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The Cambridge assessment descriptors for level B2

It can be difficult to quantify how much importance should be given to each aspect of the

speaking separately, as each separate descriptor is part of a whole and is not likely to exist by

itself. In the Cambridge speaking assessment criteria, each of these weigh equally: a maximum

of five marks can be obtained for each skill separately, with an additional mark for the overall

achievement of the candidate. Here is the Cambridge speaking assessment criteria used for level

B2, an ampler description of the standard desirable for a level B2 speaker. (Handbook FCE 82):

B2 Grammar and Discourse Pronunciation Interactive

Vocabulary Management Communication

5 Shows a good Produces extended Is intelligible. Initiates and

degree of control of stretches of language Intonation is responds

a range of simple with very little appropriate. appropriately,

and some complex hesitation Sentence and word linking

grammatical forms. Contributions are stress is accurately contributions to

Uses a range of relevant and there is placed. those of other

appropriate clear organization of Individual sounds speakers.

vocabulary to give ideas are articulated Maintains and

and exchange views Uses a range of clearly. develops the

on a wide range of cohesive devices and interaction and

familiar topics discourse markers negotiates towards

an outcome.

4 Performance shares features of Bands 3 and 5.

3 Shows a good Produces extended Is intelligible. Initiates and

degree of control of stretched of Intonation is responds

simple grammatical language despite generally appropriately.

forms, and attempts some hesitation. appropriate. Maintains and

some complex Contributions are Sentence and word develops the

grammatical forms relevant and there is stress is generally interaction and

Uses a range of very little repetition. accurately placed. negotiates towards

appropriate Uses a range of Individual sounds an outcome with

vocabulary to give cohesive devices. are generally very little support.

and exchange views articulated clearly.

on a range of

familiar topics.

2 Performance shares features of Bands 1 and 3.

1 Shows a good Produces responses Is mostly Initiates and

degree of control of which are extended intelligible, and responds

simple grammatical beyond short has some control appropriately,

forms. phrases, despite of phonological Keeps the

Uses a range of hesitation. features at both interaction going

appropriate Contributions are utterance and word with very little

vocabulary when mostly relevant, levels. prompting and

talking about despite some support.

everyday situations repetition.

Uses basic cohesive


0 Performance below Band 1