SERVQUAL model for Banking service: SERVQUAL was originally measured on 10 aspects of service quality: reliability, responsiveness, competence

, access, courtesy, communication, credibility, security, understanding or knowing the customer and tangibles. It measures the gap between customer expectations and experience. By the early nineties the authors had refined the model to the useful acronym RATER: • • • • • Reliability Assurance Tangibles Empathy Responsiveness

Assurance: • • • • • Behaviors of staff instill confidence in customers. An excellent bank’s credit cards. it does so. Tangible: • • • • An excellent bank’s reception desk employees are neat in appearance. Empathy: • • • • An excellent bank has the customer’s best interest at heart. Employees in an excellent bank are always willing to help you. Responsiveness: . Excellent banks have modern looking equipment. The employees of an excellent bank understand customer’s specific needs. An excellent bank has employees who give customers personal attention. An excellent bank has working hours suitable for all customers. Friendliness and courtesy of staff.For Banking: Reliability: • • • • An excellent bank provides its services at the time it promises to do so. When customers have problems employees in an excellent bank will be sympathetic and reassuring. cheques and similar materials are visually appealing. When an excellent bank promises to do something by a certain time. Staff having knowledge to answer questions. An excellent bank’s physical facilities are visually appealing. An excellent bank insists on error-free records. Customers feel safe in their transactions.

• • • • Employees in an excellent bank tell you exactly when the services will be performed. Staff willingness to help. Prompt response from staff. Prompt service. .

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