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Bentley Software Installation and Activation

Bentley software programs with academic licenses may be downloaded for use with this book. These licenses
provide all software features available in the professional version. However, the licenses do limit the number of
network elements that may be included in a single project. Further, programs with academic licenses may be used
only for academic purposes such as completing the exercises in this bookprofessional or commercial use is
Table 1 describes the capabilities of the included academic licenses, as well as the additional options that are
available with the purchase of a professional license or upgraded academic license. (Academic license upgrades are
available only to academic institutions.) For more information on these packages, visit
Table 1: Bentley Software Packages available for download

Program Description Academic License Professional License Options

Storm sewer design and 10 inlets; Stand-Alone and Additional inlets; AutoCAD
modeling package MicroStation interfaces integration
25 pipe segments; Stand-
Water distribution design
WaterGEMS Alone, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Additional pipe segments
and modeling package
and MicroStation interfaces
25 pipe segments; Stand-
Sanitary sewer design Additional pipe segments;
SewerCAD Alone and MicroStation
and modeling package AutoCAD integration

Note that the user must already have AutoCAD, ArcGIS, or MicroStation installed in order to use the included
products with these platforms, if applicable. Also, integration with some releases of AutoCAD, ArcGIS, and
MicroStation is not supported.

Software Download
Click on the hyperlink for the particular software you would like to download, and follow the on-screen instructions
to save the executable to your computer.

Installing and Activating the Software

IMPORTANT: For the initial activation of each software product, the computer must have internet access
available. Once initial activation is completed, internet access is not required to use the software.
After you have downloaded one or more software installation packages and saved to your computer, double-click
the executable (*.exe) file for the desired product to launch the installation. Follow the steps in the installation
wizard through the installation process.
For the first program you install on a particular computer, you will be prompted to enter a server name and
activation key during installation. You should enter the information as provided on the endsheet of your textbook.
Subsequent installations of other programs will not require this information to be reentered.

Checking Out Licenses for Disconnected Use

Once you have installed the software, you should Check Out licenses to your computer for offline use if you will
be working without an internet connection.
To check out a license, browse your Windows menu to Start>All Programs>Bentley>[application
name]>License Management Tool. Inside the License Management Tool, go to the License Checkout tab and edit
the Check Out Expiration Date year to be a value one year in the future. In the product list, select the name of the
product you wish to check out and click the CheckOut button.
In the Checkout Settings dialog that appears, enter your email address and the software version number if it has
not already been entered for you. The version number should be in a format similar to, for example, To
locate the specific software version numbers for each product, either refer to the information on the download page,
or launch the product and look for the number in brackets in the lower left corner of the Welcome dialog that first
Once you have entered the required data, click OK. The checked out product should appear in the lower list. If
desired, multiple installed products may be checked out from within the same session of the License Management

Installation for the MicroStation, AutoCAD, or ArcGIS Platform

It is recommended that beginners use the stand-alone versions of the products. Some of the products are available
with MicroStation, AutoCAD, and/or ArcGIS integration. The user must already have one of these programs to use
the integrated version. Details on which versions of these platforms are compatible with each product are available
in the software Help documentation.
If you already have a compatible version of MicroStation, AutoCAD, or ArcGIS installed on the machine prior to
installation of your Bentley product, integration will be automatically performed when the Bentley product is
installed, and you will see additional shortcuts such as StormCAD V8i for MicroStation V8i on your Desktop or
Start menu. However, the software will still be subject to the licensing restrictions from Table 1. For instance, you
will not be licensed for AutoCAD integration for StormCAD or SewerCAD, and should launch from the stand-alone
shortcut (e.g., StormCAD V8i) instead.
If you install the Bentley products before AutoCAD, MicroStation, or ArcGIS, and wish to integrate with one of
these when it is installed later, then you must run the integrator tool. To run the integrator, browse your Windows
menu to Start>All Programs>Bentley>[application name]>Integrate .

If you have difficulty getting the software to recognize the license on the license server, please try the following:
1. Go to Start>All Programs>Bentley>[application name]>License Management Tool and choose
Tools>Options. Verify that you have entered the server name and activation key correctly. Click Test
Connection, and you should receive a verification message.
2. If you have entered the server name and activation key correctly but are still unable to verify, then there
may be a problem with your internet connection, or firewall settings may be preventing communication
with the license server. Or, if you connect via a proxy server, you must enter the proxy server information
in the License Management tools by going to Tools>Options>Proxy Configuration.
3. If you still have a problem verifying the license after troubleshooting as described in steps 1 and 2, it may
be that there is a temporary license server outage, for instance due to a system upgrade. Please try again
later or contact technical support.
4. If you are able to successfully verify the license but are unable to then check out a license, please verify
that you have entered the correct software version number and a valid date. The version number must be
formatted correctly, and should have the correct number of digits, including leading zeros (e.g.,
5. If youre experiencing problems with a license when trying to run on the AutoCAD or ArcGIS platform
(WaterGEMS only), or MicroStation, follow the steps above to get the application license working in the
stand-alone interface first. Once you are able to open the stand-alone version successfully, close it and
rerun the Integrator as described in the previous section. Then, try reopening the integrated software.

Getting Started in the Software

All of the included programs have a section in Help called Quick Start Lessons. These tutorials provide examples
with step-by-step instructions to help acquaint you with the software functionality.

Technical Support
If you need technical support on any of the included applications, you can log a request at