ha
{.)rid:< , 1rli yns1vami
cfi.C GBfial;ivedanta $wa1ni
Fou nder-Acharya :
International Society for K rish na Consciousn e ss
CENTER : 6-16, 2 - c home , O hha s h i
M eg u r o - ku , Tokyo , Ja pan

DATE ... . . . l. 8t h . Augu s t . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 9 . 7.0

Fy Dear U pe n d r a ,
P l ea s e a c c ept my bl e s s i n g s . I beg to acknow l edge
r e c e i pt o f you t' l et te r d a t e d 1 2 t h A u gu s t , 1 970 .
Yes , for the pr e s en t I am in To kyo a n d a r r an g i n g t o
r e Dr i n t s ome o f our book s and '(bpga z i n e s to the e x t e n t o f
7 0 , 00 0 c o p i e s a n d I a m a l so awa i t i n g t h e man u s cr i pt o f K R S NA ,
"o l u me I I , a s we l l a s H i n d i magaz i n e . S o a ltoge ther t h e r e w i l l
be a bo u t 1 0 0 , 000 c o p i e s o f d i f f er e n t boo k s a n d l i t er a tu r e s
w h i c h wi l l a l l be c a r r i ed to I nd i a f o r d i s t r i bu t i o n .
T h e i d e a o f qoi n g to I n d i a i s t o o r g a n i z e ou r r a y a pu r
c e n t e r t r i bu t ed b y a n umber o f s u bo r d i n at e b r a n c he s i n a n umber
of c i t i e s in I n d i a . Vve h a ve a l r e ady got i n vi t a t i on f r om
,_. ,... ... ; ou s p l <'l c e s l i k e r : t . Abu , t-7 Ci i n i t a l H i l l S ta t ion , G o r a k h p u r
Cl n d ma n y o t h e r i mpor t a n t c i t i e s . vli t h my p a r t y at t h e p r e s en t
mom e n t we are f i ve S an n ya s i s and o n e hou s eho l de r . In i n d i a
t h ere are B r a hm a c a r i e s .
t1.-10 S o i f w e a c tu a l l y work to<; c ther
'''e c a n f a c tu i'l l l y do some t h i n g s u b s t an t i a l t he r e i n I n d i a .
;:; o a r r a n g eme n t i s be i n g made f o r t h i s pu r po s e .
Ye s , 1 s ha l l n o t be abl e t o a t t e n d New Vrn d a va n a
w e e t i n ? a n d t h e n i ct u r e k i n d l y s en t b y you w i l l
e r t a i n l y be
p r o pe r l y u t i l i :s ed and p l ac ed somevThe r e for wor s h i ppi n g .
Yes , I r e c e i ved on e l e t t e r from Ba l i l.., a r dan vlh i r h
I h a ve r e p l i ed to S yd n e y a d d r e s s , bu t tod a y I h a ve r e c e i ved
on e l et t e r f r om him f rom L . A . H e i s o n t h e way to l'! eH
Vr n d a v an a . I u n d er s t an d on hi s way he was on Fi ji I s l and and
t he r e is a very good pro s pect to o p e n a br a n c h a t F i j i .
P l e a se a l ways r ema i n bu s y i n Kr s n a Co n s c i ou s a c t i v i t i e s
and the r e Hi l l b e n o d i s t u r ban c e c r e a t ed by t-1 aya . Tha t ls the
s t a n d a r d of r ea l peace . Wi tho u t Kr s n a ' s a s s oc i at i on thre i s
no po s s i b i l i t y o f pe <l r:: e f n l cond i t i o n o f l i f e . We c a n a s s oc i a t e
w i th K r s n a i n s o m a n y w a y s by c h an t i n g H i s Ho l y N ame , b y hear i n g
H i s Qu a l i t i e s a n d P a s t im e s , by s e e i ng H i s B e a u t i f u l Form i n
A r e a D e i t y , by e a t i n g H i s P r a sad , b y con t a c t i n g H i s D e vo t e e s ,
hyt r a ve l l i n g to fl i s T em p l e a n d Ho l y P i l g r im a g e s and a f t e r a l l
hy t h i n k i n g o f H i m w i t h i n o u r h e a r t a l ways . Al l t he s e d i f f e r e n t
i t e m s a r e i d en t i f i ed w i t h K Q a be ca u s e He i s t h e A bs o l u t e
Tr u t h .
I t i s a l< n o...rn f a ct that M il va i s very s t rong , bu t o n e
who a s s o c i a t e s w i t h K r s n a i n the a bove men t i on ed ways , M a y a
c r n s ho\-T n o strenqth or aya con ve r t s h er s e l f f rom r., ahar aya to
Yo a a aya .
Vind l y ohserve t h e r l a t i ve pr i n c i p l e s , cha n t i n g l f>
rnu n d s r e rm l il r l y and se e ymH o t h e r a s s i s t a n t s a r e
t hat a l l
athj s ame .
e J_ u l y .
If someon e i S l acki n g , t r y t o i n d u c e h i m

V f . 1 1 ll v . T ' h 0 s c h rl u l e o f you r a c t i vi t i e s app e ar s t o be

