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Media planner should decide media plan objective before he start making media plan.

elements in media objective are as follows.

Target Audience, Market, Reach, Frequency and GRP’s.


Market Objective Shadow Plan
Frequency Reach GRPS Reach GRPS
Mumbai 4+ 54 604.8 53 593.6
Bagalore 4+ 53 593.6 52 582.4
Calcutta 4+ 54 604.8 53 593.6
Chennai 4+ 50 560 48 537.6
Hyderabad 4+ 54 604.8 53 593.6
Maharashtra 4+ 54 604.8 54 604.8
WB 4+ 53 593.6 53 593.6

In above chart Objective is the guidelines for media plan and shadow plan is the actual plan
that he made in software. The process of making plan is as below.

After finalizing Objective media planner start making plan in TAM (Xpress) software.
He has to consider following attributes while making plan.Market, Channels, Audience,

Media planner is making log file, in which he is adding spots after spots which he want to be
in his plan. After he finishes with one channel in every market he checks the deliveries of
that plan. It gives him the right picture whether he is going in right direction or not.

Following is the Snapshot of TAM Xpress software.

First media planner select option Spot Reach and Frequency –Pre
Click on Create new option from popup window, which allows media planner to
create new Log file.

As you can see in above screen there are two ways of making media plans.
1. By program/commercial wise and
2. By day part wise

First type is most frequently use in media planning. Which allow you to add spots by
channels and by program? First type is use when media planners are planning its spots on
high TRP programs like serials, game shows etc.

Second type is use when media planner wants to plan its spots time band wise. He usually
uses second type when he is planning its ad on movie, news, music channels.

Before start adding sports in log file planner ensures that the period of the media plan and
time band is proper.

Then he starts adding spots in log file. You can see that I have selected 3 spots of KSBKBT
in the selected spot section of log creator.

He does it for all the channels and all the clusters.

Media planner should always start from Hindi satellite. This is because all the Hindi satellite
channels creates spill over on the other satellites. He should always go for regional satellite
after completion of Hindi satellite.
This act allows him to see the optimum deliveries of his media plan.

While building plan for NCS he should make sure that first he will start with DD national
network which has its impact on all the markets.
After he finished with plan he makes the costing of the plan. Please find the example below.

Channels Grps Cprp Dur Cost

Star Plus 271 124593 15 50572299
Sony TV 31 22863 15 1056264
ZEE TV 190 74596 15 21293428
Star Gold 21 3766 15 118077
Star One 32 20845 15 997447
SetMax 26 1961 15 77657
Sahara 32 5823 15 278626
ZEE Cinema 39 3743 15 216158
Sab TV 15 2781 15 64251
Star Utsav 9 5961 15 78687
Filmy 13 4748 15 94010
9X 11 30136 15 497247
Imagine 14 30761 15 659822
HSAT 704 76003973
ETV Marathi 72 1181 15 126650
Zee Marathi 91 1621 15 221966
Mi Marathi 15 1442 15 33303
Zee Talkies 2 1967 15 6491
MAR SAT 180 388410
NICHE 2500000

Total Costs 78892382

In the costing process the most important element is budget allocated by Marketing
Manager for media campaign. MP has to deliver his plan in that specified budget.

The three elements which is important for costing are:

Duration of the commercial
CPRP (rate per 10 secs)