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You charge business plan

Enter existing markets with an innovation. Success depends on utility of new feature, over
excess storage. Electricity and plugs are everywhere indoor and nearly free. An self charge
feature in terms of an reverse DC motor and a charging cord that can generate a high
number of watts incurs heavy exercise and may not be needed if you have a large
powerbank. Only places this could offer an advantage are camping and outdoor
environments, the price ratio in this market may offer an obstacle.

, travel and for technology enthusiasts. Price niche

Existing hand crank method portable chargers generate a low amount of power, have a low
power bank and offer an inconvenient way of charging a product.

Attack two niches: camping and laptop companion, beyvlade sales market

In order not enter a market development but a product development1 we intend to enter
existing markets with a USP of offering infinite power generation that is not on the market.
We will enter two niches the laptop companion market and the camping backup portable
power market.
Intend to move question mark market into a star market

Market is created when there is demand for something, for portable power in laptops,
smart phones, cameras, drones,

market creation
This is usually done by a company re-positioning the
product to a different market segment by the way of
advertising and brand awareness.
A company may find its product is stagnating in the
current climate and decides to look towards a new
market to enter.
product so it becomes more attractive for consumers.
Offer an product that is innovative and attractive to

Please also note that only few Power Banks in the market provide
power banks in the market have only 5V USB output

Our main marketing focus will go towards considered adding a car starter socket1, and
electric light both for camping purposes2.

It can be inconvenient, someelse is charging the laptop or is sitting there already,

inconvenient to wait and charge your phone somewhere or might want to work somewhere
for a while withoud a plug
It wil not be in public place it will not be perceived of big movement, one will only pull the
mechanism in opposite directions, requiring a considerable effort near a workout.
The other models


The intend of this projects proposal is to attempt to develop, manufacture and

commercialize the you charge: An electronical and mechanical device that converts
mechanical energy though pulling a wire generating electrical energy into a battery to
charge smart phones, cameras and other USB gear.

There is a large market for portable batteries as to the billions of electronical used today.
Usp appeal in a market

Strength is components suppliers and usp, charger with self charging potential

Niche charging drones

There is a large well developed maybe shrinking market in back up power batteries for
mobile electronical devices. Li-ion batteries are becoming better, cheaper, with more
chargers and USB charging ports available and require no physical effort.
The USP in the proposed model is that it can infinitely produce electrical energy in areas
where there is no electrical power, such as in in camping, hiking and military environments,
where currently solar chargers are supplying the market.
Other differentiating factors are its higher price making it exclusive, and significant effort is
needed to pull the wire that can be benefitted from as a stress relief or exercise device or
perceived negatively.
Several crowdfunding campaigns have been made for self charging through rotational
cranking movements, without however much large sales success on the campaigns, gaining
any market share on the storefront or being able to provide a high quality high power
output in mechanical charging design.
The proposed project therefore brings commercialization and engineering challenges.
Project team

New firm,

Competitors -

Portable batteries with wall socket:

Awesome and Solid product!
This does exactly what it says it will do. I am a mobile warrior
who often travels with my laptop, iPhone, iPad, DSLR camera,
and DJI Drone. It is a must for my go-bag.

Direct competitors: solar charging bags, other kickstarter products.

External batteries can be quite handy when were in a crisis

situation. When youre surrounded by wilderness and have
no power outlets around, you cant help but rely on solar
energy to power your devices.
so you can worry less about battery life and enjoy the great outdoors

I've got a folding solar panel and with okay sunlight it'll charge
about 1 percent every ~20 minutes.