; r r y r r w on r rJ 'J i n j .
Y o u l w v e s t a t ed , " I ha v e w i t h con t r i t e h e a r t '3 e c ! d ed
to bo\' my r o t t e n h e a d to a l l a u tho r ! t y a n d to s e r v e Y o u wi t h
my hea r t and sou l . " - vo u r a s s u r an c e i s ve ry e ncou r aq i n rr a n d
I t h a n k yo u v e r y m u c h .
T i r t h a p a d a i s yo u r ve r y s i n c e r e d e vo t e e a n d combi n e d
w i t h h i m t h e a c t i v i t i e s t h e r e wi l l b e v e r y m u c h exem p l a r y . I
h a ve s ent the n.o e t ry \vr i t t en by T i r t h a pada and ,.0\l t o
s a t s v a r u pa for pu b l i c a t i on in BTG .
You are good f o r ever yt h i n g but yo u r a t t i t u d e t o r ema i n
'J " o rl ' '"' r n o t h i n q i s v e r y n i c e . A V a i s n a va i s a h; a y h 1 rn b l e
n d m e e \ ; ;' P 'l l f t ... n e ver nq f f e d e v e n h h a s q-o t t h e h i o h e s t
q u a l i t i e s o f d em i g od s . Yo a r e a l w a y s w e l come t o wr i t e me
rl i r e c t l y .
H o pe thi s wi l l meet

..._____._. . . ---- - - ---- - --

A. c. B h akt i ve d a n t a Swami

/\ C B S t d s

S r iman U pe n d r a d a s a A d h i k ary
r :; rON T em p l e
2 g n B i r re l l Str eet
Eon d i , n . s . w . 2 0 2 6
A1stra l i a
{;ridandi Qosn'ami

Jl.C fiaktivedanta Swami

Founder-Acharya :
International Society for Krishna Consciou s ne ss
CENTER: 6 - 1 6 , 2 - chome , O hha s h i
:t-1e gu r o - ku , T okvo , Ja pan

DATE . . . . . ?Q fl. . !':J.gY.l?

. . . . .
. . . . . . . -. 1 9 . 7.0

My D e a r Jaya Pat aka a n d A c hyu t a n an d a ,

P l ea s e a c c e ot my bl e s s i n gs . On r e c e i ot of you r t e l e g r am
dat ed 1 8th A u gu st , 1 9 7 0 , I have d e c i ded to s t a r t f rom h e r e for
Ca l cu t t a on t h e 2 9 th A u qu st , r e a chi ng t he r e in t h e e ven i n g o f
the s ame day . I hoe vou have r e c e i ved my t e l egram r e a d i n g
as f o l lows by thi s t i me .
" We s i x arr i vi n g Ca l cu t t a S a turday 2 9 Augu s t 7 : 40
even i ng KLI\1 f l i ght n u m b e r 864 Letter fo l l ow s "
T h e pu r s e o f my go i n g to I n d i a at the pr e s e n t momen t
is to g i ve some i d e a to t h e coummu n i st i c tendency of t he
peo p l e so that everyo n e may t a k e K{ e c a Con s c i o u sn e s s for a
s o l u t ion of all prob l em s of l i fe . When I c ame to you r country ,
u . s .A . , I b e g a n my pr e a c h i n g wor k by c h an t i n g H a r e Kr n a a n t r a
and by t a l k i n g soroe ph i l o s o phy from Bhaga vat G i t a and r i m a d
B h a g a vatam a n d thu s the you n ger generation of yo ur co u n try
gathered arou n d me and n ow t he y are gr a t e f u l l v acknow l e dg i n g
that they have got some t h i n g su bstant i a l , when t h e y were
f e e l i ng con f u s ed and f r u s trate d . M a n y you n g boy s and gi r l s are
n ow happy by get t i n g t h i s K{ Q a Con s c i ou s n e s s a n d s im i l ar l y I
hope the commun i s t you n q boy s and gi r l s in I n di a w i l l also
feel s imi l ar l y i f t hey a c c e pt t hi s K a Con s c i ou s n e s s Moveme n t .
K{ Q a Con s c i o u s n e s s Mo vement i s n o t a s ec t a r i an r e l i g i o n ,
bu t it i s a s o l u t i on for a l l t h e pro b l em s of l i f e . I n other
wo rds , K a i s good f o r e ve r yo n e
T h e i de a i s K a i s s u b s t a n c e
a n d Maya is i l lu s ion . I l l u s i on is accepted as vo i d and im per
s o n a l , but K { Q a i s t he S u mmum Bonum P e r s on . Kr e a i s e n e a n d
M aya i s z ero . Z ero by t he s i d e o f O n e i s t e n , but thou s an d s
of z ero s c l ogged toget h e r d o n o t make o n e . So t h er e a r e manv
i deas within t h i s 'vor l d pu t forth by man y phi l o s o ph e r s , po l i t i c i an s ,
r e l i gion i s t s , ph i l a n t h r o p i s t s , et c . , but all of t hem a r e
con s i dered as i l l u s i on or zeros if there is n o K e o a Con s c i ou s n e s s .
We have to pu s h f orwa r d thi s phi l o s o phy t hrou gho u t t h e who le
\>lo r l d . W e h a ve s u f f i c i e nt s u poort f or acknowl edg i n g t h i s
ph i l o so phy .
I u n d e r s t a n d t ha t n owa d a y s any strikes are being
o b s e r ved in Calcutta . The se are n o t n ew things becau s e f r om
our chi l dhood we k n ow B en g a l is t h e or i g i n of all po l i t i c a l
a g i t at i on . Lord Ca i t an ya a p p e ared in Bengal and He s a id t ha t
s i mply b y c h an t i n g Ha r e K{ Q a M a n t r a everyo n e wi l l have
p e r f e c t i o n b y on e ' s i d e a l i s t i c w a y of life . Now i t is the t i me
for the B e n g a l i s or for the Indians to u n d e r s t an d t h a t thi s Hare
K{ Q a J'li a n t r a wi l l a l so br i ng in the per f e c t i on of commu n i st i c
ideas . If you can t he r e f o r e a r r a n ge a sma l l meet i n g w i t h the
Benga l i Commu n i st l eader s, I c an try to con vi n c e t hem how
J o ya P a taka a n d A c hyu t a n a n d a Paqe 2 2 0th A ug u st , 1 970

