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Standards & IoT

SBS Forum,
9 December 2016

Audrey Scozzaro Ferrazzini, Qualcomm

Speaking in a personal capacity
#QCTechExplained @QC_EUPolicy @AudreyEuropa

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Qualcomm Standardisatio SMEs IoT

A very (brief)
introduction about
30 #1
years of driving fabless
the evolution of semiconductor
wireless company

#1 #1
in 3G/4G in wireless
LTE modem semiconductors
Source: Qualcomm Incorporated data. Currently, Qualcomm semiconductors are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. or its subsidiaries
IHS, Jan. 16 (wireless ASSP/ASIC total); Strategy Analytics, Dec. 15 (modem, AP), The McClean Report, Mar. 16 (fabless semiconductors) 4
Qualcomm business model

Invent Share Collaborate

Passionately engineering Proliferating with licensing Supporting implementation
new technologies and chipsets across the ecosystem


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Qualcomm Standardisation SMEs IoT

From walled garden

to interoperability
& High Performance

Metcalfe's law
Metcalfe law and standardisation

R&D and standardisation

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$ $

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Qualcomm Standardisation SMEs IoT

The role of SMEs and Startups in the Standards Development Process, Gupta (2016),
Forthcoming, SSRN
Table 1: Number of unique SME/Startup and non-SME/ non-Startup contributors

Firm Type Number of 3GPP Member Firms Number of Unique

SMEs/Startups 105 35
non-SMEs/ n o n - 555 307
Table 2: Number of total contributions, total approvals, and probability of approval for SMEs/Startups and non-SMEs/ non-
Firm Type Total Contributions Total Approvals Probability of
SMEs/Startups 4951 1652 33.37%
non-SMEs/non 352948 102589 29.06%
Table 3: Probability of approval for: SMEs/Startups, Top 10 non-SME/ non-Startup Contributors, Top 20 non-SME/ non-Startup
Firm Type Probability of Approval
SMEs/Startups 33.37%
Top 10 non-SME/ non-Startup Contributors 35.99%
Top 20 non-SME/ non-Startup Contributors 34.05%

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Qualcomm Standardisation SMEs IoT

Scaling to connect the Internet of Things
Wide area IoT is a rapidly growing market
Scaling up in performance and mobility Scaling down in complexity and power

LTE Advanced LTE Cat-1 eMTC (Cat-M1) NB-IOT (Cat-M2)

>10 Mbps Up to 10 Mbps Up to 1 Mbps 10s of kbps to 100s of kbps
n x 20 MHz 20 MHz 1.4 MHz narrowband 180 kHz narrowband

LTE Advanced (Today+) LTE IoT (Release 13+)

Mobile Video security Wearables Object Tracking Utility metering Environment


Connected car Energy Management Connected healthcare City infrastructure Smart buildings

Significantly widening the range of enterprise and consumer use

cases 18
High-quality standards and
interoperability are basic building
blocks for the Digital Single
Market. They are the 'glue' that
holds its different parts together.
They allow innovators to scale up
their products, and to compete
Standards are a highly strategic
area; Essential for raising the
competitiveness of European
industry. They will shape the
success of European industry.
Standard-setting is vital for
industrial and innovation
A Mobile Learning Platform
to Help SMEs Bring their Innovations to Market

The Challenge:
R&D-intensive SMEs in Europe often lack the resources, expertise or time to adequately
understand how to effectively utilize the IP system to attract investment, protect and successfully
commercialize their innovations

The Solution:
L2Pro was developed to help participating SMEs better understand how to protect their
innovations; acquire and/or transfer IP rights; access capital to finance their innovations;
integrate IP considerations into their company business model; and obtain value from their R&D
The L2Pro content is made available to SMEs via an online platform and complementary mobile
application, enabling them to learn anywhere and anytime
Originally launched in Germany (with Fraunhofer IAO) and the UK (with the UK Intellectual
Property Office), L2Pro extended to Italy in 2015 (with the Polytechnic University of Milan, the
Italian Patent and Trademark Office and the Ugo Bordoni Foundation) and France in 2016 (with 20
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