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merchants travelled along the Silk Road. For thousands of years people have been trading goods and travelling across great distances. Trains and steam-powered boats transported products farther and . Today it is easier for companies to work in other countries. www. During the Middle Ages. Since 1980. The Internet gives them the chance of reaching more customers around the world. Teleworkers work for firms that may be far away. New machines were able to produce cheaper goods. globalization has been moving at a faster pace. which connected Europe and China.remzihoca. History of Globalization Globalization is not new. The modern age of globalization started with the Industrial Revolution at the end of the 18th century.

com . www. about 60 km from Florence. In northern Italy the right wing Northern League is very strong. Others are ashamed of what has happened. The Tuscan town of Lucca does not want any kebab shops and Chinese restaurants in their historic city any more. The issue is also influenced by the politicians of the region. Italians are also afraid that products from other countries are being sold as Italian.remzihoca. It is against foreigners and foreign culture in Italy. has declared that it wants to preserve its food tradition. Italians mostly ate Italian food . Italian City Bans Foreign Food Until a short time ago . Lucca. no more foreign food shops are allowed. Critics of the new law say that a lot of typically Italian food does not originate in Italy but comes from other regions: tomatoes from South America or pasta from China. Now Italians are fighting back. Therefore. He says that it is important to preserve Italian culture and tradition. A debate is going on between town leaders and the population. but in the past decade more and more immigrants have been coming into the country and with them their food. Truffles that are imported from China are often passed on as Italian truffles from the northern part of the country. Cheap restaurants buy low quality olive oil from Greece or Turkey . Is it possible to forbid other cultures in our era of globalization? Italy's agriculture minister supports the ban.

On the other side farmers and larger food corporations claim that they cannot produce enough food at reasonable prices without factory farming. These factors lead to lower food prices on supermarket shelves. Crops that are sprayed with pesticides are a health risk to humans and have a number of chemicals in them. cattle and pigs are often kept in such a way. Critics against factory farming say that it is brutal and cruel to animals. Those who are in favor of factory farming say that it creates jobs and lets consumers buy cheaper food. They also argue that such large farms ruin smaller ones because they can produce at more competitive prices. Factory farming is a much discussed issue. Over the past decades farms have grown in size and intensity. Although products from factory farms are not labeled consumers can buy food from organic production. Animal rights activists and environmentalists claim that this type of food production is dangerous to our environment and forces animals to live in an unworthy way. like eggs. They also state that it is friendly to our nature because it uses less land to produce the same amount of . Chicken. Factory farming wants to keep production costs low and sell cheaper food to consumers. sheep. Today farmers use pesticides. using modern technology. have labels on the boxes that say they are laid by hens that can move around and are not kept in cages. Farming has become an industry. They are given special feed so that they can grow quicker. Factory Farming Factory farming is a method of mass food production in which animals are kept in very confined areas in order to get the best possible profit.remzihoca. www. They live in overcrowded cages or boxes without enough space to move around. Fertilizers make it possible to grow more crops than nature would allow. Some products. antibiotics and vitamins to produce as much as they can and to control diseases.

kısıtlı 16 declare beyan etmek 44 in order to -mek için 17 preserve korumak.sağlam.mümkün 49 environmentalist çevreci 22 forbid yasaklamak 50 claim iddia etmek 23 era çağ.1 globalization küreselleşme 29 ashamed utanmış 2 travel seyahat etmek 30 typically tipik olarak 3 distance uzaklık.nakletmek 35 foreigner yabancı 8 move hareket etmek . endüstri www.kitle 15 historic tarihi.yapmak 34 strong güçlü.söylemek 12 decade on yıl 40 factory fabrika 13 immigrant göçmen 41 farming tarım.görüşmek 21 possible olası.taşınmak 36 afraid korkmuş 9 chance şans.nitelik 10 customer müşteri 38 import ithal etmek 11 mostly çoğunlukla 39 pass on iletmek.mesafe 31 originate başlamak 4 merchant tüccar.görenek 56 industry sanayi.ücret 19 allow izin vermek.karşı koymak 42 mass toplu.çiftçilik 14 fight back direnmek.makul 27 ban yasak 55 intensity yoğunluk 28 tradition gelenek.remzihoca.tarihsel 43 confined sınırlı.muhafaza etmek 45 profit kar 18 therefore bu yüzden 46 cost maliyet.olanak tanımak 47 consumer tüketici 20 debate tartışma 48 discuss tartış .olanak 37 quality kalite. devir 51 dangerous tehlikeli 24 agriculture tarım 52 force zorlamak 25 minister bakan 53 corporation kuruluş.dernek 26 support desteklemek 54 reasonable mantıklı.tacir 32 influence etkilemek 5 connect bağlantı kurmak 33 politician siyasetçi 6 produce üretmek.demli 7 transport taşımak.

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com . 69 move around dolanmak.hızlıca 62 lead to sebep olmak .fışkırmak 63 in favour of -ın lehinde 74 argue tartışmak.rahatsızlık 70 special belli.ekin 72 quick süratle.57 pesticide böcek ilacı 68 overcrowded aşırı kalabalık 58 as much as kadar -.dostane 76 competitive rekabetci 66 critic eleştirmen 77 label etiketlemek 67 brutal zalim.acımasız 78 cage kafes www.remzihoca.gezinmek 59 disease hastalık.yol açmak 73 spray püskürtmek.özel 60 fertilizer gübre 71 so that -sın diye 61 crop ürün.yıkmak 65 friendly arkadaşça.ileri sürmek 64 state ifade etmek 75 ruin harap etmek.