K Q a Con s c i ou s n e s s Movement i s verv mu c h congen i a l f o r t he i r

pu r po s e .
I ho pe t he M aya pu r l an d pu r c ha s e i s by th i s t ime
comp l e t ed . In your pr e vi o u s l et t er you wro t e that i f I am
pr e s en t there i t wi l l be don e . Imme d i at e l y a l s o for thi s
p u r po s e I am go i n g to C a l c u t t a .
So keeping in vi ew o f t he a bo ve two po i n t s , pl e a s e
a r r a n g e for o u r accomo d at i o n and I s ha l l t r y my b e s t t o g i ve

r f.
some s er vi c e to a l l per s o n s c o n c e r n e d .

Ho pe thi s w i l l m e et y u i n g9d h e a l t h .

u r we u -w s her , _ ,

I ' ll
A. C. Bhakt i ve d a n t a Swam i

ACBS : d s --------- -
S r iman Jay a pat akada s B r a hmacary
S r i man Achyu t an andada s a Br ahmacary
37/1 H i n du s t an Road
B a l l ygan j
Ca l cutt a - 2 9
W e s t Beng a l , India
) ._,
U .--o ...,_,

International Society for IZrishna Consciousn.ess
CENTER: 37/1 Road

DATE ... .. 9h . . -.s.p:t:..'!'-(19.70

My Dear Bhavananda,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknovTledge receipt
of your very encouraging letter da.:ad ;.ugu.:;.: 27t.h 1970, :.:edi..:ecc.;;::d
from Japan. I was anxiously a\'laiting for this letter because since
you have opened the new Ter.rple I rec e ive d one ele.g:.:ar:l at. Los
An<;;cles inviting me there at Kc;.v Ycrk fo.:- vi!-"ich I ;1<:S very mucl1
o:Olic;ed, but I decided t.o come to India. I ar<l recei vei;.1.g also
many other letters which are n ot very encouraging in cr.e matte!:'
of the activities of the four sannyasis1 so n Calcutt we have coe
and last Saturday, the 29t.h P... ugust, there uas very nice recep'cion
at the airport. So at the present mortt2i.'1t I am in mixed U!?
condition both encouraging and discouraging.
New Yor k is very much attractive for me because i.'ievl :!ark
l.s the starting place of my ac'civi ties in your count.ry and 'l.vhen I
had no place of preaching, one Armenian gentleman offered me a two
storied building in Brooklyn '<vith a nice hall do'l.vnst.airs for only
$125 er month, but at the time I was payng only $0 for my
partent and I couldnot bear at that tima to ay 125 dollars.
That siJcuation continued for at l east one year and then I -;ras
bold enough to accept an a!_")art:nent for :;200. In t::is way t.:"'le
Society extended with so many branches ana no"itl you are i?aying
$1,450. p er m:::m'.:h, so it is ve:cy e:cour2c;::.i.1g. I c h:,r} you very ;
that you have a lready allotted a nice apartent for me, an entire
firs:: floo:i:l, so if I had che wing-s of a dcve I coulc'i fly il:1lnediacely
to Brooklyn and enc er my apart::1er.t.. z.:"":l'-'lay, in futu:.-e I wish '.:o
go th ere . For tl-1e ti::1e b:=i:ng keet:, it n cel:T. 3y -:.:-.L8 szace of
Krsna, wherever I go you all my disciples gi ve me a ve::y nice
place for residing and in Calctta &lso Sria 2chyutananda and
Sriman Jayapataka, "''ho are going to be Sannyu.sis Jcc!7'.or::oH, '.:hey
h ave given rue a very nicG ap<:.rtrnent. So ! .-::::. ::.oo;v 75 yaa:rs old.
I never tho ug ht how far I shall be able ::o .:ravel such a long distance.
But. as t::>eot:>le say I aw stillyot:ng3r, t:.:'"":3n !':.2i.j:.:G o::12r or ..L
shall come back to New Ycrk again.
I have seen your !7""-::!Y i?ictu . res se::-::. by lOU <::;.:1C. th.::::y ar..:!
all very encouraging. I-< zr.d ;::-, r,1o.:: t.:::ictt;:::-es '":-:m1ever
pos s i ble. In Calcu.:.t.a ':le are crvii:ig to c-:;:sn .::. ;:;..:r,,.nc.:::::
the p.ror'-"' "' "'l - ?-=- -:=o,-
'"'" ---
-.. U---''--- ., ,,. -..1.'
\OOoi ""- o.:.t i...J .;J-
<-l.'J -.=
-- :> '-.,.
.::: 4.o.\.;oo - ..i...j,....J.';j
.. ....,
in the Temple and if she is youger thn ta boy and if you hic
that the marriage w ill be vev nica, th2 cil av be rnarisd wih
Jitendriya. She may follm'' t;-.e :i':cot.step3 "'of h2.r- husb::tr..d n all
res pects and later on convenintly she Y 8 initiated.
Hope this will meet yop,.;in,good heal-;:h. ["':
t 'r<u-'"" .va4- ,,,-=--; i _,._.,...L- c:"-,.::_-,..
. . - .J... ; '7'"' J... \.:;:),- ' -...J..,.- I

