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Adjective Preposition Object of Preposition

abounding in something
absorbed in work, thought etc
acceptable to someone
accomplished in music etc
accused of a crime etc.
accustomed to some one
acquinted with a person, a subject etc
acquitted of charge etc
addicted to a habit etc
affectionate to children, friends etc
afraid of something
alarmed at the news etc.
allied with a country, party etc.
angry with a person, a subject etc
annoyed at something
annoyed with someone
answerable to someone
answerable for something
anxious for someone
anxious about something
appropriate to an occasion etc
astonished at something
bent on doing something
beset with difficulties,dangers etc
blind to someone's fault
born of rich,poor etc
bound for a place
bound to a rule
busy with something
capable of something e.g hard work etc
careful about one's health,money etc
careful with one's work etc
careful of one's health,money etc
certain of something e.g success
certain about failure etc
committed to a course ,crime
concerned about something
concerned with something or someone
concerned of success etc
delighted with one;s success etc
delighted at the news etc.
disappointed with someone
disappointed at something
doubtful of success etc
doubtful about what to do etc.
engaged in something e.g somework
engaged to someone
essential to,for happiness etc
familiar to a person
familier with facts etc
fascinated by something
favourable to someone
given to a habit etc
glad of,about
great to someone
guilty of crime
harmful to something e.g health
honoured with something e.g an award
innocent of something
liable for something
liable to a fine, illness
obliged to someone
obliged for something
occupied with somework bussiness
offended with someone
preferable to something
prepared for something
profitable to someone
reduced to some state or condition
responsible to someone
restricted to place,person, quantity
seared to the memory of someone
satisfied with something
sensitive to something e.g criticism
short of something needed e.g money
skilful in doing something
slow at something
sorry for someone
sorry about something
suspicious of someone
hope of something eg. Finding/lost
impression on someone
impression of something
invitation to a wedding/ dinner etc
method of doing something
neccessity for something
objection to something
opinion on/ about something eg. The govt policy
pity for someone
pity on someone
prejudice against something or someone
prevention against something eg. Disease
profiency in something eg. Sanskrit
recovery from illness
regard for someone
relief from some trouble
response to something eg. An appeal
stranger to place
suggestion for some cource of action
surprise at something
sympathy for someone
talent for something
taste for something eg. Singing
taste of eg. Honey
thankful to someone
thankful for something
thirst for something
tolerance for something
triumph over an opponent
use of
use for
victim of trick, circumstances
vitness to something that happens
ability for some action
access to some place or person
agreement with someone
agreement on something
anxiety about something
anxiety for something eg. Food
appetite for food
attention to something
attitude towards something etc. one's duty
authority on something eg. A subject
capacity for something etc. work
cause for something: worry, anxiety
cause of something: success
chance of success, doing etc
comparison with something
comparison between two things
comparison of something/ someone
concern about a matter
concern for someone/something
concern in a bussiness
confidence in someone
control of something
control over a situation
danger of something happening
demand for something
difference between two things
discussion on/about some subject
fear of
duty to someone's parents
feeling towards someone
feeling about some matter