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Musical Makeovers Task 2

Task 2 - Musical Makeover Performance (Criteria A,B,C,D)

Due Date: Sep 22nd, 2017

Students will take a song of their choice and perform the song in a style or genre which is
different to the original version of the song. Students will use their research to inform them of
what musical elements are needed to adapt the song to the new genre.

Students will complete a process journal reflection of the performance evaluating the strengths
and weaknesses of their performance

Final Performance Genre Chosen
Process Journal details proposal of how the song will be adapted as part of an artistic intention
Performance maintains main elements of song while incorporating important features of the new
Process journal identifies the difficulties encountered in creating the new arrangement and details
specific musical solutions for these problems
Process Journal entries discuss the success and weaknesses of the performance giving specific
musical reasons for these

Knowledge and Understanding (A) Excellent Substantial Adequate Limited

87 65 43 21

(iii) Demonstrates use of acquired knowledge to

purposefully inform musical decisions in the process of
creating music.

Excellent Substantial Adequate Limited

Developing Skills (B) 87 65 43 21

The student:
(i) Demonstrates acquisition and development of the
necessary skills and techniques to use characteristic
musical features from the chosen style

(ii) Demonstrates application of skills and techniques

to perform the chosen song with accuracy and good
Thinking Creatively Excellent Substantial Adequate Limited
The student: 87 65 43 21

(i) Uses the creative process to develop an artistic

intention that is consistently feasible, clear,
imaginative and coherent

(ii) Demonstrates a range and depth of creative-

thinking behaviours (effectively incorporate musical
features of the chosen genre to create an effective

(iii) Demonstrates exploration of ideas to shape artistic

intention through to a performance.

Responding (D) Excellent Substantial Adequate Limited

The student: 87 65 43 21

(i) Constructs meaning, and transfers learning to new


(ii) Creates an artistic response that intends to reflect

or impact on the world around him or her

(iii) Presents a musical critique of their own music and


Process Journal

The Development Workbook is an integral part of the music course.

This is the place for:
Class notes and handouts,
Written assignments, guided and independent research.
Planning for your work
Self-evaluation and reflection on both your process and your product.
Musical thoughts and ideas.
Examples of performers and composers.
Citations for all research, music and pictures.