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Menu for week of:

February 24th, 2014

Analog Caf
Breakfast: Roasted Vegetable Scramble $2.95
Soup: French Onion 1.25/1.50
Entre: Chicken Pot Pie $6.25
Global Salad: Parmesan Kale .25/oz
Deli: Ham Salami Prosciutto Flatbread Melt $4.75
Grill: Double Mushroom Swiss Burger $4.75

Breakfast: Breakfast Wrap $2.95
Soup: Italian Chicken Noodle 1.25/1.50
Global Salad: Roasted Golden Beets .25/oz
Have You tried th
Entre Baked Stuffed Pork Chop $6.75
Deli: Greek Chicken Pocket $4.75
If anyone in your party has Grill: Kung Pao Beef Wrap $5.25
an allergy
please inform us Before Wednesday
you order
Breakfast: Canadina Bacon Egg and Cheese Croissant $3.25
Soup: Curried Sweet Potato 1.25/1.50
Exhibition Pasta Bar Made to Order $6.75
Pizza Station .25/oz
Global Salad: Roasted Green Bean and Shallot Ravioli
Tuesday: Calzone Deli: Turkey Meatloaf on Tellera Bread $4.75
Weds: Flatbread Grill: Cajun Fish Tacos $5.50
Thursday: Pasta

Breakfast: Steak Egg and Cheese Sub $3.25
Soup: Winter Vegetable 1.25/1.50
Global Salad: German Potato .25/oz
Entre: Roast Beef Dinner $6.95
Deli: BLT $3.95
Grill: Corned Beef Reuben $4.75

Breakfast: Fiesta Breakfast Quesadilla $3.25
Au Bon Pain: Clam Chowder 2.50/3.25
Entree: Fish n Chips $7.25
Global Salad: Marinated Mushrooms .25/oz
Deli: Gold Fever Chicken Wrap $4.75
Grill: Monte Christo $4.75

Manager: Kevin Pappone X-2419

Catering: Jay Adrian
Chef: Matt Marrochello
BC = Balanced Choices Item