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7/19/2017 Role of teachers in shaping talent

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Role of teachers in shaping talent Like 23K Follow @merinews

Manoj Panda 15 January, 2009

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The teacher plays as dynamic force in our lives. A school without teacher is just like a body without
the soul. There is no greater need for the cause of education today than the need for strong men and
motherly women as teachers for the young
AMONG THE greatest of all services that can be rendered by men to almighty god, is the education
and training of children, so that they can foster by grace in the way of salvation, growing like pearls of
divine bounty in the shell of education and will be one day the jewel in the crown of abiding glory. Aakash Coaching at Home
Aakash Coaching now at your Home.
As it is told -A teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning himself. A lamp can never light Live Online Classes, Recorded Videos
another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame. The teacher who has come to the end of his
subject, who has no living traffic with his knowledge but merely repeats his lessons to his students, can
only load their minds. He can not quicken them. - Tagore Merinews
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The teacher is a dynamic force of the school. A school without
Free teacher is just like a body without the soul, a skeleton without flesh
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Download and blood, a shadow without substance. There is no greater need
for the cause of education today than the need for strong men and
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motherly women as teachers for the young. The teachers- as social
with FileConvertor. engineers can socialise and humanise the young by their man-like
Free PDF Convertor qualities.

Hence a teacher can pray :-

Help us, O Lord to penetrate into the secret of the child, so that we
In Focus may know him, love him and serve him according to your laws of
justice and following your divine will, Maria Montessori
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Teachers personality

The teachers personality affects students behaviour, their relations with each other and their attitude
towards learning. Children gradually adopt their teachers ideas, whether they are desirable or not. If
the teacher is friendly and courteous, he/she stimulates thoughtfulness, helpfulness and consideration
in the children. A good learning situation depends largely upon satisfactory interpersonal
relationships, and hence the teachers personality is vital.


Effective teaching involves thorough planning and organisation of learning materials, interesting and
challenging presentation, teaching methods that are suitable for the children in the class and good
techniques of classroom management. Problems of motivating children, generating interests, seeing 1/6
7/19/2017 Role of teachers in shaping talent

children participating in activities never arise in classrooms where there is wholesome pupil-teacher

Teachers sensitivity to childrens needs and problems:-

One of the most important characteristics of a good teacher is the ability to identify childrens
problems and needs. When children are comfortable or at ease with the teacher, they can give their full
attention to learning.

The good teacher does not place emphasis wholly upon academic achievement but recognises and
appreciates many other types of abilities and leadership qualities in children.

When teachers are sensitive to the needs of children, they are quick to notice the ones who seem
unable to excel in anything, who are afraid to talk in front of a group, who are too easily discouraged or
who are consistently inattentive in class. So teachers need to know how children should grow and
develop and be familiar with the typical behaviours of each age level. News

Teacher who knows something about the factors that have influenced the lives of children are better
prepared to accept them without reacting adversely to their undesirable behaviour. At least the teacher
is expected to be more patient, sympathetic and understanding.

Teachers social adjustment:

Sociability is another important quality of a teacher. He should have a sound social philosophy and he
should make his best contribution to the society. A teacher may have some of the following social

Respect for elders
Good manners Popular On Merinews
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continue till Nov due to internal rift within the
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Self reliance
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Intelligence leadership
Truthfulness India
Self evaluation
Professional ethics

It should be the teachers primary duty to understand students, to be just, courteous, to promote a
spirit of enquiry, fellowship and joy in them and not to do or say anything that would undermine their Make 123 India's only Gurgaon Police is now
emergency telephone on Facebook
personality, not to exploit them for personal interests. number

Duties to shape the life of students

Tell students about the purpose of education in the schools.

Build one to one relationship with students
Take-up personality development programmes.
Know everything about students. RSS: Those who talk of Nation needs leadership
Hindu terrorism don't of the authorized and
Make students aware of realities of life. have guts to act against guidance of the
terror suspects authoritative 2/6
7/19/2017 Role of teachers in shaping talent

Inspire students to face problems with braveness.

Provide students psychological therapy.
Teachers are also responsible to create good environment

All teachers have the key to provide a good environment for the students. The benefits of having a
pleasant environment are for the teacher and students. But before that happens, a teacher needs to be
well prepared so that students receive the best treatment. As humans, sometimes teachers make
mistakes. However, we always have another chance to do it better, for which teachers need to show
respect, care, become role models, make a pleasant environment, treat all students fairly, instruct
them but not be totalitarian and guide them to the road of success. The one who gets the benefits are
the students and sometimes it could be a negative or positive.

Understanding the feelings of students:-

Teachers need to think about what are the students feeling. As a teacher, one good way to do this is to
look back in their school years and remember what they went through when they were students. We
will realise that most of the kids have problems with their teachers. I do not believe that there are
students who have not encountered a problem with their teacher. If teachers priority is to internalise
the students feelings, he becomes their idol.

Teachers as role model :-

Often, there is a debate about if a teacher should be a role model for students. Teachers are respected
by society because they know about different subjects. Moreover, teachers have the qualities to be or
become role models for students. As they love, care, instruct and guide their student to become a
successful person, the student views teacher as being wise. Therefore, he looks up to them. Students
know that if they need something, they just need to ask their teachers. Kids learn every lesson the
teacher gives.

A teacher has an enormous responsibility. They still make mistakes. It is okay to make mistakes
because it is a human nature. At the same time, students look to their teacher and imitate them,
literally in words and deeds.

Proper education is the need of the day if we want our country to progress. This is because every child
must be given the best level of education. So teachers should not only act as facilitators of education
but also guide students and become a good role model for them.

Besides school education, the years spent in college also play a big role in shaping the future of
individuals. Here again, lecturers and professors have the power to truly inspire these young
individuals to develop their thought processes and choose the right path in their pursuit for quality

Teachers always inspire students:

Without even realising it, teachers have the ability to create a strong like or dislike for the subject they
teach their students. The most monotonous / serious subjects can be made interesting by an inspired
and dedicated teacher. Often text books and curriculums become outdated. However, an inspired
teacher can overcome these issues by keeping themselves updated with new concepts, teaching
methodologies and technological breakthroughs.

Thus, it has been rightly said that children are the future of any country and teachers play an
important role in shaping their bright future.

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7/19/2017 Role of teachers in shaping talent

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7/19/2017 Role of teachers in shaping talent

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0 Replies

Brig Sushil Bhasin

A teacher is a NATION BUILDER. He / she has a vital role in building a society. She is a friend, a mentor, a mother etc etc (the list
is endless) to the child. He expects a lot from her. Unfortunately, not many teachers realise this. they take this as ANY profession.
ts NOT a profession, its a PASSION. The article brings out hard facts and good ideas. my compliments. Can we form a group of
dedicated teachers who selflessly follow such principles?

0 Replies


Article was good but more emphasis should be given on the enhancement of the students talent

0 Replies


this articles very use ful in my professional thanks

0 Replies

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7/19/2017 Role of teachers in shaping talent
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