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Winter 2013

- core protection for overall peace-of-mind


TOPIC | Hempel's team - William Paterson HEMPEL NEWS

Hempel, a global player in the paint and coatings sector, Working with Hempel will hopefully give
continues to meet those new challenges... me opportunities to grow and meet and see
3 HEMPEL'S TEAM different people and places, along with
practically the entire market, where standard re- William Paterson
hopeful progression within my role.
quirements are for 60 minutes protection. More
4 HEMPACORE ONE William Paterson | Area Sales Manager
details about this exciting development can be
found on page 4. 6 HEMPADUR 35900
Another innovation Hempel brought onto the

market in 2012 is a new solvent-free epoxy
coating especially designed to withstand high-
temperature liquid cargoes. On page 8, you can 8 CARGO GUIDE
read how Hempels Oil & Gas segment identi-

fied the need for our HEMPADUR 35900 coat-
ing, specifically designed and recommended 10 GLOBAL TECH OFFSHORE WIND
for lining the interior of tanks, pipelines, etc.
that carry crude oil, water and produced water 11 GATESHEAD TRINITY SQUARE
at temperatures of up to 93C/200F and the
success it has had in trials in real-life scenarios
in the Oil&Gas industry.
William Paterson joined Hempel in will be rewarded. With regard to satisfying
Dear Reader, Hempel continues to be actively involved in
customer needs, he states Look after them
numerous large-scale projects across Europe, June 2012 as Area Sales Manager for
and treat them the way you would like to
This Winter 2013 edition of Hempel Protectives protecting the valuable assets in a multitude Scotland and Northern Ireland. Born,
be treated yourself as a buying customer,
newsletter reaches you at a time when the world of sectors, such as the Sundsvall Bridge on the bred and educated in Scotland, William a strategy that he bases on honesty, team
continues to witness significant upheaval and European Unions new E4 highway in Sweden started his career in Welding and ma- work, structure, commitment, happiness
change in many corners of the planet. As econom- (page 9). In that regard, the outstanding perfor- chinery engineering before moving into and plain old common sense.
ic indicators define the creation of new trends, mance of Hempels coatings for the wind tur- key account management in the steel
Hempel, a global player in the paint and coatings bine sector has earned the Company the pres-
industry, supplying major contracts
sector, continues to meet those new challenges tigious Frost & Sullivan Award (page 10).
in the UK for new building. He came With those guiding principles,
with enthusiasm and success through its One We trust you will also be interested to read on
to Hempel from a post as Senior Field we are confident that William will
Hempel One Ambition policy. page 11 about the ongoing Trinity Square pro- have many years success representing
2012 was the year Hempel rolled out the first ject in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, a further ex- Sales Engineer for an industrial protec-
tion coating supplier with sales in the Hempel with our customers.
in its new range of state-of-the-art intumescent ample of how Hempel continues to be the ref-
coatings for the passive fire protection of steel erence supplier of durable protective coatings Power Distribution and Food & Drink
structures. HEMPACORE ONE 43600, and both at home and across the globe. industries.
the fast-drying version, HEMPACORE ONE FD These are just a few of the feature articles in this
43601, have been developed by our new R&D latest edition of HEMPEL NEWS. We hope you I work closely with a few majors in the Oil
facility in Barcelona to add greater flexibility to will enjoy reading it. & Gas and various container companies,
the already extensive Hempel range by offer- From all of us here at Hempel, we wish you Wind & Energy and all types of shipping
ing a highly efficient, one-component paint that a very happy and successful 2013. and fishing vessels. Even so, after his 5
affords both corrosion and fire protection in months with Hempel, William feels there
a single product. This significant milestone for is more out there and Hempel have prod-
Hempel takes full advantage of the Groups ex- Nick Frowen ucts to be targeting these areas.
tensive experience to provide up to 120 minutes Managing Director
fire retardation, more than sufficient to cover
William highlights his current project work-
ing in collaboration with Wind Towers Lim-
ited in Scotland, who provides service and
Hempel (UK) Ltd. delivery to onshore and off-shore renew-
Llantarnam Industrial Park able energy developments in the UK and
Gwent NP44 3XF Cwmbran Ireland. They have a great facility and one
Tel: +44 (01633) 874024 of the best paint rooms I have [ever] seen.
Fax: +44 (01633) 489089 With a passion for various sports, Williams philosophy in life is to work hard and you

