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Beachfront Development-

Hotel Beach Convention

And Exhibition Center
in Oriental Mindoro

Oriental Mindoro is within a few hours of manila, it remains undeveloped

even by philippine provincial standards. But it is still visited by many tourist
because of its natural beauty. More than this, plentiful of events being held.
It is also where regional center of MIMAROPA (Mindoro, Marinduque,
Romblon, Palawan) located in Calapan city.
Oriental Mindoro has also have rich cultures and celebrating fiestas and
different kinds of occasion have been their routine. Unfortunately, this
always held in gymnasiums in different schools which isnt designed for such
events. Also, Oriental Mindoro cant held large events and conventions
because of no such facility exist.

Design a facility of hotel convention and exhibition center in Mindoro

that capture the unique sense of space and create a building that is
sustainable in the beach front
What lacks in the space and design of convention and exhibition center in the
Philippines that must be improved especially in sustainability aspect?
What are the advantages of an integrated hotel with a convention and exhibition
What are the possible effects that must consider in the circulation of the users in a
integrated hotel convention center?
What are the structural, lighting, acoustical considerations in designing beach front
hotel convention and exhibition center?
How will the culture and traditions of the province of Mindoro apply in the hotel
convention and exhibition center through architectural approach?
What are the innovations through sustainability that must apply?

GOAL: A facility for the tourists and for the local citizens to have a beach front
hotel convention and exhibition center that will profit Mindoros tourism.
To have a facility that has an exquisite convention center for the tourists and
people of Mindoro.
To find a possible location for the proposed beach front development that
can profit and sustainable for the structure.
To have a facility which will pioneer the elevation of standards for a
convention center in the Philippine.
To have a facility that will showcase the culture and traditions of the people
of Mindoro.
To show the new technology in the design of the structure that will help in
the sustainability of the facilities.

Descriptive method
Descriptive information will be acquired through a:
Case study (Observation techniques through a case study of a current hotel and convention center in
the Philippines.)
Interviews (Personal interviews from persons that are knowledgeable of the hotel and convention
center that will support the need of the proposal.)
Survey (Questionnaire for the survey )

Population Universe and Subject of the Study

Foreign and local tourists
Local citizens of Oriental Mindoro
Location of the buildings must be accessible to transportation.
Time limit to the terminal from the proposal
Consideration on the design of the faade.
Sustainability,, maintenance and utilities of the proposal must be checked at all times
Research method
Case study, interviews, survey
TRAINING CENTER - ENGR. The location of the building must
FERNANDO MAGSINO CHIEF, be accessible to transportation.
FACILITIES AND EVENTS Hotels also must be near in the
MANAGEMENT DIVISION convention center for the
accommodation of the local and
AR. ROWENA JARDIN foreign tourists. For the faade, it
AMANDO DAYRIT- is important to design this on
PRESIDENT OF MANGYAN what is the purpose of it.
KALAKBAY FOUNDATION Especially in the proposal, it
must show the cultures and
ORLANDO B. TIZON- traditions of the Oriental Mindoro
SUPERVISING TOURISM because local and foreign
OPERATIONS OFFICER tourists not only they visit the
OIC PTIEDO island meetings and events but
ELMER C. VILLAS- CITY also to know what is in Oriental
CALAPAN CITY Aside from the faade of the
building, inside of the building
must also consider. Especially
the circulation, maintenance,



