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WWI Era Native American Servicemen from North Dakota Tribes


John Bears Tail
Frank Birds Bill
Charles Blake
Oscar Burr
Daniel Chase
Robert Dancing Bull
William Deane
Edward Dickens
Louis Drags Wolf
Charles Fox
Charles Grady
Thomas Hawk
Daniel Hopkins
Harvey Hopkins Sr.
Morgan Jones
Martin Levings
Albert Little Owl
John Jack Nagel
Mark Necklace
Arthur Old Mouse
David Packineau
Henry Perkins
Stephen Price
John Rabbithead
Ernest Red Fox
Andrew Reed
Tom Rogers
John Smith
Doug Standish
Philip Star
Paul Turner
John Two Crows
Fred Wheeler
Oscar Whiteman
David White Tail
Robert Winans
Charles Yellow Bird
Walter Young Bear
Joe Young Hawk
Leo Young Wolf


Charles Barker
Edward Bartlett
Andrew P. Bear
Aaron Bernard
James J. Campbell
George M. Campbell
Joakin Christenson
George Cloud
Edward J. Crawford
Samuel J. Crawford
James C. Day
Winfred DeCoteau
Moses H. Driver
Amos Dugan

WWI Era Native American Servicemen from North Dakota Tribes

Harry Dumarce
Smiley L. Finley
John Grey Buffalo
Andrew T. Harris
George Harris
Edward Hayes
Abraham Heduta
Dwight W. Heminger
Abel Hopkins
Thomas King
Daniel LaBatte
Sidney LaBatte
James LaBatte
Daniel LaBelle
Decorah LaBelle
Edward LaBelle
William LaCroix
Henry Lufkins
Alexander Marks
Wallace Ortley
Charles R. Quinn
George C. Redwing
Edward J. Ree
Felix Renville Sr.
Lucas Renville
Robert Renville
Thomas C. Renville
Edward A. Robertson
Walter C. Robertson
Peter S. Shepherd
Smiley H. Shepherd Sr.
Joseph J. Supangi
George TaTanka Mani
Louis Titus
Samuel (Williams) Tohocoka
George H. Wanna (AKA Henry G. Wakin)
Paul (White) White Turtle
Smiley S. Williams
Titus Williams
Titus Wilson
Horace Barse


Jerome Albert
Charles Blackbird
Joseph Court
Jerome Feather
John Garfield
William Irish
Henry McKay
Gabriel Mead
Joseph Myrick
Benedict Sherman
Joseph Sherman
George Tarankamani

WWI Era Native American Servicemen from North Dakota Tribes


(*asterisk indicates Code Talker)
James Agard
James W. Alkire*
Henry A. Ankle Sr.*
Matthew Ankle
Alphonse Bear Ghost*
Julius Bearshield*
Louis Big Horn Elk*
David Big Mane
Joseph Black Cloud
Joseph Black Hoop
Richard Blue Earth* (KIA)
John Brave Bull*
Samuel Brave Crow
Steven Brave Crow
John Brave Thunder
Barney Brought
August Brought Plenty*
John Brought Plenty*
James E. Brown
Charles Buckley
James Buckley
John Buckley
Francis Bullhead
Gilbert Cadotte
Thomas Carry Moccasin
Guy Chapman
Joseph Chapman
Albert Cheyenne
Thomas Crow Necklace*
Wallace (Walter) Cross Bear*
Louis Crow Skin
Ben Defender
Andrew DeRockbraine
Antoine DeRockbraine
Thomas DeRockbraine
Isaac Did Not Butcher
Benjamin Dog Cloud
Joseph Lawrence Dogg
Louis Dogg
Jefferson Louis Duncan
Jacob Douglas
Ambrose Eagle Boy
James Eagle Horn
Samuel Eagle Shield
Harvey Earrings
John Elk*
Silas Fire Cloud
Felix Fly
Samuel Foster
Ambrose Gabe*
Charles Gabe
Thomas Gasto
Robert Gilland
Paul Good Iron*

WWI Era Native American Servicemen from North Dakota Tribes

Albert Grass* (KIA)

Joseph Grey Day*
Thomas Greybull*
Dwight Grindstone
John Growler
Isaac Half
George Jacob Halsey*
Michael Halsey*
Joseph Harmon
Charles Has Horns*
Lawrence Hourigan
Amos Howard
Charles Howard
Jasper Iron Cloud*
Phillip Iron Cloud
John Iron Road
Joseph Iron Thunder
John Jordan
Joseph Jordan
Herbert Keeps Eagle
Edward A. LaFramboise*
Henry Lawrence
Joseph Leaf
Harry Lean Elk*
Casper LeCompte
Cyril LeCompte
Eli Little Bird*
Charles Little Chief*
Martin Little Dog
Allen Little Eagle
Leo Little Eagle
Isaac Looking Back*
Baptist Long Bull
Julian Long Elk
George Loves War*
Harry Loves the War
Ray Lyon
James Makes Thunder
Edmund Many Deeds Sr.*
Francis Many Horses
George Many Wounds*
Joseph Marsh
William Marshall
Sidney McLaughlin
James McLean
Martin Medicine
William Menz*
David Molash*
George Molash*
Barney Mulhern*
Willis Mountain
James Murphy
Matthew Oka*
John Old Crow
Henry One Feather
Charles Parkin

