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Ariani, K. 2017. The Perception of Transvestites Condom Usage in Prevention

of HIV / AIDS in Singaraja. Thesis, Nursing Program, Buleleng Institute of
Health Sciences, Advisor (1) Ns. I Dw. Pt. Gd. Putra Yasa, S.Kep., M.Kep.,
Sp.MB. Advisor (2) Ns. Kadek Yudi Aryawan, S.Kep., M.Si

Transvestite in psychology's view is in the Gender Identity Disorder category

(GIG), beside that, transvestite is one of the high-risk group that contracting
HIV/AIDS. One of the government program in effort to decrease HIV/AIDS
transmission to transvestites by providing free condoms that given directly from
the government through the AIDS Commission and through the involvement of
health services. This research aimed to know the perception of transvestites about
condom usage in the prevention of HIV/AIDS in Singaraja. This research used
qualitative method with phenomenological approaching. Sampling technique used
purposive sampling with sample of 6 transvestites who join in transvestite
community in Singaraja. This research used indepth interview, with 3 analysis of
Miles and Huberman model which result 5 themes there are 1) perception of the
importance of condom usage, 2) condom usage constraint, 3) fixed partner and
customer influence condom usage, 4) easiness in getting condom, 5) self-
protection capability in HIV/AIDS prevention. The results of this research are
expected for transvestites to increase knowledge and ability in self-protection
from HIV/AIDS.

Keyword : perception, transvestite, condom, HIV/AIDS