Calendar Events of Oriental Mindoro

January 1 CALAPAN CITY - . Nio de Calapan Festival

January 1POLA - Foundation Day

January 4 NAUJAN - Foundation Day

January 19 BANSUD - Basudani Festival Town Fiesta in honor of the Divine Saviour
January 23 ROXAS Town Fiesta in honor of the Sto. Nio
January 25 BACO Foundation Day, ROXAS SIPAG Festival
February (every third Saturday) PROVINCIAL FESTIVAL - PANDANG-GITAB Oriental Mindoro
February 15 GLORIA Town Fiesta in honor of the Scared Heart of Jesus, BULALACAO Foundation Day
February 16 SAN TEODORO Foundation Day, Adyawan Festival.
February 27 & 28 PUERTO GALERA WINDSURFING CHALLENGEr which Roxas is proud of.
MARCH 19 BONGABONG Town Fiesta in honor of St. Joseph, Sulyog Festival
BACO Town Fiesta in honor of St. Joseph, Banana Festival
MARCH 21 CALAPAN CITY Kalap Festival
POLA Moriones Festival (every good Friday)
MANSALAY Penitensiya Festival (every good Friday)
APRIL 25 PINAMALAYAN Town Fiesta in honor of St. Augustine, PINAMALAYAN Bahaghari Festival .
May 12 PUERTO GALERA De Galera Festival
May 15 BACO Pasayabom
May 24 Naujan Bibingka Festival
June 24 POLA Town Fiesta in honor of St. John the Baptist, Bangkathon, Sabuyan Festival.
JUNE 29 BULALACAO Town Fiesta in honor of Sts. Peter and Paul, Biniray Festival
JUNE 30 NAUJAN Bangkathon

JULY 4 BANSUD Foundation Day

JULY 24 MANSALAY Mangyan Festival
JULY 25 SOCORRO Pakapya Agtike Festival
JULY 27 SOCORRO Town Fiesta in honor of the Holy Family, Foundation Day
SEPTEMBER 10 NAUJAN Town Fiesta in honor of San Nicolas de Tolentino, DaBaLisTiHit Festival. DaBaLisTiHit stands for dalag; BA for banak ; LIS for banglis ; TI for tilapia; and HIT for hito.
SEPTEMBER 18 VICTORIA Foundation Day, Kapakyanan Festival
OCTOBER 1 GLORIA Foundation Day, Kawayanan Festival
OCTOBER 12 PUERTO GALERA Kaaldawan-Iraya Festival
OCTOBER 15 VICTORIA Town Fiesta in honor of Nuestra Seora del Rosario
BONGABONG Foundation Day
DECEMBER 8 PUERTO GALERA Town Fiesta in honor of the Immaculate Conception
SAN TEODORO Town Fiesta in honor of the Immaculate Conception
Data in Tourism
Data in Tourism

Wind turbine As brise soleil used to The abundance of

generator to harvest the maximize natural wood in oriental
wind as energy to lighting and control Mindoro used as
electricity glare construction in
interior and as
acoustic treatment
Criteria for selection

Since it is a hotel and convention center there are specified and important
criteria for choosing a site. This site selection considerations are applied for
the hotel and convention center.
Extra- conference Opportunities
Meeting Facilities
Information of the Site
Site Environment
Other Criteria. The risks of the natural disasters and other possible adverse
events must be prevented.
SITE option description

Site A and site B is located in Lazareto, Oriental Mindoro. Pinamalayanan It is the soon-to-be city that
offers a land that can expand with the
Most of all the ports from different places stop by at development of agricultural, commercial and
Calapan City. So transportation is not a problem in the site industrial.
since all of the time, there are available transportation. Pinamalayan is now a center of trade and
commercial activities
This is over viewing the Baco- Chico Island and Silonay It said that it is one of the provinces that has
an extremely well positioned in the provincial
Islet. growth. One of the advantage is that it is in the
center of the province that shows
This is surrounded with the residential and agricultural developments of facilities.
areas. The site is located at the Pinamalayanan,
Oriental Mindoro adjacent to the strong
Site A is beside the airport as secondary airport. republic nautical hwy.
However there is some parts this both site has squatter In front of it is the agricultural field and also
near at the beach and the municipalities.
areas. One of the problems that must solved in Though the weakness of the site is the
considering the site. transportation to the piers are far from the site.
SITE selection and justification

