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Dade Middle School Band

Dear Parents/Guardians,

There are 3 optional, but wonderful, opportunities for your child as a 7th or 8th grade band student.
Students may participation in the Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) District 7 Honor Band,
All-State Honor Band, and/or the University of Georgia Middle School Honor Band. All events have an
audition process and are a lot of fun for participating students on many levels.
The GMEA District 7 Honor Band is an audition only ensemble that has students from all around
the Northwest portion of Georgia. The audition includes performing a prepared piece of music and 5
scales. There is also a sight-reading portion as part of the audition. There is a non-refundable $6
audition fee and auditions are held on December 2nd at Excel Christian Academy in Cartersville,
Georga. (You will need to provide transportation to and from the audition for your child.) If the student
passes the audition process, then the honor band will be held at Heritage High School in Ringgold in
The GMEA All-State Honor Band is also an audition only ensemble that has students from all
around the state. There is a two step audition process. The first step is the District 7 Honor Band
audition on December 3rd. If the student scores high enough in the first audition, they will move to the
second round of audition on January 6th at Perry Middle School in Perry, GA. There is a
non-refundable $25 audition fee.
The University of Georgia MidFest Honor Band is held December 7 - 9. Students are selected
based on the needed instrumentation for the honor band by teacher recommendation. Once selected, the
students will audition for seating placements on Thursday and will rehearse for a final concert to be
presented on Saturday. The cost for UGA is $130 per student. This cost covers the $75 registration fee
for the honor band and helps cover some cost on the hotel room. The Dade County Band Boosters will
be covering the remaining cost of the hotel rooms.
The form below must be returned by Friday, September 22nd if your child wishes to participate in
any of the above events. Audition fees for District Honor Band and All-State Band are due with the
form. Money for the UGA Honor Band is not due until December 2nd if your child is chosen.

Thank you,

Chris Chance Heather Chance
Director of Bands Assistant Director

Form due by September 22nd if your child wishes to participate in District Honor Band, All-State Band, or
UGA Midfest Honor Band.

Student Name: __________________________________ Instrument: __________________________

Please check the events that your child wishes to participate in:

________ GMEA District Honor Band (Enclose $6 audition fee)

________ GMEA All-State Band (Enclose $25 audition fee)

________ UGA MidFest Honor Band (DO NOT enclose money!)

Make checks payable to Dade County Bands. Form is due September 22nd.