i 1:1. \i
I .
L) _::I
II:. I I '' ./ ( 1-
' r- ' '--.../ , . . r\ - ."/-
. _
I " I l ;,. i '. .: ,'! ' : .
.l..,,\,/.,.... >
. .' I ' I 1 / t .
--'(., \'!!\/\. ,:., './
. ,"' ; l ; I ..... :_
,.\"- \.._
I .

\J \. \').._, .,'':,\._,\,

l ' ' I 'II

International Society for Krishna Consciousness Inc.
Acharya-His Divine Grace 108 Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad
3764 WATSEKA AVENUE - LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA 90034 Telephone: 213-836-0966
CAMPa 37/1 Hindusthan Road; Calcutta-29; India 213-836-9286
HlADOUAtns Sept. 29th, 1970

Let Angeles

My Dear Jagadisha,

t.roJo P leas e accept my blessings. I am so very tnuch
IUIONAN encouraged to see your fine letter dated Se pt. 21st, 1970,
and your movement is being recogni zed by the sensible persons.
soUTH .utAH Naturally there w i ll be i ncre ase of new members everywhere .
Moyop,, S i nce we have
come to Calcutta many boys are comi ng
fAt EASTERN to us even they were very much subversive to the social orders .
tokyo People are very much a ppreci at i ng our Novement. Wherever we
SOUTH PACIFIC go for preaching work hundreds of men gather and they
Sycler contri bute liberally a c cord i ng to their capacity. We have
co MMUN m o r eady two centers in Clcutta and trying to have our own
center in the mos.:. i mportant nei ghborhood of this city.

So the idea is you work sincerely on beh lf of

K{a according to instructions of Lord Kra
in His great
magnanimous form as Lord Caitanya. I know you are very
intell i gent and s i ncere servant of a, so try to serve
His Lordship to your best capacity and He shall give y ou
proper intelligence. You know that 9a is Spiritual Master
from w i th i n and Spiritual Master is manifestation of Ks9a
without. That i s the po s it ion; bo th ways a sincere st u aent
i s instructed , wh ich i s called Gur u - Krsna krioa. Simply
you have to receive i t properly and execute it orderly.
Take care of the new devotees so that they may read
our l iteratures carefully and come to the real standard of
understanding. our strength is not material strength, but
spi r i tual strength. So if spritual strength is not strong
now, try to make Sripati and the others stronger by spiritu a l
means by following the regulati ve princi ples and chant ing
si xteen rounds. Formerly Jaya Pataka was president of Montreal
center; now he is work i n g here i n India very intelligently
although it i s a. foreign city.
R egarding your coo per ative program \-lith Karandhar for
realizing the great potential for Krsna Consciousness i n

r1 t f Jfi.l If{(('i''c
Montreal, Toronto and vnncouver, that i s very good news--
do it carefully.
Hope this will rr.eet

i =i
fl I
r\}rth' sher ,

'\At J! rff,{n\ (OV

eiJ3hhl)veaan\: --{).,
p .t.o. warni v
- ... ----- - --...,.
-- :
. I \
.. ......
'- '

-... .... l ' . ...f

\:::- ",_._,_.r,

:\ { ::::..:.
/ '-

lnterr1atior1al Society for Krisl1r1a ConscioLJSrless Inc.
Acharya-His Divine Grace 108 Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swarni Prabhupad
- 3764 WATSEKA AVENUE - LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA 90034 T'11'phone: 213-836.0966
C/\! 1r: 37/1 Hi ndusthan Road; Calcutta-29; India
HEADQUARTERs Sept. 29th, 1970

cANADIAN t'1Y Dear Upendrn,

r., ..)oto I beg to acknowledge receipt of your very encouraging
wRorFAN letter dabd Sept . 21st, 1970, along w ith some nice photos
Loo"lon of your Sydney activi tes and some favorable reprots from the
souTH locnl n ews papers .
All this publicity is very nice for
om- t ' ov ement and
Mvapn people are beginning to seriously appreciate
ollr work. I have had good reports also from Jaga disa in
T'" Toronto 21nd he says that in Canada the people are very
sourH recenti ve to our Krsna Consciousness philosophy.
I am very glad to know that you are following a

r j ct
schedule of devotional service and that wi 1 J keep votl
Nrw vrindabon, w.J;,t;n;ti;trong in K{':la Consciousne ss. Please ma inta in this
stndard and improve further. It appears that Krsn is
giving you n i ce facilities and nice devotees also for
f ul fi lli n q His Mission in Australia. Please train the nw
devotees nicely and have them carefully read our literatures
so the y get a fine understanding of our Ka C o n sc i ous ness.
Regarding your invitations to speak at diff0rent
gatherings of "yogis" etc., wherever yo go s peak p11re
Krsna Con sci ousne s s. God is One. He is All-At tractive.
Therefore f1is technical Name is K':la In other worRs, K':la
is God and Sod me a n s VQa. So you can preachthj:- phiJ oso phy
anywhere, never mind whether it is to yogis or bhoqis.
Please offer my blessings to all the boys