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core protection for overall peace-of-mind

HEMPACORE ONE and HEMPACORE ONE FD are just the first in Hempels new
range of high-performance intumescent coatings for passive fire protection of steel
structures to be developed at the purpose-built R&D centre in Barcelona and key to
the companys vision of One Hempel One Ambition

They are one-component, solvent-borne, application, while the very fast-drying Hempel for the superior corrosion protec- Both HEMPACORE ONE and HEMPACORE ids, white-coloured, low VOC, high-performance These new Hempel coatings take their name
acrylic coatings that provide up to 120 HEMPACORE ONE FD is specified for off- tion and application benefits of our prim- ONE FD are approved to European stand- product with short drying times of 35 minutes from the 3 CORE benefits they provide : the
minutes protection in cellulosic fires site application. With these two products, ers and topcoats, can now obtain the full ards EN 13381-8 and DITE according to to touch and 8 hours to handle. HEMPACORE Durability that goes into all Hempel steel coat-
HEMPACORE ONE is designed for on-site customers, who traditionally have chosen solution from the same trusted supplier. ETAG018-2 and can be used indoors without ONE FD offers the same performance with ings to minimise the effects of harsh weather
a topcoat or in exposed outdoor conditions with even faster drying times (20 minutes to touch and abrasions; the Efficiency that has become
HEMPACORE coatings are the best choice in fire protection. Some of their outstanding CORE properties can be seen on table 1: a suitable Hempel topcoat. As always, Hempel and 6 hours to handle), which is instrumental the hallmark of Hempels technical service at
Coating Advisers are available to recommend to speeding up shop turnaround times and customers disposal 24/7; and the Flexibility

BENEFITS and overview the best system for any project.

HEMPACORE ONE provides a high volume sol-
thus cutting project implementation costs
provided by Hempels product range that ena-
bles you to meet all the challenges.
Cover more surface area per litre
Decreases total application time
Easier and more flexible application
Conformity with regulatory demands and lower VOC
emissions to the environment
Low DFT loadings enables lower total project cost and faster application
Reliable product, less sensitive to changing weather
conditions during the construction phase
Ability to tailor-make coating systems to suit a wide variety of exposure conditions

4 5


Proven and certified in the field

Already tested in the Middle East with impres- HEMPADUR 35900 is the newest member Please consult your local Hempel sales repre-
sive results and approved by world-leading to form part of Hempels extensive range sentative for further details to see how this or
oil & gas companies, it conforms to NOR- of high-tech coatings for all kinds of stor- other products in the range can provide the
SOK M-501 standard (Rev 6, system 7A, B & age tanks and pipelines and, as always with best solution for your tank and pipe coating
C), holds Saudi Aramco approval certificate Hempel products, provides a great number of needs.
(APCS-2E) and is listed on the Global Shell benefits for customers and applicators (see
and Global Chevron specifications. table 2).

Features Benefits for customers Benefits for applicators

Corrosion protection for tanks and piping carrying
High-temperature resistance Equally easy to apply as standard temperature products
cargoes up to 93C

HEMPADUR 35900 Solvent-free Very low VOC (complies with environmental regulations)
No exposure to solvents
Good film formation

designed to meet the heat Applicable in very high film thickness - greater
Can also be used for bottom rehabilitation of
deteriorated tanks
Time-saving thanks to fewer number of coats
(compared to solvent-borne alternatives)

Hard and tough coating Optimal long-life abrasion resistance -

Can be applied with standard airless equipment - Easy to apply

Excellent corrosion protection Long-lasting protection / long-term cost savings -

Hempels new solvent-free epoxy coating, HEMPADUR 35900, is specially
Glossy and smooth coating surface Good finish thats easy to clean -
designed to withstand liquid cargo temperatures of up to 93C / 200F, thereby
making it the ideal protective lining for crude oil and water storage tanks and Available in light colour - Makes cleaning and inspecting easier

pipelines without risk of contamination.