The chosen site is Site A complies with the requirements of the proposal.
This site is the largest and suitable for the proposal. Having a 21 hectares is
admirable because of potential future developments that can be built.
Large site there are more development like commercial areas and other
Transportation is a benefit with the site since it is beside the calapan airport and a
few meters away is the seaport where majority of the tourists used the seaport in
calapan city.
This is also in the provincial road. Also it is adjacent to the beach seeing the
Silonay Island and Horca Piloto.
SITE evaluation and analysis
Macro setting-mimaropa

MIMAROPA is in the country island group of the

Philippines Luzon. It is divided into Occidental
Mindoro, Oriental Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon
and Palawan, the administrative region of the
Philippines, as Region IV-B. Calapan City in Oriental
Mindoro is the regional center of MIMAROPA. The
total population (2010) of the region is 2,744,671
with a density of 93/km2 (240/sq mi). The region
composes of 5 provinces, 2 cities, 71
municipalities, 1458 barangays and 7 cong.
SITE evaluation and analysis
Macro setting- oriental mindoro


Oriental Mindoro is an inverted j-shaped plan. It is where the

regional capital of the MIMAROPA is located. This is rich from
naturescapes like beaches, river, lakes and etc. not only with the
nature, it is also rich in cultures and traditions of different kinds of
ethnic groups. One of the assests of Oriental Mindoro is the Puerto
Galera also known as the pearl of Mindoro.

The map shows the

different roads in
Calapan city in Oriental
Majority of the land The figure above shows the existing
are used as establishments in Calapan city. This also
environmental shows the types roads (the primary and
conservation area. secondary roads). Transportation
Second next is the through private aircraft is approximately
urban development 30 minutes from Manila to Calapan
SITE evaluation and analysis
Micro setting- lazareto

Lazareto is a barangay in the city of Calapan in

the province of Oriental Mindoro in MIMAROPA
region. Lazareto is one of the barangays which are
in the outlying area of Component City City of

The map shows the provincial and barangay roads,

barangay boundaries and the establishments. In
the barangay lazareto there are the Calapan
airport, the elementary school, chapels and few
resorts. The barangay is surrounded by a shoreline.
The existing structures are mostly the residential,
and industrial.
Land Area Population Density
(has) 2010 (Population/has)

Lazareto 130.1222 4,005 30.78

Site Analysis
Site Visit
Problem diagnosis
Problem Description
Oriental Mindoro doesnt have a convention center where they could accommodate the local citizens and tourists of Oriental Mindoro. According to the data from the government there is
a proposal for the Oriental Mindoro to have a convention center. The design proposal is to have a convention and exhibition center with a hotel to accommodate the users.
The design problem is to propose an integrated hotel and convention center that has the unique sense of space that adapts from its surrounding and gives leisure and comfort to the
Building Type Mixed-use building
Hotel- Group B Division B-1
Convention and Exhibition Center- Group H-1 Division H-1
Users Foreign tourists, local tourists and local citizens
Site Detail The site is located at Lazareto, Calapan Oriental Mindoro.
Population Based on the 2007 Census of Population, Oriental Mindoro had a population of735,769.
DESIGN CONSIDERATION National Building Code, BP220, Fire Code, DOT Guidelines in Hotel Accommodation; Hospitality Industry, CAAP Guidelines

Design process principles
Design creativity/ aesthetics
Functional space planning
Economy and practicality of design
Green or sustainable design
Environmental and landscape design
Building technology and building economics
Feasibility of plan and design
Disaster resilient design
Vernacular design
To propose a design of hotel convention and exhibition center that will benefit the tourism of Oriental Mindoro.
To design that creates movement and flow to a structure.
Behavioral analysis
Visitors for Convention and Exhibition Center Go to the
Go to the convention/
Reception to ask exhibition hall
In Go to the lobby where the and watch/ listen Out
events being to the
held performer/