nnd girls.
Hope this will meet you in g od health.
ou. e r well-wisher,

l Cs!1){,,_7t r
""'----------- ---

Sriman Upendra Das Adhikary

IST<Cotl Temple
29P BirrelJ. Street
Bomli, l'J S . :l

Tridandi Goswami
A. c. Ehaktivedanta Swami

CAMP: c/o Hari Krishna Agarwal

Vedant Niketan
The Mall
Amritsar, Punjab, India October 26th, 1970

My Dear Nayana Bhiram,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge
receipt of your letter dated October 11th, 1970, and noted
the contents with satisfaction. It is most important if you
arrange lectures and kirtans at the schools and colleges
because the more intelligent young boys and girls of your
country are very much eager to understand this Krishaa
Consciousness Movement. They are frustrated in so many ways
and they are looking for something new kind of happiness which
they will find in this Krsna onsciousness oveent.
Please also try to introduce our books in the colleges
and schools as well as local libraries. I have received word
from other centers that our literatures are very well received
and often they are being used as course textbooks in the

s ools and colleges. You are already preaching on the
university campuses, so you add this book distribution to
your program and make it complete with preaching, hanting of
Hare Krsna ahamantra, distribution of Prasadam and literatures.
I know how well s program is received by the students
because they are very intelligent. You are also very intelligent
boy and devotee of Krsna and Krsna will give you even more
intelligence in proportion to your endeavor to serve Him
Please offer my blessings to your good wife, whose
picture in the news clipping is showing nice Ka Consciousness,
and all the other devotees there in our Philadelphia Temple.
Hope this will meet you in good health,
Your ever well-wisher,

' !

QVJ h11fos!;r/u
- --------
Sriman Nayana Bhiram Das Adhikary
416 South lOth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
"111'1 lffi '1<11 : SENDER'S NAME AND ADDRESS:

Tridandi Goswami
--!-----! Jb.?..Js.t.i.Y.e.dntg, s_wg,m.i

c/o Hari Krishna Agarwal

- a f
ve al:1t: 111J<et r
The Mall
Amr i-tsar.r----Fun- ja b---

"l=fJ '?" c=r I N D I A

Tridandi Goswami
A. c. Bhaktivedanta Swami
, ,.


'l r;
'Jedant f'-1 iketan
The t-.all \' . . f!g 1970
, JI:
Amritsar, Punjbab, India October 26th,

. -
fy Dear Upendra,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge
receipt of your letter from Fiji Islands dated October 4th, 1970,
and noted the contents. I am very glad that you are preaching
steadily our Krishna Conscious philosophy and this should be
done in defiance of all the atheistic propagandas which are
so much curht
Regarding the impersonalist swamis, don't try to mix
with any $wami who has no knowledge of KQa Consciousness. So . .


their speaking is simt)ly maya, therefore they are called Mayav

adis. ord Caitanya has warned us that anyone who listens to , ,

or trys to understand the impersonalist philosophy is doomed,

his devotjon will become dried up.

Regarding worship of demigods, the whole Hindu society
is absorbed in this business, so unless our preaching work is
very vigorous it is very difficult to stop them.
As soon as I rebJrn to Bombay I shall send you the
tape as you desire. I shall be returning to Bombay by the
31st October. So far the literatures in Hindi, Gugrati and
amil are concerned, it shall take some time because we have
no ready made such literatures, But we are getting Hindi
"'Back to Godhead" very soon as Tarnal has informed me.
Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ver well-wisher,

'/ -
. -((U{

t riman Upendradas Adhikary

I SKCON Temple
4 Y dogia
2) Sladstone Road
\ Suva, Fiji
International Society for Krishna Consciousness Inc.
Acharya-His Divine Grace 108 Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad
CAMPa c/o Kailash Seksaria, 74, Marine Drive, Bombay-20
HEADQUARTERS October 28th, 1970


My Dear Bhavananda,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge
receipt of your letter dated October 6th, 1970, and noted the
contents. I am very glad to note your feelings of dependence
on the mercy of Krsna and Spiritual Master. Yes, that is
souTH ASIAt-
the way of surpassing the influence of Maya. It is stated in
FAR EASTERt- the Bhagavad Gita that the Maya is very strong, un surmount-
Tolro able, but one who surrenders to Krsna--Maya does not touch
souTH PACIFIC him. So, all our books are as good as Krsna because we deal
Syd,.,r in the books about Krsna only. Therefore, taking shelter of
coMMUNITY PRoJ tcp ese books means taking shelter of Krsna--there is no
New vrindabon. wt4CPklPt about it and if you stick to this principle there
will be no attack from Maya.
Pleas conduct the Samkirtan program regularly and that
will give me great pleasure. Regarding our new Temple in
Brooklyn, Krsna has given you very good chance to serve Him.
From the very beginning I was insisting Brahmananda to have
a nice place in New York. Now we have got it and Krsna is
giving us all other opportunities. Please try to utilize all
of these opportunities in His service

I t is very encouraging that you have got licence

from the Board of Education to continue our children's school.
Kindly organize it nicely and it shall be a great achievement.
We have to concentrate to give them some idea about God--
that should be our first business. In art class they should
be encouraged to draw pictures of Krsna, Kurukshetra, etc.
There are so many sub j ects for drawing as it is stated in our
book K49ga. If they are trained, they will come out nice devotees.
I t will depend on the process of training. Regarding some mis
behaviour, that we have to check by training peacefully. Your
attitude of tolerance and kindness very nice, so train them
in this way. I t is Lord Caitanya's order that we have got to
discharge welfare activities on behalf of Lord Caitanya. 0
Please offer my blessings to all the boys and gi lt s
and children. I hope this ill meet you in good health.
ever wel -wisher,
Tridandi Goswami
A. C. Ehaktivedanta Swami c/o Kailasb Seksaria
?4, Marine Drive,
Bombay 20.