HEMPADUR 35900 is a two-component,

high-build, amine-cured phenolic epoxy that
tically no VOCs into the atmosphere during
application, thus ensuring it complies with ex-
which in turn are gradually being demanded
by other countries around the globe.
Hempels wind turbine Protective Coatings win Frost
is completely solvent-free and releases prac- tremely strict US environmental regulations, Kunal Nadkarni, Hempels Group Oil & Gas
Segment Manager, explains: As oil compa- & Sullivan Product Line Strategy Award
nies drill deeper, their need to handle high-
er-temperature crude oil increases. Crude Hempel is the proud winner of international applications and markets served. market is our customer-oriented strategy and
Typical Specifications oil thats deep underground can reach tem- business research and consulting firm, Frost
& Sullivans Award for Product Line Strategy.
"Hempel has gained a competitive advantage
in the field of protective coatings with prod-
the fact we go one step further than our com-
petitors to provide technical service and ad-
peratures up to 90C, but ordinary coatings
1 x HEMPADUR 35900 300 Microns The award, presented in London in May 2012, ucts that increase customer value through vise customers on how best to implement the
cant handle these temperatures and the recognises the outstanding achievement and product functionality and features and supe- coating process. Mr Vyas added "Hempel's
high-build phenolic epoxy (solvent-free) subsequent damage to the tank could result superior performance of Hempels protective rior customer service," said Frost & Sullivan ability for customisation and onsite technical
1 x HEMPADUR 35900 300 Microns in cargo contamination. Thats why we devel- coatings for wind turbines in areas such as Research Analyst Gaurav Vyas. support represent the critical success factors
high-build phenolic epoxy (solvent-free) oped HEMPADUR 35900. Leadership, Technological Innovation, Cus- Hempel manufactures a series of water- for increasing and maintaining its market
HEMPADUR 35900 has been optimised for tomer Service and Strategic Product Devel- borne, anti-corrosive products to address share [of more than 50%] in the wind turbine
fast and simple application using airless spray opment by analysing product range, address- increasing ecological issues and customer coatings market".
able customer base, market share, range of requirements, as well as a wide range of du-
Can also be applied with use of a holding primer 85671 or brush (touch-up). It provides a very high dry
film thickness and can be typically used as
rable, UV-stable, low-VOC coatings based on
polyaspartic, zinc silicate, polyurethane and
1 x HEMPADUR 85671 50 Microns a system of 600 microns or on top of a 50 mi- epoxy that provide superior performance,
phenolic epoxy (solvent-borne) cron coat of Hempels holding primer 85671 abrasion-resistance and rapid curing, and
(table 1). The cream-coloured, semi-gloss therefore lower production costs for wind tur-
1 x HEMPADUR 35900 450 Microns finish dries to touch in 12 hours and is fully bine and tower manufacturers. Our internal
high-build phenolic epoxy (solvent-free) cured in 7 days at 20C, affording excellent production standards and systems ensure
that the same formulation and raw material
corrosion protection and abrasion resistance specifications are used to maintain quality
for tanks and pipelines carrying high tempera- standards worldwide.
ture crude oil and water. A further key element of Hempel's strong po-
Frost and Sullivan award ceremony sition in the wind turbine protective coatings

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TOPIC| Hempels Cargo Protection Guide TOPIC | Sundsvall bridge HEMPEL NEWS

