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Date: 22.4.16 Student Group: Grade 3/4

Mentor Teacher: Nicole Morgan School: Ripponlea Primary School

Duration of the lesson: 20 mins Class size: Small Groups (4 students)

Title of lesson/activity:

Intended Students are able to Decode, Paraphrase and talk about what happened in the
Learning book.

Success We will use reading circles to have small group conversations about the book
Criteria: and discuss any words or concepts in the book that they dont understand.
Essentially evidence of learning will be through group conversation and ability
to decode words.

Prior Learning Priort experience with literacy circles and discussing different types of text.

Links to the
curriculum Understand how to use digraphs, long vowels, blends and silent letters to spell
(AusVELS or the words, and use morphemes and syllabification to break up simple words and
Victorian use visual memory to write irregular words
Curriculum) and Draw connections between personal experiences and the worlds of texts, and
to the shareresponses with others
planning of the

Materials and 4 x Values book by Helen Chapman
Organisation: Pen/Paper to record any notes from discussion

Teaching What you as teacher will do? What are the Timing
Strategies and students doing?
Introduce the book and explain to students what the Participate in minute
focus of the lesson will be. (Decoding, Paraphrasing etc.) answering s
Help them to understand these definitions if they dont questions.

Prompt students to talk about what they think the book

will be about.
Read the book Read the book
out loud 15
Help them to decode, or re read a word if the sound it out (individually) minute
incorrectly. together as a group s
Have a go out
Encourage students to discuss any parts of the book or sounding out
words they dont understand and help them decode. unfamiliar words

Prompt students to paraphrase by asking them to try and Have a go at

retell the book or parts of the book in their own words. paraphrasing
parts of the book
Get students to share their ideas about what happened in
the book. Share their ideas
about what
happened in the


Ask students to share what value they thought was the Students are 3
most important and why encouraged to minute
share their ideas s
What would life be like without no values? and respond to

Reflection and The students read the book really well, infact I think I could have picked a more
Self Evaluation: difficult book where students may have needed to decode more words. Students were
able to decode words and quickly corrected their mistakes. One student had a bit of
difficulty decoding however with some assistance, was able to figure out the sounds.
Had trouble with words like: values, arrivals, differences, equal, interrupt, beliefs.
Were able to give examples of what values are and how they effect how we behave.
They spoke about ideas in the book such as being honest, showing respect and caring
for others using examples from their own experiences. One example from Mia: was
that if you are honest and tell the truth them people trust you.
If I was to do this lesson again, I would encourage the students to give more examples
to back up their answers and encourage all students to have a go at speaking. Some
students tend to take over and answer all of the questions, so Id need to be in more
control of that next time.
I liked that I was able to work with a small group so that everyone had a turn to speak
and I was able to focus on each of the students. The small groups gave everyone an
oppostunity to talk and elaborate on their peers ideas without the conversation getting
out of control.