! November-41 19?0
.. . My dear Bali Mardan,

r' Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of

your airletter from Japan dated 18 October, 1970, and I
have noted the contents with great encouragement.

r . It is for your daring and active nature that I have

chose!' you to _represent me as Gl3C man for the southeast
Asia zone., and I can see from your latest words that my
';.' choice has not been wrong. _l think that Singapore and
Hong Kong are Englishspeaking places so that you will

not ;_:find .much. aif'fic:ul:ty there.. so just. Qpen t.a nt.c


... centers immediately and . that will link-up our chain 0

centers around the wor1d.


The basic principle of our actj.ons should .be that.
they are all meant .for pleasing Kt:oa. It we act- alrlays
iri this consciousne sa auto_ma:tically .veryone will. b.e
attracted to devotional service, and t.hisi"s the secret
o:f.9ur preaching work. If you s'imply.praetice t.he
regulative principls which :r have.introdU:eed_you will
remain.. pur.. Factually this is our. only s.trengtb. .I
have seen better orators, 'better scholars arid better
' :-'
C-., t

' -
I .
' organizers but no one is becoming pure by following
regulative principles. Simpl.y because we- rise early,
take bath, chant sixteen round s and strive with. evecy

activity to please Krsna--this is what impresses otherS

Elease report to me fortnightly, and correspond

with your other BBC menas well. I .request that you always
display and distribute !my books wherever possible.
Hop e this finds you in good health.

y ! !'
, . I
' ((.1-J ::-


1'-?j ..-
. IJ'
/, '
,]'-: ..:..

h1terr1ational Society for Krishr1a Consciousness Inc.
Acharya-His Divine Grace 108 Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swarni Prabhupad
3764 WATSEKA AVENUE - lOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA 90034 Camp:-- Kailosh Shnr io,
74, Morine Drive,
Bomhoy ?0

November 13th, 1970
Phone :- 291188

l'1y Oear Thirthapada,
,., .. ,,,
Please accept my blessings and offer the same to a ll
I am so glad to receive

1, ,.-J,,,
the devotees of our Sydney Temple.
your letter dated 14the October and have noted the contents.
''')"'". The test of preaching ability is whether one is
,11 EASTERN making some disciples or not. So it appears that y our preaching
llv" is going on nicely. The standard of purity which I have
souTH rAclrlc intr oduced in the Krsna Consciousness movement will give
.... , you the r e al spiritual strength needed to preach. If
coMMUNITY PRoJ<l>U will simply stick to your principles, you will gain t he
" .,. v,;,,rl,.,hn. w a ;; tr,e ct of the whole world and our preaching work will be
Please maintain the program of Temple worship,
distribution of Prasadam, Samkirtan Party, distribution of
literatures, study and Krsna work all in order and make
everything as nic e as possible. The school college and
universit y students are very receipt! ve to this tToveme__..nt,
so we must present them with an excellent example. They are
very intelligent and bad experience has t aught them to be
ca u tious ,
so if y o u keep all your programs to the standard
as I have already instructed in so many ways, then t he y will
easily become satisfied that this is the real way of life fo r
any intelliqent person--Krsna Consciousness.
I have heard from Upendra and he seems en t h usi astic
about opening th e Fiji center. Our I<:rsna Consciousness
f.1ovement is f louri s hi n g all over the world by the c:Jrace of
Caitany<1 l' a hap ra bhu and I am receiving favorable reports and
full invitations from all over the world for our t'ovement.
Now it is up to you to keep on working vigorously-in the
service of the Lord and because He is seated within your
heart, He will reveal from within all necessary intelligence
for you (
to further extend your loving devotional service
to Him.
Hope this will meet yo

. I '

\; .

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Sriman Tirthapada das Brahmacary

298 Birrell Street
B ondi ,
.s.w. 2026

P.S. I have seen the news-cutting and I am very glad that

Upananda and Anne are now married happily in Krsna Consciousness
Please offer them my full blessings to work together in
mutual cooperation for advafncing Krsna con iousness.
However, in future, if you kindly take sanction for such
m arriages beforehand, that will be in proper way.
T rid a ndi G oswami
A. C. Bhaktivedanta s wami

CAM P: Ra mashara nam , 18th RoadJ Chembur, ombay-71J

November2lst, 1970

_.Y,y r t;
/-: .
J. l<i,,-, .;
. '?:: -: - .
... .. .. . .

. . . - '"""

:/.: / . -(;;/./ ;,tZ, W / ..!1 . --;..-=- ---=- {..:::::.