Hempel supplies 170,000 ltrs for E4 Sundsvall bridge

Hempels Cargo
Protection Guide Work commenced in spring 2011 on the Stock-
vik-Sknsberg stretch of the E4 European Route
project in Sweden that includes the construction
and repairs. This two-component, polyurethane
topcoat provides good gloss and colour retenti-
on to ensure that the bridge continues to display
of 33 different bridges. A specific Hempel sales the full merits of this feat of international engi-
Hempels Cargo Protection Guide is a free-to-access, online tool that represents the ultimate online software for deter- and R+D team in Germany and Sweden came neering for many years to come.
mining carriage of a wide range of products and chemicals in Hempel coated tanks. Fully developed by Hempel, this together under German leadership to design
simple-to-use, comprehensive website is the culmination of the companys vast knowledge regarding the resistance of and implement the supply of 170,000 litres of
tank coatings to products, chemicals and foodstuffs stored in coated tanks of product and chemical tankers. coating materials for the new Sundsvall Bridge,
the 2,109 metre flyover spanning the Sundsvall map of the Sundsvall bridge
"The outcome of a user's search is a list of cals, and including the chemical formula, plicable. Also included is an indication of Fjrd at a height of 33 metres due to open to
traffic in autumn 2015.

over 3,000 different entries corresponding to common name, United Nations number, Hempel's most suitable tank coating product
thousands of different products and chemi- MARPOL category, and ship type where ap- for that particular chemical and the relevant
parameters for its use:" The prevailing environment in Sundsvall is DIN
EN ISO 12944 classed as C5M-high Marine
Formula Cargo Name UN No. Marpol Ship Type HEMPADUR 15500 HEMPADUR 15400 atmosphere with wet, saline sea air, severe

