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Chris Nisperos


Thesis Statement: There is no evident proof of the United States supported Iraq. However,

Glaspies statements were ambiguous enough for Saddam Hussein to take actions against


I. Ambassador April Glaspies conversation with Saddam Hussein

A. On July 25 1995, 1990 at the Presidential Palace, Baghdad, eight

days before the August 2, 1990 Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait. United

States Ambassador April Glaspie and Iraqi President had a closed-

door meeting.
B. The conversation shows that the United States did not support

Iraqs plans against Kuwait. However, Ambassador Glaspie

mentioned that they have no opinion about any of their Arab- Arab

conflicts and only wanted to improve the US relations with Iraq.

II. Glaspies ambiguous statements toward Saddam Hussein
A. A month later, British journalists ambush interviewed Ambassador

Glaspie while she was heading out of the US Embassy in Baghdad,

telling her that they obtained the transcript and tape of her meeting

with Saddam.
B. Ambassador Glaspie knew that Saddam was going to invade

Kuwait but she did not warn him not to. She did not mention

anything about intervention. Saddams interpretation of

Ambassador Glaspiess words had given him reason to invade



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