KrakowKaz 2 years ago

Quote from review: "Surfr can recharge an iPhone 6 using the solar
panel only in 24-34
hours, which makes it fairly useless in the everyday lives of most

solar chargers is daunting. There are over 500 on

Amazon alone 60$-100$, 24

watt, size approx. 6702825mm 28216028mm(Closed size)
PowerGreen 20W, which weighs in at 16.8oz = 450

JOOS Orange ($150)

Capacity 5,400mAh
Outputs 1 USB port (1A)
Weight 24 ounces
Solar Panel 2.4W out of the box

There are several different options available, from the basic 5W version ($135)
up to a 15W version ($335).
Yolk Station Solar Paper ($123+)
SLXTREME Waterproof iPhone 6/6S Case ($150)

SLXTREME Waterproof iPhone 6/6S Case ($150)

Capacity 3,000mAh
Outputs Connects to Phone
Weight 14.7 ounces
Solar Panel Not specified
Indirect competitors table: back up chargers, fuel cell back up chargers

portable batteries:

50,000mAh is nearest to infinite.
points for development.
Direct competition, low power output, heavy
While it's not something you casually toss in a backpack (it weighs
2.6 pounds)
crank charging competition
lap top charger market:


Niche Market generates higher revenue due to lower costumer acquisition costs2 and higher
price willingness to pay.

2 Shelf life
Make available only in certain places branding
harness the power of solar energy to keep your devices running
even when youre in the middle of nowhere?
most of these can charge several of your devices with a single
dont need clear skies

Tesla has thus far enjoyed a great deal of Tesla

demand people want its cars because they want to
be part of its story.
- camping,

survival markets Everest hiking,

Will first make the design and packaging to collect Disruptive aspect phone charger
Travel market exclusivity.
Electronics stores.
There might be the opportunity for create a hype for like most things people dont need
during a hype, it could be done as an habitual body movement, fasionable thing, may be
best to focus on the exclusivety market, army branding and focus on is niche where people
do need them.
They dont need them there is plugs everywhere however this requires bringing a charger
and not everyones plug can be used, however more so this is becoming possible.

Health gym stress relaxation, the motion of the module is very important, exercise.
orders, we need to make a batch.

Financial plan, cash flow lending 30 day consent 90 days

Loans and Investments

Operational plan ip
marketing, financial, and management strategies, and
projections for your business going forward.
Kickstarter could be worth pursuing however its not a long term routine sales ground, it
might therefore be more important to focus on the b2b market for routine sales in strong
niche markets.
Production sourcing
Economies dc and

include the 100-1000 units for market research, need to consider the cost of a batch of a
100 and a 1000, for economies the unit price drop by ten with the increase of ten.

Mou lios large department stores consent sale

Online camping product web placement

Other options drop shipping amazon

1. Introduce a More Expensive Product or SKU

If you want to make a house look big, put a tent next to it.
If you want to make a house look small, put a skyscraper next to it.
Thats the contrast effect at play, and it can work wonders for positioning your
prices. If you want to make the price of the product you want to sell appear to
be very small or reasonable, position a similar, but more expensive, product
next to it.

compare the price of your excellent, high-value product or service with the
price of something most people would consider a similar good spend

The best way to normalize something is to make it appear that the whole
world is doing it. The best way to do that? Use social proof.
The combination of masses of people using the solution and an already-low-
price virtually eliminates the price objection.

value prism. The idea is to shine a light (not literally) through your product to
dazzle people with everything that went into creating it. Make them see the
previously unseen value at its core. valuable and your price much more

A box of software isnt a box with a disc and a booklet inside. Its the product
of a team of 11 Stanford PhDs, 21 engineers, 4 tech writers, and 7 designers
from the Rhode Island School of Design. Its the culmination of 370 years of
education, all completed in the last 2 decades at impossible-to-get-into
schools. Its fourteen months of 20-hour workdays for a team of 40 experts. Its
29 independent user studies, with improvements made after each study. Its 3
utility patents and 5 design patents. Its over $7 million of pure innovation.

5 years of prototyping
5,127 prototypes
Experiments held in development laboratories
1,000 Dyson engineers and scientists in Britain, Singapore, and Malaysia
Engineers in disciplines like Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Turbo Machinery,
and Acoustics

strategy is to list everything that a customer gets when they choose your

Think of your prospect as putting out her hands, and its your job to fill those
hands until theyre overflowing.