Guests for Hotel Go to

Go to the Sleep/
other Check-
Check-in designate Relax/
Hotel Out
d room Play

Security Secure the

convention Go back to
Time- in Break Time-out
and work
Maintenance/ Utility (Laundry workers, housekeeper,
maids, porters, bellmen) Maintain the
orderliness of the
Time- in facilities in the Break Go back to work Time-out
Hotel Convention
and Exhibition

Staff Administration (Reservation clerks, receptionist,

bookkeepers, banquet
Preparesmanagers, and executive staff)
the food Go back
Time- in Break Time-out
for the to work

Food Service Personnel (Chefs, cooks, dishwashers)

handles the
Time- in Break Go back to work Time-out
check ins of the
Space programming

No. of Furnitures/ Fixtures/

Spaces Description User Adjacency Requirements Quant. SF Equip. Total

Parking Area Intended for parking vehicles Guard house, garden - - -

Garden/ Landscape Planned space of plants and other forms of nature. - Parking 1 - Bench -
Guard House Watch house, guard building, guard booth 2 Parking 1 4 Chair, desk 4
Si bli Loading and Unloading
te c Area For delivery - Entrance 1 45 - 45
Main Lobby Entrance hall 60 Reception area 1 1 Sofa, coffee table 60
Reception Area Information area, cashiers office 2 Main lobby 1 1.4 Counter, chairs 3
Elevator Lobby Where an elevator shaft enclosure connects - Elevators 1 12 - 6
Passengers Elevator Elevator for passengers - Elevator lobby 1 4 - 4
Gym equipments, counter,
Gym A room or building equipped for gymnastics, games, and other physical 15 Playground, spa, pool 1 4.2 chairs 150
Swimming Pool Intended for swimming 30 Gym, playground, spa 1 500 Outdoor chairs, outdoor tables 500
Spa For relaxation 15 Gym, playground, pool 1 4.2 Massage beds 160
Shops Business that presents a selection of goods 20 Restaurants, food court, bakery 20 4.2 Counter, chairs 90
blic Bakery Produces and sells flour-based food baked in an oven 15 Main kitchen, restaurant 1 4.2 Counter, chairs, coffee table 50
Clinic Room Patient room 4 Administration office 1 4.4 Tables, chairs, medical beds 45
ATM Area Cash dispenser or cash machine - Lobby 1 1.4 ATM 1.5
mi- Administration Office Has manager's office, reservations, fax, computers and the sec. office 7 Clinic room 1 1.5 Desks, chairs 368
pu Bar Serves alcoholic drinks 20 Banquet, restaurant 1 1.4 Counter, chairs, tables 60
blic Banquet Dining room 200 Bar, restaurant 2 0.6 Dining tables, chairs 300
Employees Lounge Private waiting area 8 Staff room, admin office 2 0.6 Sofa, coffee table 50
Staff Room Office/ Locker 10 Employees lounge, admin office 2 1.4 Lockers, chairs 40
Security Office For staff of security 5 Administration office 3 4.2 Chair, desk 6
Standard Room A room assigned for one to two people. 4 Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 56 4.4 Bed, chairs, cabinets 2744
Pri Family Room Aroom for families with children 6 Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 60 4.4 Bed, chairs, cabinets 1056
vat Suite Room A parlour or living room connected with to one or more bedrooms. 4 Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 70 4.4 Bed, chairs, cabinets, sofa 1232
e PWD Room A room for PWDs 2 Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 4 4.4 Bed, chairs, cabinet 90
AUX Auxilliary - Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 6 6 - 6
Porter Carrying baggage area 2 Lobby, reception 1 8 trolley 8
Utility Room For utility purposes - Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 6 1.4 Cabinets 6
Maintenance Room Room for equipments for repairing - Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 6 4.4 Mechanical equipments 6
EE Room Room for electricity - Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 6 1.4 Electrical equipments 6
Transformer, pump room,
Generator Set Room for generator - mechanical room 1 1.4 Generator 45
Transformer Room for transformer - Genset, pump room, mechanical 1 1.4 Transformer 60
Fire Exit Emergency exit - Elevator, uti., maintenance 2 45 Fire cabinet, pressurized chase 45
Refuse Where the garbage put - Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 6 6 Garbage shute, sink 6
Storage Room Room for storage - Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 1 6 Cabinets 6
Service Elevator Elevator only for staffs 5 Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 1 6 - 6
Rooms, lobby, admin office, staff
Toilet used primarily for the disposal of human urine and feces. room 12 36 Sink, watercloset 36
Mechanical room, transformer,
Pump Room For maintenance - genset 1 55 - 55
Linen Room Storage for bedding, tablecloths and towels - Laundry and Housekeeping 1 18 Cabinets 18
Laundry and Housekeeping A space for laundry and other hotel maintenance and cleaning purposes 10 Linen room, janitorial 1 60 Cabinets, tables, chairs 60
Pantry Eating area 6 Staff house 1 6 Tables, chairs 6
Mechanical Room Dedicated for mechanical equipments - Transformer, pump room, genset 1 50 Mechanical equipments 50
Surveillance Office Room for monitoring the activities in the hotel 2 Control room, security room 1 8 Computers, desks, chairs 8
Janitorial Room Laundry, ironing, store-room laundry and has an office 10 Laundry and Housekeeping, 1 20 Cabinets, chairs 20
Control Room Server room 4 Security room, surveilance office 1 25 Computers, desks, chairs 25
Serurity Room Monitor for external security cameras and an alarm system 4 Control room, surveilance office 1 20 Computers, desks, chairs 20
Ser Sanitary Room Equipped with sanitary materials - Linen room, janitorial, laundry 6 6 - 6
Hot vic
el e MRF Material recovery facility - Delivery dock 1 8 - 8
Crockery Storage of plates, dishes and other similar items - Bar, kitchen 1 6 Kitchen cabinets 6
Bar Storage of alcoholic drinks 2 Crockery, kitchen 1 45 Cabinets 45
Waiters Area Staff area 3 Restaurant, kitchen 1 35 Chairs 35