weather variability and sub-zero temperatures
Mutton Tallow (containing less than in winter. The Swedish authorities awarded the
- - - Max. 65C Max. 65C Max. 65C
15% free fatty acids)
order to the joint venture Sundsvallbroen PBM
C10H16 Myrcene - X 2 + + + (PBM = Arge partner: E. Pihl & Son, Max Bgl,
C14H30O Myristyl alcohol - Y 2 + + + Josef Mbius AG). For Max Bgl GmbH & Co.
KG, Germanys largest private steel construc-
Naphta, neartcut distillate oil - L * + + +
tion firm, this represents the companys biggest
But before running a search, users are first organic solvents and generally allows close Cargo Name: Di-(2-ethylhexyl) adipate bridge construction project to date. Amongst
given explicit notes and explanations in the cargo sequencing. However, its suitability is other references for the project is Strelasund
Formula C22H42O4
Introduction and Notes sections that de- limited for extreme acids or alkalis and the Bridge, Stralsund, which is also in the Baltic Sea
Group Name Esters of polyacid
scribe the parameters and categories used pH value of the cargo must be between 6 and painted with Hempel.
UN Number -
in the table to define the best product in and 9. Thus, it is the typical choice for tanks
each case. carrying pure solvents such as benzene, IMO Ship type 2
For exposed bridge structures, the system being
Simple English is used with the aid of sym- toluene, xylene, acetone, methanol and chlo- MARPOL used is a shop-applied 3-coat system based on
bols to explain the importance of pH, inert rinated hydrocarbons, or mixtures of them. Pollution Y
category a zinc-rich primer of HEMPADUR PRO ZINC
gases or tank cleaning, as well as MAR- HEMPADUR 15500 is an amine-cured, phe- 1738G, followed by a two-component mineral
POL pollution categories, IMO ship types or nolic epoxy that can be post-cured by heat- CAS Number -
iron oxide coat of HEMPADUR MASTIC 4588F,
chemical resistance categories. For exam- ing to obtain the highest possible resistance. Adipic acid,
ple, resistance is categorised as shown in The post-cured phenolic epoxy is resistant to Bis (2-ethylhexyl) ester and finally a high-solid PUR-Topcoat of HEM-
the table below: the majority of cargoes and generally allows Synonyms Bis (2-ethylhexyl) adipate PATHANE 55610 tinted to RAL 7037 dust grey.
Di- (2-ethylhexyl) adipate
for short cargo sequencing. It also complies Dioctil adipate This system is NORSOK M-501 certified and pro-
Resistance Octil adipate vides fast-curing, high-performance, permanent
category Explanation with FDA requirements for tank linings in con-
tact with foodstuffs. Its limitation is strong- +1 protection for harsh weather-exposed steel. In
+ Fully resistant ly acidic cargoes such as mineral acids. Max 45C accordance with Norsok standards Hempel has
GALVOSIL 15700 +13
Conditionally resistant, referred HEMPADUR 15500 is the natural choice a proven track record for protecting off-shore
+ Note when the broadest possible resistance and a HEMPADUR 15500 + 13
to by Specific Notes wind turbines and oil & gas platforms erected
close sequence of cargoes are required. HEMPADUR 15400 + 13 in similarly aggressive environments all over the
- Not resistant
HEMPADUR 15400 is an amine-cured
The list of chemicals and foodstuffs in Hempels world, as well as an important differentiating
- Resistance not yet assigned epoxy coating with excellent resistance to
solvents, except those with the lowest boil- Cargo Protection Guide provides the user with the factor, in that the Hempel system calls for just
Knowing what information is available, the ing point. Furthermore, it has quite good most up-to-date and relevant information avail- one intermediate coat and therefore represents
User can search the database to ascertain resistance towards inorganic cargoes such able regarding the protection afforded by each faster turnover in the production shop.
or confirm which Hempel tank coating is as alkalis and fertiliser solutions, making coating. The list also shows clearly when none of
most appropriate for a particular task. Alter- HEMPADUR 15400 the typical choice for the products is apt for a certain chemical. For inside, unexposed bridge parts, a single layer
natively, the User can select just one prod- tanks carrying oil and oil-based products, All the information contained in Hempel's Cargo of HEMPELS 457DE two-component, polyure-
uct to check whether a tank lined with that fats, certain fertilisers and caustic soda, for Protection Guide is based on extensive labora-
tory testing and field experience and as such is thane coating with zinc phosphate is used. A se-
coating is apt for a certain chemical. example. cond NORSOK certified system, comprising an
Hempel presents its three cargo coating believed to be correct. Nevertheless, Hempel em-
phasises that the performance of any tank coat- aluminium pigmented primer and intermediate
systems on the website, namely HEMPELS
ing system depends on the carriage of cargoes coat of HEMPADUR MASTIC 4588W, covered
GALVOSIL 15700, HEMPADUR 15500 and
in conformance with this Cargo Protection Guide, by a topcoat of RAL 7037 tinted HEMPATHANE
HEMPADUR 15400. The entire list of results can be downloaded and proper application of the coating in accord-
HEMPELS GALVOSIL 15700 is a solvent- in PDF format, as can an individual sheet for 55610, is being supplied on site in Poland and
ance with "Hempel's Technical Standard for Tank Sweden for pre-assembly and assembly parts
borne zinc silicate which cures to a purely each chemical that indicates the relevant pa- Coating Work".
inorganic film that is fully resistant to most rameters for all 3 Hempel coatings: e.g. Photo: The Swedish Transport Administration/ Torbjrn Bergkvist

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TOPIC | Wind Deal Of The Year TOPIC | Gateshead project UK HEMPEL NEWS