Tribe fire starting

They keep their images large and in extremely good quality because theyre
trying to sell more than just a product. Theyre trying to sell quality, memories,
experiences and emotions,

A perfume advertisement that features a woman dressed in fancy

clothes and very expensive jewelry appeals to the "inner snob" by
implying that a woman who wears that perfume will be equally as
exquisite in appearance.

an elite group that has characteristics that others do not possess


attempting to sell its services over competitors services and states

"You dont want to deal with those OTHER companies" it is
attempting to elevate its own image to be more appealing as an elite
making it seem extremely desirable to be a part of the group of
people who are are elite enough to own that phone.

those who purchase their linens are amongst the elite.


celebrity in a commercial in which she states she would never use

another brand makes the product seem more appealing to the
Vloggers press branding crowdfunding

the purchase of the television will make the consumer popular and
part of an elite group.
Costumer takes on roles and wants to be certain roles through their
ownership, consumption and possession, niche branding enables
those roles. It enables to become part of that group. with a

Force customers to think big, and they'll be ready to

spend big.

Personal empowerment

place Sales plan Budget sales team 2000, different European countries,
army, camping, distribution system esemda
experimental market electronics and gadgets

sales plan
Please just send an email to, our related
colleague will deal with you about this in detail.

Web distribution channels

promotion strengths durable usp- need at all times when there is no electricity.
where there is a higher willing price to pay.
Press plan?
camping magazines
advice crank chargers story

Place in appendix

Press plan ompoenents similar to robotics,

Strengths - no direct competitors
Weakness higher price compared to competitive products
Competitive products have not entered the market
Opportunities competitor solar charger can compete with however at a much lower rate
of energy generation.
Habitual motional use
Threats low sales market

four LED battery indicators on the top

This charger also features a 600A outlet and jumper cables to get your car
started when you have a dead battery.

It also showcases an aluminum body thats currently available in three colors,

Poweradd Pilot 2GS Portable

Its an officially licensed product and it lights up with various color LED patterns
when you use it (there are six in total).

A small blue LED light indicates when the charger is in use and a
green light lets you know when charging is complete

charging outlet and or computer charging connection?

Usb port memory card

Max current depends on battery?

Max amps, fast battery
competing in range of industries in electronics market, solar, portable, and increase the
market by adding health and other USP points

big market with thousands of models

comepetive market

The nine layers of circuit protection allow it to safeguard

from overvoltage and overheating.

The 2A charging speed

Waterproof water-resistant

Drones, gaming consoles such as the ninento.

Phones, cameras, and even handheld GPS devices
16weoujmpstrtrbtpcac/16weoujmpstrtrbtpcac jump starting a car


in the woods or on the mountain you would have noticed

that there is a distinct absence of power outlets.

Hiking trip organizers

Only outputs up to 3W so its not going to fast-charge

This is more of an emergency power source than the kind of

thing youd pack for a power source if youre going to be
away for a day or two.

Image takers.
jump start car

Wireless charging satechi
use to charge mac
micro usb input port

UGREEN Magnetic Charger for Apple Watch,

Wireless Power Bank Charger with USB Charging for
Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch
Edition, Android ,Smartphone, 2200 mAh External,
MFI Certified

Leads flickering while charging

this device great when travelling by plane. The marketing blurb even
mentions anti-explosion batteries.

Wireless charging:

You can use an external battery to power a laptop but it needs
to have the correct adapters.

No, not all Power Banks can charge laptops. This is because most of
the Power Banks in the market only have 5V USB output and for
charging laptops, the power bank would need to have a higher
voltage output 16V to 20V depending on your Laptop specifications
(check your AC adapter to obtain the voltage required).

85W & 8,927 mAh capacity - 15-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display
60W & 8,000 mAh capacity -13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display
45W & 7,150 mAh capacity - Macbook Air
29W & 5,263 mAh capacity - Macbook

12W USB ports

1. The charge speed is determined by output current, not the capacity

integrates an AC power supply indicator


Sales channels
Other markets: jump starters for cars