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Community Wellbeing indicators: Table of included resources

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Academy for Governmental Definition: Not provided Not provided Seven key components Indicator sets or Governance
sustainable Sustainable of a sustainable indicator frameworks Transport and Connectivity
communities: Community community that Services
http://www.ascs together constitute a Environmental common goal: Economy
we-are.html Governance Housing and the Built Environment
Transport and Social and Cultural
Housing and the Built
Social and Cultural

Skills required for

project management,
partnership working
Aked J, Non- The report National Entire Mental Wellbeing Conceptual Strategic leadership
Michaelson J, Governmental attempts to population, Impact Assessment framework Services and commissioning
Steuer N. Organization apply the including: toolkit (PHE) Evaluation Strengthening communities
(2010). The role wellbeing 5 ways to wellbeing framework Organisational level activity
of local The project was evidence base Children and Commissioning for Measuring wellbeing outcomes
government in commissioned to the task of re- young people wellbeing Measures:
promoting by Local shaping local Older people MWIA:
wellbeing. Government governments People with the proportion of people Single measure of
London: Local Improvement role. Enhancing control;
mental health reporting that they overall wellbeing
Increasing resilience & community assets;
Government and issues belong strongly to their Existing scales for
Improvement Development Facilitating participation;
Disabled neighbourhood measuring subjective
promoting inclusion.
and and the National

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Development. Mental Health People percentage of people wellbeing (e.g. The
http://www.ritimo Development Local who feel they North West Mental
.org/IMG/pdf/Th Unit. business and can influence decisions Wellbeing Survey
e-2.pdf entrepreneurs in their locality and WEMWBS
(PSA 21) scale).
framework for
measuring wellbeing
(e.g. NEFs National
Accounts of Well-
being framework).
Wellbeing within
specific life domains
Andrews R. Academic Organisational Local (authority) local authority; Statistical model of Conceptual framework Community social capital
(2011). and community in England members of the organisational and Community organizational life
Exploring the social capital public community social Engagement with public affairs
Impact of capital Social trust
Community and
Organizational Organizational social capital
Social Capital Structural social capital
on Government Relational social capital
Performance: Cognitive social capital
Evidence from
Quarterly, 64,

Bacon N, et al. Non- Scopes: International Employed/Un Local wellbeing: can Conceptual Place:
(2010). The Governmental The report National employed we measure it? (The framework Access & opportunities;
state of (Young describes the Local Children and Local Wellbeing Logic model Safety & security
happiness: can Foundation) state of play in Families project) Indicator sets or Quality of local area & environment
public policy academic and Older people indicator frameworks
shape people's practical Adolescents

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
wellbeing and knowledge People with Social:
resilience? about wellbeing, mental health Family & relationships;
London: The including the issues Social support & engagement;
Young experience of People with
Foundation. the Local Sense of belonging & community cohesion.
https://youngfou Wellbeing health issues Project in the Community Personal:
content/uploads/ UK, one of the Health & mental wellbeing;
2012/10/The- few programmes
Engaging activities & achievements;
State-of- explicitly
focused on Material & financial wellbeing
wellbeing across
a range of policy
fields. It also
includes some
UK and
examples that
demonstrate the
range of
practical tests of
wellbeing theory
throughout the
The report
focuses on the
key areas where
the evidence is
strongest, where
there is most to
learn from
experience, and
where public
policy is likely
have the
greatest traction.
Baumgartner J academic Social inclusion Any People with Systematic review, Scales/ validated tools SinQUE 75 items:

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
N, and Burns J mental health reports on 5 scales: Domains:
K. (2014). issues productivity (6 items)
Measuring Social Inclusion consumption (15 items)
social inclusion- Questionnaire User
a key outcome access to services (6 items)
Experience (SInQUE) political engagement (6 items)
in global mental Mezey GS, White S,
health. social integration (42 items)
Thachil A et al.
International Development and
Journal of preliminary validation of SCOPE 48 items:
Epidemiology, a measure of social Domains:
43, pp.354-364. inclusion for use in leisure and participation
https://academic people with mental housing and accommodation
health problems: The
cle/43/2/354/677 SInQUE. Int J Soc safety
726/Measuring- Psychiatry work
social-inclusion- 2012;59:50107.; financial situation
self-reported health
Social and education
Community family and social relationships
Opportunities Profile
overall inclusion
(SCOPE) Huxley et al.
Development of a
social inclusion index to Social inclusion scale 22 items:
capture subjective and Domains:
objective life domains building social capital
(Phase II):
social acceptance
development study. neighbourhood cohesion
Health Technol Assess security of housing tenure
2012;16:iiivii, ixxii, 1 engagement in leisure/cultural activities
241.; citizenship

Social Inclusion Scale Social integration survey 62 items:

(SIS) Secker J,
Hacking S, Kent L,
Shenton J, Spandler H. social perception
Development of a work interactions
measure of social social skills

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
inclusion for arts and social cognition
mental health project instrumental activities of daily living/
participants. J Men self-care
Health 2009;18:6572.;
CIM 10 items:
Social Integration
Survey (SIS) Kawata Domains:
AK, Revicki DA. belonging (includes living situation,
Reliability and validity feeling accepted and part of the of the
of the social integration community, feeling close to people in
survey (SIS) in patients community)
with schizophrenia. independent participation (includes
Qual Life Res having something to do during the main
part of the day that is useful and
Community leisure activities, knowing the
Integration Measure
community and its rules)
(CIM) McColl MA,
Davies D, Carlson P,
Johnston J, Minnes P.
The Community
Integration Measure:
development and
preliminary validation.
Arch Phys Med Rehabil
2001;82: 42934.
Campanera J, Academic Definition: National English local Audit commissions Evaluation People and place
Higgins P. Sustainable Regional authorities local quality of life Framework Community cohesion and
(2011). The development Local indicator set Indicator sets or Involvement
quality of life in indicator frameworks Community safety
English local
Scope: 73 indicators included Validated tools or Culture and leisure
authority areas. in the final research instruments or Economic wellbeing
Local The paper
conducted an study question sets Education and life-long learning
Government Environment
Studies, 37, analysis of the
Audit Health and social
Commissions wellbeing
http://www.tandf Housing
local QOL Transport and access

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
bs/10.1080/0300 indicators
3930.2011.5550 dataset to paint Ten most important indicators
81 a picture of the
QOL conditions
Traffic flow
across English
Most deprived
local authorities
during a time Children income deprived.
when the UKs Elder income deprived.
SD agenda has Claiming key benefits.
been Job seekers
orientated Outside day safety
towards a Life expectancy
sustainable Pedestrian casualties
L focus
City of Cardiff Governmental Definition: Local Members of Cardiff Partnership Indicator Framework Thriving and prosperous economy:
Council (2015). City Liveability the Public Board Performance Measures and scales GVA
Cardiff: liveable Local Indicators Validated tools or Median wage
city report. Authorities instruments or Unemployment
Cardiff Community question sets Economic activity
https://www.card The report
outlines Cardiffs Business start-ups Visitor numbers and tourist spend
our- strengths and
Council/Strategi weaknesses,
es-plans-and- and compares Safety:
policies/Liveable its Total recorded crime
-City- performance to Hate crime
Report/Docume that of other Violence against the person
nts/Liveable%20 major UK Anti-social behaviour
city%20report% cities which face House burglaries
202015%20Fina similar Other thefts
l.pdf challenges, Criminal damage
across Perceptions of crime
the factors that
make up a great Health:
Life expectancy
Physical activity

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Binge drinking

The number of people with a degree
level qualification
The number of people with no
The number of people with the
equivalent of 5 GCSEs
Performance at primary school level
Those not in education, employment
or training (NEETs)

