The Company

"Our aim is to offer total marine & offshore services and support to oil companies in offshore exploration and production activities, by providing quality innovative to customers, and be the market leader and trendsetter in this field.

We are committed to provide total logistics through quality services and be the customer's first choice.

We value Customers, and spare no effort to extend services to our Principals, by offering various offshore solutions.

The Strategy

Seaport International continues to expand its horizons by providing innovative solutions, supported by bold, resolute and decisive actions.

- to provide high quality services, by addressing Safety Standards within the Offshore industry Worldwide.

- to operate vessels in an environmentally safe and friendly manner

- investments in professional modernization of the fleet.

- to participate in industry consolidation, mergers and acquisitions.


Joined the fleet in 2008

The Objectives

The Company has set Quality, Safety and Environmental protection objectives,

- To ensure safety of life and properties and protect the environment at sea

- To ensure High Quality service to clients

- Drug & Alcohol policy to prevent human injury

Committed avoid damage to the environment in particular the Marine Environment & air pollution

- To protect property

We believe "Knowledge is Power"

The Safety Management System

The company has established and maintain a Safety Management System in compliance with IMO Resolution ~ 741 (18), The International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention, the ISM Code and the ISO 9000:2000 code.

The Company's Safety Management intends to:

Provide for safe practices for our ship operation.

- Provide Quality service in conducting its business Ensure a safe working environment.

Establish safeguards against all identified risks

- Continuously improve the management skills of our personnel both ashore and on board our ships.

Ensure proper preparedness for emergencies both safety related and environmental.

- Ensure compliance with mandatory rules and regulations.

- Ensure that applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by IMO,

Flag State, Classification Societies and Marine Industry organizations are taken into account.

The Company Policy

The Company assure this by compliance of mandatory rules & regulations, codes, guidelines and standard recommendations, while maintaining high efficiency in proving quality services to the clients;

»- Operating vessels in a safe working environment to protect that life and health of its employees and general public; establish safeguards against identified risks; protect the public property; continuously improve the safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard the company vessels.

»- To serve and respond to the needs of our clients through continuous improvement in the delivery of our services; to create and maintain an environment for the employees that encourages teamwork, cooperation, innovative thinking, leadership, decision making and a commitment to continuous improvement; to improve the value of our services to our clients by implementing quality into our business.

»- Establish safeguards against identified risks; continuously improve the management skills of the personnel ashore and aboard.

It is the policy of the SEAPORT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING CO LLC., to provide quality services that constantly meet or exceed the agreed upon requirements in a safe. timely efficient and environmentally sound manner. The management and employees of the SEAPORT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING CO. LLC., are dedicated to achieve the exemplary standards of our commitment to the customer.

The Management

The Management is committed and pursue for quality services with the best safety practices in place.

The Company was established in 1993 with a single utility boat and expanded to a fleet of about 35 Offshore Support Vessels.

With a team of highly skilled professionals, The Company has the necessary expertise to provide a vast gambit of quality services to the offshore marine and oil industry. These services include:

);.> Operating and managing a fleet of diversified offshore vessels (Supply vessels,

Utility vessels, Anchor handling vessels, Crew boats, Barges etc). This includes - Technical Management

- Crew Management

- Commercial Operations

);.> Logistic support ~ Warehousing

)l> Agency services

)l> Project Management

)l> Chartering Tanker I Cargo vessels


DP Stimulation and PSV

Gulf Pearl (DnV DYNPOS AUT) BHP: 4200

GRT: 1647

M/E: Wichmann

Built / Re-built: 1977/ 2006

SIS Seeker BHP: 4200 GRT: 1378

M/E: Wichmann

Built / Re-built: 1975/ 2003

Mehran Explorer BHP: 2250

GRT: 496.61

M/E: GM, V16 /149T

Built / Re-built: 1977/1997

SIS Pioneer BHP: 8000 GRT: 1345

M/E: Nohab Diesel F316V Built / Re-built: 1983 / 2001

Hercules BHP: 3400 GRT: 957 M/E: Allen

Built / Re-built: 1975 / 1999


Anchor Handling Tug Supply - ARTS

Sea Command BHP: 3800 GRT: 591

M/E: MAK8 MU452

Built / Re-built: 1992 / 2003

Baltic BHP: 6000 GRT: 489

M/E: Niigata 6L28HLX Built / Re-built: 2.007

Salvanity BHP: 4200 GRT: 401

M/E: Niigata Wartsila Nohab 6r25 Built / Re-built: 1995


Anchor Handling Tug Boat - AHTB

Atlantic BHP: 5500 GRT:·599

M/E: Mitsui-Deutz, SBV12M 628 Built / Re-built: 1984/ 2006

Salverity BHP: 4200 GRT: 401

M/E: Wartsila Nohab 6r25 Built / Re-built: 1995


Platform Supply Vessel - PSV

SIS Ace BHP: 4000 GRT: 1509

M/E: 16-CAT 3516 DITA Built / Re-built: 1993 / 2003

Sea Promise BHP: 3000 GRT: 653

M/E: EMD 12-645

Built / Re-built: 1979 / 1998

Atlas BHP: 3900 GRT: 821

M/E: EMDI6-645- E2

Built / Re-built: 1975/2000

Sea Spirit BHP: 3000 GRT: 673

M/E: EMD12-645

Built / Re-built: 1978/1997

Sea Swift BHP: 2500 GRT: 576

M/E: GM 16V149

Built 1 Re-built: 19791 2003

Venturia BHP: 2300 GRT: 497

M/E: MWM Deutz TBD 440-8 Built / Re-built: 1994


Platform Supply Vessel - PSV

Venturer BHP: 1500 GRT: 524

M/E: EMD 12-645

Built 1 Re-built: 1973/1991


Four Point Mooring / Accommodation

Ali 20 BHP: 1700 GRT: 474

M/E: 2CAT - D398

Built j Re-built: 1988 j 2007

SIS Service BHP: 3650 GRT: 1423

MjE: Deutz 12M 528 Built j Re-built: 1993

New built Fast Crew Boats joined the Fleet during 2009

Sea Jaguar BHP: 3180 GRT: 164

M/E: 3xMTU 12V2000 Built / Re-built: 1999

Sea Hawk BHP: 3298 GRT: 168

M/E: 3 x CAT C32 / DITTA Built / Re-built: 2009

Sea Phantom BHP: 2800 GRT: 119

M/E: MTU 12V 396 TB 83 Built / Re-built: 1985/1997


Fast Crew Boats

Sea Mirage BHP: 4300 GRT: 250

M/E: 3 x CAT 3512B Built / Re-built: 2003

Sea Harrier BHP: 3298 GRT: 168

M/E: 3 x CAT C32/ DITTA Built / Re-built: 2009

t~ ;

SIS FLEET Utility Boats

Sea Scout BHP: 1200 GRT: 254

M/E: GM Detroit 16V-71 Built / Re-built: 1981/1997

Sea Hopper BHP: 1200 GRT: 218

M/E: GM16V-71

Built / Re-built: 1979 / 1998

SIS Rider


GRT: 283

M/E: KT -38M Cummins Built / Re-built: 1978/ 2006

SIS Princess BHP: 1700 GRT: 270

M/E: CAT D398

Built / Re-built: 1998/2005

Viva BHP: 1200 GRT: 213

M/E: GM Detroit 16V-71 Built / Re-built: 1982/ 2003

Vista BHP: 1200 GRT: 213

M/E: GM Detroit 16V-71 Built / Re-built: 1982/2002

The Future

Our goal is to expand and scout for newer markets, and enhance various sections of Offshore & marine market worldwide.

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