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8th Grade Math

Mr. Orton
Hamilton Junior/Senior High
Welcome to the start of a new school year! This year, students will be studying mathematics
from the Math in Focus Singapore Math materials. This is a Common Core aligned series that
focuses a lot on problem solving that will help the get a more in depth understanding of
mathematics. Our first unit will be over exponents before getting into scientific notation and
algebraic linear equations.

At the end of this course, you will...

Understand and work with radicals and integer exponents.
Understand the connections between proportional relationships, lines, and linear
Analyze and solve linear equations and pairs of simultaneous linear equations.
Understand congruence and similarity using physical models, transparencies, or
geometry software.
Understand and apply the Pythagorean Theorem.
Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving volume of cylinders, cones, and
Needs and Resources
Required Materials
Scientific calculator (Optional)
A folder
A notebook
1 packet of loose leaf paper
2 packs of pencils
A red pen
1 inch Binder
Graphing Paper (optional)
Compass (optional)
Protractor (optional)
Online Resource
Each student will be assigned their own textbook but there is a way to access the
textbook online if a student forgets the book at school or just prefers to do it that
Steps to getting to the online book.
1. Go to
2. Log in
a. Username: nmullins121
b. Password: s8t6n
3. Click on the link that says Go To Online eBook C3 - Volume A
a. Click on Volume B if we are on the second book.

Policies and Procedures

General Rules:
Always show respect for everyone in the class. Treat people the way you want to be
Don't talk when someone else is talking. Wait your turn!
Come to class with all needed materials.
Students will be on time, in their seat, and ready to go when the bell rings.
No food or drink in the classroom except water unless given permission.
All electronic device, unless medical, are forbidden. All electronic watches which emit
loud alarms must be turned off.
Students will also obey all district and school rules.
When in doubt, always ask questions!

Grading Policies:
Homework (5 Points each)
Students will grade their own homework at the beginning of class.

Bell Ringers (5 Points each)

Bell Ringers will be on the board at the beginning of the class and each
student will be expected to do them. Students will then check them when
we are going over them as a class. Randomly selected Fridays they will
be expected to be turned in. Students will receive 5 points if all bell ringers
are completed.

Quizzes (Points will vary)

Quizzes will be used to find out if the students are understanding the
information. Mr. Orton will tell students a couple days before the quiz that
it is coming up.
Chapter Review (Points will vary)
At the end of each unit a chapter review assignment will be given. This will
be worth more points than other homework assignments because it will
help the students study for the upcoming chapter test. Mr. Orton will also
grade this.

Chapter Test (Points will vary)

At the end of each unit an individual test will be given. This will be graded
by Mr. Orton. This serves as an opportunity for students to show what they
have learned throughout the unit.

Grading Scale:
A - (100 - 90%)
B - (89 - 80%)
C - (79 - 70%)
D - (69 - 60%)
F - (59% or below)

Contact Information
Andrew Orton
7th and 8th Grade Math/Social Studies
866 - 332 - 3880

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