Clean, Attractive and Sustainable

Carbon emissions
Sustainable travel
Waste and recycling figures
Parks and green spaces

Fair, Just, and Inclusive Society:

Child poverty
Affordable housing

Liveability, Work, and Leisure:

European Commission Urban Audit
UK quality of life index
UKs best city to be young

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Coote A. (2015). Non- Definition: National Members of People, planet, power Conceptual Social Justice
People, planet, Governmental Social the Public (NEF) frameworks Environmental Sustainability
power: towards (NEF) settlement Local Logic models/logical More Equal Distribution Of Power
a new social Authorities frameworks/evaluatio
settlement. n plans
Scopes: Rebalance work and time:
London: New Indicator sets or
Economics The report offers Secure, satisfying, and sustainable work
proposals for indicator frameworks for all;
http://newecono moving towards Shorter and more flexible hours of paid a new social work;
2/people-planet- settlement that Decent hourly rates of pay;
power/?lost=true is able to meet Universal, high-quality childcare.
&_sf_s=+publica the
tions+++++plan challenges of
Release human resources:
et+power+towar the twenty-first
ds+a+new+soci century. It is Build capacity and control in the core
al+settlement NEFs economy;
contribution to Promote co-production;
current debates Commission services for outcomes and co-
about how we production;
together and Strengthen social security:
shape the More diverse, open, and collaborative
future, our public services;
relationship with
A more rounded, inclusive, and democratic
each other and benefits system.
government, the
role of the Plan for a sustainable future:
welfare state, Develop eco-social policies that promote
and the quality both social justice and environmental
of everyday life. sustainability;
Offset the regressive effects of pro-
environmental measures;
Change practice through public institutions;
Create mechanisms for future-proofing

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Department for Governmental Community National; local Local authorities Cohesion delivery Conceptual framework Govt sets out a vision for an integrated and
Communities cohesion framework 2010 cohesive community, based on three
and Local foundations:
Government. People from different backgrounds having
(2010). similar life opportunities
Cohesion People knowing their rights and
delivery responsibilities
framework 2010:
overview. People trusting one another and trusting
local institutions to act fairly.
Department for
Communities And three key ways of living together:
and Local A shared future vision and sense of
Government. belonging
http://webarchiv A focus on what new and existing
e.nationalarchiv communities have in common, alongside a recognition of the value of diversity
Strong and positive relationships between
people from different
ments/communit backgrounds.
3 national indicators:
The percentage of people who believe
people from different backgrounds
get on well together in their local area;
The percentage of people who feel that
they belong to their neighbourhood;
The percentage of people who have
meaningful interactions with people
from different backgrounds.

The first two are measured locally by the

Place Survey. All three are measured
nationally by the Citizenship Survey.
Department of Governmental Community National Adults; n/a Conceptual framework improved health and wellbeing outcomes
Health (2011). engagement members of the and impact on wider determinants of health

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Social action for (volunteering) public (e.g. education, environment, employment
health and well- and crime);
being: building increased learning opportunities,
communities: employability and job-related skills;
Department of increased social capital and community
Health strategic resilience; and
vision for increasing integration of the socially
volunteering. excluded.
Department of
Department Of Governmental Public/ Local authorities Entire Public Health Indicator sets or 1. Improving the wider determinants of
Health (2012). community in England population in a Outcomes Framework indicator framework health:
Healthy lives, The Public health local authority Children in poverty;
healthy people: Health area. Indicators School readiness;
improving Outcomes include:
62 indicators that were Pupil absence;
outcomes and Framework Children in included in the original
supporting First-time entrants to the youth justice
poverty Public Health
transparency. system;
16-18 year Outcomes Framework
Part 1: a public 16-18 yo NEET;
olds not in consultation document,
health outcomes Adults with LD/ in contact with secondary
education, plus a further 25
framework for mental health services who live in stable
employment indicators that were
England, 2012- and appropriate accommodation;
or training proposed by
2016. London: People in prison who have a mental illness
Department of People in stakeholders in
prison who response to the or a significant mental illness;
have a mental consultation Employment for those with LTCs including adults with LD or who are in contact with
illness or a
uk/government/u secondary MH services;
ploads/system/u significant
mental illness Sickness absence rate;
nt_data/file/2636 People Killed and seriously injured casualties on

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
58/2901502_PH entering Englands roads;
OF_Improving_ prison with Domestic abuse;
Outcomes_PT1 substance Violent crime;
A_v1_1.pdf dependence
issues who Reoffending levels;
are previously % population affected by noise;
not known to Statutory homelessness;
community Use of green space for exercise/ health
treatment reasons;
Falls and Fuel poverty; social isolation;
injuries in Older peoples perception of community
people aged safety.
65 and over
Take up of the 2. Health improvement
NHS Health
Check Low birth weight of term babies;
Programme Breastfeeding;
by those Smoking status at time of delivery;
eligible Under 18 conceptions;
People Child development at 2-2 years (under
presenting development);
with HIV at a Excess weight in 4-5 and 10-11 year olds;
late stage of
Hospital admissions caused by
unintentional and deliberate injuries in
People with children and young people aged 0-14 and
dementia 15-24 years;
Emotional wellbeing of looked after
Smoking prevalence 15 year olds
Excess weight in adults;
Proportion of physically active and inactive
Smoking prevalence adult (over 18s);
Successful completion of drug treatment;

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
People entering prison with substance
dependence issues who are previously not
known to community treatment;
Recorded diabetes;
Alcohol-related admissions to hospital;
Cancer diagnosed at stage 1 and 2;
Cancer screening coverage;
Access to non-cancer screening
Take up of the NHS Health Check
Programme by those eligible;
Self-reported wellbeing;
Falls and injuries in people aged 65 and

3. Health protection
Fraction of mortality attributable to
particulate air pollution;
Chlamydia diagnoses (15-24 year olds);
Population vaccination coverage;
People presenting with HIV at a late stage
of infection;
Treatment completion for Tuberculosis
Public sector organisations with board-
approved sustainable development
management plan;
Comprehensive, agreed inter-agency plans
for responding to health protection
incidents and emergencies.

4. Healthcare, public health and

preventing premature mortality
Infant mortality;
Tooth decay in children aged 5;

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Mortality from causes considered
Mortality from all cardiovascular diseases
(including heart disease and stroke);
Mortality from cancer;
Mortality from liver disease;
Mortality from respiratory diseases;
Mortality from communicable diseases;
Excess under 75 mortality in adults with
serious mental illness;
Suicide rate;
Emergency readmissions within 30 days of
discharge from hospital;
Preventable sight loss;
Health-related quality of life for older
Hip fractures in people aged 65 and over;
Excess winter deaths;
Estimated diagnosis rate for people with
Fisher B. (2016). Governmental Definition: Local Community Mortality Logic models/logical Co-production
Community Community Mental health frameworks/evaluation Social networks
Development commissioned Development Life Satisfaction plans Associational life
and Health by the Responding to stress Community Empowerment
Literature Department of The elderly Social Capital
Review Health Cardiac Disease Community capital
Revised 2016, This literature
review aims to Resilience Community Organising
Empowerment offer relevant Health Inequalities Big Society
Leverage definitions, a
Project. brief background
http://www.healt to the current
hempowerment. state of play in the statutory
content/uploads/ services, the
2016/03/CD- nature of
AND-HEALTH- community