Space programming
Cooking area, preparation,
Salad and Garde Mangers Area for preparing salad garde 2 dishwashing 1 8 Table, Cabinets 8
Cooking Area Area used for preparing food 4 Preparation, dining area 1 40 Sink, Stove, cooking appliances 40
Hot and Cold Storage Food storage - Salad and garde mangers, bakery 1 60 Cabinets 60
Bakery Area or room for food baked 2 Hot and cold storage, crockery 1 45 Baking equipments 45
Cafeteria where people get food at a counter and carry it to a table for eating. 3 Dining area 1 45 Counter, chairs, tables 45
Dishwashing Area Area for washing the dishes 2 Preparation, dining, cooking area 1 50 Sink 50
Preparation Area Area for preparing the food before serving 2 Cooking, dining, preparation area 1 50 Table 50
e Room Service Carts Space for the carts stored - Dining, kitchen 1 15 Carts 15
Chef's office Office of the chef 1 Kitchen, lockers 1 20 Desks, chairs 20
tel) Pri. Lockers Staff room or dressing room 17 Chef's office, kitchen 1 30 Lockers, chairs 30
Mail Room Where the mails being kept - Reception, administration 1 6 Cabinets 6
Reservations Area for reservation 1 Reception, mail room 1 25 Chairs, desks 25
Registration and Cashiers Area for the registrations and payments 1 Registration, cashiers, reception 1 25 Chairs, desks 25
Ad Safe Deposit Room Room contains of safety deposit - Cashier, accounts, auditor 1 20 Safety deposit 20
mi Resident manager's office, gen.
nist Secretary Office Office of the secretary 1 manager 1 8 Chairs, desks 8
rati Accounts Assures about the financial information 1 Cashier, safety deposit, auditor 1 20 Chairs, desks 20
on Cashier Handles the cash register 1 Auditor, safe deposit room, account 1 1.2 Chairs, desks 8
Offi Auditor Examination of books, accounts and documents 1 Account, cashier, safe deposit room 1 1.2 Chairs, desks 8
ce Pri Resident Manager's Office Office staff in each residential building 1 Gen. manager, secretary 1 1.2 Chairs, desks 6
(Ho vat Resident manager's office, gen.
tel) e General Manager Office of who has the overall responsibility of the hotel 1 manager 1 1.2 Chairs, desks 9
Lounge Private waiting area 40 Toilet room, Reception 1 80 Sofa, coffee table 80
Reception Information area, cashiers office, waiting area 3 Lounge, admin office 1 8 Counter, chairs 8
Cafeteria where people get food at a counter and carry it to a table for eating. 30 Toilet room 1 60 Counter, chairs, tables 60
Show Window Display of goods and products 1 Lobby or lounge 1 12 - 12
Pub Ticketing Counter on where to buy tickets 2 Reception, administration 1 12 Chairs, desks 12
lic Concession Area Where food or refreshments of various kinds are sold. 6 Lobby or lounge 1 90 Counter, chairs, tables 90
Se Function Hall (Exhibition) Reception hall, orbanquet hall 3000 Lobby, toilet 1 1 - 3000
mi- Seminar Room (Classroom) Room intended for lectures 45 Lobby, toilet 4 1..5 Tables, chairs 67
pu Conference Room A room provided for singular events such as conferences and meetings. 45 Lobby, toilet 4 1.2 Tables, chairs 54
blic Pre-function Lobby Lobby for any ceremonious event - Lobby, toilet 2 45 Seats 45
Facilities & Events Management
Division Office who handles events of the convention 1 Super. Office, Records and Doc. 1 1.5 Desks, chairs 6
Supervisors Office Office of the head 1 Facilities, records and doc. 1 1.5 Desks, chairs 6
Pri Records and Documentation Office Office for the documents and records 3 Supervisors, records and doc. 1 1.5 Desks, chairs 8
vat Executive Lounge Private waiting area 5 Admin 2 1.2 Sofa, coffee table 12
e Dressing Room Changing room Green room, practice area 2 0.9 Counter, cabinets, chairs 15
AUX Auxilliary - Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 1 6 - 6
Utility Room For utility purposes - Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 6 8 Cabinets 8
Maintenance Room Room for equipments for repairing - Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 6 6 Mechanical equipments 6
EE Room Room for electricity - Elevator, uti., maintenance, fire exit 6 8 Electrical equipments 8
Transformer, pump room,
Adjacency matrix

