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More healthy, by water washing

Every time after using the toilet, washing function of paper clean, can
destroy bacteria, fungi or parasites which can cause infectious disease
viruses, also play a massage effect. Portable sprinkler, Removable sprayer
meet the demand of different flushing of the men and women. Use its
function of warm water and warm wind to do cleaning and drying, can
stimulate the capillaries to promote blood circulation, in long-term using,
can also prevent constipation, haemorrhoids and other diseases.


2.Will not feel cold
In cold season, the cold toilet seat makes the user tremble, and intelligent toilet seat
cover can be automatically heated to a suitable temperature of human body. Many
brands also introduced a temperature control seat, with a different type, can adjust
temperature according to personal preference or geography and weather, and hence
the cold feeling is reduced.
3.Self-cleaning, deodorant, save electricity
Many intelligent toilet seat covers are made of stainless steel nozzle, most professional
brand produced it with self-cleaning function, it mean that, nozzle will spit out waterfall
water flow after using, to remove the dirt.
Many intelligent toilet seat cover also have deodorization function, its principles is
using the built-in light catalyst and activated carbon to eliminate peculiar smell.
In addition, in the long time when not in use, the toilet seat cover will automatically
reduce the water temperature, saves the electricity.
1.To see if the shape can meet your home decorate style or not,
some have automatic constant temperature device, seemingly
humanized function design, but will spend a lot of electricity, causing
a lot of unnecessary waste, so should be careful if you want to buy
this type.

2.Check the glaze, to see is bright and clean smooth without foaming
or not; Choosing intelligent toilet, many people tend to be more
focused on functional, while ignoring the distance from sitting seat
to the ground. Actually, sitting distance too short will cause a lot of HOW ARE THESE TOILETS USEFUL?
inconvenience, like will feel legs badly for long time sitting.
1. All light touch keys design
3.Check the fitting quality by listen to the voice of button, clear and 2. Self-cleaning nozzle
melodious or not. 3. Two sprayers for men and women
Second when choosing intelligent toilet, must according the function 4. Silent and slowly-closing function
your want, not all functions is good, in fact, many functions may be 5. Intelligent saving power
never used 6. Seat induction
7. Electromagnetic proximity
sensor, flushing switch
won't start before
8. Antibacterial seat
Fast forward to today and now with the introduction of intelligent
toilets to the Australian market - where compact, streamlined one
piece toilets include an integrated bidet - architects, designers and
specifiers are reassessing the use of this technology in bathroom
design in order to provide a better user experience, improved
hygiene and superior sustainability on projects.

Intelligent toilets address the combination of technology,

culture, personal hygiene and bathing habits as well as
contributing to environmental sustainability through a reduction in
water consumption and toilet paper waste.

Between 1994 and 2014, the proportion of Australians aged 85

years and over almost doubled from 1.0% of the total population
in 1994 to 1.9% in 2014. 3 the trend towards an ever-increasing
aging population places increased pressure on the industry to
meet the needs for the elderly in all aspects of design.
Intelligent toilets can benefit the elderly and less mobile people,
making independent toileting possible and affording the user
greater independence. Features such as higher toilet pans for
easy wheelchair transfer and electronic remote control can benefit
individuals with limited mobility or those requiring assistance.
Inclusive design ethics require that todays designs consider the
requirements of users from diverse cultural backgrounds, age
groups, physical and mental abilities.
With one in four Australians born overseas and every second
Australian having an overseas-born parent, 1 along with an influx
of tourists from South East Asia and the Middle East2, commercial
and residential projects at all levels require the inclusion of
products and services that meet the enhanced needs and
expectations of these international customers.
Ultimately, intelligent toilets save paper as well as water and
contribute to environmental certification. The integrated bidet
functionality reduces the need for toilet
paper and can even eliminate it, saving money and allowing users to
reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their paper waste over

For example, the production of one toilet roll requires 140 litres of
water on average during the manufacturing process, so reduced
toilet tissue consumption contributes to further water savings. A
dual-flush actuator delivers 4.5/3 litre dual flush with an average of
3.3 litres per flush. Compared with a traditional 6 litre toilet, often
found in commercial facilities, this offers a saving on average of
22,700 litres of water annually. 4
Intelligent toilets provide superior hygienic qualities to
traditional toilets. the new rimless toilets can be easily cleaned,
inside and out, helping to significantly reduce bacteria build up. As
germs are most easily spread through hand contact, providing
hands free operation can help to greatly reduce the spread of

Compared to the traditional style, stand-alone
bidets, an intelligent toilet combines the bidet into
the toilet unit freeing up valuable bathroom space;
offers multiple flush options including hands-free
flushing as well as bidet functionality managed using
a one-touch remote control unit mounted beside the
toilet. Rimless design and improved flushing systems
provide cleaner and more efficient flushing to
eliminate bacteria and if the unit is wall-hung,
cleaning beneath is easy.
1. Cover plate is not applicable to all toilet
Although the toilet set Incorporate intelligence, sense of humanity, science
and technology, but not all of the toilet are applicable. Now, the smart toilet
seat is designed for circular arc form toilet, it is rare to see it for the
square toilet seat.
Second, intelligent toilet has limit of the front seat distance, distance
between mounting holes and so on.


3. Ergonomically difficult for old people and children
On one side of the intelligent toilet are often equipped with operation panel, or are
equipped with remote control with many complex function button. If in wrong operation,
might be not able to achieve such as water, heating, deodorization effect successfully,
even may cause the circuit malfunction.

2. Difficult to repair
As a electrical product, its internal motor and integrated circuit content
have high science technology ,so the price is high. In addition, if it is
broken and out of the warranty period, the maintenance costs is not