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
LITERATURE- development, its
REVIEW-Brian- relationship to
Fisher-Revised- community
edn-2016.pdf health and to
enhancing the
It also touches
on the evidence
on CD and
Foot J. (2012). Local The advantage Local Neighbourhood/ Wellbeing and Conceptual framework Self: the way people feel about their own
What makes us Wellbeing of the WARM (neighbourhood) LA Resilience measure lives, personal wellbeing and resilience,
healthy? An Project, and the framework (WARM) as well as other attributes such as
asset approach Young of measures is
in practice: income or health
Foundation, that it is
evidence, designed to be Support: the quality of social supports
action, and three used to measure and networks within the community,
evaluation. councils (NGO/ individual and which includes emotional support as well gov) community as broader personal support
wellbeing and Structure and systems: the strength of
NAL%20FINAL. resilience in a the local economy, availability of local
pdf neighbourhood. services, infrastructure and environment
The premise is which support people to achieve their
that the key to
aspirations and live a good life.
is to boost local The tool
assets makes use of existing data and new local
and social data to measure:
wealth, while current wellbeing as well as local
also tackling circumstances or context
The advantage
assets or strengths such as social capital,
of the WARM
framework confidence among residents, the quality
of measures is of local services and availability of

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
that it is employment
designed to be vulnerabilities such as isolation, crime,
used to measure and
individual and unemployment
community subjective perceptions, for example
wellbeing and satisfaction with GPs alongside objective
resilience in a
neighbourhood. factors such as the number of GPs in an
The premise is area.
that the key to
is to boost local
and social
wealth, while
also tackling
86 Building
communities. A
for Wiltshire
Think Family
Board, Vicki
Sellick, Nina
Russell and
Nicola Bacon
(February 2010)
Glasgow Centre The GCPH is a Definition: Regional Service Community Profile Indicator Framework Population demographics:

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
for Population partnership Community Local providers indicators Measures and scales Child population (aged 0-15)
Health. A between NHS Health and Planners Adult population (aged 16-64)
Community Greater Wellbeing Policy makers Indicator framework Elderly population (aged 65+)
Health and Glasgow and Members of Validated tools or Minority ethnic groups
Wellbeing Clyde, Glasgow Scopes: the Public instruments or Asylum Seekers
Profile for East City Council, question sets Life expectancy - males
Glasgow and the This profile
provides Life expectancy - females
(http://www.gcph University of
indicators for a Live births Glasgow,
range of health Households - Single adults
00/0622/EastGla funded by the
sgow.pdf ) Scottish outcomes (e.g. Single parents
Government. life expectancy, Mortality:
mortality, Deaths all ages (5 yrs)
hospitalisation) Coronary heart disease deaths in under
and health 75s (5 yrs)
determinants Cancer deaths in under 75s (5 yrs)
(e.g. smoking Cerebrovascular disease deaths in under
levels, 75s (5 yrs)
breastfeeding, Drugs, Alcohol and
employment, Smoking:
crime, Alcohol related and attributable hospital
education). Alcohol related deaths (5 yrs)
Estimated smokers (16+)
Drug related hospital patients
Drug related deaths (10 yrs)
Hospitalisation & Injury:
Patients registered with cancer
Heart disease patients
Cerebrovascular disease
Emergency medical admission
Multiple admission patients
Unintentional Injury patients
Patients prescribed statins
Road accident casualties
Assault discharges
Mental Health &

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Suicide (5 yrs)
Self-assessed health (classified as Not
First hospital admission - psychiatric
Patients prescribed drugs for
Incapacity Benefit & SDA Claimants
Long-term limiting illness
Social Work:
Clients aged 0-15
Clients aged 16-64
Clients aged 65+
Prosperity Poverty:
'Income deprived
employment deprived
JSA - Unemployment
Households without
Children in workless
Social grade E -
Primary school attendance
S4 Pupils with 5+ GCSE equivalents
Adults without qualifications
Serious violent crime
Domestic abuse incidents
Drug Offenders
Housing & Transport:
Housing type - tenements
House prices
Housing tenure - Owner Occupiers
Travelling to work by foot/bike or public

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Child & Maternal Health:
Smoking during pregnancy (3 yrs)
Breastfeeding (at 6 - 8 week review)
Low birth-weight babies ( 3 yrs)
Immunisation uptake at 24 mths - MMR
-all excl.
Dental hospital admissions for children
Teenage pregnancy - under 18 years (3
Road accident casualties - children
Government Governmental Social capital; National Members of the Digital Inclusion Indicator set or DIGITAL OUTCOMES
Digital Service Community public Outcomes framework
Digital Inclusion engagement/ Framework All citizens access the internet
Research participation
Working Group 1. Increase % households with an internet
(2015). From connection
volumes to 2. Increase % of adults accessing the
value: an internet on the go using mobile phones
outcomes and/or portable computers
framework for 3. Increase % of non-internet users who
measuring the intend to get access in the next year
benefits of
digital inclusion. All citizens make use of the internet
London: regularly
4. Increase % of internet users who go
Digital Service,
online daily
Cabinet Office.
5. Reduce % of adults who have never
used the internet
1.amazonaws.c Everyone has the skills and confidence
om/resources/fil to use the internet
es/DI_Outcomes 6. Increase % internet users who rate their
Framework_SU ability to use the internet as good or
MMARY.pdf excellent
7. Increase % adults who have basic online

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
8. Reduce % internet users who only use
websites they have used before
9. Increase % internet users who are
aware that some websites listed by a
search engine will be accurate or
unbiased and some wont be
10. Increase % adults who agree that the
internet makes life easier
11. Increase % non-users who feel they
could perform daily tasks better if they
used the internet
12. Increase % people who agree that The
internet is for people like me


Help people to improve their

employment prospects
13. Increase % internet users seeking
information about jobs/work online
14. Increase % internet users looking at job
opportunities online
15. Increase % internet users who report
that they have found a job online

Help people to improve their level of

educational attainment
16. Increase % internet users doing an
online course to achieve a qualification
17. Increase % of children aged 5-15 who
go online at home or elsewhere using any

Help people to manage and save money

18. Increase % internet users who
compare products online

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
19. Increase % of internet users who use
online bank services
20. Increase % internet users who report
they have saved money online
21. Increase % internet users paying bills

Help to support creativity and

22. Increase % internet users confident in
using the internet to do creative things
such as making blogs, sharing photos or
uploading videos


Enable people to live healthier lifestyles

23. Increase % internet users making an
online appointment with a doctor or other
health practitioner
24. Increase % of internet users seeking
health information online
25. Increase % internet users who report
that they have found information to improve
their health

Enable people to communicate and

connect with others
26. Increase % internet users sending and
receiving emails
27. Increase % internet users looking at
social networking sites/apps
28. Increase % internet users using Instant
Messaging services / online chatrooms
29. Increase % internet users making or
receiving telephone or video calls using

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
services like Skype or FaceTime

Help people in their leisure pursuits and

30. Increase % internet users finding
information for leisure time including
cinema and live music
31. Increase % internet users finding
information for booking holidays
32. Increase % internet users who listen to
or download music online
33. Increase % internet users who watch
online or download TV programmes or
34. Increase % internet users who have
found out about an event online

Make it easier for people to access

public services
35. Increase % internet looking for
information on central government services
36. Increase % internet users paying a
central government tax, TV licence fee, car
tax disc
37. Increase % internet users looking for
information about local council services
38. Increase % internet users paying a
local council tax, fine or service

Support greater democratic and civic

39. Increase % internet users contacting a
local councillor / MP online
40. Increase % internet users finding out
about news/events in local area or

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
41. Increase % internet users finding
information that helps them form an opinion

