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So far I have Supplies:

Little bit (grams) of lemon yellow cotton yarn, #8
Little bit (grams) of green cotton yarn, #8
1.25mm crochet hook
yarn needle (with rounded tip)
metal wire small enough to insert into leaves
zinc coated thread (1.3mm) to use for stem
masking tape
Green floral tape for covering flower stem

mb=single crochet
mma=half double crochet
ma=double crochet
Start with 50 cat (Ch 50)
1st row= 1dc, 1 ch,1 dc in same stitch, skip one
stitch, repeat until end.
2nd row= work in the arch of the first ch of
previous stitch: 2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc. Repeat until
3rd row= work in the arch of the 3rd ch of
previous stitch. 8 dc, and 1 sc in the stitch
between the two arches.

Sew the inner border with the needle, closing up

the rose.

1st row= 10 sc
2nd row= 20 hdc
3rd row= 1 hdc, ch 1, repeat a total of 20 times
4th row= 1 hdc, ch 2, repeat a total of 20 times
5th row= 80 hdc
6th row= ch 80 (work these as you insert the
metal wire)

With the scotch carta (I think she means scotch tape!) tape the edges of the wire
sticking out together, which will curve them beautifully and tape them to the stem.
Tape the leaves to the wire metal stem and fasten the rose using the zinc thread.
Cover everything with green floral tape.
translated by “Atomicflea” on Raverly

For texts and photos

copyright silvana catallo design 2009
on Ravelry : silvanacatallo

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