WWI Era Native American Servicemen from North Dakota Tribes

Thomas Pheasant
Straight Pine
Joseph Pretends Eagle*
John Red Bean*
Charles Red Bear*
George James Red Fox*
John Red Horn
Benedict Red Legs*
Asa Red Stone*
Philip Reedy
George W. Santee*
Lawrence Sees The Elk*
James Shoestring
Leo Shooter
Jacob Shoots Near
Noah Shoots Walking
Benedict Short Baldhead
Andrew Sitting Dog
George Sleeps From Home*
Luke Speaks Walking*
John Spotted Bird
Walter Strong Heart
Charles Taken Alive
Jesse Taken Alive*
Joseph Takes The Shield (KIA)
James Tattooed*
Alphonse Thief
David Thief
Louis Thief
James Thomson
John Thomson
Alexander Traversie*
Edward Two Bears
George Two Bears*
Joseph Two Bears*
James Two Dog Snow
Edward Two Horses*
Arthur Vermillion
Joseph Village Center
Eugene Walking Shield*
George Walking Shield
James Weasel Bear
Abel White
George White
Henry White Bird
Jacob White Bull
Milan White Eagle
Richard White Eagle*
Joseph White Hand Bear
Paul White Lightning*
Daniel Yellow Earrings
James Yellow Fat
Martin Yellow Fat
Frank Young Bear*
Eugene Young Hawk
Francis Benjamin Zahn*

WWI Era Native American Servicemen from North Dakota Tribes


James Azure
William Azure
Charles Baptis Baker
Charles Moses Baker
Francis Baker
Patrick Baker
Jerome Bercier
Joseph Bercier
Louis Bercier
Mike Bercier
Edward Brien
Fred Bruce
Robert Bruce
Patrick Brunelle
Arthur Carufel
Ernest Charlebois
Nicholas Dauphinais
Frank Davis
Norbert Davis
John Decoteau
Napoleon Decoteau
Richard Demery
Robert Demery
Patrick Desjarlais
Victor Desjarlais
John Falcon
Moses Fiddler
Robert Frederick
William Gardner
Ellis Gladue
Fred Grandbois
John Hayes
Philip Houle
George Jeanotte
Ernest Jeanotte
Patrick Jeanotte
Fred Jerome
Joseph Jerome
David Jollie
James Jollie
John Jollie
Ludger Laderoute
Joseph LaFontaine
Moses LaFontaine
Martin LaFramboise
John Landry
Joseph Langer
Frank Langie
Louis LaTrail
Joe LaViolette
William Lenoir
Arthur Lezotte
Patrick Lizotte
Joseph Lockwood

WWI Era Native American Servicemen from North Dakota Tribes

Frank Longie
Alfred Martell
John Martin
Joseph Martin
Joseph Mason
Joseph McCloud
Martin Montreil
Louis Parisien
Marcel Paul
Robert Peltier
Daniel Plante
Louis Plante
Albert Poitra
Charles Poitra
Ernest Rolette
Louis Rolette
Patrick Sayers
Alex St. Arneaud
Philip St Germain
Albert Tetrault
Alfonce Tetrault
James Thomas
John Valley
John Vallie
Greg Wallette
Norman Wallette
Joseph Warren
Cyprian Wilkie
Louis Wilkie

This list was compiled by Ann & Mike Knudson, from research for their book, WARRIORS IN KHAKI
Native American Doughboys from North Dakota, 2012, Robertson Publishing. The list was reviewed by:
Michael Greeley, Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate; Dan Jerome, historian/author and VSO Richard Marcellais,
Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians; VSO Manaja Hill, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe; Bill Hale, Bruce
Crows Heart & Bruce Nagel, MHA Nation VSOs, and Calvin Grinnell, MHA historian; and VSO Marty
Alex, Sr., Spirit Lake Tribe.

UTTC asks interested persons to please review the names for further verification and accuracy for those
who are, or are not, included, and for the spellings and characterization of names. Those to be included in
this recognition must be enrolled members of their tribes. Thank you.

Please forward comments to:
Todd Goodsell, 701-255-3285 x 2751,
Dennis J. Neumann, Public Information Director
United Tribes Technical College
3315 University Drive
Bismarck, ND 58504
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