For Hotel:

Office in- Charge

Acting Executive Acting Deputy

Director Executive Director

Planning and Chief of Financial

Programming and Management
Division Division

Chief of Facilities
and Events

Banquet Services Communications Event Sales Human Resources Operations

For Convention and Exhibition Center

Inter-relationship and circulatory diagram
For hotel

Legends- Public Semi- Private Private Service

Inter-relationship and circulatory diagram
For convention and exhibition center

Legends- Public Semi- Private Private Service

Design concept

Experiencing the Mangyans culture, traditions and beliefs

Mangyans were the first inhabitants of Mindoro. At first, they lived in lowlands but then the
Tagalogs and Spanish had arrived in Mindoro, they have to move from inland and into the
mountains to avoid the influence of other settlers. Today, Mangyans have eventually come
down to the lowlands for trading their products to sustain their selves. They also have the
adapted some the lifestyle of the people from lowlands. This is where the concept originates.
The concept was derived from the Mangyans culture, tradition and beliefs. The purpose is to
showcase this from the local and foreign tourists. Main idea is for the local and foreign now
for them to experience and adapt from the Mangyans lifestyle. Also, Mangyans will be one
of the users of this proposal. Since Mangyans are not the same as the others because they
have different lifestyle. This will be shown on the proposal having the diversity of the
lifestyle of different types of mangyan and the other settlers.
Concept development
Architectural concept

