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Global warming

COW Spiracy vs COOL IT

Name: David Santiago Garcs

Global warming is a problem that is hurting us all, the increase in greenhouse gas
emissions prevents the sun's rays entering the earth's crust, and produces an
increase in temperature, the greenhouse effect is one of The largest phenomena
occurring on our planet, this phenomenon is being affected by human influence
and the emission of gases in the atmosphere, which is the most vulnerable part of
the ecological system because it is very fine, the sun's radiations heat the Earth,
part of the radiation that is absorbed and heated the earth is radiated back into
space in the form of infrared radiation, some radiation is trapped in the
atmosphere, that is positive because it keeps temperatures within limits, the
problem Is the increase of thickness of the atmosphere due to the contamination
by what generates a great damage for the human species.

The greenhouse effect is an atmospheric phenomenon, which occurs naturally and

prevents the heat produced by the sun leaves our atmosphere producing the same
thermal result that is achieved inside the greenhouses, there are some gases that
allow the rays Solar cells remain on the planet and therefore help make the
temperature suitable for human life: water vapor, methane or carbon dioxide
(CO2) methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and ozone
(O3). The gases with the highest concentration are oxygen and nitrogen, which do
not cause damage to the climate; however, the other minor gases act in such a way
that they allow the solar radiation to penetrate to the earth's surface and trap the
radiation emitted by the infrared Earth.

The human being is part of the ecosystem, human activity over time has caused
new emissions to appear in our atmosphere, causing the emission of gases to
generate the greenhouse effect, the ecosystem to maintain the balance needs a
process of self-regulation , There are two unbalancing factors for the ecosystem
one is the technological development and the demographic explosion, this has
brought about an overexploitation of resources that allows them to increase and
this is due to deforestation, land cultivation, carbon, oil, gasoline these three Last
products when consumed, emit large amounts of harmful gases that damage our

The gases that are emitted due to the industrial activity also produce the
greenhouse effect, the emission of carbon dioxide originates in the burning of coal
to produce heat and electricity, the domestic appliances that we have at home,
cleaning products, aerosols, among Many others, emit gases that pollute the
atmosphere daily, so it is important to disconnect electronic devices when they are
not used, CO2 repre- sents almost half of the pollution caused by global warming,
burning fossil fuels account for almost a quarter of the total Carbon dioxide, with
deforestation and forest burning being another factor that increases CO2 levels.

The demographic increase is another cause, as there are more people in the world
also affects directly, because there is more consumerism, it requires the industry
to create more products, and produces more pollution, the garbage that we
generate while we live is one of The main causes of the greenhouse effect, so it is
so important that we recycle the garbage in order to minimize emissions of these
gases, public transport allows is a good idea to avoid pollution, because if we move
in car or motorcycle we increase Very much these gases, to use bicycle as means of
transport is a great idea to avoid to contaminate and also to maintain a good health
doing sport.

The impact of the human being on the ecosystem does not occur equally in the
whole planet, there are areas and ecosystems that are more fragile to the changes,
and also the consumption is greater in the countries more developed than in the
developing ones , The developed countries have 20% of the population, but they
consume 80% of the resources, whereas the developing countries are 80% of the
population but they have 20% of the resources; The important thing is to know the
operation of the environment in which we live, that we depend on the resources
that it offers us and that we must try to maintain it and limit the impact we exert
on it.

Scientists claim that the Earth's climate is a non-linear system, meaning that not all
changes are gradual, due to global warming, there are many infectious species that
occur with heat, such as the mosquito that is increasingly producing new diseases
Such as Chikungunya, Malaria, Dengue, Leptospirosis, bird flu, swine flu and many

Climate change will affect the entire life of the planet, from storms, scorching fires,
large droughts, melting of the poles, sedimentation of the oceans, to the collapse of
countries, all due to the emission of greenhouse gases that the Man produces. What
attracts the attention of the spectators is the personal history of Lomborg, a
common and intelligent intellectual, who cares for the environment and lives
worried, but with the problems of the world in general. He is concerned about
curbing climate change but also improving the quality of life in society and
reducing hunger, poverty and the spread of disease. The constant questioning
about the relationship between civilization and the Earth present in Al Gore's
pieces gives room to Lomborg's thoughts on how best to help the world and to
check that its ideals are correct and that the criticisms received are unfounded.

The cattle industry is one of the most powerful in the world, but few are the ones
who dare to sue for fear of reprisals. Renewable energy infrastructure such as
building solar generators to reduce climate change is a very good idea, but it is
projected to take about 20 more years and to invest at least $ 18 trillion, another
solution to climate change is to stop eating meat And that would save that amount;
What the documentary (Cowspiracy) communication rat is that we will not
succeed unless we stop animal farming, and success refers to that ecosystems can
not be rescued, can not feed the planet, can not stop the warming Pollution can not
be stopped. When you remove the animal products you are also removing the
greenhouse gases, and also remove the problems of food safety and other
problems related to food shortages.