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Saudi Heart Association-CPR Portal Registration Guidelines

Greetings from Life Support Training Centre/Academic & Training Affairs,Dr.Soliman

Fakeeh Hospital Jeddah!


The registration for our courses will be thru Saudi Heart Association (SHA)
portal. Please log in to
All staff must have his/her unique user name and password on the SHA portal
To standardize the registration, we suggest that the user name will be Hospital
or Company Name together with the I.D ofthe stafffor example: (DSFH1111)),
The password for all participants can be: 123456


1) Access the SHA portal (

2) Click / Press register
3) Fill in all personal details as in registration form and Immediately contact
LSTCthru the given contact information upon registration to discuss dates and
further process:
Mobile 059 325 9416/0593259053 or email at
(DSFH staffs only please notify the date of your course completion card expiry).
4) Press submit, this note will appear to you (user registration: Congratulations
you have been successfully registered with Saudi Heart Association portal. Your
login credentials are sent to email ID written in the registration


1) Start registration by logging in to the portal

2) From course catalogselect the name of course (BLS or ACLS or
3) Search for our training center (Dr.Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Jeddah)
4) Find List of Batches
5) Register to the course by simply clicking on the Register Link,
6) Press I Agree for the Terms and Conditions of Cancellation Process(please be
guided that this may be different at LSTC so please contact for the exact
information and regulations regarding cancellation etc)
7) You will be redirected to the My Courses Pageunder My Activities menuand the
registered course would be added to your active courses list

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8) For attendance, you will receive an email Acceptance of your registrationin
the mentioned E-mailwe request you to immediately contact LSTC once
registration is ATTEMPTED and/or APPROVED by the Centre( or else system
will automatically cancel the registration )so to finalise the remaining
process including the slot availability in the requested course and other for
the best satisfaction of all the concerned(FOR DSFH COURSE ELIGIBLE
9) Once LSTC is contacted and payment is settled, you must go to my
activitiesselectmy courses, press on payment detailsand select cash payment
modethen submit
10) The course status will appear as payment realization pending. Outside
participants are requested to come personally to pay and receive their manuals
11) Again you will receive Course registration fee receiptin the given E-mail
12) Once course status appears as Payment Realizedthat means your registration is
completed successful. At this point LSTC will give you a course information
document highlighting key course related issues. Please be in touch with LSTC
13) After the completion of the above process, you need to take an online exam-a pre
exam (mock test to better prepare for the course) before attempting the final exam
at the LSTC and the result of the pre exam will not be taken into account. The
candidate also has an option to view the previous exam results in the portal.
14) The candidate will be issued certificate for the course only when he/she attends
the entire Course and successfully completes the Skills Evaluation and Written
examwhich would be conducted online/offline during the day of the course
15) After successful completion of the Final Course End exam, candidate can access
the E-Certificateonline by logging into the portal in the My Activities>>My
courses>>My Completed coursesby clicking on the E Certificate columnand can
print E-Certificate from anywhere. This will be generated only after the
participant completed the feedback for the course & the instructors.
16) At any time, the candidate can login to the portal navigate to My
Activities>>My coursesand can get the history of all the active and completed

Note: Your registration for any course must be 2-3 weeks prior to the course date and
confirmation depends on the availability of slotsPlease keep a note of your current
certification expiry date and have enough time to take before the expiry of

Please do not hesitate to contact the following for any clarification:

Dr.Mansour Memon Director LSTC 00 966 59325 9053 / 02 66 55 390
Anuradha Dhandapani Coordinator 00 966 59 325 9416
VivianMalimit Secretary 66 13947/6613902/6614021 / ext. 158-159
LSTC Email
Fax 02 6606279
Thank you and we look forward to serve you in our field of expertise:

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