Hempel protects
Hempel protects the Wind Deal of the Year Gateshead supercentre for both shop and on-site application. One of its
most notable features is its extremely fast drying
time (to touch in 1.5 hours at 20C), which was a
significant factor for choosing a Hempel product.
The erection of one of Europes most The towers are coated with HEMPADUR Something grand is happening in the North-East The new Trinity Square project by Tesco property The quick drying characteristics of the product
technically challenging offshore wind ZINC 17360 primer followed by HEMPADUR English town of Gateshead a 150 million pound development subsidiary, Spenhill, will herald the performed better than our competitors, thus
projects is continuing 90 kilometres off MASTIC 45880 and a topcoat of HEMPATHANE project that involves constructing 45 retail outlets, creation of a new central town square surrounded enabling William Hares to move the steel work
the German North Sea coast. The Global HS 55610. a Tesco Express superstore, a Health Centre, new by a host of amenities that are bound to become the quicker and giving them a better through-put
Tech I field will comprise 80 wind turbines accommodation for 993 Northumberland Univer- envy of many. As with any project of this size, the explains Hempels on-site Coating Adviser to the
standing on tripod foundations in waters HEMPADUR MULTI-STRENGTH 45753 is a sity students and one of Europes most modern statistics are staggering: e.g., the amount of steel project. The availability of the product was also
38-41 metres deep and will generate heavy-duty paint that cures to a long-term, cinema complexes with 3D technology and wall- used on the Trinity Square project is enough to build paramount to the project, with tight deadlines in
1,600 MW - enough to power 475,000 corrosion-resistant coating in areas exposed to-wall screens. And Hempel is extremely proud to both the Tyne Bridge and the Swing Bridge connect- place during the fabrication and painting process.
households. Connection to the national to harsh offshore climatic conditions. be part of this exciting project. ing Gateshead and Newcastle steel that is being Our service commitment and ability to deliver
grid will take place later this year and final Already home to one of Europes largest shopping protected with HEMPADUR FAST DRY 17410. when needed was a major factor in gaining the
completion of the field is due in 2013. HEMPADUR ZINC 17360 is a zinc-rich epoxy malls - the MetroCentre - the town of Gateshead project.
primer that provides a hard-wearing, weather- stands on the banks of the River Tyne opposite New- HEMPADUR FAST DRY 17410 is a high-build, The main construction of the Gateshead
resistant coating in severely corrosive envi- castle and linked to it by several bridges, including epoxy paint containing zinc phosphate with a rela- Trinity Square project is due to be completed
While the young offshore wind sector is grow- ronments. the most recent Millenium Bridge. tively high volume solids content that can be used in Spring 2013.
ing fast, contractors carry a huge responsibili-
ty in the face of keen public scrutiny, financing HEMPADUR MASTIC 45880 is a high solids,
restrictions and the urgency to deliver before epoxy paint with low VOC and high film build.
alternative power plants are shut down. They, It forms a tough and highly versatile film and is

therefore, only rely on experienced and suc- especially suitable when extended recoating in-
cessful suppliers such as Hempel. tervals for polyurethane topcoats are required.

Standing in an offshore environment, the HEMPATHANE HS 55610 is a polyurethane

Global Tech I turbines have to withstand long-
term exposure to high-salinity moisture, in-
tensive UV light, fierce wave action and high
corrosive stress, all conducive to widespread,
rapid corrosion. Accordingly, Hempels Advis-
topcoat for severely corrosive atmospheric
environments, maintaining excellent light-
fastness and colour retention for extended
periods of time.
ers recommended our customised system Hempel is naturally proud to be participating
for offshore structures, designed to meet the in this project, which was awarded the Wind
environmental standards of both NORSOK Deal of the Year distinction in January 2012.
M501 and ISO 12944 and to provide service
up to the first maintenance, typically sched-
uled for a minimum of 15 years.

For this project, the coating system recom-

mended on-site by Hempels Technical Ser-
vice calls for a minimum of 600 m dry film
thickness for the tripod foundations (outside)
and for minimum 320m dry film thickness
for the towers (outside, ISO 12944). The tri-
pods are given three coats of HEMPADUR
MULTI-STRENGTH 45753 and a topcoat
of HEMPATHANE HS 55610, tinted to RAL
1023 Traffic Yellow in compliance with Mari-
time Authority requirements.

80 wind turbines,
energy for 475,000 households.

10 11

EN 01/2013 UK
HEMPACORE coatings provide protection for up to low dry film thicknesses and fast drying times.

120 minutes. All are quality products made from high-quality With excellent application properties, HEMPACORE coatings

raw materials, and provide high performance with are an ideal choice for onsite and in-shop projects.

To find out more about HEMPACORE just go to


Hempel (UK) Ltd.

Llantarnam Industrial Park
Cwmbran, Gwent NP44 3XF
Tel: +44 (01633) 874024
Fax: +44 (01633) 489089