GoWell (2010). Non- Definition: National policy-makers GoWell Community Conceptual People and Circumstances:
Progress for Governmental Urban Regional GoWell Health and frameworks Age
People and Governmental regeneration researchers Wellbeing Survey Logic models/logical Gender
Places: 2006-2008 frameworks/evaluatio Ethnicity
Monitoring n plans
Scopes: Housing:
change in Indicator sets or
Glasgows GoWell is a This report indicator frameworks Type of house
communities. collaborative focuses on Residential stability
partnership findings from the Satisfaction with housing
Evidence from
the GoWell
between the GoWell Improvement
Glasgow Community
Surveys 2006
and 2008. Centre for Health and Neighbourhoods:
Population Wellbeing
Glasgow: Health, the Neighbourhood satisfaction
Survey of 14
Glasgow Centre University of Anti-social behaviour
for Population neighbourhoods Safety at night
Glasgow and in Glasgow
the MRC Social undergoing
http://www.gowe and Public Community: different types of
Health Sciences regeneration. Community spaces
Unit, sponsored Inclusion
ple_and_Places by Glasgow Belonging
_- Housing
_Monitoring_cha Association, the
Physical Health:
nge_in_Glasgow Scottish
Government, General health
___s_communiti Long term illness
es.pdf NHS Health
Scotland and Recent illness
NHS Greater
Glasgow & Mental Health and Wellbeing:
Clyde. Mental health problems
Regeneration areas
Quality of life
Grant Thornton Non- Definition: National Local authorities The Health and Evaluation Economic:
UK LLP. (2015). Governmental Public health Local Wellbeing Index Framework Unemployment, qualifications, childhood

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Growing healthy Logic models/logical education, occupations and income
communities: Scope: frameworks/evaluatio
the Health and The health and n plans Society:
Wellbeing Index. wellbeing index Indicator sets or
London: Grant Deprivation, child poverty, fuel poverty,
highlights the indicator frameworks
Thornton UK crime and social cohesion
extent to which
LLP economic, social
http://www.grant Environment:
and environmental Household occupancy (overcrowding),
obalassets/1.- determinants natural environment, social housing,
member- translate to good homelessness and living environment
firms/united- or bad health
kingdom/pdf/pub outcomes in Health Outcome Criteria:
lication/2015/gro their broadest Healthy lifestyles:
wing-healthy- sense. It also
communities- Adult obesity, child obesity, sports
shows the scale
health-and- participation, smoking, drug misuse, binge
and nature of
wellbeing- drinking, under-age pregnancy and low
inequality across
index.pdf birth weight
the country and
reiterates the
need for a local, Health conditions:
place-based Life expectancy, infant mortality, cancer
approach to mortality, suicide mortality, circulatory
tackling health mortality, alcohol mortality, excess winter
outcomes. deaths, hip fractures, diabetes, self-
reported wellbeing
Happy City NGO (Happy Wellbeing Local Members of the The Happy City Index Conceptual framework; CITY PULSE
Index City) (Individual and public Logic model; measure Job satisfaction;
http://happycityi community) (survey) Social isolation;
content/uploads/ Physical & Mental health;
2016/04/Happy- Accommodation;
City-Index- Public Transport;
Framework- Cultural Engagement;
Outline.pdf Inter-generational contact;
Green Space
Helsper E.J. Academic Definition: National Researchers Social Impact Conceptual Offline Inclusion:
(2012). A Frameworks

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
corresponding Social and Mediators: Economic:
fields model for Digital Access Income
the links Inclusion/Exclusi Skills Employment
between social on Attitudes Education
and digital
exclusion. Scopes:
Communication Digital Inclusion: Cultural:
Theory, 22, This article Relevance Gender
proposes a
pp.403-426. Quality Ethnicity
http://onlinelibrar Ownership Generation
model that hypothesizes Sustainability
10.1111/j.1468- how specific Social:
areas of digital Social Ties
and social Political and Civic Networks
exclusion) n
influence each
other. It article Personal:
focuses on Psychological Health
correspondence Physical Health
across key Personality
resource fields
that exist online Digital Inclusion:
and offline. Economic:
Commerce and Finance
Information and Learning

Participation and Engagement

Participation and Engagement
Networking and Communication

Entertainment and Leisure

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Hewes S, Non provided Definition: Local Local authorities Answer to the survey Validated tools Promotion of equalities
Buonfino A. Community question: Addressing unemployment/ under-
(2010). Cohesion What do you see as employment
Cohesive the most important Addressing unemployment/ under-
communities: facet of community employment
the benefits of cohesion in your Engaging with different groups
effective The report authority? (aggregated in the community
partnership focuses results of respondents Empowering communities
working specifically on assigned rankings from
between local the relationship 1 to 5 where 1 = most
government and between the important)
the voluntary Voluntary
and community Community
sector. London: Sector (VCS)
The Young and local
Foundation. authorities,
https://youngfou asking how that relationship
content/uploads/ could be made
2012/10/Cohesi stronger to
ve- promote
Communities- cohesion and
July-2010.pdf enhance

Hillcoat- Governmental/ Neighbourhood National Older people, Living in Wales Indicator set Neighbourhood:
Nalletamby S, academic dislikes from aged 50 years survey Children/ young people hanging around;
and Jim O G. G. living in Wales or more Noisy/ not peaceful;
(2014). Moving survey 2004 (n=2,336)
beyond 'ageing Not well-maintained/ dirty/ litter;
in place': older Car parking;
people's dislikes People/ neighbours;
about their Poor public transport;
home and No/ poor facilities for teenagers;
No/ poor shops;
environments as
a motive for Not safe/ secure/ lot of crime;
wishing to move. Drug users/ pushers;
Ageing and No/ poor facilities for children;

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Society, 34, No sense of community;
pp.1771-1796. Isolated; Poor schools.
Hopkins T, Non- Scopes: Local Members of n/a Conceptual Communities
Rippon S. Governmental The report sets the Public frameworks Social Networks
(2015). Head, out some of the Local Indicator sets or Connectedness
hands and territory, Authorities indicator frameworks Resilience
heart: asset- opportunities Psychosocial Health
based Research
commissioned and challenges
approaches in in adopting
health care: a and funded by improved measures of physical and mental
the Health asset-based
review of the wellbeing;
Foundation approaches for
conceptual improving health greater positive experiences of caring and
evidence and and wellbeing. being cared for fostering a sense of
case studies of connectedness;
asset-based encouraging greater citizen involvement
approaches in and activity by people to promote their own
health, care and interests and those of others and the
wellbeing. creation of a flourishing civil society;
London: The development of strong communities and
Health social capital;
challenging and reducing health inequities;

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
academic) developing policies aimed at tackling
alth/files/HeadH poverty and the social, economic and
andsAndHeartA environmental determinants of health.
Huxley P, Evans Academic Social capital; National; Adults Short Social and Measure or scale Leisure time;
S, Madge S, Happiness/ Regional; Community Housing & accommodation;
Webber M, wellbeing Local Opportunities Profile Drawn from existing Work;
Burchardt T, (mini-SCOPE) national surveys
McDaid D, Finances;
Knapp M. Safety;
(2012). Education;
Development of Health;
a social Family & Friends.
inclusion index
to capture
subjective and
objective life
domains (Phase
II): psychometric
study, Health
Assessment, 16,
Jeffrey K, Non- Definition: National Employees NEF 5 Headline Conceptual Good Jobs:
Michaelson J Governmental National Self-employed Indicators of national Framework Proportion of the labour force employed
(2015). Five Organization success people success: Measures and scales in secure jobs that pay at least enough to
headline Adults allow for an acceptable standard of
indicators of Report written Scopes: Children living.
national with the Socioeconomi
success: a The report
endorsement of c status Wellbeing:
clearer picture of proposes five
several Gender
how the UK is new headline Average (mean) UK response to the life
organizations indicators of satisfaction question included in the

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
performing. (e.g. Happy City, national success ONSs Annual Population Survey.
London: New Oxfam, World for the UK. Its
Economics Future Council) aim is to realign Environment:
Foundation. policy priorities
with those of the Annual release of UK carbon emissions
public, building a in relation to a global emissions budget
stronger, more set at a level consistent with a two-in-
balanced three chance of avoiding dangerous
economy. climate change
Data from the ONSs Effects of Taxes
and Benefits on Household Income

ONS statistic on avoidable deaths, which
measures the proportion of deaths in
England and Wales which were from
causes considered avoidable through
good quality healthcare or wider public
health interventions.