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t.i ovitl t ttth t Pt 11 ir r:e;r)'o'll ;n


v Ie g
reports as you have ee
te t to y I am p le a s e d to
esp ec iall
&1 f:.i1Ation f s of qreat 1 ol..._..
'l"'>'f .... t'C:.I+Hi 1:!f itt' t'. P2 f. 0 P
5 readinq Krsna conscious

11.., }'")._,.,,+-, 4/ t.J tf--' u .. o-! :ld 1 am so muc h

plaasfl! wi Lh your F;incere end<!avor. t are dolt19 iens
e rewa rd you with advancea
service foY the Lord and He is su
r to

Krsna Consciousness in no time.

r am very glad th at you have some interested found
and friendly p ersons to give you at l
e as t some temporary
b e worried about the future. If
assistance in Fiji. Do not
y in tate of
you will simply work on very strenuousl
humbl e

mind as the sincere servant of

the s ervant the Lord, then of
Krsna will give y ou all facilitie.
I know you are already

acquainted with the Lora's mercy 1n this respec

t bec ause
you have already had several times experience in the matter
e s t a bli s hing our ISKCON Temples in different pl aces .
I have seen your leaflet and it is very nice. Regarinq
llinrli rrrG, several hundred copies will be sent to you as soon
as they are received by us. Yes. As yo u have noted the
youth are our most potenti al source of converts to Krsna
I do not thi nk it is necessary for you to
of your
spend time unnecessarily at this time life to learn
some foreign languages, but the program as we have followed 1ith
good seccess is to find out s ome local boy who is wel l acqu a i n te d
with the English langua ge and train him to preach to the qeneral
less educa ted public. This is the best system and do not be
hopeless because you are sure to find such a helper very soon.
The article in the Hindi paper appears to be nice. It
is very good that you have renovated one flat for a Temple. t:o/
you can begin your program properly and invite some boys to stnv
and learn I<rsna Consciousness unaer your instruction. The young
boy of 14 years is a very prospective c andi d ate if you train
him properly. So do it nicely.
As usual, always be very careful! that the regulative
principles are being f ol lowed by youse l f and others very
s tr i ctly. If you keep to
the standard in that way and ma ke
a Tempe for serving the Lord that will be the right path
of devotional service and so many sincere souls will be saved
for going home, back to Godhead.
Regarding "Devi Chandan", we have no u s e for it. It
85got no place in our Vaishnava worship. So f ar the demL-
gods are concerned, we Viasnavas have nothing against them, so
they may be offered all respects as part and parcel servitors
of the Supreme Lord Krsna. The foolish persons may worship
the Demi-gods as Supreme, but we see only that they are agents
of the Lord and as such we may offer them our humble respects.
Hope this will meet you in good hea lth. Another thing,
although we respect the demigods, we may not take their prasadam

if invited, We observe the system followed in Jagannath Puri.
First the fopdstuff is offered to Lord Jagannath and then Hjs
Prasad is offered to the different demigods; then vle may take
such remainders as prasadam. his is the correct procedure,

ACBS 1ds -----

p,s, I am sending you the Hindi tape record as you have
desired by separate book post, You should receive it soon.

- -- - - - - - - -y-

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- - -
My D ear Bhagavan Das,

Please acc ept m y blessings. I am in due receipt of your

1 etter da ted 16th November., 1970 a n d I thank you very much for
your encouraging r epo rt o
Yes, we are fighting i m p ersona li s m and voidism with
pure d evot ional service. Impersonalism and voidism kills ths
natural ap titu de of devot i on whi,ch is lying dormant in ever:l
one's heart. Therefore wee printing b o ok s like our KRS:u
book so that p e ople may know it that the supreme absolut8 trut!,
is a person. The perfection of every living c r eature is to
render tra nscend e n t a l loving servi c e to that Supreme Persoll
and thereby go back home, back to Godhead. Krishna has saii in
3hagavad Gita that "whoever explains my transcenoental glories
to others is mo s t dear tifoe
in this world and never will t h er e
be one more rear to me than he". So go on with your organizatior:
for distribution of my books thr ou gh press and other modern
media and Krishna will certainly be pleased upon you. V!e cG r1
use eve rything - television rad i o, movies, or whatever there
may be - to tell about Krishna and out s ide of devotional s0r
vice all these modern para.,Phanal ia are just m much rubbisb.
It is very nice that you are opening another center in
Clevela n d, Ohio. P l ea s e dD it very thoughtfully.
Yes, any intelligent man can immediately npprec5atc
the qual i ti e s of a Vaishuava devotee. The devotee i:":; :1lw;-<:-
trnthful and therefore everyone feels confi e n t a bout wll<:t lc
may say or do under any condition. So the judge ha.s 8.lJIJr0c}
ated the transcendental q ua li ti e s of our devotee "';arrotor,:<" u8;l :':':
Da s.
I've seen y ou r notice to the other centers r2cardte
your new San Kirtan p rac tic es end it is very nice. .Pl c;_t::'
continue to work c oop e ra tiv el y in this way and I wilJ be
very much g:catef ul to you f. or your sine ere efforts. rrn-, =t.nk.i: :
you onceagai'!1 for your kind letter.
Hoping this will meet you in good heal t!t.

