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Common Mistakes of a

PhD Candidate
and their solutions.

If You Follow these Six

Simple Steps, You
Cant Stop Smiling
After VIVA.
Dr. Qais Faryadi
Takes things for granted
and wastes time
too much.
Your times are numbered.
Dont waste time. Three
years finishes fast. Make
a time table and
work on it.
25/7/2017 : Dr. Qais Faryadi 2
Planning and
opportunities are wasted.

You have so many golden

opportunities and plan ,
use it wisely so that you
finish your
thesis on time.
25/7/2017 : Dr. Qais Faryadi 3
There are No Objectives for
doing PhD.
What do you want to
accomplish? You want to be
a teacher or a scholar or a
business planner. So, your
ultimate objective is crucial
in finishing your PhD.

25/7/2017 : Dr. Qais Faryadi 4

Ignoring advices of

Meet your supervisors

regularly and follow the
guidance. Take notes
and date them

25/7/2017 : Dr. Qais Faryadi 5

No record of note taking
along the journey.

Have passion for your

PhD. Do it in style and
non-boring manner. Take
notes along
the journey.
25/7/2017 : Dr. Qais Faryadi 6
Consulting unqualified
person for advice.

Regularly meet qualified

peers and discuss your
work. Dont ask
unqualified people so that
you will not be
25/7/2017 : Dr. Qais Faryadi 7
25/7/2017 : Dr. Qais Faryadi 8