Supporting Indicators:

Good Jobs:
Gender and other protected
Job satisfaction
Median income
Housing affordability

Childrens wellbeing
Wellbeing inequalities

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Other subjective wellbeing indicators
Mental wellbeing scale
Social trust

An indicator of biodiversity
Indicators of natural resource use
An indicator of local air quality

Summary statistics of income inequality
A measure of wealth inequality
A measure of gender inequalities
A measure of inequalities between ethnic
An indicator highlighting the extent of
health inequalities

An indicator of overall health outcomes
An indicator more directly focused on the
quality of the health service
An indicator of the quality of health
provision for the over-75s (who are not
counted within many causes of death in
the headline indicator)
An indicator highlighting the extent of
health inequalities between socio-
economic groups
Lupton R and, Academic Community National Community Governmental floor Indicator set or Liveability:
Fenton A and, development Local Authorities targets indicator framework Reduce proportion of local authorities with
and Fitzgerald Funded by the National unacceptable litter
A. (2013). Joseph Wellbeing/Succe Reduce number of abandoned cars
Labour's record Rowntree ss/Development Increase household satisfaction

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
on Foundation and Neighbourhood Neighbourhood satisfaction:
neighbourhood the Nuffield satisfaction Survey of English Housing (SEH)/English
renewal in Foundation Housing Survey (EHS)
England: policy, Worklessness:
spending and
outcomes 1997- Using the method of English Indices of
2010. Social Multiple Deprivation in using the total of
Policy in a Cold Job Seekers Allowance and Incapacity
Climate Working Benefit/Serious Disablement Allowance
Paper 6. claimants (and, latterly, also Employment
London: Centre Support Allowance), divided by the
for Analysis of working-age population, as a proxy for
work deprivation
Exclusion, Health:
London School Reduce the gap in life expectancy by 10%
of Economics Reduce the gap in deaths from circulatory
and Political diseases by 40%
Science. Reduce the gap in premature cancer
http://sticerd.lse. deaths by 6%
Reduce inequalities in levels of
development at the Foundation Stage
Reduce by 40% the proportion of schools
in which fewer than 65% of pupils achieve
level 4 or above at Key Stage 2
In all schools at least 50% of pupils to
achieve Level 5
In all schools, at least 20% of pupils to
achieve 5 GCSEs at A*-C
Mehmood A. Academic: improve social Local Community of Evolutionary Conceptual Community Resilience:
(2016). Of relations place resilience of a place Framework
resilient places: Sustainable support socio- Active learning
planning for political
Places Robustness,
urban resilience. empowerment
Research Transformability and Innovation
European fulfil the basic
Institute & Adaptability to change
School of Social needs of the
Studies, 24, Sciences, people.
pp.407-419. Transition Towns principles:

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
http://www.tandf Cardiff University, Adaptation of Behavioural change
df/10.1080/0965 Wales, UK Davoudi et al Community building
4313.2015.1082 (2013) Localization
980 conceptual Preparedness
framework of Persistence
Milton B, et al. academic Community Local Some indicators Framework developed Evaluation framework Primary
(2012). The engagement of disadvantage for systematic review Individual or population health (morbidity
impact of in the 13 of community and mortality)
community included studies engagement Health-related risk factors (e.g. smoking
engagement on e.g. homeless or rates)
health and at risk of
social outcomes: homelessness; Environmental and socio-economic
indicators (e.g. housing)
a systematic substance use
review. issues; Health inequalities within/between
Community socioeconomic communities
Development disadvantage
Journal, 47, Intermediate
pp.316-334. Level/diversity of community members engaged
Communication between the community
and service providers
y.pdf Rates of service uptake or new services
reflecting community-perceived needs
Identification of community needs
Community engagement (e.g. ensuring that
community members expectations of
are met)
Community involvement in planning,
design, delivery and governance of
Enhanced social inclusion, cohesion or
Enhanced community wellbeing (e.g.

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
sense of empowerment)
Partnership working between communities,
institutions and governments
OECD (2014), Governmental Definition: International Policy makers OECD Regional Logic models/logical Jobs:
How's Life in Regional (Including the Wellbeing Framework frameworks/evaluatio Employment rate
Your Region? Wellbeing UK, see n plans Unemployment rate
Measuring Measuring Indicator sets or Health:
Regional and wellbeing and indicator frameworks
Local Wellbeing
changes to Validated tools or Life expectancy at birth
for Policy The report wellbeing in instruments or Age adjusted mortality rate
Making, OECD presents the Newcastle question sets Safety:
OECD analytical
Publishing, https://www.well Homicide rate
Paris. framework for
measuring Education:
DOI: k/sites/default/fil
wellbeing at the es/OECD%20- Labour force with at least a secondary
regional level, %20How's%20lif degree
4217416-en as well as e%20in%20your Income:
internationally %20region.pdf) Household disposable income per capita
Civic engagement:
indicators on 9
wellbeing Regional Voters in last national election
dimensions for
362 regions Environment:
across 34
Level of air pollution experienced by
regional population
countries. It also
sets out Access to services:
guidance for all Household with broadband access
levels of Housing:
government in Rooms per person
using wellbeing
measures to
better target
policies at the
specific needs of
Oxfam Scotland Report written Definition: Regional Policy makers Oxfam Humankind Indicator sets or Housing
(2013|) Oxfam by Oxfam Community Local Index indicator frameworks Health

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Humankind Scotland with prosperity authorities http://policytool.huma Validated tools or Neighbourhood/Environment
Index: The new the support of Members of instruments or Work Satisfaction
measure of the Carnegie UK Scopes: the Public question sets Good relationships
Scotland's Trust
This is the Indicators sources: Safety
Prosperity, first Green Spaces
(and second) second report of
the Oxfam Secure/Suitable Work
results 2009-2010 Scottish
Humankind Household Survey Having enough money
http://policy- Index for Financial Security
practice.oxfam.o (SHS)
Scotland, 2009-2010 Scottish Culture/Hobbies following Local Facilities
s/oxfam- Social Attitudes
publication of Survey (SAS). Skills and Education
humankind- the first results Local Area Labour Community Spirit
index-the-new- in April 2012. Markets in Scotland, Good Transport
The Oxfam Statistics from the Good services
Humankind Annual Tolerance
prosperity- Index is a new
second-results- Population Survey Feeling Good
way of 2010
293743 measuring the
prosperity of
Scotland over
time, based on
across Scotland
say is important
to them in
making a good
Parsfield M et al. The Connected Definition: Regional Policy makers The Connected Conceptual Asset-based community development
(2015). Communities for Community Local Local Communities Frameworks Coproduction
Community Mental Capital authorities Approach in Policy Logic models/logical Sustainability
capital: the Wellbeing and Members of frameworks/evaluatio
and Practice n plans
value of Social the Public
Scopes: Suggestions for growing community
connected Inclusion Community Indicator sets or
The report looks capital:
communities. programme was indicator frameworks
London: RSA funded by the at how different
Action & National Lottery interventions Health and
Research through the can contribute to Wellbeing Boards:
the development