Your ever well-wisher,


STimem :S hagavan Das Adhikari

c o ISKCON Detroit
831 1 E. Jefferson
DPtroit, Mich. 48214
. . !'
CAMPs c/o Kailas'h Selcsar1a1 74 Mal:'ine I>rivea BDmbay-.20 DIDIA _ :
1970r: ,." ,

November 30th.
My Dear Karandhar, ac cept my blessings. I am in due rec1Pt of your ;'
. ..

letters dated 28th Ob er , 19th, 13th, and 1oth of No-yelft ,Jll

respectively and have noted the content$ carefully. Y.aur
nts ror m.e are very nice and I tl\an.k you very mu.oh -ror- ')
sincere a-ttitude which is so encouraging for me.
If we have to repair our house and Mr. Raj Anand l.s wU
. '-

ling to SiVe us the loan and you thinlc there vUl be no problem . -
in repaying him, then it is all right and you may do it.

I am glad to h ear new devotees . are c:omtng and ao not be .
worr1e.d about some of our metnbers 1 eaving; tbey will ccmte baek. -t

Krishna never .forgets th e service rendecl to by the bim

and once -tasting the nectar of devotional serv'-1ce to tte Lotus .

Feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead it is not possible ,
to forget h!Jil.
I have received the :rep ort of Pittsburg GBC
am happy to s e e you all so activ and serious about Ca:t'%'1'1
tn : ;i
the work which I have started.. 1low X want that ail a&ft.:tnfst -. , ,
tio n Jfta7 be done by all of you 12 GBC mombers all or - %'1d.
Always 1ceep in touch ana c-onsu.l t matters all together for
practical execution.
. z -

. .
Yes, continue to end money to rny book fund .$0 t'J)at f
we shall be able to so on nt.eratun$... Of Krtshra ,."' ... _.;


Consciousness. Thank you for th-e dllcOf !227 . 00 iol:': my

_ ,.-; ii
main-tenance. fund. Yo u may collect . al.l . pa:fl!tOn and end - - -. , .

once mont'hl.y from L.A. the to tal amount ;w.Al be_. l>et.
I !laVe al ree'tve4 the receipts of temp1e. ?lt. ot SeP1-
oct-.. no the pictures o the' sanctuary .appear v.ry 1\:
. 11f t;\.lru Mah.ara3 used. to say don' t w9_rry a:eu.' pit:,
Do Stfn:tattrlng 1\lc or Xrhhna and .money wUl .,C)tlt _:$0 .
_ alwcqs be thinlcins how to distribute th l'li:e5@il8.4!' ;tit

leri$1\11a and s4r.e'ly He will give us : y._ Ey - ory
man if he wants publicity th:m he gives o :much one}'..
the propaga;nda work. Similarly Xr1$hna is no; p:r,.
supply Y amount for the devotees no are ge4

casting His glori,e- i see tnat ou ar moYJ.flS J:\ 'th . $choou
and uniy.rsi ties for preaching. That 1:s very good-. Kri$hna .
says hat- this knowledge is the king of education. So it wll.l
be appreciated.
Your program to visit nearby cities and towns with.
a travelling party is n1e. Krishna Das has also started this
program 1n Germany and 1h;e suc:cess has been good.

-:-..,. ;_-
- . - -

Tridandi Goswami
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

C AMP: c o Kailash Seksaria;

/ 74 Marine Drive; Bombay-20, INDIA

December 1st,.l970
-- , ....

My Dear Nayana Bhiram

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your

letter dated 21st November, 1970 and h ave noted the contents
Yes, I am so glad to learn that you are distributing
our books in colleges and schools so nicely. Actually this
Krishna Consciousness Movement is a novel proposition to the
world. The world is suffering on account of atheistic conviction
of life, so our t heistic proosition presenting Krishna, the
Supreme Lord, is certainly a. great relief to the ag,nostics,
atheists, impersona.lists and voidists. In all our books we
have very scientifically covered all such demons and if these
b ooks are introduced in the schools and colleges, so many
beautiful souls w ill be saved. You are doing a great service
to humanity to introduce our books to the people in general.
So far as preaching through television the mantras of Isopanishad.
is concerned, that will be a great success to do so.
So far as moving the temple to a new location, that is
very good news. When I return to your country, I must visit
your temple, either from New York or from New Vrindaban.
Formerly, when I first came tc the U.S. I saw this Philadelphia
city. It is a nice small city almost representing New York.
In the Philadelphia University there is one-professor of
Sanskrit. His first name is Norman, and thP last name is, I
believe, Brown. Dr. Norman Brown. He invited me to speak in
his class, so we are acquainted. If possible, t ry to intro-
dur.e our books there. This university is in the Walnut district.
If you can keep cows, it is very good. You'll get fresh
milk. That's a great benefit. To take care of the cow is a
religious function for the Hindus but actually if care is
taken for cows, it delivers us the m iracle food-cows milk,
which is so valuable. And because we drink cows milk, we should
accept the cow as our mother. That is etiquette.
Someday when the opportunity comes for film-making
you can do so. If you can bonafide films it is welcome.
Thn I can help you by directing. So-r as exporting films
that is not possible"':-;:.,._.-:'-{-, ;! ;. ,..... ,i.(. i:.f,- t ,, rr.u..,-' r.:,-.t v.-:1<"' a

. f,:.:.l<->;z-7

Hoping this will meet you in

Yo ever well-wisher, )

Vi /lat!t/i !U1%tfo '( (Ja/

X, .C : Bhaktivedanta S wami
t \
ACBS adb /