The concept derives from different cultures,

traditions and architecture of the Mangyans.
The main concept is the unique works on how
mangyan do baskets, clothes etc through
weaving. Like yakis (as shown in the first
picture). Yakis is a traditional clothing for
women of Mangyan. This is made from a wood
weaving. There is a contest in a festival by
putting the yakis in to the women. At present,
only few are wearing yakis and one of the
reasons is that the Mangyans are also now
wearing the usual shorts and shirts. The
concept will be shown on the proposal as the
second skin and it will be wrapped around the
hotel convention and exhibition center. It will
also reflect from the space evolution. There
are 2 schemes in interpreting the concept for
the approach to the proposal.
Space evolution



On the first balloon, it represents the mangyans

talents on weaving. On the 2nd balloon, shows one of the
features in mangyan architecture, the 4 steps stairs
before entering in the main door. On the 3rd balloon also
shows that the openings are only in front of the structure.
This will be shown in the convention and exhibition
center. The gabled roof is also applied in the hotel. On 4th
balloon, it shows the ambahan, the alphabet of Mangyan.
On the 5th balloon is the wood material. One of the
considerations on the mangyan architecture is the wood
material because mangyans doesnt adapt from a

For the construction of the proposal, the structural concept would be post and lintel.
On the first picture this will be the construction method used, the tube system and
shear core concept. It is based on the idea that a building can be designed to resist
lateral loads by designing it as a hollow cantilever perpendicular to the ground. There
will be a shear wall for the core and will be the main support of the building. Grid
pattern will be used for the columns.
Space frame structure will be used in the construction of the roofing. Space frame or
space structure is a truss-like, lightweight rigid structure constructed from
interlocking struts in a geometric pattern.
In general, all of the utilities will be based on the national building code.
This will be the guide for the concept of the construction in building the
proposal. Also a consideration on the aspect of the sustainability. Other
designs will be listed below:
Advanced wood construction that has long fire resistance
Lighting of the structures will depend on the facility. Only enough lighting must
be consumed for the function and aesthetic impact on a particular facility.
Color of the light will be also depend on the facility because psychologically the
color affects the mood of the user and also it affects the environment as a whole
Appropriate amount of lighting must be used inside the structure.
For the mechanical, advanced HVAC systems applied.
Solar panels and wind turbines will be installed for energy saving.
The convention and exhibition halls will have an acoustical treatment depending
on what type of room.

The form will have a water waste

treatment plant. Sewage treatmentis
S the process
of removing
including householdsewageand
runoff(effluents).Since the proposal is
a hotel convention and exhibition
center it needs an STP or Sewage
treatment plan because it requires
more household waste liquid from the
kitchens, showers, baths, sinks, toilets
and so forth that is disposed from the

Soundproofing is any means of reducing the sound
pressure with respect to a specified sound source Lighting, Mechanical, Electricity,
and receptor. There are several basic approaches
to reducing sound: increasing the distance
between source and receiver, using noise barriers Hotel automation has great benefits when
to reflect or absorb the energy of the sound it comes to energy saving. This will be the
waves, using damping structures such as sound concept for the lighting, mechanical,
baffles, or using active antinoise sound electricity and plumbing. This prevents the
generators. Soundproofing is one the important waste of energy caused by unnecessary
things to consider especially that the proposal is air-conditioning, lighting, electricity and
hotel convention and exhibition center. The excess water consumption. This concept
private room and conferences and exhibit rooms has a major contribute to the proposals

One of the things that must be noted

is fire protection. Doing this is for the

S protection of the users especially

that the proposal will occupy
numerous users. One way to apply
active fire protection is using fire
protection system. Fire protection
system is consisting of a water
supply system, providing adequate
pressure and flowrate to a water
distribution piping system, onto
which fire sprinklers are connected.