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Centre. Big Lottery of resilient, Set aside a percentage of funds to
https://www.ther Fund. inclusive commission community interventions communities such as co-produced and peer support
ets/pdfs/reports/ with higher groups
rsaj3718- subjective Adopt and develop a connectivity
connected- wellbeing. focused commissioning approach and a
communities- strategic commissioning framework
report_web.pdf The report also
examines how Education and
interventions Childrens Services:
Use schools as anchor institutions to
and connect with other services
Connect pupils with local mentors and
attitudes, and employers
Facilitate parents to build community
connections with each other
and attitudes
individuals and Local
communities Authorities:
propensity to Use co-ordinating role to facilitate
foster various collective impact approaches, drawing
kinds of social together different stakeholders to tackle
value, including isolation
better wellbeing, Recruit para-social workers to develop
greater personal community connection plans
citizenship and with individuals, or community organisers
empowerment, to work to weave new connections in a
improved place
and economic Business and Civic Society:
LEPs and charities could make
community chest small grant funding
packages available for new initiatives
run by two or more multidisciplinary local
organisations working together

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
CCGs and Public Health:
Commission co-produced peer support
groups like Murton Mams and
the drug and alcohol recovery peer group
Aspire 2B

Housing and
Planning Officers:
Use Community Infrastructure
Levy (CIL) funds to provide versatile
community venues, facilities and
residents associations
Local authorities could work with
residents to coproduce projects funded
by the 15% neighbourhood share of CIL

Residential and
Adult Social Care:
Position key staff as community
engagement workers, using a
Connected Communities approach to
better support aging in place
Phillips G, academic Well London: Local Deprived Social integration; Validated tools Social integration:
Bottomley C, measures of neighbourhoods Collective efficacy; Some/ most people in neighbourhood can
Schmidt E, Tobi social outcomes in London Fear of crime be trusted;
P, Lais S, Ge Y, People from different backgrounds in the
Lynch R, Lock neighbourhood get on;
K, Draper A,
Moore D, Clow Racial harassment is a problem.
A, Petticrew M,
Hayes R, and Collective efficacy:
Renton A. People in the neighbourhood pull together
(2014). to improve it;
Measures of People in the neighbourhood help each
exposure to the other and do things together;
Well London

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Phase-1 Taken any action to solve problems in the
intervention and local area in past 12 months;
their association Volunteering (any activity in last 12
with health months);
wellbeing and Antisocial behaviour (resident perceptions
social outcomes. score).
Journal of
Epidemiology &
Community Fear of crime:
Health, 68, Feel safe in the neighbourhood (day;
pp.597-605 9p. Feel safe in the neighbourhood (night).
Prilleltensky, I. Academic Definition: National Researchers Objective and Conceptual Objective Indicators:
(2012). Community subjective indicators Framework Economic resources:
Wellness as Wellbeing of Community Indicator sets or
Employment opportunities
fairness. Wellbeing indicator frameworks
safety net
Journal of policies to promote research
Five Ss of wellbeing: development
Psychology, Sites investments
49(1-2), 1-21. Signs Health promotion:
Sources Access to high quality health care.
http://onlinelibrar Strategies Policies and programs to promote
10.1007/s10464 Synergy healthy eating and physical activity.
-011-9448- Prevention of epidemics and exposure to
8/abstract toxic substances.
Public awareness campaigns
Proper functioning of government
services, such as policing, zoning, and
education. Timely delivery
of services.
Integrity and corruption
Democratic elections and institutions
Freedom of expression, movement, and

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Protections for minorities
Equality before the law
Affirmative action policies
Participation and inclusion:
Opportunities to participate in public
affairs, such as referenda, and presence
of services for various minorities

Subjective Indicators:
Economic resources:
Feeling hopeful about economic future
Feelings related to
Perceptions of economic opportunities
Health promotion:
Stress related to access to health care
and poor health services.
Awareness of health policies and health
Perceptions of fairness in health system.
Knowledge of health promotion
Perceptions about government
efficiency, corruption and transparency
Feeling safe and protected. Fear of
reprisals by criminals, such as organized
Feeling respected by other citizens and
government officials, perceptions of
fairness in dealings with authorities and

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Participation and inclusion:
Feelings of inclusion, belonging and
sense of community
Public Health Governmental Definition: National Local leaders, Community-centred Conceptual Social capital
England, NHS Community- commissioners approaches: frameworks Community resilience
England (2015) centred and service Logic models/logical physical, social and economic
A guide to approaches providers frameworks/evaluatio environment
community Communities;
n plans community resources
Scopes: Volunteer and peer
approaches for
health and This guide roles;
wellbeing. outlines a family Collaboration and
London: Public of approaches partnership;
Health England for evidence- Access to community
& NHS England based resources. community-
uk/government/u centred
ploads/system/u approaches to
ploads/attachme health and
nt_data/file/4028 wellbeing.
Rocket Science Governmental Definition: Regional Local BIG: Community Evaluation Thriving Civil Society Sector:
UK Ltd (2010) Community Local Authorities Assets Framework Value of secured external funding
Summative Asset Logic models/logical leveraged into the asset
evaluation of the frameworks/evaluatio Value of surplus generated for the
Community n plans project through management of the asset
Asset Validated tools or Score for robustness of business plan?
Programme. Scopes: instruments or
Value of funding being channelled to
Appendix F: This report question sets
CSOs in the locality generated as a
Programme presents the
surplus from the management of the
Outcomes findings and
Framework recommendation
Value of in-kind support (/per hour)

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
https://www.bigl s of the being given to CSOs related to asset summative management
k/research/com evaluation of the
munities-and- Community Diversified service delivery routes:
places/communi Asset
ties-and-places- Programme, Assessment of the number and value of
publications managed by the public service contracts delivered by the
BIG Lottery CSO at the start of the project and
Fund on behalf tracked over time
of the Office for % of board of CSO that feel that having
Civil Society control of the asset is crucial to the
(OCS). delivery of public service contract

Influence of local decision-making by

local community:
Number of local people on the board of
the CSO
Number of local people actively involved
in the organisation of events run by the
% of local people who feel that the asset
enables them to have greater influence
on local decision-making

Increase in community cohesion and


Number of different groups from a range

of backgrounds and interests using the
asset on a regular basis

Number of people from a range of
backgrounds that use the asset regularly
% of local people from a range of
backgrounds that feel the way the asset

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
is run successfully meets their needs

Increase in civic participation:

Number of local people actively involved
as volunteers in the running of the asset
%of local people who would be feel that
they would be welcome as volunteers in
the management of the asset

Increase in community capacity to

effect change/development of social
No of people undertaking skill
development programmes
% increase in skill levels among board
members and wider community
Royal Society Non- Definition: National Members of Selected Indicators: Conceptual Public Services and Communities
for the Governmental Social Change Regional the Public frameworks Creative Learning and Development
encouragement Local Evaluation Economy, Enterprise & Manufacturing
Local Arts and Society
of Arts, Authorities Framework
Climate Change
Manufactures Community Logic models/logical
Education frameworks/evaluatio
and Commerce
(RSA) Employment n plans
https://www.ther Localism Indicator sets or Pensions indicator frameworks
Social mobility
Rutter J. (2015). NGO (Family & Definition: National Policy makers Family Friendly Indicator set/ Broad family wellbeing statistics:
Where is the Childcare Trust) Family and Regional Local Indicators Sources: Framework Average (mean) life satisfaction rating
most family community authorities All recorded crime in 12 months to June
friendly area in wellbeing Members of Annual Population 2014, per head of population
England? the Public Percentage of babies totally or partially
London: Family
Scopes: Police force recorded breastfed at the 6-8 week development
& Childcare check
The report crime statistics
NHS England Percentage of children who are

