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(1) There are two contain spherical sheer of radii rand err.

Initially a change Q is given to the inner sale. Now switch S1

is closed and opened then S2 is closed and open and the
precuts is rejected times for both the keys alternatively.
Rind the final potential but the shells.

(2) A should conducting sphere of radius a having a charge q is

shrouded by concentric conducting spherical shall of inner
radius 2s and owner radius as shown in the fiy. Find the
amount of heat produced when the switch is closed.

(3) A solid conducting sphire having a charge Q is surrounded

by an uncharged concentric conducting hollow spherical
shall. The potential difference but the surface of solid sphire
and the ower surface of the hollow sheel is V It the shall is
now given a charge of 3Q, the new potenti at differencl bell
the same two suface isv V/2V/4V/-2V.

(4) Rig shows two conducting thin concentric shells of radii r

and 3r The owner shall carries charge q . Inner shall is
neutral find the charge that willk flow from inner shall to

outer after the switchs is closed

(5) Two concentric conducting sphere of radii Rand 2R are

carrying changes Q and 2Q respectively. It the changes on
inner sphere is doubled the potential difference but the two
spheres with becomes two times / four times / behave /
remain same
(6) There concentric meteoric shells A, B and C of radii R, 2R
and 3Rhave surface change lasting a, -aand a respectiveing .
Find the potential difference bet A and C.
(7) Two concentric shale have radii R and 2R, changes qA and qB
and potential 2V and V respectively. Now shall B is earthed
and let changes on then becomes qA and qB . then

(8) A sould mentallic sphere of radius a is surrounded by a

conducting spherieab shall of radius b (b>a). Ther soild
sphere is given a charge a pottntial at the surface of the solid
sphere is Va and at the surface of the spherical shall is vb. If
we put 4Q charge on the shall the potential difference bet
the sphere and shall becomes V. Now we earthed the
owner shall and change on the owner shall is q. Now we
removed the eat thing connection from the shall and earthed
the inner solid sphere. Change on solid sphere becomes q.
Now if we Conner the sail and solid sphere after removing
carting from the solid sphere charge on owner surface of
shale become.
(9) In the above question ( V ) meandered belt the inner solid
sphere and owner shall father putting a charge - 4Q is
Va 3Vb / 3 ( Va Vb) / Va / Va Vb
(10) In the above question (8) value of q is

(11) There are two incurred identical metallic sphere 1 and 2

radius super acted by a distance al (d>> ) > charged metal
sphere of same radius having change q is touched with one of
the sphere. After sometime it is moved away from the system.
Now uncharged sphere is earthed. Charge on earthed sphere
(12) Late be the capacitance of a capacitor discharging through a
resistor R. Suppore ti I the time taken for the energy store in
the capacitor to reduce half its intial value and t2 is the time
taken for the charge to reduce one fourta its initial value.
Then the ratro will be

(13) A
change q is
place ato in the cavity in a spherical uncharged conductor
point s is outside the conductor. If is displaced from O
towards S ( still remaining with in cavity)
cletric field S will Incrcase/ decrcale/ not change/ cane say

(14) There are four concentric she us A, B, C, D of radii a, za, 3A
and 4a respcetivelly. Sheus B and D are given charge +q and
q respectively shall c is now carthed. The potential
difference VA - Va is

(15) There concentric spnerical metallic shells A, B and C of

radii a,b and c ( a<b<c) have charge densities a, - a and a
respectvelly. If the sheus A and C are at the same
potentialthen relation between a,b and c is
a + b + c = 0 / a +c = b / a +b = c / 2a + b = c
(16) Fig showed three concentric then spherical sheus A, B and C
of radii a, b and c respectively. The shells A and C are given
changes q and q respectively and the shall B is carted. Find
the charges appearing on the surface of B and C. [ a= 1, b =
2, c = 3 ]
(17) There concentric spherical shalls have radii a, b and c (
a<b<c) and have surface change dunsitic a, -a and a
respectively. It VA , VB and VC danote the potentials of the
thrice shelle then for C = a+b we have

(18) A charge +Q is uniformly distributed in a spherical volume of

redius R A particle of charge q and masis m projected with
velo Vo from the susyac, of the spherical volume to its carss
inside a smooth tunnel dug acrss the sphere. The min value
of Vo Sucnthat it just reaches the centre of the spherical
volume is
(19) The capacitance of a lll plate condenser whose plates are not
quite parallel, the separation at one edge being (d + a) and at
oppojite one being (d a) (as sume d>>a and nigllct edge
effect) is-

(20) A uniformly charged and infinitely long having a lines

charge deusity X is placed at a normal distance y from a point
O consider an imaginary Sphere of radius R with O as centre
and RXY plastic flux through the surface of the sphere is
(21) Find equivalent capacitance between A and B [ Assume each
conducting conducting plate is having same dimension and
neglect the thickness of the place, 7F, where A is the area
of the place A>>d]

(22) Four identical square plaster of side a are arranged as sawn.

The eat Capacitance bet A and C
(23) Calculate the potential at o. C1 , C2 and
C3 are uncharged, potential of A,B and C are
VA, VB and VC respectively
(24) If a single dielectric mates is to be used to have the same
capacitance C in this capacitor, then its dielectric constant K
is given by,
(25) There concentric spherical conductors A,B 4 C of radii R, 2R
and 4R respectively. A & C are shorted and B is uniformly
charged. (Change + Q): Charge on conductor A is none of

(26) The capaci tance of a pavallal plate capacitor with place arec
A and separating d is c. the space between the place is filled
with two wedges of diclectric constant K1 respectivy . Frind
the capacitance of the refuting capacitor.

(27) Find out the equivalent capacitance

(28) A dielectric slab is attached to a string of mass per unit length
, whose other end is find to a wall capacitor has curare
paves of side b and super action between the platter is d .
Find the fundamental frequency of the vibration of the
string. (Dielectric sibs domains in equilibrium)
(29) Figure low a cable of 12 capacitors find the equivalent
capacitance in between the terminal A and B.

(30) Find
equivalent capacitance in bet luminal A and B.