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
examines trends statistical release overweight or obese in Year 6 of primary
towards Breastfeeding education
becoming family initiation and Adult participation in sport in reference
friendly in prevalence at 6 to 8 week of Active People Survey
England and weeks Percentage of the over-3 population who
accompanies Department for cannot speak English well or at all
the National Culture, Media and Single parent households with
Report Card for Sports Active dependent children, as a percentage of
2015. The People Survey 2012 all households
authors Census 2011 Income and poverty:
have analysed Department for Work Child poverty the percentage of
27 different sets and Pensions children living in households receiving
of statistics that Households out-of-work benefits or on work tax
relate Annual Survey of credits where the household income is
Hours and Earnings, less than 60 per cent of median income
to wellbeing,
2014 Gross median weekly pay, for all
income and
poverty, Labour Force Survey employee jobs by residency
employment, Department for Percentage of the 16-64 population who
public Education Provision are unemployed or economically inactive
for children under five Difference between Living Wage and
statistics gross hourly pay for the lowest paid 20%
housing and
Department for of employees (by residency)
Education Early
The analysis of Family friendly work:
Years Foundation
the Difference between gross hourly pay for
Stage Profile
family friendly attainment, 2013/14 female fulltime and female part-time
indicators was Department for workers
then collated Education, GCSE Percentage of local authority residents
and used to attainment by pupil aged 16-74 in employment who worked
rank each local National Pupil more than 49 hours per week in the
authority area, Dataset week before Census 2011
according to Annual Survey of Percentage of the 16-64 population
how family Hours and Earnings working Saturday and/or Sunday
friendly we Conception statistics, Average journey to work times in minutes
judged it to be. England and Wales High quality public services:
Department for Percentage uptake of free early
Communities and education among eligible two year olds
Local Government The percentage of boys achieving at
Department for least the expected levels in all 17 early

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Communities and learning goals at 4-5 years
Local Government, Proportions of pupils eligible for free
Statutory Homeless school meals who get 5 grade A*-C
Statistics grades at GCSE (including English and
Department for maths)
Transport Reported Percentage of 16-64 population with
road casualties Level 4 qualifications
annual report, 2013 Conception rate per 1,000 females under
Public Health 18
England Local authority revenue expenditure for
cultural services per head
Family friendly infrastructure:
Number of children in households
accepted as homeless and in temporary
accommodation, per head of population
Percentage of families with dependent
children who live in the private rental
Reported child casualties by local
authority, England, 2009 2013, as a
percentage of 0-18 population,
Percentage of families with dependent
children who have no access to a car or
Under Five childcare places per 100
Estimate of the percentage of deaths that
had particulate air pollution as a
contributory factor
Scottish Non- Definition: Local agency, Building Stronger Conceptual Governance and
Community Governmental Community partnership or Communities frameworks Management
Development Capacity group of Resources and assets
Centre. (2007). Building practitioners that Links and networks
Building has Effectiveness
stronger responsibility for Accountability and
communities: A supporting legitimacy
practical community
assessment and organisations

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
planning tool for and wider
community community
capacity building activity,
in Scotland engagement
http://www.scdc. and involvement
Siegler V. Governmental ONS measures National Whole 25 headline measures Indicator set Personal relationships:
(2015a). of social capital population of social capital from Proportion of people who have at least 1
Measuring from the the ONS Measuring close friend;
national Measuring National Wellbeing Proportion of people who meet socially with
wellbeing. National Programme friends, relatives or work colleagues at
London: Office Wellbeing least once a week;
for National Programme
Statistics. Proportion of people who have felt lonely
all, most or more than half the time (over
https://www.ons. previous 2 weeks);
pulationandcom Proportion of people who belong to a social
network website;
/articles/measuri Average rating of satisfaction with family
ngnationalwellbe life;
ing/2015-07-09 Average rating of satisfaction with social
& Proportion of people who regularly stop
and talk with people in neighbourhood.
Siegler V.
(2015b). Social network support:
Measuring Proportion of people who have a spouse,
national family member or friend to rely on if they
wellbeing: an have a serious problem;
analysis of Proportion of people who give special help
social capital in to at least one sick, disabled or elderly
the UK. London: person living or not living with them;
Office for Proportion of parents who regularly receive
National or give practical or financial help from/ to a
Statistics. child aged 16 or over not living with them;
http://www.ons.g Proportion of people who borrow things

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
academic) and exchange favours with their
ulationandcomm neighbours.
rticles/measurin Civic engagement:
ng/2015-01-29 Proportion of people who volunteered in
the last 12 months;
Proportion of people who are members of
political. Voluntary, professional or
recreational organisations;
Proportion of people who have been
involved in at least one social action project
in their local area in the previous 12
Proportion of people who definitely agree
or tend to agree that they can influence
decisions affecting their local area;
Proportion of people who voted in the UK
general elections;
Proportion of people who have been
involved in at least one political action in
the previous 12 months;
Proportion of people who are very or quite
interested in politics.

Trust & Cooperative Norms

Proportion of people who have trust in
national government;
Proportion of people who would say that
most people can be trusted;
Proportion of people who would say that
most people in their neighbourhood can be
Proportion of people who definitely agree
or tend to agree that their local area is a
place where people from different
backgrounds get on well together;

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Proportion of people who feel very or fairly
[safe] walking alone at night in their local
Proportion of people who agree or strongly
agree that people around where they live
are willing to help their neighbours;
Proportion of people who agree or strongly
agree that they feel they belong to their
local area.

Skills For Care Non- Definition: National Policy Makers Neighbourhood Conceptual Proximity
(2010). 'Only a Governmental Neighbouring/ Local workforce Frameworks Timeliness
footstep away? Neighbourline development and Physical environment
neighbourhoods, ss Community Capacity Length of residence
social capital Community Sources: Social polarisation
and their place capacity Chaskins 4 Personal circumstances
in the 'big building characteristics of
society'. Leeds:
community capacity
Skills for Care.
Scopes: Joseph Rowntree
http://www.skillsf Foundation (JRF) The paper
scopes the 2007/8 Citizenship
cuments/Learnin Survey
g-and- meaning and
understanding of Evaluation of the
development/Co Neighbourhood
mmunity-skills- neighbours and
neighbourhoods Management
development/On Pathfinders (DCLG
ly-a-footstep- and considers
how this might 2008)
inform strategic National evaluation of
development on participatory
neighbourhood budgeting
workforce 2008 Place Survey
planning and
The paper also
locates the
within the

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
context of the
debate around
the meaning of
social capital,
the concept of
the Big Society
empowerment of
people and
communities as
a platform for
the delivery of
fairness and

Social Life Non- Definition: Regional Governments, Building Blocks for Conceptual 1. Amenities & social infrastructure
governmental Social Local (e.g. planners, social sustainability frameworks
Reports Sustainability Sutton) developers and Evaluation Description:
included: The report architects, Selected Indicators: Framework Amenities and support services in place
produced by Scopes: Communities Built environment and Indicator sets early in life of new community emphasis
Woodcraft S, Woodcraft et al. The paper sets public space: or indicator on schools, social spaces, transport &
Bacon N, 2012 was out how to plan, 1. Early provision Validated tools community workers.
Caistor-Arendar commissioned design and of schools, nursery and or instruments or
L, and Hackett by the Homes develop childcare question sets
and Indicators:
T. (2012). successful and 2. People- 1. Provision of community space
Design for social Communities socially
Agency as part friendly layouts e.g. car 2. Transport links
sustainability: A sustainable new free areas, speed
framework for of Future 3. Place with a distinctive character
communities. reductions, eyes on the
creating thriving Communities. The ideas and street, well-lit areas. 4. Integration with wider
new examples are 3. Community neighbourhood
communities. The report drawn from a advocate for future
http://www.socia produced by large scale residents. 2. Social & cultural life
l- Social Life and review of 4. Flexible and
Dixon T., 2012 evidence about adaptable housing
s/DESIGN_FOR Description:
was what makes
_SOCIAL_SUST commissioned communities Shared spaces, collective activities and
AINABILITY_3.p by the Berkeley flourish, with Social architectures & and social architecture to foster local

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
df Group practical supports: networks, belonging and community
examples and 5. Hyper-local identity
Social Life, approaches information about
Dixon T. (2012). from new community services Indicators:
Creating settlements and groups.
around the 5. Positive local identity
Strong 6. Time banking 6. Relationships with neighbours
world. promoting mutual
Communities: 7. Wellbeing
How to measure exchange and
development of social 8. Feelings of safety
the social
capital though peer-to- 9. Community facilities
sustainability of
new housing peer time banking or 10. Perceptions of ability to influence
developments. people-to agency time local area
http://www.socia banking. 11. Willingness to act to improve area
l- 7. Democratic 12. Integration with wider governance structures neighbourhood
s/Creating_Stro e.g. Parish or
13. Accessible and safe street layout
ng_Communitie Neighbourhood
Council. 14. Physical space on development
that is adaptable in the future
8. Flexible
Bacon N, stewardship strategy
scope for governance 3. Voice and influence:
L (2015). structures and actions
Measuring to change over time to Description:
social reflect evolving
Governance structures to represent future
sustainability in population and needs.
residents and engage new ones in shaping
Sutton. local decision-making and stewardship
http://www.socia Social practices:
l- 9. Baby-sitting Indicator: circles, parent and
s/Sutton_Social 15. Perceptions of ability to influence
baby groups, car clubs,
_Sustainability_ local area
lift share schemes,
Nov14.pdf walking school bus,
cycle clubs 4. Space to grow/Adaptability &
neighbouring networks. Resilience
Neighbourhoo Description:
d-based groups e.g. Flexible planning: housing, infrastructure &
Neighbourhood Watch, services that can adapt over time;

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Residents/Tenant meanwhile use of buildings and public
Associations, Pledge space.
11. Family days, Indicator:
critical walking, Not provided in the report commissioned
neighbourhood by the Berkeley Group
walkabouts, Complaints
12. Community Selected questions:
gardening, community
play spaces 16. I plan to remain a resident of this
neighbourhood for a number of years.
17. If I needed advice about
something I could go to someone in my
18. Have you recently felt like you
were playing a useful part in things?
19. How safe do you feel walking
alone in this area after dark?
20. How safe do you feel walking
alone in this area after dark?
21. How satisfied are you with the
quality of facilities for children and young
people in your local area? 0-4yrs
22. In the last 12 months, has any
organisation asked you what you think
23. I would be willing to work together
with others on something to improve my
24. Does the development provide (or
is it close to) community facilities, such as
a school, parks, play areas, shops, pubs or
25. Public transport accessibility.
26. Does the scheme feel like a place
with distinctive character?

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
27. Is there an accommodation mix
that reflects the needs and aspirations of
the local community?
28. Do the buildings and layout make
it easy to find your way around?
29. Do internal spaces and layout
allow for adaption, conversion or

Tampubolon G, Academic, Social capital LSOA Whole Living in Wales Indicator set Social capital questions from the Living in
Subramanian S governmental measures from (neighbourhood/ population survey (social capital Wales survey:
V, and Kawachi the Living in local) measures)
I. (2013). Wales survey Would you say that you trust 'most of the
NEIGHBOURH 2007 people in the neighbourhood', 'many', 'a
OOD SOCIAL few', or 'do not trust people in the
CAPITAL AND neighbourhood'?
HEALTH IN What do you like most about living in this
WALES. Health neighbourhood? Options include 'Friendly
Economics, 22, people or neighbours', 'sense of
pp.14-21. community', and 25 others (see other
http://onlinelibrar citation)
Welsh Assembly Governmental Definition: Regional Local Authorities The wellbeing goals Conceptual Prosperity:
(2015) Well- Sustainable Local Framework An innovative, productive and low carbon
being of Future Development society which recognises the limits of the
Generations global environment and therefore uses
(Wales) Act resources efficiently and proportionately
2015 (including acting on climate change); and
http://www.legisl An Act of the which develops a skilled and well-educated National population in an economy which generates
w/2015/2/pdfs/a Assembly for wealth and provides employment
naw_20150002_ Wales to make opportunities, allowing people to take
en.pdf provision advantage of the wealth generated through
requiring public securing decent work.

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
bodies to do
things in pursuit Resiliency:
of the economic, A nation which maintains and enhances a
social, biodiverse natural environment with healthy
environmental functioning ecosystems that support social,
and cultural economic and ecological resilience and the
well-being of capacity to adapt to change (for example
Wales in a way climate change).
that accords
with the
sustainable Health:
development A society in which peoples physical and
principle mental wellbeing is maximised and in
which choices and behaviours that benefit
future health are understood.

A society that enables people to fulfil their
potential no matter what their background
or circumstances (including their socio
economic background and circumstances).

Attractive, viable, safe and well-connected

Culture and Language:

A society that promotes and protects
culture, heritage and the Welsh language,
and which encourages people to
participate in the arts, and sports and

Global Responsibility:
A nation which, when doing anything to
improve the economic, social,
environmental and cultural wellbeing of

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
Wales, takes account of whether doing
such a thing may make a positive
contribution to global wellbeing.

Wilton C. NGO Social Capital local Local Think local act Conceptual framework Four key areas in relation to
(2012). Building authorities/ personal outcomes social capital:
community community Building social support networks;
capacity: members
evidence, Encouraging membership of groups;
efficiency and Nurturing an inclusive community;
cost- Enabling everyone to make a contribution
effectiveness. (participation and co-production).
London: Think
Local Act
Wind T R, and academic Community Local (Morpeth) Post-flood SA-SCAT (Harpham, Validated scales SA-SCAT (social capital):
Komproe I H. social capital residents of Grant, & Group membership items
(2012). The Morpeth Thomas, 2002) to 1. In the last 12 months have you been an
mechanisms measure social capital. active member of any of the following types
that associate of groups in your community?
Collective Work related/trade union
social capital
with post- Efficacy scale Community association/co-op
disaster mental (Sampson et al. 1997) Womens group
health: A Political group
multilevel model. Residential stability Religious group
Social Science
Credit/funeral group
& Medicine, 75,

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
pp.1715-1720. Sports group
https://www.ncbi Other: specify
med/22883254 Support from groups items
2. In the last 12 months, did you receive
from the group any emotional help,
economic help or assistance in helping you
know or do things?
Work related/trade union
Community association/co-op
Womens group
Political group
Religious group
Credit/funeral group
Sports group
Other: specify

Support from individuals items

3. In the last 12 months, have you received
any help or support from any of the
following, this can be emotional help,
economic help or assistance in helping you
know or do things?
Friends who are not neighbours
Community leaders
Religious leaders
Government officials/civil service
Charitable organisations/NGO
Other: specify

Citizenship activities items

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
4. In the last 12 months, have you joined
together with other community members to
address a problem or common issue?
5. In the last 12 months, have you talked
with a local authority or governmental
organisation about problems in this

Cognitive social capital items

6. In general, can the majority of people in
this community be trusted?
7. Do the majority of people in this
community generally get along with each
8. Do you feel as though you are really a
part of this community?
9. Do you think that the majority of people
in this community would try to take
advantage of you if they got the chance?

Collective efficacy scale:

Informal social control - Likelihood that
neighbours could be counted on to
intervene if:
1. children were skipping school and
hanging out on a street corner
2. children were spray-painting
graffiti on a local building
3. children were showing disrespect to an
4. a fight broke out in front of their house,
5. the fire station closest to their home was
threatened with budget cuts.

Social cohesion and trust:

Source Organisation Outcome Geographic Population Name of indicator Level on ladder Domains
(Gov/NGO/ description level description (set)
1. people around here are willing to help
their neighbours
2. this is a close-knit neighbourhood
3. people in this neighbourhood can be
4. people in this neighbourhood generally
dont get along with each other
5. people in this neighbourhood
do not share the same values

Residential stability
Rented/ owned with mortgage/ owned